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Welcome to NAYD
we are thousands of African youths impacting positive change in the lives of Africans.



City of Refuge – Friends Club is a vibrant youth organization (non-governmental and non-profit making)which reaches out to the disadvantaged, prisoners, and the youths in the areas of free education, capacity building, rehabilitation and recreation. The organization is based known for its model of free education for the disadvantaged.  City of Refuge was founded on the 1st of October 2005.

To identify needs, mobilize the youths and their communities to rise up and help themselves by themselves, using our work as a practical example.

The Executive Director, Nenpan Monday Zakka

We have a dream, we see a new society emerging, where young people are free from vices, empowered through education and affecting the society positively through good works.

Aims and Objectives
·         To reach out to the disadvantaged in areas of needs, especially education.
·         To inspire the youths to develop their potentials, eschew vices and live a purpose driven life, through various practical activities.
·         To reach out to prisoners, ex-convicts and juvenile/youth delinquents, and to help towards their reformation.
·         To work for the peace and development of our society through various practical activities.

Ongoing Programs


Executive guests during the opening of the Trade-School Workshops

City of Refuge Special School (Free secondary school for the poor)
-Junior Secondary School      
-Senior Secondary School

City of Refuge Library and Readers’ Club
-Academic books
-Novels and plays
-Journals, magazines, periodicals

City of Refuge Rural Outreach
-Seminars on the importance of education as a tool to liberate Africa, sanitation/hygiene  and skills acquisition for economic emancipation
-Identification of orphans and vulnerable children for intervention
-Distribution of relief materials to the disadvantaged

City of Refuge Prison Outreach
-Secondary School
-Primary/Adult Education
-Readers Club

City of Refuge Legal Department
- Legal service to abandoned Awaiting Trial Men (ATM)
-Counseling and Moral Support
-Advocating of clemency for reformed prisoners

City of Refuge Inner City Mission for Dysfunctional and Needy Families
- Intervention

City of Refuge Youth Club
-Guidance and counseling to young people
-Campaign against drug abuse and other vices
-Sports and Recreational facilities for various games

Raising a Million Mandelas
-Grooming generations of selfless, informed, corruption-free and purposeful youth leaders.
-Curbing rural-urban drift and the dangerous menace of city slums explosions.
-Grooming young people to champion the transformational development of our rural areas.


A cross section of students in class

The idea of Raising a Million Mandelas is to raise a new generation of purpose-driven selfless youths, who will inculcate the sterling qualities that distinguished as Mandela as Mandela. The idea is to focus on the unrivaled sacrifice of Mandela for the liberation of his people. As Mandela spent twenty seven years for the liberation of his people, sacrificing what was more than a period of youth, we are grooming African youths to die to self and to also “serve their prison term” by remaining at the grassroots to make impact after obtaining their beautiful diplomas and degrees, rather than run to the cities or leave their countries. In this way we will not only emancipate our local communities but also curb the dangerous menace of city slums’ explosions and crime, the result of increasing rural-urban drift, and we will curtail the tragedy of brain drain.

We are happy to say that City of Refuge is already accepting the challenge and raising Mandelas who are “serving their prison term” to liberate people from the shackles of ignorance and its attending allies. Mandela said only education could free people from oppression and the shackles of ignorance.We are also pleased to observe that the result of our work for close to a decade now is that thousands of youths, the disadvantaged and prisoners have participated and benefited from our various programmes. Destinies are altered forever as persons in disadvantaged backgrounds receive free-education. At the moment we are at the stage of producing modules for the training of Raising a Million Mandelas which we intend to see spread with healing and reformation across Africa.


A view of City of Refuge- Friends Club premises

From under a tree of Pankshin Hilltop where we started a decade ago, today we have acquired a piece of land, built classroom blocks for our free secondary school and workshop for our proposed trade school project; the property is worth quite a fortune. We have graduated several sets of students who are currently in various higher institutions studying for their degrees and diplomas. Some have already obtained their diplomas.

·         The need for expansion as we are currently turning away dozens of prospective students due to insufficient classrooms.
·         The need to furnish our workshops to kick off the trade school project where we intend to use skill acquisition towards industrializing our communities.
·         The need for technical experts for our trade school and rehabilitation programmes.

Future Goals
1.      To train youths across Africa to replicate our model of free education for the poor, by simply engaging communities to build themselves by themselves.

2.    To Raise A Million Mandelas for the emancipation of Africa from the woods.

Contact Details
The Executive Director City of Refuge – Friends Club
Miss Nenpan Monday Zakka

Dr. Sunday Jacob
Member Board of Trustees  City of Refuge – Friends Club

Website: www.oursurerefuge.org

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