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Welcome to NAYD
we are thousands of African youths impacting positive change in the lives of Africans.

NGO for November
Peace and Youth Transformation Project, UGANDA

Our main focus is on strengthening and empowering women and youth in the refugee camps and school in Uganda.We lead Peace and Conflict Resolution seminars for youth and design seminars for women that will help identify their psycho-social needs in the camps.

Vision of the organization.
To promote mechanisms for peace building among refugees, youths and women by strengthening and empowering them. Further to promote social transformation through resource mobilization that can help them be better citizens.

Mission of the organization.
To Establish and promote reconciliation mechanisms for peace building among refugees, youths, women and schools in Uganda. To provide avenues for sanitation and health promotion among the people.

Purpose of operation. 
Refugee Camp in Goma
We lead Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminars for the youth and women teach them mindfulness (meditation) as a channel of attaining peace. We also provide them with basic needs such as clothes medicine. Besides, we facilitate acquisition of basic skills for these groups of people. We help motivate the women and youth living in refugee camps in psycho-social needs because many of them remain disillusioned, depressed and lose hope of ever living a meaningful life again. Without such programs it would be difficult to give them hope for a meaningful life. 

Complete and On-going Projects.
Since 2007 we have been running peace clubs for the youth and women in the Nakivale Refugee Camp and in schools in Uganda to promote peace and harmony among themselves. We are now training women and the youth residing in the camps to continue the work.
Our current project is an initiative that seeks to connect well-wishers and friends to mobilize clothes, medicine and other household items to share with the refugees. Through passion for this kind of work we want to ensure their basic needs and human rights are met.

Future projects.
Addressing the people in Nakivale Refugee Camp
We are forming an association called Refuge Widows Association for those widows who lost their husbands in war and are suffering in camps but are committed to transforming their  lives. Some live in abject poverty and insecurity so this association will help and motivate them to overcome  many of the challenges they encounter in the camps. It will also help them in craft making skills that will enable them to earn some income to help their families in camps and to use when they finally return to their particular countries.

Challenges encountered. 
We are faced with financial constraints to purchase supplies for the refugees and for training. Transport is also a major challenge as we try to reach the camps and the schools considering that most of our work is done on a voluntary basis.

Contact person and contact details
Telephone: +256701401256
Face book (Peace and Youth Transformation Project)


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'Hello Paul, Greetings from Bamenda. I want to thank you for the publicity given to HOFNA Cameroon by making it NGO for month of May for NAYD. I also want to share my joy in respect to the fact that I am one of the 12 recipients of the PresIdent Obama's Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. I am one of the 12 that were selected from over 2000 applications back here in Cameroon. Kindly check the details at the official Press release of the U.S Embassy here in Cameroon. http://yaounde.usembassy.gov/lns_051614.html


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NAYD is an example of a Youth Global Initiative that cherishes volunteerism as a pillar to African Youth Engagement. The youths are the salt of the world; they are the gate keepers of our society and a pillar to our societal development. African youths let us cheer up and engage ourselves in self empowerment programs.' Kaudo Vincent-NAYD Kenya

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