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NGO OF THE MONTH OF OCTOBER 2016 - Power for all

Power for All is a global campaign to accelerate the deployment of decentralized renewable energy as the key to achieving universal energy access. It has campaign partners, including NGOs, social enterprises and energy access practitioners, located and operating around the world. Power for All has also launched country campaigns in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

Power for All envisions a future, built by the decentralized renewable energy sector, where everyone is empowered to enjoy the opportunities and improved quality of life that comes with access to reliable, affordable distributed renewable power. It is therefore, dedicated to transforming more than 1 billion lives through access to clean, affordable power and to leave no one behind in the fight for energy equality. Our goal is to accelerate the path to universal energy access through the rapid deployment of decentralized, clean electricity.

The motivation behind the campaign comes from the fact that over 1 billion people do not have access to reliable, affordable electricity and are forced to turn to polluting, hazardous, and expensive solutions like kerosene, charcoal and diesel in order to get basic energy services. Centralized power production, grid distribution, and long-distance transmission is not a cost-effective or timely solution for powering rural areas, where 85% of people without energy live. Distributed renewables—such as solar lanterns and home systems, micro hydro, mini-grids and small scale biomass and wind—provide a fast, cost-effective and sustainable approach to ending energy poverty, and the only way that we can meet development goals.

Current projects:
Power for All undertakes global advocacy and awareness work to profile the power of decentralized renewables to rapidly accelerate energy access, as well as their impact on a range of development needs—such as providing power for health services, education, clean water and agriculture. Power for all has also launched country campaigns in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe to mobilize the private sector, civil society, government and other key stakeholders behind faster, cleaner and more affordable energy access.

For example, Power for All has been working to support the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution announced by President Bai Koroma in May, which aims to enable 200,000 homes and businesses to access decentralized solar solutions by the end of 2017, and bring modern energy to all Sierra Leone citizens by 2025. Currently only 12% of the country’s population has access to power. In Nigeria and Zimbabwe, the campaign has also been actively bringing together organizations working
on energy access and undertaking a variety of activities to profile the impact of decentralized renewables. 

Activities include hosting workshops with financiers, government officials and civil society organizations to build investment in the technology and strong policy and advocacy support, helping to establish National Renewable Energy Associations to provide a stronger voice for the sector, and raising awareness of the benefits of decentralized renewables within local communities through media and events.

At a global level the campaign—which now has over 100 members—has sought to highlight the huge opportunity cost that will be borne by those living in communities without power if we do not speed up access to energy, and profiled practical solutions. To do this, the campaign has built resources, such aspapers, fact sheets and shareable images, profiled the issue with key decision-makers and in international media, and launched ‘Calls to Action’.

Our latest paper, Decentralized Renewable Energy: The Fast Track to Energy Access sets out three key ways that Multilateral Development Banks can support the sector, and help to #endenergypovertyfaster.

With 1.1 billion people without energy access, the size of the challenge is vast, and raising awareness of the impact of newer decentralized technologies
--and the ways that policy-makers, investors, and the energy sector can take strong action to support them--is in itself a big challenge. Although there is a growing understanding of the benefits these technologies are bringing to communities living in energy poverty, there is still a worrying tendency to stick with a ‘business as usual’ approach. 

Without decentralized renewables it has been clearly recognized that we will not meet development goals. With them, we have an extraordinary opportunity to catalyze change. We urge all those working to address this issue, or those working in associated fields, to join the campaign to #endenergypovertyfaster

You can contact Power for All by emailing the Partnerships Manager, Joe Rafalowicz: Joe@powerforall.org. You can also find out more about their activities and how you can be involved via www.powerforall.org, Twitter: Power4All2025 and Facebook: PWR4ALL


Want to become NGO of the month and get great publicity? - send an email to help@nayd.org with an organisation summary, a logo and a couple of photos

African Youth Charter states:

The African Union Commission shall ensure that States Parties respect the commitments made and fulfil the duties outlined in the present Charter by facilitating exchange and co-operation between youth organisations across national borders in order to develop regional youth solidarity, political consciousness and democratic participation in collaboration with development partners.


As we mark one year since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it is important to acknowledge the efforts of young people and rural communities in moving Africa towards sustainability. At the Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD) we value and believe that every single effort at the individual level counts. On this issue of INSPIRE we focus on one year of SDGs and bring you collections of youth-led development in Africa. We hope you enjoy it.

NAYD Statement of Peace English French

SDG baseline index per country can be viewed here This gives the starting point for each goal in your country.

Proposed workshop for members of the #NAYDSDGs initiative planned around African Youth Day November 1st. We have most African countries represented but if you are interested in joining this initiative, especially if you live in Algeria, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Libya, Madagascar and Namibia, please send an email to help@nayd.org along with a summary of your rural community development experience.


Pilot study to assess the progress of Uganda towards achieving sustainable development goals 3 and 8 on specific youth targets.



UN recognizes #NAYDSDGs initiative

#NAYDSDGs Roadmap



Written summary of the below Hangout and supplementary information provided by the Cameroon team and Francis Maberi can be seen here

The Sustainable Development Goals were agreed by World Leader to a great fanfare in New York last September but what are the realities in implementing them in rural communities in Africa? The  #NAYDSDGs team from Cameroon tell us the challenges they face and how a strong network might help tackle these challenges in a live hangout Tue March 1st at 15.00GMT.


NAYD is currently developing SDG focussed teams to achieve the mission of 'empowering African rural communities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals through youth-led co-ordinated and collaborative information, implementation, monitoring, lobbying and advocacy campaigns.' We are still looking for team leaders for Angola, Chad, Mauritania and South Sudan. If you are interested to represent any of these countries please send an email to help@nayd.org. This is a voluntary position.

New Year Message

 #SDGs Implementation - NAYD has the following questions to ask each African nation and its governments. 
  • Will you develop a clear strategy on how the #SDGs will be implemented? 
  • Will the process be inclusive and participatory? 
  • Will future spending reviews ensure a coherent cross-department #SDGs delivery? 
  • Will a Government Minister be appointed for day-to-day responsibility of the #SDGs? 
  • Will you allow and support progress to be independently reviewed by academia, business and civil society? 

30 Dec 2015 - NAYD Organisational Chart

Africa Youth Needs Assessment SDGs questionnaire

9 Nov 2015 - #NAYDchat host Stephen Machua becomes African Youth Union President

1 Nov 2015 - Africa Youth Day Statement 01 Nov 201 'It begins where you are, with what you have and with the people surrounding you' - Judyannet Muchiri




28 Sep 2015 - South Africa CC Patson Malisa becomes President of Organisation of African Youth


July/September INSPIRE

 ''Will the SDGs deliver the Africa you want to see in 15 years?" - Google Hangout August 8th 2015

Call for Youth Report Researchers, Authors and Peer Reviewers!

One Year of #NAYDchat with Stephen Machua and Judyannet Muchiri

'Can the SDGs be implemented effectively in Africa?' - Google Hangout July 11th 2015

'African Youths are not interested in actively engaging in the Development Process' - Google Hangout June 13th 2015

'The new SDGs are just a smokescreen for Aid that benefits a few'

February INSPIRE

Country Officer contact list

Campaign Launch Day Jan 15 2015

New Year Message

proposed position paper for Africa

Successful election candidates

Join Action2015. Registration is open and free to any organization that supports the campaign's vision (see Istanbul Communique https://drive.google.com/…/0Bywm4VwGJMMbclcydnQ3RVlidTA/edit), and organizations interested in joining the movement can register at:http://bit.ly/1q3V5MB. Global Hub Coordinator:- Marie L'Hostis, Skype: marie_lhostis, Email: marie@action2015.org

The UN SDG's draft report 'The Road to Dignity'

World AIDS day (Dec 1st) Where are we in Kenya?

Africa Youth Day (Nov 1st) Statement

Catherine Nyambura of Dandelion Kenya speaks on Girls Rights

The elections for Country Officers have started - sign in and vote!

Call for candidates for Country Officer Elections

Nerima Wako of Visionaries Aloud talks about Stereotypes associated with Refugees in Africa. Nerimo, founder of Visionaries Aloud, talks about the issues of refugees in Africa caused by conflicts and the stereotypes associated with them as a result. She was a guest for #NAYDchat on twitter Wednesday 3rd September 2014, hosted by Stephen Machua and Judyannet Muchiri.


Nina Werner of Mara Foundation talks about mentorship in Africa  - she spoke to NAYD members on Wednesday 27 August on twitter #‎NaydChat. about #‎Online Mentorship and how this can help the youth, hosted by Stephen Machua and Judyannet Muchiri


Social media chat on twitter every Wed at 3pm East Africa Time, on social entrepreneurship. Please ask your question via @NAYDinfo#NAYDchat. To follow us click here

'Hello Paul, Greetings from Bamenda. I want to thank you for the publicity given to HOFNA Cameroon by making it NGO for month of May for NAYD. I also want to share my joy in respect to the fact that I am one of the 12 recipients of the PresIdent Obama's Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. I am one of the 12 that were selected from over 2000 applications back here in Cameroon. Kindly check the details at the official Press release of the U.S Embassy here in Cameroon. http://yaounde.usembassy.gov/lns_051614.html


'Agriculture is fun!' Yvette Ampaire from Uganda argues that you can make lots of money in agribusiness!

Grace Mageka talks about the 4th EU-Africa Summit (2014) and the 1st Euro African Youth Parliament Berlin, 2014

No, you won't 'like' this one!

'Agriculture - too dirty to be cool?' Listen to the discussion which took place on Google Hangout Sat 29 March.

ICT Innovation in Kenya Enabling Transparent Fair Market for All in the Agriculture Chain

Globalization & Inclusive Youth-led Development

Moving Forward from COP19

Inspire special edition on Nelson Mandela

Other Issues of Actual Concern in Agriculture and Climate Change

Sign our AVAAZ petition

Proposal for Nelson Mandela monument

Six Lessons for African Youth in 2014

Going Forward on Climate Change, Youth and Agriculture in Africa

New Year Message

Hurry! Apply to the World Youth Peace Movement conference.

Debate on "This house believes that Aid hinders Development in Africa."

African Youth Day 2013 - What Can I Do?

NAYD is an example of a Youth Global Initiative that cherishes volunteerism as a pillar to African Youth Engagement. The youths are the salt of the world; they are the gate keepers of our society and a pillar to our societal development. African youths let us cheer up and engage ourselves in self empowerment programs.' Kaudo Vincent-NAYD Kenya