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The UN General Assembly declared the period between August 2010 - August 2011 ‘The International Year of the Youth’. In support of this the Heads of State and Governments of the African Union gave special attention to youth development by focussing its July 2011 summit on the theme ‘Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development’. This questionnaire was created in advance of the summit to determine the issues facing young people and what they aspire to see in the African continent in the future. Should you have any questions or wish to add your own comments to any of the questions please email help@nayd.org along with your name and country OR use the NAYD chatline below.

No. of Participants: 181

No. of Participant Countries: 37 African countries (5 non-African); the top 5 countries are: Nigeria (28), Ethiopia (24), Kenya (16), Malawi (11) and Uganda (10).

Sex: 71% male; 29% female.

Age Range:

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 8 Are you aware of the African Youth Charter?              Yes 66%  No 34%.

 9 Do you know if your country has ratified it?               Yes 40%  No 60%.  

10  If 'Yes', what notable activities is it having on youth development in your country? If 'No' do you know why, and when it will be ratified? Replies

11 In your opinion what do you think are the three main problems for young people in your country? (choice of Illiteracy, Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Lack of entrepreneurial skill, Drug abuse, Lack of good governance, Peace and security, Harmful traditional practices, Lack of acceptance, Unable to participate in policy and programs)

1 – Unemployment 2 - Unable to participate in policy and programs 3 - Lack of good governance

12 How do you consider on-going youth development programs in your country?

Satisfactory 14%   Unsatisfactory 80%     Don’t Know 6%

13 If your answer was 'Unsatisfactory' can you indicate what needs to be done? If your answer was 'Satisfactory' can you indicate the good practices? Replies

14 Does your country have a Youth Parliament?            Yes 44%    No 44%                Don’t Know 12%

15 What benefits can youth bring to politics? Replies

16 Have you ever been in a demonstration?                   Yes 41%  No 59%.

17 If 'Yes', what was the demonstration about, why did you get involved, did it have any impact? Replies

18 Do you understand what is meant by climate change?           Yes 92%  No 8%

19 If 'Yes' what efforts, if any, have been put in place by the government and private sector to combat climate change in your country? Replies

20 Is there universal access to basic education in your country? Yes 74%    No 26%

21 If 'No' what factors prevent a good education? Replies

22 Please select employment status

PSQ- employment status.jpg

23 How easy is it for youths to get employed on a rating of 1-10 where 1 is very difficult and 10 is very easy?

PSQ- how easy to get employed.jpg

24 If you are self-employed how easy was it to start up? Did you get government support? Replies

25 Is it easy for you to get access to the internet?                          Yes 74%    No 26%

26 If 'No' what do you think should be done to make it easier? Replies

27 What can be done to alleviate poverty in your country? Replies

28 If you are involved in Research and Development please describe the challenges faced. Replies

29 Do you live in your home country?                                              Yes 95%  No 5%

30 If 'No' where do you live, why did you move there, how do you support your home country, if at all? Replies

31 In your opinion are women discriminated against in your country?      Yes 50%  No 50%

32 If 'Yes' can you give examples? Replies

33 What is the standard of human rights in your country on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Very Low, 5 is average and 10 is Very High?

PSQ- human rights.jpg

34 Do you do voluntary work?                          Yes 84%  No 16%

35 If 'Yes' please describe what you do? Replies

36 In your opinion how important is voluntary work to development in you country on a scale of 1-10, where 1 in Not Important, 5 is Fairly Important and 10 is Very Important?

PSQ- importance of voluntary work.jpg

37 How can more coordinated youth volunteerism be developed by the African Union? Replies

38 What do you see as your primary obligations and responsibilities as a youth? Replies

39 How fair is the legal system in your country on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Very Unfair, 5 is Average and 10 is Very Fair?

PSQ- how fair is the legal system.jpg

40 What can be done to improve the legal system in your country? Replies

41 Is your organisation involved in sustainable development      Yes 84%                No 16%

42 What is the greatest obstacle to youth-led sustainable development in your country? Replies




















Thaddeus Ugoh (Nigeria country coordinator) on Issues of unemployment - It is a complex challenge not a problem per se. Take Nigeria as a case study where 100 billion naira was released for agricultural development with the main purpose of attracting young Nigerian's to farming. Nobody can even account for the monies now. Yet they kept saying youth unemployment is a govt. priority. We have a Ministry of Industries and Economic development - what are they doing? Ministry of youth - what is their job? Govt. should be creative on how to make farming less tedious which is one of the complaints the youths give for not going into farming - access to fund to go into farming. In Nigeria land and whatever is therein belong to the govt., I think the land use act should be reviewed for easy access to land. There should be a conscious govt. program to give back land irrespective of state just for those that want to go into farming. See the damage we are doing. Nigeria is the world largest importer of fish, we spend billions of dollars yearly importing substandard rice. Infrastructure is not there so how can farmers store produce, extension workers culture long gone. Then where is our Ministry of Agriculture with the billions released as budget for them yearly. It baffles me, where is the connect? What is the support for subsidence farming.

Secondly technology - where is the technical capacity of young people? What are they taught in schools - it is reliant in the real world outside the world of the school system. The question is are our leader's sincere in their quest to alleviate poverty? Every minute they reel out what they intend doing. I think they should work the talk and forget rhetoric. I mean are they relevant in the real world? Thirdly - education What are they taught in schools? Computers studies that are outdated....in a recent meeting with the world bank we are told that what the youth's are taught are what countries had left since 1964 - imagine that!. I know it's the same thing in most countries in Africa.

Power - we spent billions of dollars on power yet a country five times the population of South Africa struggles to get to 3,000 megawatts. Now they have promised to get to 10,000 megawatts by 2015 by the end of the present govt tenure. South Africa, one fifth of Nigeria's population, has fifty megawatts.......

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10  If 'Yes', what notable activities is it having on youth development in your country? If 'No' do you know why, and when it will be ratified?
Botswana Botswana has not ratified the African Youth Charter, I am not aware of any intention to do so.
Burundi Yes, I know Burundi has ratified African Youth Charter 10th, 11, 2006. I also know the East African Youth Charter for Human Rights and Good Governance of August 2009. It was drafted by 1) Africa Youth Trust based in Kenya, 2) Le Collective pour la Promotion des Associations des Jeunes (CPAJ) based in Burundi, 3) Uganda Youth Network 4) Tanzania Youth Coalition 5) Rwanda Youth Network 6) Youth Alive Kenya (YAK), but I don't know its notable activities or achievements.
Burundi My country has ratified it but not yet organised activities; our youth community is not yet familiarised with youth associations or community; the one sector which puts together youth associations is actually pro government, that gives some problems and stopped some initiatives.
Burundi Implementing framework of youth organisations
Cameroon The empowerment of youths via launching recruitment activities. Also launching sustainable development projects to create jobs for youths.
Cameroon My country hasn't ratified the Youth Charter though they have signed it. I don't know when the powers that be intend to ratify.
Cameroon Youth employment. very recently, the government has made known the availability of 25000 jobs for young people nation wide and there is a call for application. Education in Cameroon is basically free. Primary education is free and last year, university tuition which is at 100USD was reimbursed through the head of state's generous scholarship offer which was awarded to everyone but for the very dumb ones who had a GPA below 2 on 4. Though not very effective, access to SRHR education is promoted and campaigns against HIV/AIDS can be clearly seen
Cameroon Many but mostly the establishment of a ministry of youth , the creation of a national council, big role of youths organizations and platforms.
Cameroon I really don't know what the government has in mind
Cameroon I don't know why and when it will be ratified but I know and believe it will be ratified one day.
Cameroon The ratification of the Africa Youth charter has boost the youth consciousness on politics, economic, social and cultural domains. Youth are able to exercise their civic responsibility and take effective part in development programmes like, Rural and Urban Support Programme, to promote social and economic insertion of young non-scholars, PIFMAS is a project of social and economic integration of youth and PAIIJA is a programme of reduction of unemployment amongst youth.
Cameroon Creation of The National Youth Council
CÔTE D'IVOIRE After the ratification of the charter, approximately 40 young from different organizations took part in the presentation ceremony of the charter. This activity was supported by the Ivorian youth ministry. They have also taken part in the quasi totality activities carried out in the west Africa region about the political situation in the country for several years now. They have also organised some activities of sensitisation about young people rights and rules and their implication in politic.
DRC Yes, activities for youth development in Africa have been held since the ratification of the African Youth Charter by the Republic of Congo. Several youth organization of civil society have organized activities of awareness and responsibility on the country's development. It defines the rights, duties and freedoms of them to hold them accountable for their development and empowerment.
DRC Among the highest activities, the dialogue and meetings around political situation, and these latter were attended by the Minister of young of the DRC
Egypt Lack of political will. They signed in 2008, two years after the Charter was established to begin with.
Egypt it has implemented MDGs
Eritrea The African Youth Charter seems repetitive of things we already have in our many development policies.
Ethiopia I don't know when, but usually ratifications take a little longer time.
Ethiopia yes,ethiopian youths were participated in formulation of it.so they are lobbing the government to do.and our government is ready to ratify
Ethiopia I have no any information I may find if it is ratified or not.
Ethiopia As far as I know, Ethiopia declined to ratify the AYC because the age limit or gap described in the charter. At some conference I have posed a question to Dr .Raymond Agoussou and she told us that she is the African states to sign and ratify this Charter. I hope that Ethiopia will ratify this charter in the near future.
Ethiopia A very limited initiative is taken by the government to develop supportive policies and programmes for young people, and hardly serves to fast-track the implementation of such policies and programmes. It to a little extent provides a platform for youth to assert their rights and fulfil their responsibility of contributing to the continent’s development as youth in Ethiopia are not well supported by the government.
Ethiopia As far as my knowledge is concerned and based on the information I heard the main reason Ethiopia declined to ratify the African Youth charer is the AGE issues. I was able to talk Dr Raymond Agosu personaly about this matter and she told me that she is exerting the maximum effort to push counries to sign the AYC. I Hope that the Ethiopian government will ratify this charter in the near future to guarant the interest of the youth.
Ethiopia I don't when it will be ratified. but I know there are many rights I would claim had it been ratified by my government.
Ethiopia As far as my understanding many countries are slow in the ratification process due to various reason, like our case age difference with the national policy.
Ethiopia I think no focus is given to the youth rather than talking about the problems of the youth. I hope it will be ratified in the near future.
Ethiopia It will help the government to give focus for the youth.
Ethiopia Policy measures and initiatives taken by the incumbent to increase youth participation
Ethiopia definitely it will have a great impact in terms of empowering the youth in various fields including economically, politically and socially.
Ethiopia It provides enough space for youth to be heard and playing their role in development.
Ethiopia Among others he country is coordinating various projects, prioritizing the questions of the youth, created youth federation at national level, there is a ministry of youth etc
Gambia As of the ratification, we witness the setting up of National Youths Council, National Youths Parliament and etc.
Ghana There is currently in operation national youth policy being implemented with full participation of youth and led organizations of which i am a member. This being persued through the national youth council in ghana
Ghana No. I do not have access to my country's position on it.
Ghana It really difficult to know and understand much about the youth policy. I think this is a good forum to advocate and push ahead the Africa Youth Charter.
Ghana We have initiated the Rework Ghana Program to promote youth in Environmental Entrepreneurship in Ghana
Ghana I have no idea on this issue, will find out
Kenya i need to do search for the information to be able to respond to this question well.
Kenya the document has been signed but not ratified as yet. The Government claims with the passing of the new constitution they were looking at it to see whether its in line with the spirit of the constitution before ratification. It was a question in parliament on the same recently
Kenya I'm not aware.
Kenya it has organised for our elections from local level to national level with the aim of involving youth in the affairs of the country.
Kenya No. Because my country has been having issues with sustaining youth involvement within the government structures. For this reason, we have no youth parliament or even a national youth council only factions of what might represent specific interests of the youth but not whole councils.
Kenya The government has given youth a chance in issues to do with governance and the freedom to elect they own leaders in a democratic manner with no appointment and minimal supervision.
Kenya This year in April my country is going to hold country wide elections to elect members of the NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL in order to fulfil this condition.
Kenya Youth Programs has been created
Kenya I am sorry I do not have an idea about this matter.
Kenya I understand there is a National Youth Council in place and under the new constitution we will have a youth representative at every level
Kenya I am sorry I have no clue about this issue.
Kenya It has led to the formation of national youth council
Kenya A youth ministry was created and several programmes have been started up by the government to encourage youth development, for example, the "kazi kwa vijana" (work for youth) programme to create employment for young people. There are also other programmes like Youth Enterprise Fund, that gives young business people access to soft loans for them to start up or expand their businesses.
Liberia My country has established the Liberian Children Parliament and is also a member of the Mano River youth Parliament.
Liberia Quite frankly, Liberia had signed this charter but is yet to introduce and implement any notable programs or activities.
Liberia It addresses the following: Youth Empowerment/employment, Drug & Substance Abuse, Youth participation in Decision making, Gender Equality, Youth Rights etc.
Malawi I don't know the reason because it is even not yet taken into parliament for ratification
Malawi There hasn't been advocacy by the youth. We even failed to advocate for ratification when our head of state was chairing African Union. However there are a few activities government is undertaking.
Malawi Formulation of National Youth Council of Malawi as one way making sure that Youth are being represented in government policy formulation and
Malawi Don't know because have never been sensitised on the African youth charter, don't know when it will be ratified.
Malawi I don't know
Malawi Possibly if I can consult first to get information
Malawi I am not sure if my country has ratified itself under this charter because young people are not keep abreast of the programs/progress of certain issues that affect them. No tangible communications or processes that will keep young people know their issues. Issues should not be just in books but at least practical, youth themselves should participate in international forums and collaborations.
Malawi Youth development funds scheme establishment
Malawi I have not accessed the charter
Malawi it just declared youth development as a thematic area
Mali I don't know because I'm in out side of my country, I'm in Egypt for study.
Namibia I do not have an answer.
Namibia am not sure but it has to
Namibia No, I am not really behind with news but I have not heard anything about the African Youth Charter. Maybe they are active in the capital city not where I live.
Niger Involvement and participation of youth, but it's a start
Nigeria no and no
Nigeria Youth development sensitization is only concentrated at the major and prominent cities in Nigeria,which is not up to 1/3 of the total population of youths in Nigeria.I suggest the good message of youth development should be taking to the hinter lands.I have an NGO capable of doing this,if giving a trial.
Nigeria The current government are taking issues that affects the youths seriously as they are giving youths opportunity to express themselves unlike the past ones that sees us as hungry fellas.
Nigeria I don't know and I wish to know
Nigeria Why my answer is no is that there is no awareness. We need to spread the news. It can be ratified during festive season.
Nigeria I don't know
Nigeria I do not know
Nigeria Those who are concerned are not interested
Nigeria Job creation -ICT skill acquisition for youth -promote entrepreneurship in ITC for youths for future leadership
Nigeria It is uniting the youth and bringing us together as one, we see ourselves as equal to other youth from different culture, ethnics and background. Many have picked up a career in this field and influenced the politics also. Youth development is beginning to influence and educate the politicians on the importance of youth to politics and development as a whole.
Nigeria I sincerely don't know why and when. Youth development in my country is relatively low but I believe the government can do better if it so desires.
Nigeria I do not know
Nigeria Maybe it's not well publicised.
Nigeria My country is some what in the era of their awakening to channelling their resources/investment to youth development. and the youths in our country are beginning to pressure the government for it. so I think it will be ratified soonest.
Nigeria It has not been ratified in Nigeria. Advocacy efforts for its ratification has been very frustrating. Also, considering the fact that the National Youth policy haven't been popularized yet. Getting the Nigerian govt to make any commitment on the AYC will be another paying of lip service.
Nigeria I don't know
Nigeria I don't know
Nigeria Honestly I am ignorant of this and cannot say anything about it. But since I have learnt from this questionnaire, I will carry out my own research about it.
Nigeria No tangible activity in the country yet
Nigeria I don't have an idea.
Nigeria Don't know
Nigeria Quite impressing but still need to do more
Nigeria it is having some impact on the youths they are now having a voice of their own
Nigeria The establishment of the federal ministry of youth development after the ratification. And the inclusion of Articles 11 12 12 15 and 20 of the charter (theoretically)
Nigeria I can't really say
Pakistan I have heard of many youth organizations, but never African Youth Charter.
Philippines when the there will having a charter change in our country
Rwanda creation of cooperatives, creation bank of youth, training about development, Obligation of State Parties, Non-discrimination, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion, Promote the development of youth media for the dissemination of information to young people, The policy shall be cross-sectoral in nature considering the interrelatedness of the challenges facing young people, ...
Rwanda Protection of youth's health and employment creation
Senegal The government created the FNPJ (National Fund for Youth Development) was established to finance youth in projects, but there is typically that policy. to benefit from the fund must be the policy.
Sierra Leone It has still not been ratified, because not much has been done to champion the cause
Sierra Leone Basically my country is seriously having a problem with youth employment and since 2008 when I graduated from the university of Sierra Leone I have not yet secure any job and I don't know when it will ratified
Sierra Leone We have a National Youth Policy although it over due now for review as lots of changes has taken place in the past years. my government has also set up the National Youth Commission, but the government is yet to appoint the commissioner.
Sierra Leone I have no idea if it has been ratified
Sierra Leone Youth Employment Scheme
Somalia No because the African youth charter is not ratified by the government is in problem no peace and security at this time government has no power to ratify
Somalia Because our country in Somalia has not ratified the international Covenant of Children, as it is the United States and Somalia did not sign the protection and defending the rights of children. When the Somalis took the independence didn't sign the CRC conventions.
Somalia I don't know why and I don't know when it will be rectified
Somalia When our Government is properly working all Somalia, and bring restore peace and order.
Somalia As you were aware of my country Somalia had suffered many years of civil war and critical condition at that time we tried to struggle how survive the youth who become the sticks of the war and we succeed to mobilize some youth and others we are still continue mobilizing and thanks to NAYD Somalia who give as encouragement and support as to continue our efforts
South Africa I am not sure wether is ratified or not so I'm not even sure whether I should say yes or no but I've said no simply becouse I want answer all the asked question.
South Africa Never heard of it
South Africa The South African government has made great progress in developing policies around youth development. The biggest challenges is with the programmes, in most cases they would benefit young people in urban areas and neglect those living in poverty / rural communities. The establishment of the National Youth Development Agency and the Youth Desk within the presidency can be identified as a good effort towards achieving the goals of the African Youth Charter, however I must note the disfunctionality of these structures as we hear no specific programmes that will change the lives of young people in the country. The 2011 State of the Address by the President, had a call to increase job opportunities in the country and this include starting learnerships or skills development programmes so that young people are able to access jobs. The Minister of Finance recently delivered his budget speech for the 2011/2012 financial year. The number one priority was on providing adequate resources to ensure quality education. Participation in Youth Summits/Parliaments, programs / policy development is only enjoyed by those in politics. Other sectors are neglected especially the civil society.
South Africa I do not know
South Africa The Country just hosted the Youth summit in 2011 which looked like the first of its kind to get African Youths together. More focus and delivery on such projects and events is still needed however if it will make continuous gains.
South Africa My country is becoming more progressive in furthering the youth agenda by providing funding opportunities, mentorship programmes, and even agencies committed to improving the lives of the youth of South Africa.
Swaziland The country is quiet on this issues
Tanzania My government has establish an instrument that helps young people to fined employment
Tanzania I do not know because the government has not been open to reveal such issues
Tanzania Yes. Environment protection Youth empowerment Entrepreneurship
Tanzania Youth empowerment programs, micro-credits provision to youth and youth groups.
Tanzania I am not are of any thing
The Gambia sensitization programme was held, and popularization of the charter in all the regions
The Gambia Am not sure of that yet until I do some finding .
Togo Activities - Freedom of speech - Freedom of Association - Development - Youth participation - National youth policy - Struggle against poverty and the integration of social and economic of youth - Youth employment - Sustainable development and environmental protection - Culture of the young people - leisure, socio-educational, sports and cultural activities - Girls and young women - Youth's responsibilities
Tunisia Don't know.
Uganda We lack leaders to foster it
Uganda We have youth members of parliament youth are represented at all levels of leadership
Uganda I am not aware of this I need to read more to find out more about it
Uganda Youth are most likely taken for granted, and it will change when the youth stand up as one to make sure the charter is ratified.
Uganda Entrepreneurial skill development programme for unemployed
Uganda There are number of activities though not based on reality of what affects young people
Uganda I have not been made aware of African Youth Charter
Uganda Entrepreneurship Development - Vocational skills Development - access to loans - participate in LEADERSHIP
Zambia A lot of youths are becoming entrepreneurs and business oriented. Alot of youths are taking part in politics as well as forming/heading their own political parties.
Zambia Youth engagement in Policy and decision Making Youth day activities-i.e march past
Zambia No idea.
Zambia It has been able 2 empower youths to do a large number of projects to get them out of unemployment, which has probably had a great impact on the youths
Zimbabwe Youth issues have been placed higher up the agenda in all spheres of life: especially political and economic fronts. However, there is need for active involvement of youth as many policies make youths passive recipients of programmes formulated, designed and implemented on their half. The youth voice has not been heard to the extent it should be as suggested by ratification of the African Charter and what it upholds. There is need for our government to translate commitment into action to bring into realization the statutes of the African charter and the vision and wish it upholds.
Zimbabwe Not sure
Zimbabwe I am not aware and I have not heard of this.
Zimbabwe A number of young are doing their personal projects
Zimbabwe Yes but there are no activities that have been done yet.














 Q13If your answer to the above question was 'Unsatisfactory' can you indicate what needs to be done? If your answer was 'Satisfactory' can you indicate the good practices?
Our country need to make programmes that are going to reach youth both in urban and rural areas. The youth should be involved in all developments around country. To create youth cultural programs more available. To be updated about ups and downs of the economy. The youth should stay away from drugs. The youth should speak of solidarity.
Youth development initiatives need to address young people needs and young people are the ones who need to say what exactly that they need but most of the time government just impose to young people and youth is no so empowered to initiate things, there is lot of restrictions that makes young people unable to explore.
The issue is that most of these clamour about youth policies are only opened to the influential people. it doesn't get to the youths at the grassroots level.
Youths should be empowered; not on paper, there should be something tangible on the ground to keep them very busy
Accountability mechanisms must be established, and this requires re-vamping all the existing institutional structures. In addition, youth must be engaged in the process, and enabled to effectively participate in decision-making and political structures to ensure representation of the issues and establishing practical solutions.
The youths in my country need proper orientation and sensitization about there core value system and......,there superiority as Blacks
There is national youth policy and development strategy considering youth and youth are organized and engaged in micro.
The government should put up deliberate policies that would empower the youths to be self sufficient and independent financially. As well as involving the youths in policy making because they (youths) know better what they need.
A lot of tokenism involvement of the youth is there when it is convenient to the Government to make it look good in the eyes of foreign donors. More needs to be done to move beyond this tokenism and embrace proper participation
Youth federationS and youth associations at various parts of the country, participation in some areas of policy making
For youth development programs our country needs to promote youth development to all regions step by step to help young people participate in MDG programs.
There should be good programs, and full youth awareness
In America, there are many grassroots efforts to empower youth of African descent at Historically Black Colleges like Bennett College, Langston University and Howard University, especially with emphasis on study abroad and global educational efforts. In Saudi Arabia there are efforts being made to empower youth from African countries in the science, engineering, math and technology fields. I am trying to get them connected with the African Scientific Institute and exploring collaborations in the M.E.N.A. region in particular. There is much promise for positive action.
We currently have a youth ministry to start with. There they deal with all issues pertaining to the youth. There is a well established youth council, with its own administration and budget including its programmes. There is a youth Scheme that allows the youth to start their own projects and start and incoming - generating initiative mechanism.
The government needs to create a more enabling environment for youth participation in governance.
There is still a lot to be done regarding the youth in Botswana but I would like to point out that their have been a lot of satisfactory efforts. Botswana is in a period where unemployment is a crisis but the government attempts to help with the national internship program, with this project graduates go on paid internship, this is an initiative of the Office of the president and is supported also by the private sector. Alcohol abuse among the youth is also a main problem but the government is undertaking nation wide campaigns against this an adding alcohol levy so that it is not cheap and affordable for the youth. The money raised from the levy is then given as half grant half loan to the youth to go into business. The government is also offering free education and free HIV/AIDS medication.
Most of these initiatives are not decentralised, people living outside the capital city are not really involved. The responsibility of developing the youth is mainly upon the shoulders of the ministry of education, so here and there they will have activities. I am only aware of AIDS programmes and alcohol abuse programmes. We have Youth centres in the major towns of the country this ones are somehow more organised in teaching computer literacy and crafts of sorts. But I am yet to meet someone who has been empowered through these. The best thing so far is helping with school work some learners excel because of volunteers at these centres.
We really need Sustainable Development because youth in my countries need really to make changes about: Drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, Harmful traditional practices, Unemployment etc...
There is a great need to create an environment for networking amongst young people in our country, to develop an advocacy campaign to hold the government and the established youth development structures accountable for service delivery. We have good policies and programs that are either not accessible to the beneficiaries or the deep rural based youth is not informed about those services.
Youth are not involved in or associated with policies.
1. youth need to form kind of Union like single powerful organization/movement. 2. youth has to be given opportunity to identify there priorities
There is need for more youths involvement in decision making roles. Youths need to be training and education to acquire necessary skills to be able to take everyday challenges.
Clear policy guidelines for empowering the youth Beneficial vocational program for the unemployed youth
*Government support to such programmes is low * The existing structures within which this operates is weak
The national government needs to integrate youth programs, initiating more vocational and technical skills. More beside, our national legislature needs to pass the national youth policy into law to enable young people participation in public decision making and those added advantages as embedded into the document.
Programs needs to be localized to benefit the rural poor young people other than being only exposed to city youth. The focus should be put to facilitating the youth led organizations to spearhead the program implementation to there peers that handing resources to old people and poor mechanisms thus failing to reach the target community/group. I just know that programmes are there because am exposed a bit but no body from my community knows that there is any program for young people in Uganda therefore there is still a great need for the Government political will to support young people otherwise we shall look for the way to get what we want. WERE TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Students and youth need to be sensitized about how to be a good leader and improve their economy
The young peoples should be educated more, train, and get job
Current youth programs are not streamlined within government programs (a requirement for support) and only arise as 'by the way' which makes them open to political and selfish manipulation by the politicians Youth not well informed about such programs Youth mostly lack management and entrepreneurial skills to manage funds or projects that arise from such initiatives Youth suffering from low motivation and most facing a situation bordering on hopelessness leading to a situation of giving up whenever they face challenges
Active involvement of youth in all sectors of the economy support youth skills development
We need to stop letting NGOs do work that the government is supposed to be doing mainly because this has given the impression that money comes from donors and the government has no money for youth which is untrue.
We have in our country - a national policy of youth employment - the school fees of girls is less than the school fees of boys - a Youth Integration Fund - a Policy of entrepreneurial - a support to youth initiatives - a policy of community voluntary - a policy of women protection
It is because the many youth department around the DRC, but which not supported by government
Youth come out of colleges and university with a mentality if getting employment and not self employment, -youth do not embrace the spirit of volunteerism hence lack experience in the skills needed. -youth are not involved in critical decision making.
Unsatisfactory in terms of empowerment program. some politician and area god-fathers equipped young guy with weapons in other for them to use them as a political thug.
Recognizing the positive role and major issues concerning the Youth must be the heart of the agenda development policy followed by the development program for mentoring youth, building capacity of young people policy decision-making, promotion of participation and of youth empowerment.
many youth are unemployment even they have finish university and they miss entrepreneur skill
I need a youth forum independent not an affiliated one. I need my country have a vision with energetic young generation for change in future. I don't want to see replicated political attitude of the older, belief, and value rather I am looking for a reconciled youth marching ahead of time for africa. So it needs to place a system in which youth can freely discuss, freely vote, freely decide on its own agenda without regard to political attachment, and its economic dependence which is cause of the vicious circle.
There needs to be flexible conditions to allow youths access the Youth Enterprise Fund and be able to create employment opportunities. This is due to there minimal role at policy and planning level making them disadvantaged
I passionately believe that there is a need for greater political will and strategic actions
Commitment ratified in the treaty should translate into action. Youths as Africa's window of hope should be consulted and actively involved in the formulation, design, and implementation of processes, policies and institutions that should promote our dignity, active participation, belonging without racial, class, ethnical, religious and cultural segregation. Investing in youths is investing in the future of our great continent,"The cradle of mankind"
There is a youth program which has not been well coordinated therefore ineffective
We need to empower the youths, help them get employed, their health issues worked upon and their voice heard.
There is need to increase fundind in youth related projects and design new policies to adress youth issues
1- activate youth engagement in development 2- connecting youth actions with governmental actions 3- advocacy
more youth friendly programs needs to be initiated. also, you should be allowed to participate in polices that affects them. and thirdly, job employment opportunities should be made available to solve the problem of unemployment.
There needs to be more awareness about such programs, and also the participation of young people in such programs is also necessary.
The present Government and it partners are doing well enough to promote youth development, employment and participation in governance. Most recently on the 17th of March 2011, I personally alongside with other NGOs, INGOs, International partners, UN agencies, youths and youth organizations from across the country witnessed the launch of a 20Million dollar world bank funded project for youth empowerment which is expected to address the needs of 300,000 youths in the country through the implementation of specific programs in different parts of the country.
There is not a lot of information available about projects which are taking place or interaction between existing programmes and projects.
the programs are so few and there is little or no follow up from the Government. the support in terms of finances are frustrated and in the end lender the programs helpless wit out funding. the few programs running are more of political based not for the good of all even those not into politics
Firstly bring strong the government who can ratify the youth charter
The available youth development initiatives are highly politicized. Young people from the ruling party benefit more than others. In fact they are a priority when it comes to access to such initiatives. Secondly government is not creating jobs for the youth. Instead of reducing retirement age they keep on increasing. Young people are not given the opportunity to gain experience as a leaders in waiting. As the result when current leaders go there will be a vacuum. Government is not allocating adequate resources in HIV prevention and support towards youth led initiatives against the pandemic. In fact the national Aids Commission failed to get financial support from Global fund in the last round due mismanagement of funds.
The youth need to be involved in decision making in matters that are important to them. The youth need to be more aware of their rights and how they can fight for them. These development programs need to be done in a more transparent manner so that the youth can be motivated to participate in them.
Unsatisfactory because their projected activity participation has not been matched with necessary funding hence the resolutions have remained mainly theoretical/ideological
there should be youth empowerment and development programme as a community development programme.
Raise of awareness to youth especially by youth empowerment and capacity building
There are many initiatives undertaken by the civil society in order to empower youth and teach them several skills. After the Egyptian Revolution this year, the voice of t he youth was reached loud and clear to all officials and hopefully, youth will start playing a greater role in society since that they compose the majority of the Egyptians.
The government should encourage vocational and technical education rather than general education. The government should do all to make the youth understand that not only them can employ, but the private sector is also ready to consume some of them. The government should also create a good business environment for young business entrepreneurs. Lastly most of this youths don't participate in activities in their country because of lack of information. Information is poorly distributed.
Young people stay motivated, but the system of governance does not encourage much
There is the part where it is doing the right thing but also it's beginning to have bad leadership which his shifting the focus of why it was established. They are meant to fighting and discussing how there will be unity among them and there right in their country.
Policies in favour of youth programs should be put in place. The youths lack entrepreneurial skills but the government can not embarked on job creation. Many youths are thus discouraged. the government and NGO's have to embark on capacity building workshops for youth on how to become self reliant and also provide micro finance schemes to those wishing to take up businesses etc
Get more young people involved do I not 1/3 1/2 of what the African youth charter stipulates. It does not suffice to ratify the charter, but implementation is very very important!
More NGOs are present in my country
Because my country has education problem, the study is the first development for us YOUTH, it's mean if the study not enough so nothing done. on this year when I went to Mali I visited the universities and schools may be I can we are only on 10% on study in the world.
It needs to make them mobilization and good skill that they can practice more of their future development, because Somalia has struggling for nearly 20years of civil war, clan clashes, and ineffective government to take the responsibility of the youth in Somalia, and they are still struggling with they could build with their future development.
there are several programs underway, but the young people themselves are not really involved. programs are publicized but, basically unable to help young people at the right time. requires a real involvement of young people and greater effectiveness and efficiency of these programs so that young people really benefit
Youth development program should be geniune,i.e. youth should take part in policy formulations, and their ideas should be incorporated. there should be meaningful involvement,
There is attempt in addressing small issues of the youth but more should be done to address all problems of the youth.
The Youths are not given the opportunity to participate in policy making and implementation of such policy. The level of unemployment is high. Youths that are qualified are denied the opportunity to work because they lack the necessary work experience.
Youths need more enlightenment on the importance of their participation, some of them do not understand its for their good.
We need youth employment especially young graduate from colleges
The youth need to be involved in decision making processes in all issues that affect them. The youth need mentors who they can look up to both for career and general life. Proper leadership should be shown by our political leaders as their daily power struggles are not helpful to us but serve to demoralize and make us lose hope.
Government and all concerned body should participate the youth in all development activities.
Well all started from designing and implementing a national education policy owing by the citizens of Ethiopia. The government need to show its commitment to the realization of the policies and strategies put on paper. The political sphere and the field to play by the Non State actors /NGOs and CSOs/ should have been more open to increase programmatic interventions on youth development.
In my own view I think the government should really begin to look at affording youths the opportunity to really practice their chosen field of study by creating job openings for gradates. This is particularly true for student who studied the natural sciences. What we see is the government most times employing the services of"novices"to tackle environmental issues. Young graduates should be trained and employed.
In Côte d'Ivoire, development programs for young people are not really adapted to the country realities. The training programs don't correspond to the employment. We think that all the education classic system and professional insertion must be re-examined and adapted to the country realities. The corruption must be reduced in order to permit to each one to follow the occupation which it deserves according to its capacities. The young people must be rehabilitate and know that the success is based on good and hard work and not on force and mediocrity. All that, by a revision of the traditional system of formation and professional insertion, system of recruitment, support or assistance of young. The public assistance service of young people in Côte d'Ivoire must be dissociated from the political programs.
1. more awareness and emphasis on the importance of youth participation in the programs
These programs don't reach the most vulnerable youths who are in the grassroots and there is no effective monitoring and evaluation system.
it's unsatisfactory because Burundian youth problems or career is not priority of our government, for example: our Burundian youth ministries and culture haven't enough found for to cover of to follow youth activities or association in all country, so, a lot of young Burundian (70%) have only one way : studies, work and marriage. not other activities which can make strong their leadership.
There is the need to involve the youth in decision making. Such take part in parliamentary discussions, promote youth friendly suggestion web-page to collate ideas and grievances of the Countries youth.
Empower the youth participate in policy making, start up a youth parliament, and involve the youth in skills training
The government has enacted youth policy and strategy and to realize those lofty promises in documents the government has already embarked on implementing them by reducing them in youth development package.
They development of youths policies and creation of councils to take charge if their affairs.
Help to the young people to create own business
1) Youth should be allowed to participate in policy and programs 2) Young girls should be given a voice in decision making
separate youth development from political practices
Youth Empowerment funds and increased education on entrepreneurship skills.
The idea of youth mainstreaming is key to youth development, butt has been more of a lip-service rather than practicing it. young people needs to be involved in every quarter of activity that directly or indirectly affects them, this I believe will enhance proper planning of programmes that will be tailored to the needs of young people.
Empowerment of youth should be emphasized. Youth should use their numbers to bargain positions in government Youth need to come together rather than working apart Policies and structure should be put in place to enable youth involve in policy making
Government should make sure that youths programs are indeed benefiting the youths. It should also avoid politicize the Youths Programs because if they do so, most of the Youths who do not participate in politics will still be in poverty. e.g. YEDEF loans are benefiting those who show colours of political party.
Our Governments need to be real and face the reality of the changing world. young people to be engage at all levels to provide them the mentorship to take the future of their respective countries development and governance in their hands. the above issues need to be practical and not paper.
The Youth needs to be part of the planning by both Government and private sectors. 1) The Government and the African Union can create volunteer and in-service training opportunities for youth in the public sector just like you have in the EU Brussels. 2) The Private sector should play a proactive role in assisting the government to correct the skills skew by especially engaging the previously disadvantaged youth groups as these are their future customers anyway? 3) Big successful entrepreneurs could also lead by example by inspiring these youths through, morale leadership combined with business leadership.
The Ugandan National Youth Council and all youth NGOs need to come together to draw up policies that can help youth development. Ensuring that these policies that they recommend can be acted upon instead of remaining as paper work for future praise on what they discussed.
Youth raising awarness for peace and security in Somalia.
The government try to give different opportunity for youths but still the problem of unemployment is a big problem in my opinion government doesn't give priorities for youth problem
Out-reach programs for the youth scholarship program and livelihood project
Awareness Motivation empowerment
Youths are not involved in the planning of most youths programme Programmes that will provide youths with marketable skills are not match with adequate grants or loans facilities Youths involvement in governance and leadership is neglected
There is need for the government to give more priority to youth organizations to be able to access funding instead of just giving funding to the bigger organization most International NGOs. The smaller organization have less or no access to International/National funding
More developmental activities are not youth friendly. Involvement of youth need to be done in all developmental issues. Youth need to be empowered at all levels.
The government understands the importance of youth participation in development, but the practical work or action is very very poor.
Involve youth in decision making Create conducive environment for young people Introduce these youth to different skills Not involve youth much in politics
Make our Youth aware of the different organizations in Morocco and make them participate actively in their society. We need to have more areas and centres for youth where we have training, workshops, round tables, and exchange of ideas.
The gov't should create d/f kinds of job opportunity for youth&in the youth focused activities the youth must be participated.
Skill training on entrepreneurship Improve access to finance Improve access to information
I haven't actually seen much. I would love a situation where programmes awareness reaches all the youths regardless of status or location. Our youth in remote or rural areas are left out.
There is a need to involve youth at all level of developments and even when they are changing policies because it will affect us in future. A lot of programs that are being carried out are not youth friendly ones so there in a need to create a space for youth
We need more job that means to have more foreign companies around
The Youth need to be empowered to become self-sustaining.
The following are urgent: • Participatory and favourable political environment • Focus on human development activities • More job opportunities • Non discrimination and race free politics • Rule of law • No more dictatorship • Real Democracy
There is the need for a holistic and rational approach to youth development policies devoid of political party affiliations and support. The lack of complete understanding of democracy is the cause of this trend.
A good practice is to include the youth and students union in all committees for development, especially at the grassroots level.
Youth to be given opportunity to participate in some of the programs basing on capability than working experience.
incorporate youths in the decision making process
There are some youth development programs in my country, but they are not enough as our youth-population is huge. Plus, volunteers should be excepted on open merit, that is, anyone who has the passion and willingness to volunteer in developmental works should be allowed to do so. Nepotism and favouritism should not be allowed. Also, there should be a separate forum for the youth to share there innovative ideas.
More youth empowerment forums should be organized throughout the regions of the country and proper sensitization be made so as to inform the youths
The youths should be giving a say in matters that concern them.
There are some few youth employment programmes which are geared to create employment for non skilled youth.
More programs should be initiated as only few programs have been initiated by the Government. Other programs are undertaken by youth groups and NGO's hence a need for more support.
Government is not paying attention to youth issues relating to governance/participation -policy issues. high rate of youth under development linking with unemployment. lack go job creating which government is not paying attention to .Using them as violence maker during elections is one of the key factors that is causing the to becoming idle
there are a lot of job less youths that are potential threats to the country.
Keep young people busy. Invest in visions and dreams. Governments must focus more on talent development. Its cost effective. Today footballers are the richest people because the majored to talent. We must have schools of specialization. That is why our organization is called Tact meaning talent/skill. Talent is correlated to passion. Talent bring Socio and economic development of individuals and our respective countries.
Provide money information /Training in HIV/AIDS and Reproductive health e.t.c youth participate in microfinance enterprise activity e.t.c
There is discrimination according to political parties with in the Zimbabwe Youth council., hence only ZanuPf youth tend to dominate the council closing out on other zealous youth.
More has to be done ( Keep the youth at the helm, the centre of national and International participation.
The state involves youth groups in some of their activities which helps the youth to showcase their talent and experience with other youth groups within and out side the country.
Good governance and direct involvement of youth in policy formulations and implementation. Tackling of corruption and full democratisation in the continent
More needs to be done to increase youth participation in government policies. There are many young people in the country who are disillusioned by lack of inclusion in government processes.
There should be good governance that considers the interests and needs of young people in planning and implementation of policies; that provides conducive atmosphere and enable environment for them to operate and provides entrepreneurial skills to young people.
The entire country has developmental programme and therefore all youth developmental issues are pending
More pro-youth&special focus needed - Civil service mentality to be changed to more pragmatic&result oriented - They will earn salary in any case but if they are more committed hopefully there initiative will make a positive difference to some young lives...
There is need to intensify the development programmes to reduce youth unemployment and to implement good monitoring measures to assure the success of programmes. The youth should be given the opportunity to jointly identify their problems this will be an impetus to the realization of the programmes. Youths should be involve in all the domains that accounts for nation building and to be regarded as partners of development.
There are a lot of corrupt practices in the country hence many educated youths are not allowed to undertake certain project as the people doing the projects are not picked on merit. Not allowed to attend policy making meetings and exposure is another important aspect that has to be considered. Youths also need to be sponsored to higher institution of learning for our own personal benefit.
For youth participate effectively in national development, the following is very important. 1. Need to be through training and capacity building 2. they should have easy access to relevant information 3. Adequately engage youth in decisions making especially on issues affecting them.
There is need to find out exactly what affects the youth for example unemployment affects youth people but there is no data about this however I have developed a concept of establishing a data bank for unemployed youth but again the respective ministries have not appreciated the concept.
More needs to be done
To let youth decide their framework and their project without politician inteference.
No forum which joins all youths regardless of their political affiliation and chant their ways of life and the communalities and differences. No media and government policies which are directly linked to all youths without any biasness. No line of acknowledgement and personal initiatives from youths geared to empower and soliditise their commitments and aspirations. Still a lot of youths who are aimlessly not knowing who they are, how they want to be and who they want to become. Loss of identity among you and a lot of delinquencies, infact the majority seem to have lost their moral fibres.
Establishing policies that support and promote youth led development initiatives, and building a easy to use/get information plat form that target grass root youth.
Awareness, Collective
The youths in Nigeria are not only those in the cities, who have hear about youths development program. we have so many youths in rural areas who had never heard of youth development program in Nigeria.
I feel they need to consult and involve the youth in programming for youth development
because there was no central government since the collapse of siad barre and we had anarchy and unstable so what needs to be done is to get a good government who lead the country good governance, peace and security.
The programs that are there a very small and centred in one place that is the capital city. The youth have no access to such programs
Our government is making strides towards youth development, they have established an agency called the national youth development agency which provides education opportunities, funding opportunities and employment opportunities for the youth of South Africa.
The major challenge is lack of credibility and resourcefulness in leadership which impinge on their capacity to positively channel the potential of youth in the country into developmental gain. Our leaders should be more dynamic, visionary innovative ,and more assessable such that they will not only formulate laws and policies but actually implement them. Youth should be fully involved in issue of development in the society. Literate/educated youth in the society, should find time to sensitize and educate the those that are not, on rights/laws so as to enable them advocate and campaign for what is rightfully theirs.
Political will - more empowerment young people -
Youth involvment through ICTs and Internet governance -Youth policy and research Development -Youth employment creation and community Development -Sharing best practises from Region to continent
Engage more youth by actively involving them in policy formulation and implementation. - Youth Representation in government dept is low...hence decisions
Young people are not full recognised and given access to enterprenuearships skill. Therefore young people should be heard and provided with skills that will economically empower them. Create more access for higher education and Vocational training. Involve them in governance structures at all levels
Scale Vocational skills Development amongst Youth - grant Youth small grants/loans to start up businesses - involve Youth in decision making - very few Youth Development organizations - little civic education on Youth Development programs.

















Q15 What benefits can youth bring to politics?
The benefit is that young people will politically wise in making decisions in the society.
Employment Bring equality for all Bring crime free environment Enrich politics History of politics Eradicate corruption
Energy that they have by driving what people need, for example the our government in south Africa has lot of good policies and initiatives but they are not clearly understood by the youth because the people who are driving them are not so community driven but profit driven so community don't want to involve themselves in government and politics because the leaders are self-centred.
They only use them as political thugs and thereafter dissolve them. youths ( those at the grassroots) if given the privilege, can pilot the ship of progress of politics in my country. but the aged people in politics of my country, find it difficult as they have turned it into a birth right.
Fresh ideas, promote peace and security, curb violence...
He, who owns the youth owns the future, I don't exactly remember who said it but it describes the vital role the youth play in all affairs of their States (be it in politics, economy, or what so ever). As has been evident in the political processes of all States( African or Other) having the overwhelming support of the youth in the country was the key for the success of politicians. Even though at times guided by emotion, the youth provides the critical support base that politicians desperately need (and sometimes mislead).
Innovation, drive, motivation, and a vision for where they want to see their countries in 5- 20 years--because they still have a long and vibrant future ahead rather than behind them.
Ensuring youth total participation in exercising there franchise and ensuring free and fair election
making decisive decisions during voting and initiating change
Since they are energetic they speed up change
They can bring fresh ideas.
Good governance,sustainable development and diversified approach to probloem solving
A lot if only they were given the opportunity to share their ideas and aspirations
A lot.; can bring justice, a political sphere where by the youth and all generations can participate with sense of feeling belonging today and in the future
Promotion advocacy positive attitude good governance
Youth are the future of politics, they could develop the future policies for the country, by making associations and develop leadership trainings.
A fresh voice, clear mind, creative process, use of social media and technology, positive energy and a vibrant spirit.
By expressing their plight on issues such as: *poverty *education *social participation in a civil society *dictating the trend of the buying economy which is influence by them *religion vs culture = ethnicity - leads to security, which is maintained * influence of political parties to move with the latest trends and make conscious decisions when it comes to project implementation
A new way of doing things, new ideas, new thinking and youthful vigour.
A much more broader picture
Youth are able to give politicians an idea of their needs as well as they can also be able to bring fresh ideas to old ways.
Interesting, firstly these guys meet 2 times a year. Second, we have a reputation of talking and not implementing even in the national parliament. The youth (as in younger ones) are limited because culturally young people listen more than talk. Many of them conform to the norm or are neutralised by their environment. Namibia is a very peaceful nation and at times our peace come at the cost of tolerance. The Youth leagues of many political parties are run by 35 plus year olds, that's beyond youth. I believe the youth can bring or add momentum to politics, especially when it comes to getting the job done.
Good governance
Youth in politics in our country are vocal and participate in decision making structures within the political parties. In this way, we see good policies being developed however the implementation seem to be poor.
Strengthen democracy strengthen the capacity of youth to understand democracy better now
New skilled Ideas Politicians could realized priorities of youth
This helps the youth to take part in discussing issues that concerns them and the country as a whole. Youth are agent of change so if youth can be involved in politics things can change for the better for a nation and encourage good governance
They bring to the fall the issues that affect them directly and contribute to the proper policies that will enhance their education, standard of living and good governance in the whole
Exposing them and engaging them in the governance process
Young people can truly bring new ideology and vision and co ordinations that will impact and affect the lives or the people and the society concern.
. The youth can contribute to the flourishing of politics in different ways. 1. The youth will contribute fresh ideas that are not biased. 2. Their involvement will make the Politicians more accountable and transparent, that will in the other hand prevent official from abusing power. 3. Young political leaders will struggle and work hard for the best interests
- Bring fresh ideas that impacts there peers being the biggest % in Uganda - Help in advocating for effective youth programs in the country. - Help in addressing Youth needs that highly needs government attention
Contibute to the development of their country because they are leaders of tomorow.
My making campaigns and if they allow youths to contest and not the old people alone
Strengthen the objective if understood
Ideas/innovation, energy, and generally a breath of fresh air from the corrupting atmosphere we have gotten used to with the current political establishment In addition, the youth will provide competition (both in the public and private sector) which is an important ingredient for creating quality in leadership, goods and services
new ideas and new way of doing things good leadership and transparency in handling youth issues
*Bridge the generational gap that is already in existence *Young people will bring fresh ideas to our current decaying ones from people who are only concerned about themselves. *Youth are not tribalists because we have an ability to overlook such minor things whereas the older generation is hell-bent on reminding everybody which region of the country they come from.
A new perspective of development in a long term
By participating in developmental programmes
Theirs competences and knowledge, A new way of thinking
If young people are given opportunity in politics, they will be freer of association with excesses of THE past, and have often been prominent in demonstrations calling FOR an end to an undemocratic regime.
It brings up to the country a next generation within the tomorrow leaders of the DRC will growing from. That is, the right parliament is growing from the nowadays youth
Creation of good governance and enhancing of development from community since they are energetic and productive.
Campaign against political violent act.
Compete and Engaging young Congolese to role play to scale the learning of democracy, tolerance and citizenship as the process of reconstruction, consolidation of peace and national reunification.
The youth can contribute to the politics in the number of ways. 1. They will make the politicians accountable and transparent. 2.They will more active in the decision making process that affect the interests the youth. 3. They will work with fresh mind that will shape the politics in unbiased way
Change some policies and create employments
The benefits are many fold and above all youth bring it with pure heart and ambition of making tomorow better world for humanity but i see my fellow youth being attached to the old people and their system which is repeating it or facilitating the way for no change. Note; youth can bring benefit ot politics if we provide a system in which they can decide out of their free and humanly will not economic will or political will
Bring trans formative change from post colonial politics largely centred on ethnicity to issue based politics based on national policy conviction.
Not allowed to participate
Greater productivity and accelerated development
Good leadership and participatory governance
Voting in upright un-corrupt politicians
The youths voice would be heard every where in the country and therefore their issues would be solved
Youth can bring revolution ,
Advocacy promotion of youth friendly policies promotion of youth engagement in leadership at all levels
They can help to shape the political land scape of the nation including helping direct the destiny of the economy.
Belonging to country being part of future
It will bring to the youths active participation. and will help address the problems of civil unrest which is as a result of the joblessness of the youths hence they are being used for political thuggery.
We help to select credible leaders and we also a lot as regards on issues such as implementation of policies affecting us.
I am an Executive member of the Youth Parliament and also represents my country at the Sub-regional Youth Parliament. We have been able to strategically make relevant inputs in government and the daily affairs of the country. I am not saying this out of sentiments, but the sincere truth is that our young people needs educational empowerment to enable make sound decisions in life. Most times, the approaches of young people towards issues are very wrong and that have serve as an impediment in youth advocacy for many young people.
They can bring challenges which are positive Ideas
New ideas, a chance to try have a democracy.
The diverse thinking and creativity deviating from the traditional one of the old people. with the current need of globalization, youths are more open to such ventures of politics other than the old mind set of creating their own monarchies etc
Youth have adequate time and strength. We will be able to contribute greatly using our fresh unpolluted minds.
The youth can help bring hope among their peers by being their representatives in politics. They can help keep pressure on the old guard when initiating reforms.
Dynamism, creativity and objectivity
The true feeling of the majority is expressed in youths.
Peace and unity
Challenge the government and political leaders on problem facing people due to failure of the government and leaders.
New Ideas, Enthusiasm, better policy analysis and implementation.
It is generally said that the youths of TODAY are the leaders of tomorrow. So if the youths can be given the opportunity to start working in their government as early as possible, They will be able to offer a lot in the years to come in politics. Reasons being that they must have gathered much experience in administration.
make their voices heard and participate in the development of their country
Involvement of youth in politics will bring about peace in that they will choose who they want has there leader, these will bring about unity. when they let them have a say in what goes around in there coutry, they will feel relevant and accepted.
Policy development, Skills, knowledge, active participation, lobbing and more.
Youths can give ideas that will favour them that old politicians can hardly think of. Many youths are developmentally talented and ready to serve while old politicians are some time obnoxious and hardly think about general interest
Their population is critical in determining who gets a position. they are the active force and so if they are fully integrated, will help in the socioeconomic development of the country. Young people also are very innovative and this attribute can be a major determinant in a country's development
New ideas and solid will power
More benefits because -the youths have power to work for Africa and they are ready, the change in the natural world comes from the young. Like African leaders were leaders when they were young!!!!!!!!
It is better to lead the youth to participate with the politics because they can bring new ideas for change to the previous ideology.
What I see is that actually being the youth parliament was designed to comply with certain requirements. members parliaments youth have so far not been able to contribute to a single law adoption
Youth are engine for ones country political, economic and social development. What kind of development should be think without real involvement of youth? In country like Ethiopia, youth take the major proportion, if they get the opportunity, they can be economic engine, political leaders....
New ideas, innovations and ultimately it can substitute the elderly politicians in order to avoid the gap that is most likely to happen when the elderly pass away.
Youths are creative and can bring their dynamism to bear on politics.
Youthful mindset as they understand themselves better than older grown ups
Awareness and good governance because it will bring about putting the government on its toes
The youth can help bring the old guard that is unwilling to accept reforms to their cling on power. The youth are always ready to do things in a new manner and also bring hope to their fellow youths. The youth are also energetic and willing to serve the masses even if it is under mentorship programs.
Young can benefit in politics since they are young, their minds are fresh and innovative. They are more prone to take risk and accept challenges. They are less vulnerable to corruption. Therefore their work is inevitable for the growth of a nation. Their spirit and courage can contribute to the development of the society. Today, most of the youth are force to come into politics and take this as an opportunity to work for the system. Starting from year old cast systems to poverty, there are several key issues that need to be focused on youth and politics The most important step towards progress is development. A combined, dedicated and honest plan is required to attain this target and that's where youth need its fresh and young educated minds to come forward.
Youths are the leaders of today and can bring a greater impact on the development of the nation if they have involvement in the politics.
Today's youth are tomorrow's political leaders. In a country like Ethiopia whose majority of population can be labelled as young and often known by researchers as 'a country of young', one can not deny the role of the youth in their country's politics. Youth in any country are like an engine for any development for better or worse. Bringing youth to politics and allow them cultivate the democratic political culture will help to consolidate a sustainable democracy and avoid a potential conflict and undemocratic acts in the time of their leadership.
Dynamism, creativity in governance and infrastructural development based on most recent technology.
Young people could play a very important role in Ivoirian politic. In Côte d'Ivoire, more half of the population is young. The young people could give their vote to a good candidate who have a very good action plan, clear and concrete for the population, especially for them. Young people, if they are seriously formed, they will take share with the political activities with much of understanding and responsibility. They would also help to avoid the tensions and the conflicts if they refuse to be implied in the political questions. Young people are today in my country key actors in political violence because they are always handled.
1.sure stability during elective processes because youths are used mainly for violent practices. 2. ensure participation of the youths in government and removes the idea of them being passive members in political processes 3. bring in youthful ideas of how they want their ideal government to look like thereby fostering positive development in the country
#Young people have fresh ideas. # Young people account for a huge number of the total population in Nigeria, We have the energy and passion. #young people have the power to vote the right people into leadership and even partner with those leaders if given the platform and information that they need. #Young people are the key to sustainable development. The roles of young people should not be undermined
Benefits is that : some youth development problems can be considered and some solutions or alternatives make in action.
I believe with my ideas about Youth development I can share that with leaders and moreover The you will act as grass root leaders collecting the information form other youths who thus not have access to make their voice hear to be heard
The youth have energy and they will bring what they discuss to action. A lot has been discussed in the Ugandan parliament but never implemented. I strongly believe they are agents of fundamental change in Africa's politics
many benefits and among the other principally the youth involvement in politics has a role of sustaining the whole democratic governance itself as the youth are/can be relatively the longer periods actors in the political arena.
my full expertise and competences, ideas and initiatives.
They bring political stability as the main focus and strong hold of politicians.
they can bring new and fresh ideas. they can connect from my community to the rest of the world
Because the majority of population is the youth, this means that they contribute in policy establishment and country development.
1) Youth have to exhibit a sense of responsibility 2) The benefits of Leadership
sustainability productivity innovation
Help influence policy for youth programmes
So many benefits. the youth constitute over 40% of my country's population but the jobless, more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, less involved in the decision making process. the involvement of youth in politics will bring power to the people because they are always with the grassroots at community and regional levels.
Ideas Energy and passion loyalty
A youth organisation or Youth participation in Politics can benefit the encouragement of democracy and achievement of most of the MDGS agendas. This is because the youths do thing very fast as compared to age group.
Youths have the ability of brainstorming and being creative, since most of the actions affect mostly youth, It is only fair for the main beneficiary to be involved in making some of the decisions.
A lot. I hope this can be actualize. we have children parliament and Mano River Union parliament. we hope to start one in Liberia.
The Youth can bring the ability of seeing things with the eyes of the new world economy so that we don't have to always play the catch up game copying from the developed countries.
An understanding of what fellow youth need, preparing a way forward for a United Africa with a brighter future. If the youth can truly participate and meet their needs, it does not only help the current youth but generations to come will follow in policies that build them socially, economically and politically too. Youth can bring "the new"... especially in the Information, Communication and technology era which is long overdue in our governments in Africa.
Bring chance for development in the country, and participate peace development,
Inclusiveness and participation for an overall development
if opportunities given to youth they can bring change good governance ,tackle to anti-corruption...
the youth will serve as the next generation of our country
It is a win win system. Youth can bring their innocence and fresh ideas and Politics can enhance their ability and make them more mature.
Youths can help to promote electoral reform Youths can help to mobilize other youths to participate effectively in the electoral practices, assist other youths to attain elective posts
Youths are the door step to take up the responsibility of what adult are doing to man the country. With that, youths can contribute greatly to politics in decision making through mind-mapping people thinking using music, drama etc.
Civic education and political tolerance.
At school level only. The start is good but not good enough.
Change in democracy Change of approach on youth regarding politics
New Ideas, better and fast development thanks to technology. Looking at situation passively using communication.
The youth know well about the country
Political dynamism Energy for accelerated changes Broad based constituency
Youth are tomorrows leaders. They are today's youngsters and they are growing during their own time different from the time their leaders of today grew. The challenges they are facing are best known to them and they are better positioned to map a better future. They have a problem with regards their identity as they are facing constant dilution of their ethical values due to western beliefs. If the youth are groomed correctly by making them believe in themselves as Africans, and accept the fact that it's a blessing to be African, and made to understand where we came from as Africans, they will in turn help substantially in producing the next generation which will preserve Africa. We will constantly have tomorrows leaders who will not let go this beautiful Africa. A youth who is proud to be African will definitely stand firm against any forms of destruction. Youth are tomorrows pillars to ensure that Africa withstands decay.
Youth fail to bring to policies due to lack of consultation and they speak which is not true in fear of something and they just feed in false information
* Community acceptance
The development of course and knowledge
If wise, they can bring a new light.
Youth con contribute in the current politics in the following ways : • Participate in democratic processes such as election • Can teach and train the community about politics and democracy • Initiate non violence resistance and revolution against bad governments • Participate in the planning, implementation ,monitoring and evaluation of national development plans • Initiate states and citizens for change
Vibrancy, enthusiasm and sustainable development
Allowing youth issues become the forefront of all national policies and debates.
new ways of doing and handling things since they are quick to adapt to innovation like IT
International experience and different ways of managing things
I believe that they can bring a positive change to the education system of there country, as they know full wealth what type of education benefits them and what type is a complete waste of time. Youth can also help curb crime in their city, as they mostly have first hand knowledge about disturbed youth, or these who are more prone to commit crimes and those who can be victimized.
if they are given a say then it will help to channel some youthful ideas to the right channels
Good and dynamic idea in policy making because they are the leaders of tomorrow.
The youth brings different perspective areas such dynamism,efficiency,technological advancement (information technology) in modern day polities.
Civic awareness and good governance.
Sound Good governance and democratic values . Crating enabling environment for pro-poor development
they can stand supporting or defying a policy or the government itself. The is benefit that it would be possible to realize polices using the youths power.
It will represent the youth agenda in the political realm. It will prepare the youth for future leadership of their country.
There are so many. Youth can change the behaviour and understanding of politics and politicians in Africa. Politics must create opportunities to the youth not to the politicians themselves. Youth can make politicians accountable by rating them every year etc
I don't know
Youth are hungry for representation in policy making issues. The current leaders must learn to nature the potential in youths because we are the future leaders and we must be caught when we are young so the we can grow up bearing in mind African ethics and values.
Good and fresh ideas on the development of the country
Reduce violence, focus on leaders of tomorrow
Encourage youth empowerment and decision making process and also give youth the chance to know their rights.
New ideas and youthful energy and courage
A less cynical and more positive perspective.
Young people are vibrant and energetic and usually very passionate about issues affecting their communities. I think young people would also bring new ideas and new ways of doing things in politics.
conducting awareness voting campaigns
Refresh ideas
Much benefit particularly to the development of future strategies and interventions.
With the youth population of about 60% and the new age of information technology of the 21 century we can better mobilize and sensitize the population and turn the curve of politics for a better future. we can intensify the use of social networks to reach out to the youths to exercise their civic responsibility during electoral processes and put better measures in place in monitoring the election in a more democratic manner. The youth can further bring benefit by putting up a memorandum of change of policies or government, this will consequently lead to the implementation of modern democratic principles and a new era of politics.
Youths can bring a whole lot of benefits on the political scene. . .they have very pro active minds and need 2 b given an opportunity to air out their views which I know are very brilliant ideas
They can share their ideas which most useful to strengthen our democracy
bring out issue that affect them so as to influence decisions in the country
Youths play a very important role in every Society. A healthy Youth leads to a steady sustainable social and economic growth.
You can become a very powerful agent of change if their energies are channel rightly
Take in their hand their destiny, unemployment is a matter of youth and not eldest, it belongs to them to discuss about viable project and entrepreneurship, employment creation and poverty reduction.
Youths are the energetic members of the community, youths are the intellectuals of the society, youths are the working class because age and mental capacity is high. Being involved and personal initiatives may lead to high productivity, sense of good governance and clean politics, at the end of all these a nation will never fail to grow economically because the mental and material powers of its youth are full utilized in all areas of their political life.
Policy formulation and administration.
Policy implementation and collaborations.
They can bring the required chance with their strength of numbers youth are the most active group youth being dynamic they can easily adapt to the changes in the political arena youth can better represent their fellow youth
Skills empowerment programs - unity and development -
To be part the youth politics is main important part of leadership style and good governance because the youth and backbone of every nation
1. Bring about justice and act as good national audits of projects 2. Youth with good political understanding can elect into parliament people who deserve to be there
They should be involved in decision makings
I believe that youth should be used as agents of change, in terms of politics, youth are energetic and enthusiastic, and can be used by governments and international bodies to develop their country's policies, as well as to educate and train other youth through peer to peer schemes.
Youths are the decision-makers, business people and leaders of tomorrow, when a government/country involve its youths in politics and get them committed to its agenda, that government/country is cultivating a new generation of caring and expanded citizens, breeding a new brand of citizens that will gain wisdom from the mistake of the past generation and use them in purposeful developmental strategies. They participation will also enable them gain more asses to range of support and opportunities(development asset)to grow into responsible and discipline adults, who are patriotic and experience enough to take responsibilities bequeathed to them by the older generations. Thus increasing their sense of efficiency and encouraging useful contribution through services to their countries.
Make it more social
Political will and tolerance - Issues of governance
Youth Acceptance -Assuring gender equality and equity -Political liberalism
Peace -technological advancement -Development -employment -security
















Q17If 'Yes', what was the demonstration about, why did you get involved, did it have any impact?
Yes! It was about culture. I was involved on cultural activities in community. Yes it brought impact.
Service delivery, because people who are in power fail to deliver the neccessary needs to the community and they use their power to advance themselves we were reminding them that they are there to serve the community. no it did not have much impact because people discovered that those who were leading the demonstration were also driven by personal issues and personal gain.
Anti-government. YES!
Nigerian 2011 general election,sensitizing the youths to come out in mass and vote their wright candidate into power. 'Because i am a light for a new Africa'. Yes it had a good impact because free and fair election was achieved in Nigeria.
Stability in government during the time our presdident was sick and there was no information and the country was almost at a stand still so we protested.
Yes, after the 2007 elections. I felt disgusted with the way the Government of the day had taken the wishes of the people for granted. There was a p[positive impact since we now have a coalition Government in place.
For unfair practices and the end of U.S. involvement in South Africa during the 80's.
We demonstrated against the ministry of youth lack of commitment to fulfil its mandate.
Against our eduction system that is failing our nation for the past 20 years. and because of that we are having a national conference on education.
It was not active chants and shounting but through a questionaire. We shared our desire and the change we needed was made. It was about a cafeteria at the University.
Although it was not a demonstration as such but was part of the team of civil society that advocatated of an acurate South African report on MDGs. We did persuade senior government officials to review the report, however we recently learned that the report was submitted without the facts.
Was the manifestation of Young Farmers of Walo was to manifest and attract the attention of government to guide its policy in the locality of walo
Am yet to plan one especially about the right to orphans&vulnerable children in uganda.
students demonstration,want the government of my state to pay our bursary because it has been delay for long time.we had that the money was deposited in a bank,we then decide to demonstrate.
Post election demostration in 2007 I felt our demand for change was not meet and the government then had rigged the election and so my grieviances were not met. impact the demostration led to negative impact of death and internally displaced persons making it one of the biggest in the countrys history
We were advocating for people to understand diversity and practise tolerance within the coastal region. I got involved because I know how violent this region can get when people are incited to chase their fellow neighbours and friends away because they come from other parts of the country. I think that the message was passed on because we have seen an increase of many people from different parts of the country living together.
Apart from ordinal activities, we always invoue ourselves into the vaccination compagqin, and went into demobilization of young poeple from army,.................
It was all about the issue of international criminal court the six suspect should go to Hague and should not be vague. The impact was good since the UN security council refused to defer the case.
have been convincing youth like me to believe in their self, instead of believing in what they use to deceive them.
On the efforts to reforestation of the Mau summit environment. The Government embarked on active reforestation through tireless efforts of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga
fight against under funding of education and increase in higher institutiion acceptance fees
Affordable education for the poorest of the poorest in Zimbabwean communities through a subsidized policy or grant form central government without any political segregation
For freedom of speech and good governance yes it had an impact.
Most recently and the focus was to let the minister of health push for the adoption of the tobacco law through the right channels in parliament.
Changing the corruption breaking down the regieme to have a part in my country future yes we succed
I have been involved in a number of PEACEFUL demonstrations in my country Sierra Leone and the sub-region.
Over political violence in Zimbabwe in 2008. The demonstration was held in Cape Town by UCT students coincinding with WTO talks being held there. I felt strongly about the violent situation in Zimbabwe. It raised awareness and may have had some impact on discussions in the WTO.
It was against government action to a national youth coordinating body that mismanaged funds. Instead of firing the culprits government renewed their contracts
Better salaries and working conditions for teachers. The government need to understand that teachers cannot be for granted anymore. It yielded an impact because shortly after that meetings were held with the leadership of the teacher unions to negotiate.
The demonstration was about our local MP acting unilaterally all by himself to change the usage of a Constituency Funded Project from that was approved to one of his choice.i.e. Converting the Proposed Funyula Court Buildings in to CDF project office. The whole matter is pending before a High Court but the outcome will be to revert the project to the intended use .
Increase of unemployment
Better living conditions and study conditions in the university campus in SOA..That was in the university of yaounde II
statement and walk for a good climate negotiation at COP 16 in Copenhagen ListenRead phonetically, no impact directly
The demonstration was a peace one, we were fight for a reduction in the school fees which has just been increased and after alot of delebrations they accepted the decreasement we asked for and that was how it went. My involvement was due to the fact that the student union government requested that each department was asked to send a representative to lead the protest.
It was because of high prices of basic neccessities in the country in 2008. I am a youth and since dialogue between the youths and the government failed on the matter, revolt or demonstration against the regime in power was the last resort. It produced positive results as the government responded with the reduction of prices of basic neccessities and fuel. Not withstanding, negagtive impacts were enormous as many youths lost their lives, houses , cars, etc burnt leaaving many homeless.
2008 Nationwide strike in Cameroon. the reason was due to increasing prices in commodity and fuel. the strike saw the reduction in these prices
Demontsration to tear down the regime of Husni Mubarak and ratify the governance regime.
Was about cons decisions of the university president, by Students Union, yeah we got impact because 80% of decisions are canceled .
Yes, it was 1999, in mogadishu demonstration, and was organized a Peace and Human Rights Network (PHRN) based in Mogadishu, the demonstration was targeting a civil-war in the city that was affected by the so many Youth who was participated the fighting, and lastly it becomes some of youth have put down with their guns, when they see the reality of the civil-war, and we make them a rehabilitation which so called"Put the gun and Take the Pen".
I support CUD ideas in 2005 election and be in streets in May12. But is it a demnostration, I don't think so?
The demonstration was about an increment in school fees in my school, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria. I got involved in the demonstration to express displeasure at the government and school authorites concerning increment which was wrong when you take the economic realities in the country into account. The demonstration which was non-violent lasted for seven days. It culminated with a visit to the governor at the government house. The demonstrations led to a reduction of the fees.
Concerning the reduction of college fees and i was involved because my mother who is responsible for me cannot afford such amount
STRIKE OUT STRIKE. It was a demonstration to make the Academic Staff Union of University and the Ministry of education to call of the strike. We called the press and complained bitterly. It was on radio and on TV. I got involved because I was frustrated about sitting at home and I felt like I had a responsibility to do so. I could imagine what other young people like me whose voices cannot be heard from the grassroots. Another thing that pained me was the fact that most of these government officials don't send their kids to school in Nigeria so why should I keep quiet and let them ruin my future. it was my call to action.
Ti reduce tuition at the University
I have taken part in two demonstrations so far(two of them the major ones)one is to support the opposition party in 2005 and the other one in 2010 to demand that the opposition party and international observers respect the vote of electors(as this time I voted for the ruling party)
Climate change in copenhagen
It was about the constitution that was altered and the government was pushing for it to be passed.
We demostrated to force the former president to follow the roles of terms for being a Malawian President. Its impact was that it worked and he did not force the power instead he resigned after his time of being a President
I participated in the Angel Togba Demonstration calling for justice for the raping and killing of the 11 years old. the perpetrators are currently behind bars awaiting final verdict. We are still monitoring the case.
I would like to skip this question as my life has been full of demosntration growing up in an Apartheid South Africa.
Peace awarness through kits support from UNDP somalia, for peace mobilization.
It is about giving youth more chances ti express their ideas and to increase their level of education with better means. I participated on it because I am a member of an educational NGO and it is my duty to participate to it.
I joined my Honerable Head of State, His Excellency R.G. Mugabe in demostrating against sanctions. I got involved because I am working on a project to eradicate road related deaths due to accidents. Pot holes, defective vehicles and a very poor road infrastructure are present today in my beloved Zimbabwe due to our failure to repair as a result of sanctions which impact negatively on development. It has been been fore told that by 2020, road accidents will become the number one cause ahead of HIV and Aids so I intented to send a clear messege to the world that human life is precious. Anything that inflicts human suffering should not be allowed to exist. We are a human species, black, white, colored, albino, we are humans, the difference is just on skin colour so why smile when a fellow human being suffers. The world is too big for everyone to fit in, Africa for Africans, Europe for Europeans, China for Chineese and so on. Everyone can have a share in his/her own land of origin and we should remove greed. I failed to raise my banner to cry for the lifting of sanctions to enable us to repair pot holes because of my basic ethical values which do not allow me to lift a voice before I have been given a green light by my fathers, in this case My Honerable President since I have not yet managed to introduce my 100% accident eradication initiative to Him.
But i really want to get involve in one or more
While in School 1985 For governemnt not playing thier role as good actors in providing better service educational devliery to us.
Demonstrating my anger over the dismissal of my professors by government while I was attending my first degree in Addis Ababa University. But it didn' t impact any thing except the death of some students and the disruption of classes.
I only had one when we were at school. It was all about injustice. If good people remain silent eveil nourishes and too much fear breeds misery (Ngugi)
Educational rights, Peace rights and Good Governace as Zimbabwe National Students Union as a Student activist these are issues of concern. there was violence at the end but it had impact as the stakeholders were driven to the negotiating table.
Protection of internal democracy in political parties at the National Assembly
Too many to count but broadly human rights and cultural heritage. I got involved because I care and impact in the long term seems to have been minimal.
The demonstration was due to the strike we had at my school a few weeks b4 our exams when teacher went on strike 4 not getting their pay checks. It really had a huge impact 4 the government was forcd to pay the teachers 4 them to get bk to work
Against Racism.
support women against raping. Yes because now authorities takes into consideration the problem about rape as criminal act to be banned
To call for cessation of hostility on civilian by a rebel armed group. To call on Uganda government to protect the civilian.
just a peaceful demonstration for insecurity in my area
managing HIV/AIDS program - sensitize youth out of school and in school in behavioural change and prevention of HIV/AIDS. - YES, reached 10,000 youth out of school and in school - established various youth corners in most Tertiary and secondary schools - formulated many MDD teams in schools
Yes it was peace rally while faction leaders massacred the students who are on the way to school and we direct to their houses and tell to stop what they are doing in the country.
1. Justice for the Environment 2. Human rights 3. Social and Economic justice 4. Justice for the people living with HIV and AIDS
The last demonstration that I have attended was in London in June 2010 to protest Israeli attacks on the Turkish Gaza-bound flotilla. I have also protested against rape and crime in South Africa, as well as for the injustices faced by the Palestinian people.
Advocacy for the provision of adequate facilities and utilities for the student on campus(March 2008 University of Agriculture Markurdi).I got involved because as a student living on campus I was affected by the issue, and as a senator representing ,my faculty I was in-charge of mobilizing and coordinating students from my department for the peaceful demonstration. The impact was huge as we boycott lectures and where all sent home for over two months, but when we returned there where visible changes, lights were fixed and we had constant tap water flowing 24hrs of every day. Though they were some long term projects going on but, almost 80% of our demands where met before I graduated.
Demonstration not allow in the national youth council status
Infrastructure demonstration it was solved after 3 year
















Q19 If 'Yes' what efforts, if any, have been put in place by the government and private sector to combat climate change in your country?
There are a lot of initiatives that are conducted by the government but people down in the communities are not aware because as not much participation from their side.
In my country, we only hear about policies been signed to law but we don't actually see it being implemented.
Well, I don't think that it is time for us to exert time & resources in an effort to tackle "climate change". because our (developing world taken all together; of course except china) contribute very insignificantly to that effect. it is the 'developed' world that has to pay the debt for the damages it caused on the planet. we are the ones who will suffer from the consequences but sooner or later they will also taste its bitterness in many forms (migration, terrorism, limited flow of investment trade....). So, all our attention & effort should be toward achieving development at any cost!!
Very minimal. and civil society, including private sector lags behind due to the lack of policies and political commitment to enforcement of existing laws.
I don't know. if there is, it's not conspicuous.
Promoting nature based enterprises to mitigate and adapt to climate change. This has been made possible by involving Civil society and community based organizations
The government have to designed good environmental policy and every sector developed culture of planting trees.
By enforcing laws that jails any one found cutting down trees. By introducing tree planting activities through the forest department. Re-cycling of waste materials By encouraging manufacturing companies to reduce emissions of dangerous gases and putting up laws that prosecute those who do not. By running a keep Zambia clean campaign.
I have organised series of training on the protection of the ozone layer and been involved in several tlaks and conferences to curb climate change actions.
Though controversial the reclaiming of grabbed forest land has been he notable effort made in this are, recently there has been talk of involvement in carbon trade.
One the country is reforesting desert areas on the other hand the country is putting a diplomatic pressure on the developed countries to use safe technologies
Government and private sectors has argued to control climate change and to protect the impact of these problems.
Renewal energy, sustainable development and food security is a top priority in both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, with monies being earmarked to support research and development in these areas.
Namibia has started to build institutional capacity for adaptation to climate variability and change, including setting up the Namibian Climate Change Committee in 2001. THE NATIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE PROGRAM Background The Constitution of Namibia requires the State to actively promote and adopt policies that maintain the ecosystems, ecological processes and biological diversity for the benefit of the present and future populations. The anticipated effects of climate change could have potentially negative impacts on the ability of the state to fulfil its constitutional obligations. The state through it various government agencies and departments and in full partnership with the non-governmental and private sectors have and will continue to develop and adopt pre-emptive, preventative and corrective actions and activities to address environmental and climate change issues and problems. Climate change is considered one of the most serious threats to Namibia’s environment, human health and well-being as well as its economic development. The arid environment, recurrent drought and desertification have contributed to make Namibia one of the most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change. Considering the natural resource based economy and limited technical and financial resources, climate change could potentially become one of the most significant and costly issues that affect the national development process in Namibia. The economy is very dependent on agricultural production and this is threatened by the negative impacts of climate change. Food security, health and other development goals could be turned up side down. The projected rise in sea levels due to global warming could submerge coastal islands and affect the entire marine industry and the coastal economy. Fishing and tourism are also vulnerable. Recently a cyclone in the Indian Ocean caused severe damage and economic losses in countries such as Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi and South Africa. This event has been indirectly linked to climate change effects and one could say these effects are getting closer to home. Namibia will need to prepare to deal with and adapt to the effects of climate change. In 1992, Namibia presented its Green Plan to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio. As a direct result of UNCED the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was established. The Convention became effective in March of 1994 following ratification by the required number of governments. Namibia acceded to the Convention in 1995 and this has placed a number of legal obligations on the country. Among them is the preparation and presentation to the Convention of the Initial National Communication or INC on the status of climate change as well as corrective actions to reduce the predicted effects of climate change on Namibia in particular and the world in general. The Initial National Communication (INC) As a Party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Namibia is obliged to prepare and present to the Convention an Initial National Communication on climate change within the country. The Convention is quite clear that climate change cannot and should not be left to the poor and developing nations. It therefore provides some level of financial resources to countries like Namibia to deal with climate change effects. During the INC preparation process two national workshops as well as informal consultations were held to give stakeholder a medium in which to review and make inputs into the INC. Representatives of the various stakeholder organizations and institutions actively participated in the preparation of this very important body of information. The available data and documentation on climate change and related matters were used in preparation of the INC which also included the first greenhouse gases (GHG) inventory for Namibia, an analysis of our vulnerability to the effects of climate change and recommendations on adaptation measures, capacity development, research, monitoring, public awareness and technology needs. The financial and technology needs required for adaptation and mitigation actions were identified in the INC and included a preliminary estimation of the financial resources required to implement the recommendations. The INC was completed in July 2002 and 500 copies were printed for public distribution. Both hard copes and an electronic version of the INC was deposited with the UNFCCC secretariat and oral presentation made at COP 8 in India in October 2002. The INC was also published on the DEA/MET website www.dea.met.gov.na and the UNFCCC website United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Other Actions To Date The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has been designated lead ministry in the co-ordination of climate change activities in Namibia. To date actions implemented under the national climate change program include the establishment of the Namibia Climate Change Committee (NCCC) in 2001. The NCCC is a multi-stakeholder committee to advise government on the policies and strategies it needs to adopt in preparing the country for the predicted and in some cases actual effects of climate change. Currently the committee consists of representatives from the government, NGOs and parastatals such as NamWater and NamPower, private sector representatives and tertiary academic institutions such as the University of Namibia and the Polytechnic of Namibia. Another notable output of the climate change program was the completion of a country study on climate change in Namibia in 1998. This study included an overview of the vulnerability of Namibia to climate change, an assessment of the source and sinks of green house gases in Namibia and a preliminary overview of the emissions scenarios and the corrective choices which the country faces. This information was used as the foundation upon which the Initial National Communication was built. Efforts are currently underway to develop national capacity to manage and implement our climate change program. A number of persons from the government and University of Namibia visited Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa to familiarise themselves with some of the processes involved climate change. Individuals within the various ministries are being prepared to participate in the program. Work on preparation of the public awareness products (a booklet and a poster) was completed during the first half of 2003. Nationwide distribution to schools, educational institutions, government offices, private sector agencies, public libraries etc., will be conducted following a public launch of these products. Namibia participated in and made significant contributions to the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Climate Change Convention as well as the meetings of the Subsidiary Bodies of the Convention. Role Of Ministry Of Environment And Tourism The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and its Directorate of Environmental Affairs (DEA) have primary responsibility for coordination of implementation of the national program. This includes the preparation of the Initial National Communication. Support has been received from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Namibia to prepare the Initial National Communication and we are grateful for such support from our partner in development. The Namibia Climate Change Committee has assisted the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in carrying out this function. The Committee guided the production of the Initial National Communication and co-ordinated the climate change and Greenhouse Gas Inventory activities. The NCCC will continue to provide advice to the government on a future policy for climate change as well as the financial resources and capacity requirements that will be needed to implement a national climate change programme. Action has commenced to secure resources through the Convention mechanisms to establish a secretariat to provide support to the Ministry in the co-ordination of the climate change program in Namibia. Emphasis On Vulnerability And Adaptation Namibia is considered a minor producer of greenhouse gases but nevertheless will be affected by these gases with respect to climate in the future. Namibia has therefore, in its national interest, decided to place more emphasis on its vulnerability to the effects of climate change and the adaptation actions that it needs to take to prevent and/or reduce such effects. The 1998 Climate Change Country Study identified seven areas or sectors where Namibia is most vulnerable to climate change. These include water resources, marine resources, agriculture, biodiversity ecosystems, coastal zones and systems, health and energy. The Initial National Communication was able to further define the degrees of vulnerability of each of these sectors or areas. It further identified the level of resources required to pre-empt or adapt to potential negative effects. The information thus generated will be used to prepare strategies and action plans that can be easily fitted into the national development planning processes such as NDP 2 and Vision 2030. Namibia And The United Nations Framework Convention (UNFC) On Climate Change Namibia as a country is now beginning to take its rightful place in the international climate change arena under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Namibia has ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 1993. Under the Protocol, industrialised countries will be required to reduce their green house gas emission by an average of five percent by 2012 compared to 1990 levels. Namibia and Africa as a group are part of the G77. Along with China, the G77 have developed a common negotiating position within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This position included the following elements: 1. Developing countries should not be burdened with binding emission reduction targets that would negatively affect their economic and social progress and resulting in the institutionalisation of the current global inequality. 2. The adaptation to anticipated climate change effects by the most vulnerable countries such as Namibia, as well as the technology transfer and financial resources required for such adaptation are priority issues for the Convention. They are not dependent on nor should they be linked to the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. 3. Climate change adaptation funding should cover projects for forest conservation, rehabilitation of degraded land and combating desertification. Namibia has also decided that emphasis should be placed on building synergies between Climate Change Convention and other conventions such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD). Namibia is a party to these conventions. Through our programs, project proposals and our negotiating capacity, we will position ourselves to take advantage of and access the financial and other resources that are available to assist with our national development. Future Planned Actions The National Climate Change Program should be integrated into the national planning and development processes of government. Policy options to be examined and developed. A national climate change office to be established to coordinate the program on behalf of the government. A national strategy and action plan for climate change to be developed and become the basis for implementation of the program. Program Contacts For further information on climate change in Namibia, the National Climate Change Program can be contacted as follows: * Teofilus Nghitila: Chairman of the NCCC and Director Directorate of Environmental Affairs Ministry of Environment and Tourism Private Bag 13306, Windhoek, Namibia Email: Nghitila@dea.met.gov.na Tel: +264-61-249015, Fax: +264-61-240339 * Joseph McGann: Climate Change Program Coordinator Directorate of Environmental Affairs Ministry of Environment and Tourism Private Bag 13306, Windhoek, Namibia Email: joemcg@dea.met.gov.na Tel: +264-61-249015, Fax: +264-61-240339
A lot is not being done by Government or private sector but the youth are making a lot of attempts to educate the Nation and come up with ways to combat the effects of climate in our Nation. I have with my group organised educational seminars on climate change.
Climate change was probably the most actively taught in our Nation last year. It was on TV, on the radio, part of competition and quizzes, Learner had assignments on the topic. We learned a lot, and some of the changes that were strengthen is the use of solar panels. The municipalities also gave out free E-saving bulbs. However we were still hit with floods this rainy season. According to my observation the worst I have seen. Many roads and buildings were destroyed. The use of wood for building homes doesn't help either, trees are being chopped to mend old homes. There has been a substantial decrease in these types of homes.
The efforts made bye the government is that over 6 000 000 trees were planted.
South Africa’s Department of Water and Environmental Affairs has recognised that climate change is a major threat to economic growth, sustainable development and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. South Africa’s national climate change response policy is set to be developed by the end of 2010, and the related fiscal, legislative and regulatory package is expected to be implemented by 2012.
My government has established environmental commission Establishment of environmental policy Private organization works on prevention of climatic changes
The industrial organisation are being encouraged to follow good environmental practices.
Haven't taken time to find out, but I know there are some rules and regulation governing the forest and emission of carbon to the atmosphere
Much has nor been seen from Government. Most youth led initiatives have also not received much support from Government.
Non- governmental organizations and the government and its responsible agency and other like minded groups have advocated on the improper cultivation of trees and the pollution of air in my country.
Not really that's why we're still experiencing drought, natural hazards etc yet there would be policies on deforestation and to promote afforestation. But they end up investing in DAMs
LAGOS STATE just had a summit on CLIMATE CHANGE
Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. It may be a change in the average weather conditions or a change in the distribution of weather events with respect to an average, for example, greater or fewer extreme weather events. Climate change may be limited to a specific region, or may occur across the whole Earth. LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT
Yes but not as such practical.
A National Climate Change Response Strategy has been developed Currently both the private and the public sector deeply engaged in the carbon markets (credits) ie REDD and REDD+
Afforestation projects underway training the community in coping strategies with effects of climate change more taxation to expensive high lifestyle building of dykes to control floods promoting traditional crops which are resistant to drought
Am not entirely certain about what the government has done and is doing but I do know that the private sector is trying to create awareness to people about climate change within the country.
Adapt to climate change by implementing National Adaptation Plan and involved youth in IECs programs
A national blue print has been development by the government and its partners
First, the government allows NGO to work in this way. The Government participate and ratify the treaty and protocol based on climate change. The private sector is doing many things in this domain like, advocacy, awareness-raising action, implementation project based on climate change, mitigation, adaptation, environment protection. We have a National Program on Adaptation
The government is forbidding its people not to cut down trees without growing others, some engineers in geology and volcanology are involved in case to secure the environment
The effort of promoting solar use as a source of energy and encouraging the community to grow more trees and cut less provision of environmental safe education.
they organize a climate change summit to their sons and their daughters.
The Government through the Ministry of Environment has been important progress in the fight against climate change in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Ministry through its Sustainable Development Department provides the implementation and monitoring activities, recommendations and resolutions of the World Commission on Sustainable Development and the Conference of Parties to the Conventions on Biodiversity, Climate Change and Desertification. Also, the Government with its partners the conventional UNDP have established two major areas of intervention of the environmental governance and the fight against Climate Change, also with two components that target the establishment of a national participatory design and implement projects that climate change mitigation initiatives Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)] and Adaptation Project (s' Pressing the document National Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change - NAPA). The private side, the civil society with NGOs working in advocacy on issues related to climate change by proposing alternatives to people living in forests, vivnts populations in agricultural areas, also in the piloting of projects and reforestation reductions of greenhouse gas effects.
Create policies for protect environment, planting trees, training youth to protect environment
i know the government is keen on it. I see trees being planted every year. I see also awareness raising proramms being done to all the society I think it is on the right track for this issue but need more to do to make a better place for generation
Its still on going. There is still not elaborate mechanics in place
Nothing has been done by our government and the private sectors
Sensitization of the community majorly by NGOs
Reduction in deforestation and use of alternative fuel sources, recycling and reduce green gas emissions in industry. However the main challenge is enforcement of these policies as corruption raises its ugly head in such instances
Tree Planting, protection of forests efforts by fencing
They have done mass sensitization to the community through radio, TV shows etc
Enviroment conservation and protection promotion of re afforestaion and afforestation
We have a national climate change committee including civil society coalition on climate change in place perusing various programmes to address issue on climate change. i have been fortunate to be part of most of the consultations organized.
Various studies concerning mean sea level rise
The country has made deliberate efforts to solve the problems of Gas flaring.
None that I know of
A lot has been done by both Government and its partners, including civil society to combat climate change even though we are a long way from achieving our target but we will not relent.
Awareness to the community in the government and private sectors have been emphasizing on climate change and its impacts at large .
There are carbon taxes but am not sure how effective this is.
Encouraging planting of trees preservation of wetlands to maintain but a few
Gov, and non governmental organization should make awareness for the population about the impact of climate change than again give them awareness about how to control and and keep their climate safe
Nothing yet. Despite the drought that we have experienced within the current rainy season and earth quake that struck northern part of Malawi, govt is not coming up with measures to deal with that
Emphasizing the use of green energy. Use of more fuel efficient cars. Engaging in the conservation of the environment and non renewable resources.
I know of some form of sensitization by the ministry of environment science and technology...
Youth /communities have been encouraged to increase forest cover by planting trees.
Lagos state has been trying
We have a number of environment protection campaigns and forums developed. But their if seem to be minimal or poor due to extremely poverty hence poor farming methods, deforestation for charcoal and poor disposal systems
As of now the Cameroonian government has encourage the policy of "one man, One tree". Also the parliament for climate change in Africa was recently hosted by Cameroon and Honourable Awoudou was the Cameroonian representative. A lot on campaigns is been done, but not much seen in the field.
elaboration of PANA
The government is doing everything within it's reach to educate people about the danger attached to this climate change and also the private sector
Via «RADIO HINDURA CLUB" which means "CHANGE" this project is led by Coordinator of NAYD to measure the result of the radio MUSIC & DRAMA on Burundi artists and farmers' capacity to adapt to and lessen the impact of climate change.
By government little efforts has been put in place to combat the effects of climate change. With the private sector, many organisations and associations have been sensitising and carrying out workshops to educate Cameroonians on the effects of climate change.
Basically there are have been campaigns of awareness aimed at limiting carbon emission. Support youth organisations in instituting programmes that encourage environmental preservation such as waste reduction, recycling and tree planting programmes.
Awareness sessions about climate change, and recycling projects
I participated in some conferences about climate change with students unions and youth for environment organizations.
Not being an industrialized country, we do not have much to do to prevent the emission of greenhouse gas emissions. but the government and the civil society organizations, plant each year thousands of plants to prevent desertification, which is also one of the causes of climate change in our country
There should be an integrated effort to minimize the effect of CC, even if we can not totally stop the negative effect. Build up on the indigenous knowledge of peoples/farmers increase awareness of community towards the problem promote Community owned forests
There is attempt to plant trees but no further efforts done
The government and the private sector especially the oil and gas industry are paying lip service to the issue of combating climate change in my country. For example, the issue of gas flaring has continued to linger. They keep changing the date to outlaw gas flaring.
The emphasizes stoppage of tree felling
Actually the idea of cutting down of trees and awareness raising activities
Using green energy and conservation of renewable energy sources and environmental resources.
Climate- induced changes to physical and biological systems are already being felt and exerting considerable stress on the country’s vulnerable sectors including agriculture and food security, wildlife, forestry, water, energy and human health. This has significantly affected the economic, social and environmental dimensions of national development The ministry has established a specialised unit, the climate change facilitation unit to spearhead work on climate change in the country. One of the major mandates of the unit is to put in place a national response strategy to climate change.
In my country the government and the private sector in collaboration with the community are playing a significant role in combating the climate change problems through plantation programs.
Currently there is huge campaign by the government to mobilize local communities in to afforestation of endangered areas. The government and the private sector are more serious this time than they ever be before about conducting an environmental impact assessment prior to any development project. Last but not least, PM Melese Zenawi's role in representing Environmental negotiation by African states also can be an indicator of the governments commitment on Climate change.
So far I haven't really seen any apart from the fact that they just mention it once a while. Public awareness is rather dull.
Climate change in Côte d'Ivoire is real and its effects are already feel. However, it remains a question which isn't a priority for the politics, the accent being put on the health and of education question. Some activities of sensitizing and assistance in rural environment were undertaken by governmental structures. But since the social and political crisis in the country, all these programs are suspended. The civil society organisations took the relay (the case of our NGO JVE) and make regular lobbing in order to ask to the politics to consider this question. Activities of information, formation and assistance are initiated to help local populations. These activities profit some times from institutional supports of governmental structures.
Nothing. its still a growing discussion in our country. although sometimes the ministry of environment and media houses publicize the importance of planting trees but no notable effort is observed by the populace asides that an average citizen knows nothing about climate change except the enlightened few
I am aware that there has been a high increase in parks in my city and planting of trees. heard it will aid fresh air and good climate condition.
Through civil society sector, especially environment associations, some activities and politics are done.
That is when there is a gradual changes in the environment leading to issues and problems
The civil society is getting more and more involved Educating the people about conserving the environment
Not well aware of the on going efforts if any.
There is national focal point.
My government don't make much effort.
After hearing the negative effects of fuel, and establishment of biodiesel plant in Rwanda by IRST, I have contributed on the multiplication and culture of Jatropha curcas, which will be exploited in biodiesel production.
1) Planting of trees around my office 2)
Illegal logging is severely punished compared to the years passed. More innovation on how best to use energy especially charcoal and increased sensitization.
plan sierra Leone is about to conduct a survey to identify disaster prone areas as part of the Views From the Front Line programme and will have to make a presentation in Geneva in May this year. Apart form that the government under the Office of National Security (ONS) has been doing lots of work in sensitizing people to stay off disaster prone areas and have trained community members on how to respond to disaster especially fire and the coastal guards have been equipped in terms of water disaster as well.
We are planting more trees to offset the emissions and use them for carbon trading. We are also empowering the young people to sustainable living. we have advocacy like the AYFCC that also work with us in a number of initiatives to combat climate change.
This one will first have a research of how many people cuts trees for charcoal and find ways to do with them. Find good, cheap and simple methods of fetching fire except using firewood
Public Awareness
Our Government have the Environmental Protection Agency charged with responsible to develop policy and programs to address the issues arising from climate disorder.
I think none visible to me so far but this is what I think could be done: Education about it is the first thing, then minimisation of the effects such as disaster management plans the second and thirdly continuous and systemic education.
Hardly any from the government or the private sector. But with the growing concern, we saw action taken to put an end to the use of polythene bags which were indeed a nightmare in my country, Uganda. there was a plant-a-tree movement some years back but I'm not sure how far that went I think climate change has taken a back seat in Uganda perhaps the private sector is more serious about it. but from what I've read, its mainly about awareness so far. very little on the practical side
Re- plantation mangroves Trees.
Our government try to show the problem of climate change in our life and in different places plantation is done by private sector also
By organizing the environment project by taking care of the environment.
Still to be determined
Tree planting Sensitization and enlightenment programme on print and electronic media
As far I am concern, the government has try to established the Sierra Leone Environmental protection Agency which looks after issues relation to climate change apart of other non state actors' agencies such as Climate change Sierra Leone etc.
Encouraging the community to avoid cutting down trees, And facilitation of Tree planting week annually.
I know the government specially the prime Minister is working on the issue by leading the developing world. But the awareness is very much low by all actors in the issue.
Sensitize communities to plant more trees. Stop cutting down of tree carelessly create more fire brakes Use of energy saving stones to avoid much use of charcoal Ban the selling of charcoal
The Moroccan government is investing for a sustainable environment, especially in the agricultural area.
The gov't & all the societies are planting trees especially the youth.
Launch national climate change adaptation strategies Implementing pilot mitigation and adaptation projects Mass awareness raising Take part in global negotiations for cutting of greenhouse gases emission and funding mitigation and adaptation mechanisms
We have planted many trees and the Government has spoken loudly against veldt fires and dumping of toxic waste in dams and rivers as they impact negatively on aquatic life.
Currently trying to train g youth and community based in climate change capacity so that they can tackle action and support government efforts to combat climate change. we mobilise young people and their communities to try something new in supporting the action on climate change
* There is an initiation like giving awareness on planting and not to abuse plants but it needs to hard work.
In that question your government had put more effort because there is sensitisation nationwide to show the population that if we are not take care our environment there is a very dangerous consequence
Very little is being made in this regard as there is deficient afforestation relative to deforestation and carbon emissions. More and more over-aged vehicles and equipments find their way into our country and these are causing real damages as there are no eco-friendly initiatives to mitigate that.
Environment conservation has always been a program promoted by the government, and the active participation of the youth in such projects has made them a huge success.
Conservation of wetlands campaign against deforestation
Adopted EU legislation, but it is not implemented
There has been a promotion of agriculture and the planting of trees in parts of the country
Sensitization campaigns ,seminar and workshops on climate change, practical activities to combat climate change such as the Operation Green Sahel in the Northern regions.
Afforestation programmes in the communities. Awareness creation of pollution and the impact to the environment.
The Government is currently focusing on the NAPA (National Adaptation Plan of Action) in partnership with private stakeholders.
My institution has play a pivotal role in bringing to the attention of government and other stakeholders about the mitigation and adaptation plan in combating climate change in Sierra Leone
Usual businesses via rural development workers planting tree seedlings.
The government is trying to give emphasis on environment protection works, likes SWC, planting trees, etc.
This is where the problem is, Govt put policies eg 2030 of which the involved people will never get there. So these policies always fail. A 2020 policy must be decided by 10year old so that they will grow with it. Our policies are not meant for the youth, they are done by old people and that's why Poverty unemployment will never drop. Youth know what they want, they have the solutions, Govts must just support and empower them
Afforestation awareness commitment including policy
Planting trees, reducing cutting down of trees efforts.
First of all I will start with my Organisation Global Unification-The Gambia, We have been involving in climate change activities for the pass years with the help of government institution like National Environment Agency(NEA), Ministry of Forestry, Environment and Wild life and National disaster management Agency e.t.c. I been part of the disaster committee the state give us the support to radio talks and public awareness of climate change and disaster related issues.
For now only little public campaigns and conferences
Various legislation has been passed (including carbon taxes) and it is on the agenda of all political parties. Doesn't mean much will be done, though.
Some efforts have been put in place by the government and private sector to combat climate change, for example, government has launched a programme that aims to reclaim forest land from people who had grabbed land in public forests and also to replant trees in this forests and in other areas. This imitative is strongly supported by the private sector with many corporates taking part in the initiative.
Implementation of climate change activities.
At least consciences is there & small steps have been taken like awareness etc to tackle...
Being one of the greatest challenges facing our world today and the effect experience by our local communities I am promoting and encouraging agro forestry, sensitizing common initiative groups on climate change effects and the methodology to combat it. I work with kids and children to encourage them plant a tree each to mitigate climate change. The government is putting measures in place to discourage desertification and gas emission and trained the population on forest management that acts like gas sequestration. The private sector lobby for projects to combat climate change by planting trees, encouraging reforestation and regenerating forest to fight against climate change. Workshops, seminars and conferences are organize on the effects of degradation and desertification on the environment and the economy of the community. Women groups are encourage to use the traditional farming methods of agroforestry by planting tree in their farms. This will cover the surface soil, retain water, reduce the rate of evaporation, increase soil fertility and the same time playing a vital role of a carbon sink.
The government is not doing much to combat climate change while the private sectors are spear heading the fight against climate change eg by overcoming waste disposal, saving energy, not cutting down tree, by charging vehicles and industries carbon tax etc
We have on tree planting, awareness raising through radio program, attended UNFCCC conferences of parties at lobby policy at the high level. Organised local workshops on youth and community engagement on climate change issues in the country. Established Eco clubs in school etc
the government is talking about this campaign but with less impact since the swamps are exploited. However as an individual I have developed a number concept on protecting the environment among which is the Environmental Youth Brigade.
To the best of my Knowledge no effort.
I have initiated several projects to combat climate change in Africa working with First Ladies under the First Ladies Action on Climate Change (FLACC), Mayors under the African Mayors Action on Climate Change (AMACC), Climate Education under the Pan African Climate Education (PACE) Centre, Climate Education and Awareness Raising (CLEAR) Programme for Africa schools and Women Environment and Climate Action Network (WECAN), promoting grassroots women training in adaptation and mitigation technologies of climate change.
Reduction of emission of gas excess, firms in their plan implantation, must show how they will preserve environment.
Clear policies and laws towards environmental conservation, laws which are prohibiting or reducing the extreme production of toxic gases.
Engaging youth in tree planting
Planting more trees
Well, I belong to some climate change network and we have done some work on tree planting, Youth seminar e.t.c.
a lot has been done by the present administrator on climate change. state governors, like Lagos state, River state, Anambra state, Cross river state, and so many have done wonderfully well in the awareness of climate change in Nigeria.
Measures have been put in place to protect the environment promoting planting trees Banning of things that can pollute the environment .i.e leaded petrol, certain types of products i.e fridges and other chemical substances
Encouraging every family to at-least plant 5 trees in their compound - if one is to benefit from the community -household program one should have planted trees in his/her in the last 12 months - not to encroach wetlands - encouraged masses to use energy
As you were aware of Somalia, suffered many problem since the collapse of the country so there is no way to chance because there are ongoing war of the country although some private sectors and also government discussed that issue but not strong.
1. The government has been making announcements through national radio on such creating more confusion for the people 2. The private sector has held capacity building workshops on such
There are different committee set up by the government through the ministry of Environment, Climate change unit and also the NGO's
Our government is encouraging greener solutions, and is looking into building various sorts of infrastructure to reduce climate change. Private sectors have begun adopting greener solutions too, especially with regards to their buildings. The COP17 Summit will be held in my country, and the climate change agenda is relatively prevalent in South Africa currently.
Much has not been done by the Government and the private sector as no stringent law has been formulated or properly implemented for the control of excess flaring of gas in the Niger Delta and the private sectors(oil companies and big manufacturing companies) are not making effort to convict this energy into usable products, thus polluting the environment and reducing the life expectancy of people living in the area, but some of the local NGOs are making tremendous effort with the help of other international Ngos in combating climate change. The people are not well sensitized and most people don't know what climate change is about. Government should put effort in public enlightenment and also empower all the establish government agencies on environment to enable do their job effectively.
Tree plantations have taken place specially in thye past two years -climate change negotiations are made
By planting more trees (to combat climate degredation) - THE president has introduced a long term Tree planting season which last THE whole year

















Q21. If 'No' what factors prevent a good education?
Even though we have managed to make considerable achievements in that respect, there still are obstacles to pass. among these lack of the needed financial resources is one. second, the inability of officials to execute the policy effectively& efficiently.
Yes, access, but not quality. And retention rates are still a major challenge for girls, and more so boys.
Corruption and bad Governance.
Lack of materials and practical schools
Accessibility of elementary schools awareness level of the community and others
Educational materials school building system policies the impact of foreign language teaching methods negative attitude towards disability
Financial factors are the biggest barriers in America. In Saudi Arabia, all Saudi Citizens are entitled to free post-secondary education.
Lack of infrastructure and political goodwill
While South Africa has made great strides in providing access to education, universal access has not yet been achieved and providing access to education for all will be extremely difficult. South Africa is faced with the challenge of providing education for the last 10% to 20% of children who have been excluded from school and for whom providing education is costly as this group comprises ‘a high proportion of children from very “marginal” groups’ (Williams, 1983, p.161). In addition to this South Africa is also faced with the problem that its capacity to sustain and improve on the current levels of access is threatened by the HIV/AIDS epidemic
Lack of money to finance education lack of educational culture, residents who do not care too much about the future of their children.
Liberia is a serious exception to basic education simply because of the lack of text books, train teachers, equip laboratory, spacious facilities for learning purposes.
But very poor and almost useless to children from the poor households because its a matter of passing to next classes than learning. That's why I came up with a private Orphanage School to save the HIV OVCs.
But basic school infrastructure and teachers still hinder free primary education program
Bad governance
Education in rural areas in different from urban arrears. lack of food makes it difficult for a child to concentrate at school
Customs and traditions, Poverty, insufficient available learning infrastructures
Poverty, lack of good teachers, political unrest preventing schools operating.
Peace and security lack of good governance unable to practice and participate policy and programs chronic poverty
In accessible educational institutions poor governance marred by corruption, schools that are created but never see the light of day etc
No, it has before the collapse of the Military government, but after the regime there is a many curriculums of different cultures that is not fit in our community. There is no a good education for the sake of unfinished fighting in Somalia.
1.there are supposed centres for universal basic education but most of these structures do not meet up to the standard for qualitative educational qualification/training. some of these structures lack basic teaching infrastructures other times the staffing is poor. substandard teachers are brought in to teach the student. teachers that lack the necessary qualifications 2. corruption- most times, when money is given to set upon these schools, the money is pocketed by a greedy few and nothing is done. and at the university level, admission is no longer by merit most times but by who can pay the price. leaving the less privileged out of the game.
There is a policy in Nigeria, its called the Universal Basic education Act. It has been passed in all the states but the reality is that there is no universal access. Children are asked to pay for levy, school uniforms, books and so own. These hinders a lot of children from going to school. Some are so poor they don't even have food to eat before going to school, for others schools is about 2hrs trekking. We can't say education is accessible in these situations.
Although there is a Universal primary Education programme in Uganda very many children have failed because of absolute poverty they have no food to eat so they won't have enough energy to study
It is not NO per say, because there has been some effort in that direction but much more is needed for us to say we have universal access to basic education. the problem of decentralization and devolution of powers has been a problem basic education. quite recently I was involved in a snap shot assessment to know the rate of school drop-out as a result of teenage pregnancy in selected Rural communities in Freetown. lack of proper monitoring of school programmes by the education ministry.
Factors that prevent good education are poverty and Orphan hood.
Lack of Commitment.
Geographical dispersion of rural area, underskilled educators for the type of challenges in these areas, diseased and disabled pupils in these areas are likely not to be able to attend remote schools. Some work is done but more focus is needed.
Like of curriculums and base education programme.
There is still thousand of children who do not have access to universal education due to lack of adequate and safe Infrastructures, lack of school material/support, lack of healthy environment in schools
It is wonderfully being achieved. May be before 2015.
None conducive environment, poor facilities and child labour.
finance and good educational policies
May factors prevent good education, such as 1) poor quality provided by the public sector schools 2)very expensive good quality education 3) many parents think that child-labour is their basic right, so children work instead of going to schools.
The quality of the education system still needs more improvement.
Injustice, lack of vision and dream
Education is expensive Government not providing good education in terms of grants for students Low salaries paid to parents
Poverty and bad leadership
poor teaching resources
1.Poverty 2. Lack/poor educational infrastructures 3.Poor teachers salary 4.Owing teachers salary for months resulting to lack of commitment by teachers
Poor leadership skills and the lack of passion to teach
The people are too poor that they cannot afford the basics of education
Accessibility of education especially to the rural masses
The universal basic Education is not been implemented in all the states of the country, just a few state, Even in the northern part of the country where is fully implemented most parents don't allow their children to go to school(especially the girl child)as most parent believes it brings about westernization and pulls away their children from their religion.
Capacity of constructing such institution and attention from government is low
















Q24. If you are self-employed how easy was it to start up? Did you get government support?
It is not easy at all lot of things are require from a person but there is no much empowerment. yes i did get goverment support we running a youth development organisation that is funded by the department of social service. what has helped us was at least i had understanding of things because im educated at least i have tertiary education but what about those who wish to do things but never had the opportunity that i had of being educated to the extend that i have that makes things even more difficult.
Am relying on my professional skills and working as a consultant. Absolutely no government support.
After working for sometime in the civil society i decided to go into private consultancy by setting up an organization to offer trainings to upcoming youth groups who could not afford to pay consultancy fees charged by established organisations. There was no Government support but only used own savings to start up.
Yes i got government support, and its easy to open private businesses with small budgets in my country
Its been very difficult and i did'nt get any government support
I did not get government support but it was easy since i had the funds to start on my won.
I'm the founder of the organisation that I work for and registration process is difficult in the coutry but with patient and hard work I managed to build a functional organisation.
No, it was not very easy and still not very easy
I believe in supporting the needy and i started with my fellow young Orphans and no support i get from the government at all, And you can't imagine i started to support only 18 Orphans in 2006 with free education and currently supporting over 250 OVCs with free quality basic education and life sustaining skills training that can't be found in any government school.
Am not self-employed but am aware that there is government support towards youth entrepreneurship.
It is not easy and I did not get support from the government
You can't get government support if u are not connected to them been part of a political party
It's not easy starting a business at home, when given the economic situation unfavourable. No, I do not support the government.
No I did not get government funds it was through credit Financing
Societal factors might be discouraging but with the right attitude it is easier, I don't know of any government support
No i did not get govnt support it was through self help initiative
It wasn't easy
I consider myself as being self employed in that I am skilled and also heads a youth-led Peace-building initiative through which I try to help mould / transform the minds of young people into becoming change-makers and successful leaders in society. I am a singer, an accomplished vocalist and uses both the Music & Video media as a powerful to transform the lives of young people at different levels. Initially I started by volunteering for no specific wage but was able to survive and in the process learn a lot of skills and was motivated in the process. Young people needs to understand that everyone of us do have equal responsibility and we must stop blaming people rather put more efforts into positive actions.
It is difficult to become self-employed and there is no government support.
First you have to get initial capital to be self employed no government has made efforts to support youth or reduce unemployment
Our major problem is fiscality. The taxes in Cameroon with high level of bribery and corruption does not encourage a good business environment.
I am a student. It is very difficult for youth to obtain job in Burundi. It is also very difficult to start a business because of lack of START UP FUND.
To get a job in Africa ( Countries or Organizations), you have to get a relations in this place or your approach person, you never can get a job with your experience or your capacity in Africa.
No I have never get the government support and I work with a local organization as I was volunteer employer in order to be a human rights activist, and I had became lastly ,,,
No, not really - the government take steps to facilitate business creation by multiplying one-stop shops, but there is no concrete guidance, gives citizens as actual funds or the exemption of fees and taxes are very heavy to support for young entrepreneurs to start.
I work for youth imitative organization and we started by our effort, but there is government support
it is very hard in fact I am struggling giving up is always an option everyday but I push on
no , we supported via a youth environment program.
It is possible but not easy. There is three years I am this domain but in till now I haven't gotten the government support
I am presently a volunteer and have been for the past five years. it is really hard for someone to get a job in this country, even university graduates are finding it tough not to talk about non graduate. the issue of getting support from government to start your own business is out of play here because I do not see it coming.
It was not very easy. I had to raise capital from my relatives. The government fund allocation for youth is minimal and most of the time it is stolen by the government officers.
It is, not easy to start up a self-employed business this is because you need to start from zero to something which is very hard. No support from Government.
Self - employment is the best option but no help from Government and this is the difficult thing however, Govt has started a process to tackle it. She has brought in more banks and companies and maybe if policies are place to help people to start their own project/business on credit or loan, it will curb some many problems.
Through vocational training programme.
Not anything close to it.
Very difficult. No support ever.
Regarding self employment I think it is not a problem in Ethiopia. The government provides a support. The problem is provision of business development service and other trainings.
It was not easy but I had to fight hard so that I should set an example to others and I didn't get any government support
It was such an uphill task considering my very humble upbringing where I grew up on a white-man owned farm where my father worked as an ordinary tractor driver and mechanic earning a minimum wage which could not sustain all our needs. I did not get Government support but I may say I indirectly benefited a lot through the education for all programme which was spearheaded by President Mugabe which equipped me with the basic education and my open ear to the wise teaching of my Honourable President RG. Mugabe. I used to listen very attentively when ever he delivered speeches and I moulded myself bit by bit to earn myself a descent living. A single positive word is enough to fine-tune a wise man.
No I did not get government support instead I just try something on making my self busy making recycled cards, necklaces and bracelets just to earn a living though is not really good one
It s very difficult to get a government support I only get a family support
No and the availability of meagre government support is largely of political affiliations.
I am a pioneer member of a CIG along with other youths of my like passion. we are still trying to get a stand but so far we've got no help from our government
I think some help is extended by the government, but I don't think I will get every support I requested from government.
Not easy at all. Its like a death sentence
Microfinance enterprise Capacity building
If you support certain political parties which are the power base of Government.
Because of the faith based organization
It was not easy to get started and no government support
No Government support up to now but through innovative ideas we started and we I have a good story to tell in fact if you want to know about my company visit www.consultinfoservces.com
It is very difficult in Ghana and most African countries and the AU has do to a lot of work in this.
It was not easy and I only succeeded with support from community.
A self employed man in Nigeria depend solely on his self. no government support, rather the government takes from you. it is a very big change challenge to be self employed even when you have a lot to offer.
I have been working for network who called SOYDEN and now I am working my organization who called BANDEV and we all are volunteer and some time we get project from donor and we did not get the government support
Never, No government support at any level
No government support
















Q26. If 'No' what do you think should be done to make it easier?
What should be done is that the government should have a strong internet service in the country.
If it may be provided to me in form of technology I will be fine.
reduction of the tariff on the import of computers from oversees & the enhancement of the telecommunications service.
In general it is easy if you have the money.
Government intervention.
I can't afford and I have no computer so the cost of pc has to be lowered
My YES answer is because am in the urban area, however in the rural areas internet is not easy to come by. However for the youth with ability to own a mobile phone most can access through them.
at least there should be an internet access with low cost in various internet cafes though I am a government employee I have no internet access so government should try to make it accessible in offices
government needs to launch public internet centres to use and include all people who are living in low economic status.
Use of mobile devices, more wifi spots and high speed internet access
but too much power cut
To establish internet shop in my town to befit other community residents or to get funds and buy a modem and pay for the subscription.
but most of the young people are not access to internet
reduction of cost of connection having rural electrification in the area having more training in computer literacy course
I The main thing to be done to make it easier is to make Internet cheaper
I think it would be better if government expands public libraries to every district in a town, so that everybody will access internet for low/ free cost.
One of best solution is to spread down a member of centres containing the internet, and people in charge of turning and distributing connection should also be aware of some connections
you can only have access to internet if you have money to buy laptop and connection or you go to cyber cafe to for #200 per hour
Internet is currently well connected even to most rural areas but the cost is still prohibitive
Universal access, bridging the digital divide
Fast track fibre optic cabling to bring internet cot down
Internet facilities are not free in my country but it is accessible and affordable. There are a lot of internet cafes in my country with personal modem provisions for persons wishing to use or can afford a PC.
The internet should be distributed and made strong
reducing the cost and especially the availability of computers that remain as tools deluxe
It is easy for me to get an internet
Promote ICT centres in every area, make functional those youth centres decrease internet prices for youth
The government or private sectors should provide internet access at low cost and make it easily available.
To create government self internet services and to reduce the tariff on private sector
The cost of the internet should be minimized.
Generally, the overall service need to be improved. But in order to make internet accessible to less privileged urban youth, public institutions need to provide or avail a free internet service at least for the youth in the neighbourhood.
Still internet is a matter of luxury in my country and we are very far from accessing them as the services are very poor in quality and also limited to certain areas.
To make Internet services cheap and easily accessible
You should help us with computers and connect to internet lines at our offices
Invest in Technology.
National CABLE line.
Minimize the cost of internet and like a public library build public internet service areas
It is very difficult due to high expenses and lack of Technology materials/equipment
If the can be provision of internet services in the Youth centres for easy access.
Wireless internet connectivity and home-based broadband services should be developed across the country as internet access diminishes the more one moves away from the bigger city centres.
Provision of wireless internet every where
Make it affordable to the common man
Network providers should cut down on their prices
Policies should be put in place
Free Internet Youth centres
Reduction on the fee paid for it
Internet facilities are very difficult to get and very expensive for an ordinary youth.
Reduce the cost of getting internet modern and monthly access charge to affordable rate, installation of internet at schools and public libraries and places.
But mostly in Urban areas.
Because I am studying abroad, inside Burundi Internet is luxury reserved to main city
Affordable subscription charges
If I get a supporting and access to the internet
Infrastructure problem


















Q27. What can be done to alleviate poverty in your country?
Botswana I think people should be educated more self employment options because this would help Batswana to create jobs for themselves and other. People should be encouraged to use agriculture as a form of employments, people should own farms even if they as small just so to feed the family. The country needs to industrialize to create employment and diversify its economy.
Burkina Faso We must necessairily support and encourage young people to self-employment. To do this, we must create specialized funds to fund youth projects and exempt them from taxes for at least the first two years
Burundi 1) Create youth Employment, 2) Set up Youth GRANT Fund, 3) Youth Microfinance, credits or Micro-loans for Education, microloans for Housing, Microloans for Business start-up...
Burundi To help youth in politics of eradication of unemployed big problems.
Burundi Fight corruption and implementation of policies in other to attract capital inflow ( reduction of procedures and guarantee safety conditions to investors)
Cameroon The MDG's( millennium development goals) should be implemented and also the GESP(growth and employment strategy paper) should also be implemented.
Cameroon Provision of micro finance credit schemes to youths, creating jobs not only hoping on the public sector
Cameroon First of all young people need to recognized as partners and asserts as a prerequisite for development. Give priority to policies and programmes including youth advocacy and peer-to-peer programmes for marginalized youth, such as out-of school and out-of-work youth, to offer them the opportunity and motivation to re-integrate into mainstream society Develop macroeconomic policies that focus on job creation particularly for youth and for young women Foster greater linkages between the labour market and the education and training system to ensure that curricula are aligned to the needs of the labour market and that youth are being trained in fields where employment opportunities are available or are growing
Cameroon Work , cease opportunity, rely on us, work and give merits to others.
Cameroon Creating of more jobs and proper orientation of the youths as far as carrier orientation is concerned
Cameroon Improvement in farm techniques and practices sensitization on good farming methods, reduction in taxes on businesses, free education, free medical care.
Cameroon Employment and opening of training centres of various domains
Cameroon By boosting the private sector and encouraging development projects. The integration of community projects system may easily alleviate poverty. Extensive community agriculture will encourage micro financing and intensive output that will encourage exportation of products, this will boost the economy. This will solve the problem of food security and encourage child education. The government should encourage civil societies to lobby for projects by partnering with them in development. Loan should be given to the private sectors to invest in the agricultural sectors and promote enterprising culture. Agriculture should be encourage by providing tools and fertilizers and modern methods of farming.
Cameroon Create more professional training allocated credit and fund for personal project invest in agriculture
Chad Support youth by creating things that can help them work hade and this will alleviate poverty in my country.
Comoros First to create more job and for those who have a job to get pay every month
CÔTE D'IVOIRE The reduction of poverty in our country passes by several actions - to help populations to understand that poverty is not a fate - to help young people to be have appropriated qualification and incite them to work hardly - to improve the work conditions of the farmers and poorest - to organize and support young people initiatives - to imply the populations in the programmes of reduction of poverty - to reduce the impacts of policy within the population - to support experience sharing between the young people of the country and with the young people of other countries
DRC First, it is stimulating education to train youth to acquire skills and knowledge likely to work. And consequently, it is important to stimulate investment in the economy create new jobs. Also, the government must create sectoral program of community development in rural areas, taking into considering the improvement of livelihoods, strengthening the social cohesion of Reintegration, improve access to social services base and strengthen community governance.
DRC Stop keeping the high demography in towns than in villages
Egypt Better education, information, and knowledge sharing. Cross-sectoral planning and policy implementation that focuses on ensuring equal opportunities and social programs for citizens from all socio-economic backgrounds. Tolerance and citizenship to inculcated from early childhood development.
Egypt Social justice more strict economical actions micro funds for small projects
Egypt Create job opportunities and increase entrepreneurial skill. Also better education will enable us to have graduates who are well- equipped for the market.
Egypt More start ups and recruitment possibilities
Eritrea Food security, rural development, and youth self-employment/entrepreneurship.
Ethiopia Pursuing a sound economic policy to that effect, aided by securing the appropriate financial resources to achieve that. The 'hands off' policy advocated by the west is not doing any good for us. so States should get involved in the management of the economy in a conscious & wise manner.
Ethiopia Increase productivity, using national products, developing simple technology
Ethiopia Make all government and private sector free from corruption - access all available resources to disability - support youth's self motivation
Ethiopia I have a very simple answer for this question as our Prime minister used to say. EDUCATION is the only WAY, TOOL and ALTERNATIVE to alleviate poverty. It is Possible to say a lot on this matter but I firmly believe that investing on EDUCATION, Providing quality education is the only thing that can be done to alleviate or eradicate poverty. Education is the only means to be free from the yoke of poverty.
Ethiopia Stop corruption, government should focus on poor peoples to work with the problem, work more on education, agriculture and health. technologies also important
Ethiopia 1. Education should be given prior attention, keeping its quality be the best? 2. Youth Employment should be given very serious attention, as many young people, though educated are unemployed and get exposed to various drug abuse behaviours. At least every youth able to work should be given opportunity to work as a volunteer, or internship, e.t.c.
Ethiopia I have to use just one word to answer this question, as our prime minister used to say. The only way or means to alleviate or eradicate poverty is using EDUCATION as a tool. EDUCATION , EDUCATION and EDUCATION is the only means. Investing a lot in education has a wide spectrum benefit. The only thing to be done to alleviate poverty is to be educated. so what the government has to do is to focus more on EDUCATION. A kind of EDUCATION that can bring the real change. EDUCATION that based on quality and coverage. focusing on one of them will make it the EDUCATION system incomplete. So EDUCATION is the only way out from poverty.
Ethiopia Making the youth free to act on its will furnish as many possible opportunities as possible use all available international, regional and local best practices in the economic system to accommodate all within the productive labour design best policy which I do like the current Ethiopian one protect human and democratic rights by agressively acting against violaters. specially the law is good but local governors are again'st it while the top level people kept silent. All freedoms should be guaranteed wholly
Ethiopia We need to have a societal vision first, government work to involve those simple men and women to know, comment on the country policy.
Ethiopia Reducing youth unemployment Reducing HIV/AIDS problems Empowering women to ensure gender equality Ensuring environmental sustainability Providing entrepreneurial skill to the youth
Ethiopia 1. creating different job opportunities for the youth. 2. avoiding VAT on food items
Ethiopia Government need to allow public participation on development policy formation and win the public heart to smooth implementation of any development strategy
Ethiopia Making development a priority by putting the youth at the centre of both alleviation and beneficiary
Ethiopia Give priority for youth to create new jobs and to minimize unemployment
Ethiopia The key is have genuine youth and women empowerment, community empowerment and giving value to reproductive health, population and environment.
Ethiopia Every body should Work hard in any of his profession
Ethiopia Invest in modernization of agricultural sector Pay attention to the conservation of natural resource base Extensive family planning to regulate the rapidly growing population Improving the quality of education and training
Ethiopia * good governance system * change on perception of the people - to be innovator
Ethiopia • Avoid politics biased development programs • Extract natural resources • Focus in human development programs • Participation of all citizens • Peace and security • Democracy
Ethiopia Improving the attitude of our people to work hard to escape out of poverty and how to fight corruption at all level.
Ethiopia We have good policies and strategies against poverty, so if these policies are fully employed, I think poverty will be defeated.
Ethiopia Education
Ethiopia Entrepreneur skill development and initial capital
Ethiopia Youths should develop entrepreneur ability starting from childhood working habit of the population should be improved
Fiji Strategic Government interventions together with donor support replicating successful practices around the region in a consistent fashion will help whilst empowering and skilling the needy with basic skills for income generation
Gambia Creation of employment opportunities.
Germany Gov´t Policies should reflect the needs of today.
Ghana * Skills development * Government - private sector partnerships to support small scale industries * Support for youth led enterprises and business
GHANA Through a national conscious agenda where our national resources are equitably distributed in terms of infrastructures and service delivery.
Ghana Skills training and relevant education of the youth
Ghana The only way is to make provision to the youth to have access to funds to set up Entrepreneurial business on their own
Ghana A lot. 1. the development of human capital 2. the establishment of market-driven industrialisation policies 3. the opening up of market centres across a borderless West Africa 4. the construction of infrastructure 5. the deepening of our democracy among others
Ghana Training of employable skills in the polytechnic and the university, Development and marketing of the local market. Development of entrepreneurial skill. Good national policies. Example on Agriculture. Enforcement and implementation of polices are the key determinant to all above.
Ghana Promote youth environmental entrepreneurship that would solve both the economic and environmental problems.
Ghanaian Rural development- * Good road network * Adult education * Building of silos to store food stuff from the rural communities * Starting up vocational programs for the youth who are unemployed to get some kind of vocation to do *Making access to funds for start ups to be less cumbersome then it is currently *Policies should be formulated to avoid rural-urban migration
Kenya Our environment and natural resources has what it takes to alleviate poverty . Our role is to appreciate our environment and start protecting and conserving through alternative livelihoods and also creation of business opportunities. in agribusiness - we can dig bore holes and water harvesting pans to ensure access to water for irrigation and can plant all year round. the solution of poverty is on mother nature - we love her and we use the resources sustainably ,everything will flourish. we change our attitudes - on white collar jobs and spoil our hands, work hard and we will reap the fruits.
Kenya Empower the youth will skills to develop their own ideas for employment and move them away form expecting white collar jobs. The education system we have has very little emphasis on entrepreneurship skills and this should be fostered from an early age.
Kenya Provision of education on entrepreneurship.
Kenya Increase access to public goods and services on an equal basis. Most parts of the country are marginalized consequently have the highest poverty rates Improve security. Access to resources by communities and individuals usually heavily compromised due to insecurity to certain parts of the country Develop better mechanisms such as markets for agricultural produces, easily accessible distribution channels to enable communities practicing agriculture get a fair price for their produce Improve easy access to credit and introduce a more effective regulatory framework for small enterprises and businesses
Kenya Supporting small scale farmers with funds or insuring them against perils improving health care systems to support hired labour power which are inadequate at the times of need encourage private property rights total policy implementation youth involvement in farming activities as a business
Kenya Poverty can be alleviated when people have access to basic needs and education. Needs like water still are a challenge to most Kenyans.
Kenya Encouraging young people to start they own businesses to bring them income. provide young people in group with grant to start projects that are sustainable
Kenya To promote entrepreneurship skills among youths and access to credit on flexible terms
Kenya Construction of dams and Irrigation
Kenya Use of the presently available resources more efficiently and sustainably. Use of modern technology in farming. Improving access to and the quality of education in our learning institutions.
Kenya A campaign to reshape the mindset of the youths needs massive support. Banks need to come up with funding programmes that r youth friendly. General attitude towards commercial borrowing should be promoted especially on Bank loans.
Kenya Use of more sustainable farming methods. Use of new technologies in the farms as opposed to old methods. More employment opportunities should be availed. Tackling corruption and impunity. Even distribution of resources in all areas.
Kenya Empowering the youth Making it easier for young people to start small enterprises A new generation of leadership is required
Kenya Empowering the Youth to be come self-sustaining and reduce their dependence on politicians and government.
Kenya Getting young people more involved in participating in policies being developed by the government. It is essential to get young people participating in policy initiatives as young people are the majority of the population and have the greatest potential to effect change in the society.
Liberia To empower people in the country, self Empowerment.
Liberia I would bluntly say that our leaders must demonstrate good governance, transparency, equal distribution of resources and perhaps suffocate their interest and be selfless.
Liberia We need committed leadership to face the hard facts and stop corruption everywhere in Liberia. There need to be a robust system to overhaul Liberia and Africa from poverty.
Macedonia - Better economic policy run by the state (subsidy aid to producer's groups – especially women and youth – in order to stimulate them to start their own businesses) - Improved social care on policy level - Combating nepotism and politicization existing in
Malawi Youth should have access to education there is need for skills development program to promote self employment
Malawi Promote entrepreneurship among the youth and vocational skills. Those trained should be given start up capital to start off. The youth must be exposed so that companies can easily employ them without demanding 2 - 3 years experience Govt must increase resource allocation to the ministry of education especially in tertiary education so that many youth should be able to complete their education.
Malawi By introducing soft loans to enable more people ESPECIALLY Youth to start small scale business hence creating wealth and employment. - Intensifying in
Malawi Create more employment areas. Help those who are the school drop outs with start up capitals for business and for those who can go back to school support to do that.
Malawi If more youth can be exposed vocational skills which may facilitate safe employment.
Malawi Create a good working environment for the society at large
Malawi To create a lot job through skill and vocation skills which will be free to even those that are not educated
Malawi Enhance trainings and provide livelihood skills to youth and provision of resources for start up businesses.
Malawi Provision of loans among the youth and establishment of rural growth centre.
Malawi Create more job opportunities and highier learning institutions which can be accessed By many young people.
Malawi There is need to promote accessibility of high quality education standards. Need to provide young people with entrepreneurship skills Promote youth participation for development Promote access to quality Health services create markets for the agricultural produce
Mali Only Condemns the corruption in all Africa.
Morocco Have a better education and invest more.
Namibia People should stop consuming alcohol! It needs to start with the government putting down the rule to shut down all the bars, as these are in the backyard of each house in each corner of Namibia. This is the main problem we have in our country. Alcohol has led to all the problems the youth are facing. And the government is ignoring this, yet they are aware of this. With alcohol gone, all youth issues will be resolved!
Namibia Job creation and equal distribution of wealth
Namibia Rule out corruption, private sector should do more to share the burden of the nation with the government and good old fashion love for one's neighbour
Niger Politic program
Nigeria Empower the youths and make education as cheap as possible. also by ensuring youth graduates are employed.
Nigeria Abstinence from corruption and good Governance
Nigeria We need a total reorientation of our citizens to understand theri obligation to the nation and to fellow citizen,to aware of ther civic rights and how to protect them
Nigeria Empowering the people
Nigeria Provide accomodations or youth in our country and provide jobs
Nigeria By listening to the youth ask them what they want. invest in them because they are the future.
Nigeria We need good government that will cater for the needs of the citizens
Nigeria Empowerment of young people, self motivation of citizens and good governance
Nigeria more jobs, more youth empowerment shames, more loans to be readily available to these youths
Nigeria Education in both rural and urban areas and also provision of job opportunities for those that are qualified to work(literate)
Nigeria youth development and empowerment programme
Nigeria Good governance. Unity among the youth as they are relevant to the poverty we are talking about. -educating the public most especially the youth.
Nigeria Industrialization of the Agricultural sector and Manpower development. Provision of basic amenities for rural dwellers and above all qualitative technical education.
Nigeria More job opportunities should be provided and compulsory education for all
Nigeria 1. Reduce illiteracy to the barest minimum. 2. Create an enabling environment for improved self-image and self-worth by encouraging dignity in labour.. 3. Increase in minimum wage. 4. Develop a taxing system whereby the wealthy one get to pay more since they benefit more from good infrastructure and roads.
Nigeria Yes, among the millennium development goals in my country, eradication of extreme poverty is top on the list. many people live below one dollar a day. the first thing that can be done is: 1. education.- which is most important. knowledge is power. 2. job creation by the government 3. financing of good business ideas of prospective entrepreneur by the government 4. providing skill acquisition centres for community people.
Nigeria Until the government realizes that they need to cut down on their overhead cost, we won't make that much progress. Just recently the Central Bank on Nigeria Governor of Nigeria declare that 25% of the Nations budget is spent on legislators. They earn so much, one of the highest paid in the world. why? There has to be a re-organization in the systems and structure of the Nigerian government so that resources will get to the grassroots. We have the right channels but people in charge are not using it for what it is meant for. Nigeria is a wealthy nation, we just need to respect human right and give to every man what is due. Also, our leaders should have a nation-building mentality. let them all strive to make the nation better, rather than striving to earn outrageous salaries + benefits.
Nigeria Provide employment for all
Nigeria Create more opportunities for youth
Nigeria Improved and all - inclusive, compulsory and free educational opportunity at all levels
Nigeria Provide marketable skills match with adequate grant or loan and mentoring services Establish more company of factory Government to reduce tariffs/tax paid by established company's to enable them employ more youths establish more skills acquisition centres and provide funding to NGOs with service or facilities to train youths
Nigeria Effective poverty alleviation programmes
Nigeria Provision of functional education to young people and the election of credible leaders
Nigeria Provision of entrepreneurial skills and start up grant to young people .
Nigeria Reduce corruption
Nigeria A lot which I cannot itemise here. but , we have countries that have been able to reduce the poverty rate in their country. Nigeria government should copy their policy.
Nigeria Encouraging entrepreneurialism
Nigeria youth Empowerment, women empowerment, exploration of more natural resources other than oil. Agriculture and creation of new job. Our leaders should stop receiving foreign loans and concentrate more on generating funds from our rich natural resources.
Nigeria Increase employment opportunity, support those that have great business ideas, stop embezzling public funds, reach a truce with international banks by their refusal to encourage fraud, ...
Pakistan Removal of the corrupt government and instalment of government that is more sincere to people
Philippines Study well as a student , be a good citizens
Rwanda Creation jobs for youth, stability in country, growth the entrepreneur skills
Rwanda Employment creation and support to the private sector
Saudi Arabia and United States of America More co-op models for sustainable living, universal access to education and government sponsored uplift programs focused on resources to develop and support an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset.
Senegal Strengthen youth education and create the means for financiers to support Youth Activity
Senegal Better governance Develop entrepreneurship
Sierra Leone The Problem of the youth must be addressed by the youth. Educational empowerment and entrepreneurship skills development can be very useful in the process of alleviating poverty. Young people must stand up to the task and take responsibility now for a better future.
Sierra Leone To provide job opportunities and open door to international investors and the government should also embark on self funding projects that will help to raise fund to develop her economy
Sierra Leone Lots of entrepreneurial skills training should be embarked on considering the our development growth and infrastructural capacity. we do not have what it takes now to have 40% of our population working in offices or doing highly trained work. we need to direct our focus and based them now on skills development and vocational training that will enable young people to either be self employed or can easily get job in the labour market.
Sierra Leone Prioritization of Agriculture, Increase in the budget of health and Sanitation and the increase in the education sector
Sierra Leone Government to try to mark the MDG's by 2015
Somalia EDUCATING THE people and providing them THE skills and knowledge of creating entrepreneurship - combating THE drug abuse, HIV/AIDS -Human right promotion
Somalia To alleviate poverty local NGO who are working on sustainable developmental activities should be supported and bring peace and security, bring good governance and educate the youth
Somalia To make a mobilization through the communities in order to invest with their property farms and lands and to create a job opportunity.
Somalia Well there can be a lot to do about the poverty in my country. first people needs a basic education.
Somalia Creation job skill, and training for the community through productive sector and natural resource in the country.
Somalia It's clear because every body know the current situation in Somalia and still the people are suffered to fled their homes and find and another place to survive their lives
South Africa By creating more jobs By taking effort to be entrepreneurs
South Africa Considering our countries background of apartheid I think what we need as a country is something that is so easy to undermine SELF AWARENESS- WHO WE ARE- WHAT WE NEED AND HOW TO GET IT. because during the apartheid era our minds were seriously damage black people in south Africa don't believe in themselves, government is trying to put systems in place but the people are failing to access them because of they don't believe in themselves. people still want to be told what to do and how to do it they don't have the sense of initiating things for themselves that is esteem problem
South Africa Develop programs that empower the people to break the cycle of poverty. Currently our government's and other humanitarian organisations provides hands out to people, which will create dependency. we should be teaching people to do things on their own and own their development.
South Africa To employ people regardless of experience if they have education To support young business
South Africa Education on practical skills, Fairtrade, economic growth acceleration and fair distribution.
South Africa Far greater educational reach - people need to become more literate. Also, South Africa needs to adopt a more Asset based community development approach so that people don't become dependant on state hand-outs.
Sudan There should be institutions and schools to first of all comprehend the true meaning of poverty and how people suffer it, justice should be everywhere around the country
Sudan Equal distribution of wealth and power
Swaziland Empowerment of young people this way economically
Tanzania 1. Improve basic education Vocational training programmes 2. Improve infrastructure to enable self employment 3. Supporting young people for provision of loans
Tanzania Education Employment Peoples participation in national building
Tanzania Have a strong independent government to develop strong infrastructures.
Tanzania Encourage investments, internal and external and provision of micro-credits to young people.
Tanzania To have a right and good government which cares its people, which distributes the resources equally, the balance between gender in the system with the eye to solving domestic violence, increasing civic education, highlighting various concepts in social transformation by having social developers. Reducing high rate of unemployment the greatest of all..clean politics, good governance and good government which consists of the entire society regards of their status.
The Gambia Supporting government policies
The Gambia Let the leaders input good government, freedom of right, good democracy and political views..No violence against women and young people.
The Gambia 1. provide necessary training and education for youth 2. support financial youth innovation and projects
Togo We have to promote strongly entrepreneurial education and this way make available a fund to help entrepreneurial initiatives. A particular accent must be put on community voluntary.
Tunisia Real projects. involvement of all stakeholders. real investments
Uganda To carryout a thorough needs assessment and implement projects depending on the community needs that just proposing any project that is not applicable to the really community need/poverty status. Invest in civil society organization to undertake grassroots poverty alleviation projects since it is there heartfelt mandate to serve the needy other than allocating all funds to Gov't that is corrupt to the maximum.
Uganda Boost agriculture, education and health
Uganda Entrepreneurship skills trainning. better methods of farming. change the education systemm which is more theoratical other than practical.
Uganda Change the government. introduce a practical system of education subsidise essential commodities or even free at that,ie education introduce corruption fighting measures introduce entrepreneur projects for the youth because they make up 78% of the population
Uganda Skills training for the youth both the graduates and the drop outs loans as start up capital for youth and women groups
Uganda Fight corruption, this needs to be done immediately. But since more than 50% of our government seems to be reaping from lands that they have not sowed, I think the people need to bring it to light, and stop the famous slogan "for God and my Stomach" derived from our motto "For God and My Country". Division (not of labour) but of the people (tribal division), truly an enemy to Unity, which is a gift denied by many, by the closed mindedness of "I came alone to this world, and I will leave alone"
Uganda Reducing corruption and embezzlement of government funds
Uganda Set of data bank and know about resources in terms of human resources
Uganda Provide enough information on opportunities to the youth.
Zambia Empowering youths with life skills Job creation Equal distribution of wealth between the rich & poor. By putting up manufacturing companies so that we can export other products not relying only on copper. By taking advantage of the tourism potential in the country there by earning the so much needed foreign exchange. Taking the leaders (government) to task so that everyone benefit from the country's abundant resources or national cake.
Zambia Poverty in our country can be alleviated by reaching out to the young people and empower them with knowledge for sustainable development and entrepreneurship for they are the future leaders of tomorrow. To be able to assist gifted underprivileged students an equal opportunity to compete favourably for limited college/career opportunities and help them break out of their vicious chain of poverty through scholarships and also, alleviate poverty through the promotion of education and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to empower citizens of Zambia and better their well-being, hence poverty alleviation can be through the promotion of education and entrepreneurship. With the technological advancement, it can enable citizens to share the world of computers to the rural areas and enable the rural community to become computer literate. This will allow them to meet the technological and business demands to operate with the corporate world as they attain their skill as a result of a direct education/training to direct employment outcome. In all sectors such as agriculture, Health, Education E.T.C
Zambia More partnerships with youths across Africa
Zambia A lot needs to be done to alleviate poverty in Zambia, reduce corrupt practices, low youths take part in national affaires, educate more youth, create more employment opportunities, empower youths wit certain projects etc
Zimbabwe Provide income generating activities for communities as well as teach them on good and sound entrepreneurship skills and provide loans at low interest rates to be better able to support the poor to access this service which has deliberately bottle necked for the benefit of the few
Zimbabwe Political stability, agriculture could be more productive/ restored to former levels of operation.
Zimbabwe There are so many people with different talents. If given chances to showcase their talents, Africa will go far. If we wait for the Government to give us everything, we will remain poor as there is too much load on the shoulders of our Government to lift and manage. BUT, the Government must put in place a favourable playground to enable us to realise growth. Some of the regulations that are in place today do not encourage entrepreneurship.
Zimbabwe Agriculture, having Youth Banks as Africa Speaks I can present a paper on that
Zimbabwe The end of Corruption Better employment opportunities














Q28. If you are involved in Research and Development please describe the challenges faced.
Finances Transport Books
Not much involved but wish to. Aas an organisation presently we were initiating to conduct research to find out the challenges of the youth in our community so that we can have programmes that are relevant to the youth in the community.
Basically funding
1. institutional weakness (of the organization I work in), 2. low level of understanding by the community towards such activities, 3. considering R & D as another area of lucrative resource, and confining participation to very limited & 'ineffective' people,
Lack of capital and gadgets for sensitization
Cultural practices and resistance to change has been a challenge . In most cases you have to reason at their level and in their language for them to understand and work closely (participatory approach) to achieve results.
Lack of adequate and required information due to religious and ethnic barriers,lack of funds and volunteers.
I am involved in moral development, this I believe will strengthen ethics and other practices leading to hard work, fairness, kindness.
Make the youths sensible so that i can work together with them
Luck of information and ability to access the ones available
Support from government and stakeholders. Sometime the financial support to carry out the process is always a challenge.
There are many dificulties but to name few, the lack of research materials such as books and the ability of people to relate information to you as researcher becomes hard to me.
Limited social services in the community. Despite the positive development in education sector, it still faces a number of difficulties which continue to undermine the full realization of the expected benefits on the quality and efficiency of education service delivery. These includes the continued prevalence of poverty, diseases especially HIV/AIDS, capacity building and trainings. I found out that most of OVC could absent them selves due to poor health, lack of interest and long distances to the schools so you find that 77.8% OVC supported by COTFONE come from far distances. Although there is achievement in reducing the prevalence of HIV in the communities of COTFONE operation, its prevention and control faced a number of difficulties namely; limited accessibility to and affordability of services and due to limited resources which made it difficult for COTFONE to reach the PWDs with awareness about preventive mechanism of HIV/AIDS mismatch between knowledge and behaviour. Here you find that over 75% of the mothers attending antenatal clinics, knew the risk of PMTCT, only 30.2% were counselled and only 15% took the HIV test which showed that women cited fear of stigma in case of positive results and being traumatized if seen by the community members attending the service and eventually breaking their marriages the same applies to men. Limited resources. Though we try our level best to reach the stakeholders, staff and volunteers resourcefully, there are still inadequate resources for example, in transport facilitation, human resources. These are major constraints to scaling up the organization programs / activities so due to that some of the organization programs failed to succeed as hoped by the implementers for example community campaign advocacy on health issues it lacked a number of qualified personnel and the few who were there could not reach all the communities and during VCT program the materials to be used by the implementers (health workers) and other volunteers was not enough due to limited financial resources to cater for the bigger number of clients who responded for HIV testing. Sustainability of community volunteers is still a problem. Since these volunteers come from their local villages and most of them are peasant farmers so when the organization involves them in its programmes to offer the voluntary service to other members in the communities definitely their family survival cannot be met. This constitute to sustainability of the community volunteers by disengaging them in full participation of the organization activities.
Youth Empowerment
Money, skill, and training
Limited funds Limited opportunities to share research findings Lack of an easily accessible repository for information. Most research findings are locked up in research institutions, universities and therefore little practical application on the ground
most of the agricultural activities which is the backbone of our country are undertaken by mostly women without the youth involvement at all stages most of the agricultural activities are small scale which is for subsistence needs only lack of proper policies to support development initiatives governance and corruption in the sectors involving top ranked government officials hence partial implementation
Research has little funding from the government and heavily relies on foreign money like grants. There is the challenge of having educated African researchers being able to do research and be successful. Our educational centres do not really promote research among students rather they just concentrate on general education.
Not easy to get financial means for projects Lack of infrastructures and facilities for research
Lack of information from the government Illiteracy poverty reluctance of partners
Lack of security lack of financial lack of materials (Buildings, computers, cars,....)
Create job for youth, develops policies for jobs and work, growth infrastructure for youth live in rural places,
It's all about limitation of access to resources needed for it intenet cost, its slow and poor connection, well organized liberary is nit accessible unless you go some university( if it is lucky)
Funding prospects are limited.
Lack of understanding of respondents (humans), funding
Shortage of funds to undertake research and development (materials, transport, subsistence allowances). There is limited support from Non Governmental Organizations, academic institutions such as universities, hospitals and other institutions of training.
High illiteracy rates among the people, Low levels of awareness and insufficient funds to run the studies
Young people living with HIV , unemployment and poverty
Language barrier un cooperative behavior of some respondents limited funds
Lack of resources lack of sufficient funds
There is challenges in terms of funding for various activities
There are a lot of challenges, however, like I stated earlier, the problem begins with us as young people not being willing to take responsibility rather we prefer spending time to cast blames on our leaders for the past. Young people's mind need to be transformed, helping them to believe that they can make the difference only with a little TRY. Drug Abuse is another challenge etc. I would like to elaborate on these if I am given the opportunity.
Lack of finances
Lack of government support for youth development programme
Poor awareness among the communities
No government support what so ever. - the public don't want to accept you unless you have the government support.
I am involved in Policy Research on Internet Governance and ICTs policy in Burundi via DIPLOFOUNDATION. Challenges 1) Youth skills 2) Shortage of Technologies or Internet tools to publish Research finding or results
Actually I'm searcher on my master degree, and I'm member Founder of Youth for New Africa association that is for research on Africa affairs, but we don't get any financial for our researches, I tried to get training in any organizations in Africa because my major is African political & economic science to approve my experience, but I didn't get.
First challenges we faced is the security, and you can't continue your own duty free so you may faced someone or something obstacle with your activities.
Due to the fact that many researches conducted but to in place, peoples are resistant to give information. local authorities are not willing to cooperate government polices and strategies are not shared
Problem of funding agency No easy access of information
the high rate of illiteracy and the access to good road especially people living in the provinces
From what I have learned from my personal experience and my engagement in researches made nationally and locally, there is a challenge in access to first hand data and transparency. Any individual or organization who like to conduct a research is often required to work closely with local governments and officials that in return affect the out comes of the research.
1. Lack of research instrument/equipment. 2. Lack of stable power supply.
I'm involved in Research and Development by my academic formation and also by my associative activities (ONG JVE) - For my studies, I took part in studies on the consequences of the poverty and the degradation of the environment on pubic health. The results of this study were presented and the recommendations were made to the populations and local authorities of the city for the reduction of poverty and the improvement of the living conditions of these communities. - Our NGO JVE also made a study in a community rural in order to appreciate the vulnerability of a rice grower community vis-a-vis of the climate change and help them to reduce their vulnerability. - JVE also fights against deforestation and makes the promotion of renewable energies in rural areas.
Funding is a major challenge.
I'm involved in Environmental civil society since 3 years.
The data and statistic
I have never been involve in such
When you need information is not easy to get them
The major challenge is funds to do the research
there are no proper records, the officers in charge most of the time refuse to give out information with a notion that it might haunt them of their hideous activities, some of the records are cooked giving a misrepresentation of what the actual situation is.
When you are doing a research and Development you meet problems like being harassed, lack of transport and bad season/weather
Lot of challenges, no resource centres, no internet, no books and the space is not created for good research work in Liberia.
Like of access material and financial constrains.
No enough and accurate data. The culture of giving solutions based on research is not yet developed.
Having access to investors for the small NGO's projects in Morocco. Lack of follow up of some projects for some Moroccan NGOs.
Those who have already worked in areas that I intend to improve tend to resist and close doors for us youngsters. They don't believe that we have the capacity to do better than them and they look down upon our requests. For example I want to introduce an initiative that will eradicate road accidents by 100%, they tell me that it's impossible. I tell them that I have driven for 19years accident free using a very simple road accident prevention recipe that I intend to share with the nation and they tell me I am mad. So this kind of attitude will not take us far but will demotivate us. We need to be listened to and given a chance.
The big challenge faced is lack of government support and lack of funds from donors and well wishers
Many problem around one of it those who work for the government to get they are salary every month so if they are parent it s difficult to send yours children to school because there are in privet school or for those who are in public the teachers don t go too because they didn't t receive they are salary too
Accessing data especially from government institutions at the local level
Limited funding
Lack of facilitation
Funding is sometimes an issue, but the bigger issue is nepotism and corruption, where the funded money is used for other purposes.
The research I have been involved are linked to my education but nevertheless common challenges were accessibility, non compliance and finance
I am faced with the problem of research materials and difficult access to information.
Information and participation
I am not involved.
Lack of support and appreciation of where we want to go
threats from the Central intelligence interference by politicians Lack of cooperation due to fear of victimisation
financial and material challenges
Lack of knowledge for people to give adequate information towards what do people or young people want.
The challenges I face is that people some time didn't want to give proper information about their environment or even their communities which can't help we the field workers. As you know we depend on the information given to us during the research, the sources of information will help us and make work easy for the young people and the country it self.
Poor or lack of interest by the target populations and poor government attitude to data by researchers in my country
Lack of funding
Lack of data, poor cooperation from the public, finance, etc
In research and development the exact and measurable facts are always challenging. The means is also a great obstacle. A research on a gradual dry off lake without a first hand information of the causes, the exact data and information from custodian are always contradictory. If cause by degradation and the solution is to regenerate forest for water retention. To identify the actors and to convince the people to accept the project for community development is always an obstacle. The community is aware that there is problem but are they willing and prepare to accept the development ,that is a great challenge to a researcher who have identified a problem and solution but lack collaboration. Execution of development is another major problem face due to mismanagement and lack of follow up.
Inadequate info and failure to implement the findings even money to conduct the exercise this ends up compromising with the quality of work.
Lack of Finance. Ignorance from the people. In most society illiteracy
The lack of funding actually hinders research and development in Africa.
Problem of tangible data and information from public services
Lack of development feed back for most of the research are just left on paper so people/respondents are discouraged to give right information, lack of enough facilities..allowances, research tools and the intention the research must be community based and revealed to them. The ideological consciousness of the researchers must be very high.
In Nigeria a, their is no functional research institute. what we have are quarks. when government does not encourage research at the grassroots level, how will the institute function effectively? there so many history of dead brains. people who have a lot of ideas but need just few research, no government nor private individuals to help.
Retrieving information and data
People are illiterate, uneducated, they lack basic funds to begin their own businesses, they lack skills to implement effective business solutions, and HIV/Aids is a growing concern as it has lead to a large number of orphan and vulnerable children - I speak of these challenges as these are the ones faced in the rural area wherein I reside.
No trust in young people, no access to information, no means to conduct field work
Poor infrastructure -insecurity -lack of resources



















Q30. If 'No' where do you live, why did you move there, how do you support your home country, if at all?
I recently moved, but am closely involved and linked up back home. And travel frequently back home.
I moved to Saudi Arabia to be a part of the greatest social experiment in the 21st century; that of bringing faculty, staff and students from over 60 different countries together for the first time to embark on a new graduate level enterprise in higher education.
I'm living in my own country at 2000km from the capital city By the search for development, I support my home country
I live in Kenya but I have travelled in other countries
I live in Egypt, I moved to here for study, I support of all the Africa,
I live in my country home, and I can assist with my community anyhow.
I live in Thailand and I am doing my Master degree programme. the only way I do support my home country is to send ideas to the youth back in my country
UAE, Malaysia lack of good education building my capacity to contribute in the development of my country
Malaysia. I moved for education.
But currently, I m in RSA trying to share and network a continental project the seek to promote African unity, Peace, Dialogue and at the same time creating employment to talent management
Berlin, Germany
I am a Cameroonian and I work and live in Ghana. I believe the AU should introduce AU Ambassadors Program for Africans wanting to live and work in another African Country especially hat senior position. It is sometimes not easier to stay in another African country and staying in Europe, Asia or North America. AU should introduce programmes to stop Africa's Brain Drain. Only Africans can Develop Africa and nobody else.
In Italy , for studies and political reasons. I participate in some constructive debate with my compatriots
A lot of people get out of this country, reason! for survival.
















Q32. If 'Yes' can you give examples?
Not anymore because now we have programs for women empowerment that seek to address the gender imbalance.
Politics, traditional omen, matrimonial violence, d right of not being heard...
Lack of women participation in decision-making positions--i.e. politics, workforce senior level management positions. Sexual harassment in streets/public life rampant. Women being forced to conform to conservative dress for social acceptance. Social acceptance of domestic violence.
Works in home
The UN Charter of having a 50% representation in parliament is still a pipe dream because its still believed that a woman's place is in the kitchen. (There are a few women parliamentarians? There is only one party out of the the roughly 15 political parties headed by a woman. There are a few women who are full cabinet ministers.
Women are dscriminated against in every area of decision making process and practices in Nigeria - it is just a gain saying that women are been given opportunity but when it comes to practicality its not so.
Our culture is still very patriarchal where women are still viewed as second rate. Some of the cultural practices that still marginalize women are still practiced like FGM, and land ownership for women is still frowned at.
No equal payment for the same job with male labour division is high
Remember !! we have policies not to discriminate women. but mostly see while women became discriminate in many ways it is not very bad as before. furthermore, the most discriminated person is women with disability in all places and level.
Salary levels in private and public sector and the illusion of inclusion.
Women and child abuse
I'm currently working on a task team that deals with force marriges"ukuthwala", where young girls are forced in marriage as part of the cultural practices. However the country is making good progress on gender equity.
Women being beaten by their husbands when there is any misunderstanding in the family
The access to equal work opportunity and equal representation of participation are among several women discrimination.
They are married at young age and not allowed to own property in their names they are allowed to attend schools only after men had been supported they cannot be allowed to vie for parliamentary seat with success because they are considered weaker sex
We are still living in a society that is quite male dominated especially in the political side. Though we have a number of female politicians but they don't make up half of the composition.
-YES! Almost every woman faces discrimination in life who ever she is. The society is unwilling to accept gender equity and inequality. Let alone those uneducated and leading primitive life in rural areas, women who are educated and believed to claim they
Women one not discriminated, in case that, they are found at least every where at all the levels, such as in the parliament, senate, government, parliament of youth, and even in all high schools and universities,, girls rare involved
The representation of women in general in making important business decisions of the country is low in the economy, it is important to find quality women occupy high positions in public and private companies, in general, women are oppressed sexual subjects to access to employment and even down to low return; Once married in polygamous tradition, they are the property of their husbands, he may dispose as it sees fit can exercise its power to violence , marital rape, but no law can actually prosecute him for his actions. the woman is considered a partner of household and reproductive health and has no right to work no matter the level of education obtained in the home, woman has no right to give his views on walking the household and in society, when women are arrested because they were walking in the street in mini-skirt or trousers, they are beaten and detained, raped on the field, tortured
Only the law is in place the practice is still they do discriminated. They are disfavoured from education, health, and other human needs as a result of htp, community beliefs, crimes, and low law enforcement.
The new constitution has provided affirmative action to empower women in leadership. Mostly was due to cultural and socialization process
Not equally allowed to participate in politics and the likes
In some communities women are still inferior by men
Not allowed to own property few participate in politics have no right to say no to sex
Women are still not seen and heard
Women are not allowed to work (to be gainfully employed) eg, in the Northern part of the country
There is a very low rate of participation of women in our political system because most of them are sticking to the usual saying in the country that politics is a dirty game and so therefore its for men. some culture also believe that women are not supposed to talk among men
From the family level for instance , most of them are not given fully chance to participate in decision making .
If a family cannot afford to send all their children to school it is usually the girl child that does not receive an education.
has no equal right than man in participating and decision making they are also the victims of harmful traditional practice
Yes in certain instances like our vice president. She is being ignored and not exposed as the president feels she may utilize that to win the favour of Malawians and eventually win the next presidential elections in 2014
The military.
Culturally, man are the major culprit .-the 2 work in formal office during the day but on getting home the woman is expected to know all about children, supper and house keep as the man idles in the lounge waiting for beverage/supper to be served.
In leadership access to quality education domestic violation decision making
Women used to have a quota in the Parliament. There were only 3 women Ministers and now one. They are discriminated in issues related to divorce. Sexual harassment is also another major thing, were women walking in the streets hear words almost all the times.
In recruitment, appointments and also at the village level.
Education, tradition and religion
Out of 36 cabinet ministers only five are women holding ministries that are not even heard of
here is GBV in several forms ranging from verbal assaults to battering. Most decision making positions in companies, ministries are headed by men not women. most young girls are sent off to early marriages and used to pay off their father's debts n some situations.
The women in my country did not get the same education with the boys, for the sake of traditional barrier, and they did not get a free and fare elections in political participation in the country.
Women are very poorly represented in decision-making levels. Families and social roles do not allow them to assert
No easy access to education No easy access to employment No equal right in property ownership
Only few women have political seats
In the military.
Zambian women face discrimination in the area of inheritance. Husbands are traditionally the heads of families in Zambia. They have sole parental authority and make most of the important household decisions, including those regarding the use of contraception. In the event of divorce following a legal marriage, the courts grant child custody in the best interests of the children. In the case of separation after a customary marriage, the children typically stay with the father.
For the same work, men are more remunerated than women - when women civil servant die, their husband and their children don't profit from any advantage and assistance, simply because their are women - In rural areas, women don't have right to have ground
1. the political circles, where it is a tussle for them to even hold political offices. often times, the men have said that a woman will never rule the country because they are unfit for the position. 2. at work places, where in some organizations women are not allowed to head some departments 3. and finally, in some cultures that believe that the place of a woman is in the kitchen and girl children are a complete waste of time educating.
Educating the girl child in some cultures (Northern part of Nigeria) is not allowed In politics, women are not encouraged and supported. Politics is male dominated.
More on the feeling you have when you are a leader .
1) Women are discriminated in political process. There are still few women elected in positions in Nigeria 2) Women are not given a voice in decision making
Women are raped, battered and sexually exploited at their jobs.
Some NGO's in our country women are less elected in high positions as compared to men. this is common even in Gvt
Women still have cultural barriers, education is low and participation in decision making is heavily challenged by male counterparts at all levels. this is no govt but cultural problem.
Women never go out and work beside Mens because of traditional beliefs.
Especially in the Northern part of Nigeria, the Girl - Child is denied Education by some parents who do not believe the Girl - Child should receive western education.
women who are IV positive Women who seeks elective posts
There are goldenly written policies, articles of constitutions, laws etc, inconsideration of about 65% the total population uneducated, it is not practically implemented. But there is commitment from the government and stakeholders side. The problem is in the community and at family level.
In rural areas, they have no rights. Their work is to take care of the husband and the kids, In many urban areas, women are beaten by their husband.
They didn't get equal accesses to education, Work.....
Un equal access to education and training leading to un equal opportunity for gainful employment Deep-rooted traditional practices favouring boys Gender based violence at home, in school and at work places
because cultural believes
• They are not fairly represented in political hierarchies • Gender based violence against women • Lack of equity and equality
All of the proper legislation is there but more needs to be done to change the mindset and behaviour of the society.
1) Honour killings 2) not given due inheritance
Lack of gender equality, Lack of right to property
Women have been perceived or made to understand that, they should be confined in the kitchen and the keeping of the home. This is mainly due to the cultural setting which we came from or been associated with. But as society is now dynamic, we hope with the formulation of the Youth policies and technological development the youth and other stakeholders would now appreciate the role of women in our society and hence encourage their participation in certain areas.
30 percent quote of AU Protocol on Women's Rights not yet been ratified
Life is like a battle. You need to fight it yourself. Life is also all about choices.
Women are sidelined in terms of decision making and other cultural beliefs make women second hand decision makers
Beating of women's by their husbands and ask young girls to stop school for marriage purpose which is part of discrimination against women's.
Lack of access to education and obnoxious cultural practices
There have been big improvements over the years but women still face discrimination in some work places in terms of pay.
There is still some discrimination against women in Kenya. This is experienced more in rural areas where women are not given the same opportunities as men. In the government there is also a tendency for the senior positions to be taken up by men with women coming below or as deputies.
Having no access to financial benefits
Women don't have or inherit land or landed property. Lack access to loan because of lack of collateral. Poor opportunity to participate in politics and leadership
Despite the giant stride made Government to support women rights and women participation in decision making, they still suffer from FGM, force marriages, parent prefer sending boys to school to girls.. This I think is discriminatory
The language used against them still indicated that, they not fully acquired their status.
Yes I am a women scientist and I have been discriminated in my job. I trained as a petroleum Geologist under the Cameroon Government Scholarship 20 years ago. I could not work in the field simply because I am a woman. AU should make sure such discrimination as reduced. Women Can Play a very critical role in Africa's Development. I am a Pan Africanist and I have been doing my own part.
Yes because family inheritance is only reserved to men only
No respect for them both local and federal level
Women are taken as incapable of taking the leading positions and making the big decisions I believe its more because of our culture which says a man is a head for example the situation with our presidency where our president chose his brother as his successor in the party for 2014 elections whilst he has a deputy who is a woman and the party spokesperson made a statement that the country is not ready for a female president
Only few women participates in the decision making of my country.(less than 105)
Decision making in issues of the family
Low number of women on decision-making positions - unequal access to education (Especially amongst rural girls)
Women have no rights to own property like land - are denied loans since they no security or property - less educated, boys are more preferred than girls

















Q35. If 'Yes' please describe what you do?
I Advocate on the Rights of people and make sure that the human rights is given to every body in the country.
I was doing my internship last year.
I work for a Youth Development organisation that I have founded is called Colour My World Youth Development. Our objective is to empower young people with a positive life style characterised by self confidence, clear personal identity and motivated to handle peer pressure and rise beyond economic and social limitations such as poverty, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.
I am involved in an association called IAAS, international association of students in agriculture and related sciences. presently, I am the Africa Regional Director. at my local level, I support my committee to bring in new members who will discover the beauty of agriculture and get actively involved in it.
I organise teenagers once in a while and I talk to them on morals, I also teach them how to be self independent financially... It is meant to be monthly but challenges has reduces the number of times we meet
Previously gave trainings for members of the Addis Ababa youth association & also gave training for electoral observers of the organization some years back. currently, I am looking for other opportunities.
Mainly with children, and mentoring youth.
HIV / AIDS counsellor, peer educator, youth conference speaker etc
I participate in university girls club , students union and environmental club
Training the trainers workshop for youth women and children. Work with the united nation information center to propagate the ideals of the UN. Work with human right information network and train people on skill acquisition and empowerment.
Working to support children and youth living in the slums to develop their talents so as to be able to realise self empowerment. This has been as a result of the huge number of children and youth who cannot continue with school for lack of school fees and have nothing to do and are easily lured to drug abuse, crime and prostitution. The programs we run aim at showing them that they have skills they can use to care for themselves despite lacking formal education. our program is on www.uwezolifeskills.com
I am doing voluntary to give awareness and motivate them deaf women and men to be self employed and self esteem. it enable them to keep themselves from harmful practices..
Human rights and development organization, named SONAD, we make trainings on human rights, gender, development, and non violence,
I most recently volunteered at a Women's Resource Centre in Rabat, Morocco through the Cross Cultural Solutions study abroad program facilitating ESL discussion groups.
I am a girl guide guider with the Girl Guides Association of Namibia
I chair the board of directors in a youth serving NGO
I founded a youth run organisation that teaches Batswana about the MDG's and how best we as a Nation can archive them, we are also involved a lot with educating the Youth of Botswana on International issues and try to get their voices to international forums
I volunteer with Special Olympics, training people with physical or mental challenges in athletics and soccer My career is also considered as voluntary work. I teach the bible and help wherever I can spiritually, physically. As a postgraduate I help with their college work and befriend whoever needs a friend
As chairman of an youth association for solidarity and development.
I serve on various community structures, where I actively participate. I am a member of the Eshowe Community Youth Development initiative which seeks to identify young people in rural communities and connect them with opportunities. Visit children's homes with friends on a regular basis to assist any how.
Assisting young people to be aware of various opportunities Directing different youth Projects
Coordinator for Iduka microloans corporation, an organisation which promote post secondary education by offering scholarships to students
Mentoring Teaching community schools
I work with young people engaging them with the community development through voluntary work, skills development and environmental issues. check www.intaward.org
I do involve with youth led initiatives on human rights education, peace building, conflict resolution as well as promoting sustainable development among youth in Liberia with the Network of African Youth for Development.
To mention some of my voluntary experiences 1. I have worked in Ethiopian Revenues and customs Authority on introducing the newly started tax collection system through finger prints. 2. Successfully participated as a trainer on good governance, coordinated by Gulele Sub-city administration, the youth and sport office in 2008 and awarded Certificate of appreciation. 3. I have recruited and organized volunteers who participated for the successful completion of the 16th African Athletics championship which held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 30th to 4th may 2008. 4.I have successfully accomplished the youth social mobilization program for volunteer activities which held 2008.coordinated by Addis Ababa youth and sport bureau , Addis Ababa youth federation.
Muddu Yisito Kayinga is from Uganda, East Africa. He is a child/youngster Rights Activist and development practitioner in addition to his specialization in education, advocacy, administration and management, and counselling .Yisito has studied various courses in Information and communication technology, Public administration and management, organization development, human rights advocacy, community development, youth development, peer education, sexual reproductive health, guidance and counselling, resource mobilization and monitoring and evaluation. He is the current Executive Director for Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE), He brings seven years of experience working with underprivileged young people and communities on issues related to appropriate education, community based health, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, human rights and gender issues and volunteer service across the globe. Yisito also works as a development consultant specializing in sustainable rural development with Community Welfare Services (COWESER-Uganda) and Children’s Sure House (CSH), both are national NGOs working in the areas of health, education and community development closely working with there partners; USADF, Comhlámh, Peace Corps, Livingstone, Government of Uganda, and the US and Europe in implementing Education, Health and community development initiatives across the country. Yisito has been highly active and involved in vulnerable children and youth and education, health, rural economic development and human rights initiatives and networks. He is the founder of Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE) a relief, advocacy and development not-for-profit, non-government organization formed with a mandate to mobilize and work with young people to develop themselves, by addressing their HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Sexual Reproductive health, and education, vocational and economic needs. He has been in the forefront in the rolling out of free basic quality education and life sustaining skills training to Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and rural financial services to the HIV/AIDS rural poor especially women ,linking the underprivileged young people and communities with COTFONE. Yisito was nominated as East African Millennium candle campaign Ambassador as an acknowledgement to his successful contribution to raising awareness about “United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals,2015”. Yisito has been invited to represent the underprivileged young people and communities and COTFONE in a number of international meetings, seminars ,congress, and forums including International scientific conference on technology for Development organized by UNESCO in February 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland; Regional MDGs forum organized by AIESEC international in March 2010, Entebbe , Uganda; 2010 Joint World conference on Social work and social development organized by International council on social welfare and its partners in June 2010, Hong Kong , China; The Summer congress 2010 organized by the Ontario International Development Agency International (OIDA) in June 2010, Ontario, Canada; and XVIII International AIDS conference (AIDS 2010) organized by International AIDS Society in July 2010,Vienna , Austria. In addition to World conference on education for Sustainable Development organized by UNESCO in April ,2009 ,Bonn , Germany; Meeting with free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg DESD-Actors and the world future council organized by the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg in April,2009 , Hamburg ,Germany; 6th annual youth assembly at the United Nations organized by friendship ambassador Foundation ,Inc in August 2009, New York ,US; International Sex and Relationship Education Conference (SRE 2009) organized by the University of Southampton in September 2009,Birmingham,UK, International Conference on the Empowerment of Civil Society in Urban Policies organized by UNESCO in November 2009, Porquerolles, France; 10th OECD forum organized by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in June 2009 , Paris, France; 5th International BTC seminar organized by the Belgian Technical Cooperation in December 2009, Brussels , Belgium; COPE Africa regional conference organized by Coalition of Prison Evangelists international in December 2008, Kampala ,Uganda; Christian Youth Conference/Retreat organized by TAIZE in November 2008, Nairobi, Kenya; In April 2009, during a UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany among other conferences, Yisito’s poster presentation titled SAVE FOR TOMORROW was selected for presentation highlighting the education for sustainable in the HIV/AIDS rural poor across Uganda. Further in Feb 2010, Yisito’s different poster presentation titled THE AFRICAN ENERGY SAVING COOK STOVE-EKYOTO CHAPTER was presented at another UNESCO Scientific International Conference on Technology for Development in Lausanne, Switzerland. Moreover, In Sep 2009, Yisito’s Presentation HOPE NEVER RUNS DRY was selected for presentation at the International Sex and Relationship Education Conference (SRE 2009), held in Birmingham, UK. Nevertheless, Yisito has also undertaken leadership roles in organizing and managing workshops on peer education, Human Rights and rural poor sustainable financial services to mention a few. In June 2009, Yisito participated in DESD survey a UNESCO Evaluation focusing on UNESCO’s Global Leadership and Coordination of Education for All (EFA),the United Nations literacy decade and United Nations decade on education for sustainable development conducted by Martin, Jenkins and Associates Limited, New Zealand; Finally, In April 2010, Yisito also participated in a national survey on Non Profit Institutions relating to their economic activities in Uganda conducted by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS). His seven years working with the underprivileged young people and communities heavily affected with HIV/AIDS and Poverty, Yisito has developed key formidable competencies in civil society administration and management, planning, community mobilization, community development ,teaching ,social activities, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, participatory methods and tools as well as community needs assessment. Yisito also has a wide experience in teaching, public speaking, advocacy, Information and communication technology, public administration and counselling where has exhibited a high level of professional competence in strategic planning and practical skills of exploring the range of possible solutions to solve complicated and unfamiliar challenges, Yisito strongly believes in a transformed community supported to cope with its situations and surroundings worldwide. His goal in his life is to fight poverty and ignorance and give opportunity to those people who are locked out. My favourite websites includes; • http://cotfone.org/founder.htm • www.facebook.com/ymkayinga • www.sre2009.org/documents/Provisional_Programme_7.pdf • ontariointernational.org/IDCPresentersCongress2010.htm • www.aidshealth.org/.../uganda-large-numbers-respond.html • www.swsd2010.org/en/pdf/Workshop_online%20version_05Jun.pdf • www.urbanministry.org/.../community-transformation-foundation-network-cotfone • www.idealist.org/if/i/en/av/Org/219327-316 • orgs.tigweb.org/47221 • www.vap.org.uk/africa/uganda/social.../workcamp-2010-1.html • directory.infoug.com/cotfone-uganda-649.html • www.facebook.com/cotfone.org • www.caleidoscop.org/.../website-that-links-to-the-organization-that-supports-underiviledged-children-and-communities-in-Uganda • www.swsd2010.org/.../SWSD2010_Programme_Schedule_oral_presentation.xls • matadortravel.com/.../community-transformation-foundation-network-cotfone • www.christianvolunteering.org/volunteer/development-worker-0.jsp • www.siw.nl/.../uganda-community-transformation-foundation-network-cotfone.html • www.buuza.com/?s=24&q=Adrift%20Uganda%20Ltd • www.workcamps.info/icamps/en/search.html?branch=de-sci ========================================= P.O BOX 589 , Masaka – Uganda (East Africa) Tel: +256 782 920 995 | +256 481 660 301 ymkayinga@gmail.com | www.cotfone.org
Community Service.
Campaign for human rights and an activist for children in my community represent my community in implementing their projects and sourcing for funds offer training to women on proper leadership involvement and how to get noticed
I have been involved in youth programs within the coastal region and outside the country. I am a volunteer for Amkeni wa Kenya/UNDP program for enhancing youth participation in local governance and democratic processes. I am also a volunteer at a local drug treatment and rehabilitation centre as well as a social entrepreneur
Good governance, human rights and social work
My job is to Popularize of improved cooking stoves
-This fact of being coordinating the youth parliament of south kivu for nothing, - In our church I accompany orphans,
Am a peer educator with Kenya red cross and hope worldwide in issues of reproductive health
talking to youth to start acting positively in their environment
I am working as a coordinator in a youth program called : The caravan of cultural animation for Sustainable Development (CARAC), a youth outreach program on all major issues facing the planet report with sustainable development and in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Our program helps youth to develop skills of heart and civic virtue of being responsible and access the necessary information related to the problems in our world to propose and find that can help improve Solutions their future life. Our program is accompanied by extensive social and cultural impact in its volunteer policy, and provides support for actions conducted by other programs and activities related to development. Our program organizes sensitization of children and adolescents in primary and secondary schools on global environmental change - climate change and organized series of national conferences for children and adolescents "Le's Take care of the DRC," he organized the celebrations of World Day of land, water and environment, he organized the Festival of manifestations Congolese youth on issues related to peace, democracy, human rights, etc.. Our program organizes clean-up activities in our communities by participating in the global campaign "Clean Up the World" is working with volunteers available to perform all his actions.
I have plenty of voluntary experience just to mention some of them that I remember for the time being. 1. Successfully participated as a trainer on good governance, coordinated by Gulele Sub-city administration, the youth and sport office in 2008 and awarded Certificate of appreciation. 2..I have recruited and organized volunteers who participated for the successful completion of the 16th African Athletics championship which held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 30th to 4th may 2008. I have 3.successfully accomplished the youth social mobilization program for volunteer activities which held 2008.coordinated by Addis Ababa youth and sport bureau , Addis Ababa youth federation. 4.I have worked in Ethiopian Revenues and customs Authority on introducing the newly started tax collection system through finger prints
I help some organization when is needed
I used to serve students as students union president currently i am not doing voluntary works.
Promoting Character Education among the youths to raise future leaders of integrity
Volunteer for NGOs committed to social change and development, religious activities (church), pharmacy practice
I volunteer my services as a counsellor, implementing the Solution Focused Counselling Approach working with young children and youths. I am also dedicated to youth in sport where I do a lot of awareness and sensitisation on Behaviour change and responsible behaviour as a means of reducing new HIV infections e.g. seeking early treatment through improved utilisation of HIV prevention services, creating an enabling environment for behaviour change through reduction of stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV as well as being role models and advocates for faithfulness and open communication about one's status and increased utilisation of HIV prevention services.
Tree Planting, Visiting HIV/Aids affected and infected
I am a peer educator at Kyambogo university, involved in disseminating information about sexual reproductive health and behavioural change.
Iam currently volunteering with straighttalk foundation my work is to promotion of youth reproductive health through communication using radio and print sensitising youth on their reproductive rights,advantages of abstainance and safe sex,leadership and gender equality and entrepreneurship skills development.
I run a civil society that caters for the needs of the helpless
Being part of several developmental projects
We run an NGO. addressing youth related programmes
I am a youth advocate with the youth advocate group, Education as a vaccine Nigeria. we work as a group to influence policy and also to create awareness for both policy makers and young people a regards youth sexual reproductive health and rights. we also do advocacy around policy implementation.
As I stated earlier in one of my comments, I started by volunteering with a humanitarian organization and today I see myself leading a National Youth-Led Organization known as the Young Peace Builders and at the same time represents my country adequately at sub-regional and international forums. The Young Peace Builders is a Youth-Led, non-profit making charitable organization and I am very happy making the difference in the lives of young people in m country and beyond. Also, I do a lot of voluntary work with several other youth & women's organizations in my country and beyond.
Educating the youth
Have helped in an organisation called Foundations for Farming which is promoting conservation agricultural practices.
Any community work that is for the good of the community I do it. I do HIV?AIDs prevention workshops and seminars in the community voluntarily I do coordinate HCT (Human counselling and testing)in the villages Organise sports programs for the youth in a bid to pass out information on Violence against women, HIV Prevention, Good leadership etc all for free conduct charity walks against poor road use and reduction of road accidents
Since I am living my country I voluntary for mobilizing my people about the civil war
I'm a youth educator and sometimes we make it our responsibility to educate the youths /community on what is current: HIV/AIDS, Gender Mainstreaming and its importance, Forestation , human rights, bird flue etc.
we make young people to shape their future. Access to programme and resources that inspire t=and challenge them.
I'm country coordinator of Network of African Youth for Development. I monitor network activities. we organize meetings, discussion, partnerships and forums. I'm answerable to the regional and international office.
Youth Empowerment related activities and economic awareness.
Membership of many NGO
Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA is a self-motivated, dynamic and young volunteer. His passion is to empower and inspire people to realise their potential to bring about positive change and development within their communities and families. He was involved in programs of development since his childhood. Since 1993 jean-Claude focus on ICT, Medias and in 2008 involved in Internet Governance projects. Since 2006 is legal Representative President of ASAS-Burundi www.healthwelfarework.org and is an online volunteer at United Nations Volunteer (UNV). Via e-volunteering services, he created Buterere Community Development Centre with E-volunteers of Nabuur Foundation. He is a student in a university in Burundi, faculty of Communication sciences and is member of multiple youth NGOs. Since 2004 he is member of Association pour la Promotion des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (APNTIC-Burundi), in the University of Burundi, faculty of Economic and Administrative and worked as Communication Resource Manager until 2009. Since 2007 until now Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA has initiate an academic program “Burundi University Development-BUD”, recruited and oriented over 30 PH.D and 300 professional at UNV. He worked closely with International PH.D Professors (IPP) and the National PH.D professors in Burundi to launch academic course “TERIMBERE UNIVERSITY OF BURUNDI-UTEBU” www.internationalprofs.org He travelled in Africa, and in Europe, Spain with the invitation of United Nations Associations of Spain in 2009 and has discovered his positive attitude towards international and multicultural environment. He speaks and writes English, French, Kirundi and Swahili Fluently. He likes to share and to learn. He believes on ICT and Internet. In 2008, he was Burundi Schools Coordinator for United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) www.standagainstpoverty.org via STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION (ref: mwaura.kaara@gmail.com ) In 2007 until now he is mentor and co-founder of a grassroots alliance in Burundi A Better Community for All (ABC4ALL/Burundi). Since 2008-2010 he served as National Focal Point (NFP) for the Global Youth Coalition on AIDS in Burundi (GYCA). Since over two last years, he worked as country Coordinator in Burundi for Network of African Youth for Development (NAYD). Since 2009-2011 he is responsible of JEANCKA University Student-Program of Research and Training created by Youth on ICTs and Microfinance through RADIO HINDURA Club which use Arts and mobile phone. His duties are and responsibilities: -Kept in regular touch with NAYD Countries coordinators and founders and update them on a monthly basis; -Together with local members develop a work plan and adhere to it; -Be available for strategic meetings (online, by phone, or in person) with other members of your regional team; -Reached out to other NAYD members in Burundi country to organize events, trainings, and campaigns; -He coordinate local meetings, gatherings and be available for strategic online or by phone, or in person) with other members of your regional team; -Reach out to other Youth groups in rural areas of Burundi and East African Community, -Organise Country Youth events, trainings, and campaigns; -Organize local gatherings with youth and inform them about opportunities, events and resources. -Undertake outreach and communication with RADIO HINDURA CLUB members in their countries, to ensure equal focus and representation related to national needs, challenges and activities; -Supervise Policy Research -Jeancka-University Student Training sessions -As Burundi Country Coordinator of NAYD, he represents NAYD and contributes to its objectives of empowering youth in Africa and development -Conducted researched on organizations working in their countries on youth, ICTs and internet Governance and MDGs -Assisted ASASS-BURUNDI in its ongoing efforts to reach marginalized youth at the grassroots level; -Submitted a brief report and pictures of conferences/important meetings attended; -Contributed to capacity building – including partaking in available JEANCKA University Student e-courses, where possible, translate and/or facilitate the e-courses;
Concept owner and president of the donga Mantung Youths for Peace, Country coordinator of the Network of African Youths for Development Cameroon Office and Youth Employment Services Cameroon as communication officer.
I am SRHR activist with over 8years of experience. I am equally a journalist for he international year of Youth with Advocates for Youth USA sponsored by UNFPA.
international relations, youth exchanges
I was member in African Economic council, General Secretary of African Students Union in Egypt, Youth for new Africa Association, Conseil des Maliens de l'exterieure, to teach the African students in Egypt on the computer sciences for free to research on Africa.
I do investigate, document, monitoring and reporting human rights violations in the country and I was working for the field of human rights fifteen years a well known organization and it was the first organization stands to defend with its communities.
- I work as a Tackling Poverty Together (TPT) Country Rep in the Regional Steering Committee which is in 8 countries namely: Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. - I work as an HIV/AIDS awareness Campaigner at our organisation.
Working in youth issues, improve awareness youth in development issues trainings, skill building
Planting trees in summer season Cleaning surrounding areas from solid wastes
am a youth advocate with education as a vaccine in collaboration with the advocates for youths
community mobilizer to mobilize the activities youth community youth
Am a peer educator, working in collaboration with Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)
I will teach different youth based on the knowledge and experience I have.
I'm member of Young Volunteers or Environmental NGO (YVE or JVE in French). In this NGO, I'm Programs Officer. I've to responsibility to make sure that all activities are executed as mentioned in the annual action plan. I also manage with a team several development projects. We organised different activities of capacity building for young people and rural actors in order to help them to improved their capacities in their actions in their communities. I also make a report of each activity for my chiefs.
I am a youth advocate in my country. I work for EVA(education as a vaccine). its a youth led non governmental NGO set out to empower young people and to ensure that in the nearest future young people will reach their full potentials. and our target audience are the lawmakers who have the power to enact laws affect young people and their welfare.
I work as a volunteer Youth advocate with a Youth-led non-governmental organization Education as a Vaccine (www.evanigeria.org) and we hold government accountable for the full and responsible utilization of funds allocated for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH), promote the meaningful involvement of youth in decision-making regarding policies. I document young peoples health issues through video documentaries, media presentations, advocate directly to specific policy makers and carry out campus activities to sensitize young people on issues and policies.
I 've done some voluntary work in hospital restoration.
Do a lot of advocacy for the youth on issues affecting them and the environment Undertaking community based development on Millennium Development Goals
I write blogs for the African Girl initiative Uganda to raise awareness about the plight of the Urban poor. africangirluganda.wordpress.com
I am a youth activist who runs a discussion and debating platform that aimed bringing a youth of different background for them to dialogue over their differences.
I have a set on volunteers and we are working on developing the national volunteer program and centre, with the European volontariat service.
I have been participating in youths seminars and other youth activities.
I do volunteer the youth activities like attending international conferences about youth
After observing the reaction of patients from different hospitals that they are not well welcomed by the nurses, because of weakness in communication skills, the result of being not/ not well treated, our association RWANDA SIMULATED PATIENTS INITIATIVE decided, In partnership with Kigali Health institute, to contribute in monitoring the students practical courses. When the students arrive in practical courses, the use of simulated patients will be needed in place of mannequin which may not give reaction and feedback.
I volunteer to develop organizations and communities
Social development
Unicef Climate Ambassador
I am the National President of the Youth Action Movement of Sierra Leone which is the youth component of the Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone. it is a volunteer based organization and a member association of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. My job is to coordinate the affairs of young people, act as link with them and the office, represent young people at the association's board and build the capacity of other members.
Youth Advocacy work
Running Youth Organization where 238 vulnerable children are feed and being tough nursery school and part-time educations.
I volunteer with an NGO, We encourage voluntary blood donation
I worked for Tackling Poverty Together (TPT-Liberia) and host of youth and students organizations organizing projects and providing expert services to the joint youth project sponsored by UNFPA-Liberia. We are currently working on the policy for volunteerism in Liberia.
I volunteer in bringing awareness to the youth in different sectors of the UN Millennium Development Goals. And help in ICT Development of the World Assembly of Youth which has access to the National Youth Council in Uganda. I also do volunteer work for the UN which is an online Volunteering program. In which I help Organizations that need any IT related development or recognition.
Community Mobilization through conservation mangrove forest and conservation sea turtles conservation.
Try to help different youth clubs coordinate and some times by giving training to improve their skills
Youth council
Coordinating an NGO.
Data processing and management community mobilization Training and etc mentoring of youths proposal and report writing
I am Volunteering as a Programme Country Coordinator for My Own Children International Sierra Leone chapter.
Organises town clean up campaigns every year. Organise awareness campaigns for different issues i.e HIV/AIDs and Human Rights Provision of Youth Friendly HIV Testing and counselling. Facilitation of formation of AIDS TOTO Clubs in and out of school youth.
On assuring gender equality that is very important for development.
Being involved in tree planting exercises on voluntary basis As a youth introduce programmes for the benefit of young people
I volunteer in the Moroccan Federation that fights for women's rights. I give English classes. I also participate to the workshops in some deprived high schools in Casablanca.
I was giving Trainings for youths to prevent them selves from HIV & RH related Issues I was participate in youth based Associations
As I am working flat out, researching to ensure total road safety, when ever I see pot holes close to my home, I cover with stones. I don't pass any accident scene without stopping to asses the cause. I also help by rushing the injured to hospitals.
Am working with Northern Youth Network as a Coordinator and also a Vice Chairperson for National Youth Network on Climate Change
help my community in a social work like building a mosque school
• Youth development Program/projects devolvement • Offer trainings (e.g leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation) for youth • Organize youth dialogues and discussion sessions • Advocacy
I am the newly elected Assembly Member of the Zongo Electoral Area of the Kwahu West Municipal Assembly and I represent the interest of over 7000 people at the assembly. This job comes with no salaries and other financial benefits. I am also engaged in teaching post Senior High School graduates who do resit their examinations for better results with an NGO.
I'm part of a young women volunteer group and I regularly participate in community service.
Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) with United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU)
Provide different capacity building to NGOs members
1) education underprivileged children 2) youth developmental programs 3) UN project on sustainable land management
I do increase my exposure to pharmacy studies as a student on intends in community pharmacies
Volunteer with SYFA, save your future association in community building
The International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) is an international non-profit youth exchange organisation promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service. ICYE organises long and short-term exchanges combining home stays with voluntary service in a variety of community service projects in more than 34 countries around the world.
Volunteering to youth-led NGO's
Human Right work advocating for the poor marginalized groups in Sierra Leone
Serving the Zimbabwean Youth for 10 years without a salary. lobbying for policies, quarter systems, organizing Youth day, International Youth day etc. Touring Zimbabwe trying to change the minds set of our youth, alas the change is very very tiny.
Hiv /Prevention Program
Field work for Christian Care ?Organisation
Working with young people by helping them in skill development
I do three volunteer work for my country and the youth group am with are as follows: 1) Global Unification-The Gambia: I work as their National Treasurer with no cost no monthly allowances. 2) Disaster Committee Member of Kanifing Municpality Council( KMCDMC) as their Disaster radio Coordinator from 2009 to date with no payment received 3) Youth Consortium For Progress: Am their Vice-President with no cost of payment or even monthly allowance. All these work am doing are free of charge.
Advocacy on health issues and entrepreneurship skills to young people
Volunteer for Daffodil Day. It is to raise money for cancer research.
I work in building the capacities of young people in community based youth organizations.
promotion of youth social economic empowerment and youth counselling activities
Education of young people in Schools in reproductive health, women and rights issues.
Youth development with particular emphasis to respecting and practicing family life, restricting from drugs, abstinence from illicit sex & entrepreneurship development.
I move around local communities to lecture on the effects of degradation, desertification and how to manage community forest. I also give lectures on propagation and welding of trees around catchments and along the streams. I lobby for tree seeds and give them out to farmers to plant. I move around schools to teach the children to plant a tree each. I encourage the culture of tree planting around communities.
Am a unicef climate ambassador 4 Zambia I am involved wit sensitization programmes on climate change and also help ma city by involving my self in activities data will help us adapt and mitigate to climate change
I am youth climate activist and social justice advocate
Human Rights especially for children. I am a founder of non gov´tal org. for Children and Youth to protect and fight for the enforcement of their rights.
I work with people with disability, orphans and street children.
Training in basic accounting of treasurer of youth associations of Buterere slam in Bujumbura
I did in 2007 when at my university in the southern Sudan where we assisted in hospitals and various activities at the ministry of education, another one was training for the period of 3 years in the southern Sudan.
I assist in the administration of an institution.
provision of youth friendly activities at the youth centre and at my youth organisation
Tree planting
Am a youth leader representing my country in a number of youth networks that lobby and advocate for youth involvement, participation and inclusion for development
I work my country as volunteer in order to mobilize the youth who are part the ongoing war of the country and we created many
Environmental justice
For some selected NGO's
I often volunteer with local non-government organisations doing community development, I have also volunteered with a UK based charity. Furthermore, I tutor orphan children and assist them in their academic development.
I work with youths and young adults discussing and training them on active citizenship, I also work with vulnerable children and people living with Hiv/Aids.
Giving sexual and reproductive health education to fellow
Global Youth coalition on HIV/AIDS NFP Unicef Voice of the youth African Youth initiative on climate change
We educate the youth on the challenges they will face in the future. - we also do free training in computer packages to assist as many that can not afford the computer center. - just to mention few.
Preventive counseling - Capacity building - community sensitization and mobilization - community rapid testing and counseling - adherence counseling - psycho-social counseling



















Q37. How can more coordinated youth volunteerism be developed by the African Union?
By empowering youth people to do volunteerism.
They can through engaging them and making clear before one get into work.
More money, so that we can have enough resources and be empowered
Making them feel the need to participate
Reaching every African youth MUST b your priority; create chapters of your body in every region and surburb, ...
I think it needs to be more bold & ambitious to create awareness through various avenues. and also try to influence the actions & policies of States through peaceful mechanisms. It will achieve its objective if there is a determination on the part of the top level leaders ( of the African Union) that the continent needs "Change". that is change for the better, not the worst. after having a clear agenda on the part of the leaders, creating an organizational hierarchy that reaches the grass root level will also be essential.
African Union must focus on lobbying the Member States on tangible commitments--i.e. human and financial resources and investments to acceleration of youth programs. These programs need to be prioritized, and incorporated throughout all bodies of the AU. Volunteerism is JUST one aspect of youth development.
By involving those at the hinterlands
Designing strategies which can make youth productive. In some cases volunteers are not very serious in delivering their tasks because they know they are not on a payroll. The experience we have had in our organization, Mtwapa being a tourist town they come for leisure . the engaging Volunteer organization and the host organization must have very clear deliverables tied to time frames . this will improve volunteerism
By identifying area of volunteerism and supporting in materials and guidance
By teaching the youths that if we want a better tomorrow, we should learn to make the change ourselves; and not waiting for someone to start the change. The change starts with ourselves and the leaders should lead by example.
If there is anything like incentives to at least execute projects and also trainings on how to be patroitic and recognition of volunteers that has done well.
Advocacy so that the concept of volunteerism is first well understood. If this is clear to all then the understanding will be created that will move people form a scarcity mentality to a abundant mentality and the word of Mahatma Gandhi shall ring true to our minds that, "the world has enough for everyone's needs and not anyone greed".
By youth associations
By giving chance to every youth to participate
Through a collaboration with Pan African grassroots and professional organizations to set up internships and exchanges with college and university students, paired with high school students and elders. An inter-generational component is key.
By putting policies in place that are friendly and incorporate the everyday needs of the young African youth. It needs to be simplistic in order for anyone to adopt to. Better yet, make it mandatory that for each youth who passes their last year of high school, need to go for Voluntarism just like the European kids do it, when they come to our country for a year or two.
Provide incentives for youth to volunteer.
Through exchange programs
I think it is important ant for the AU youth to build ties with each other, more integration among the Youth of Africa is needed, this could be done by having an organisation that is in all African countries and deals also in student and professional exchanges across Africa, this will create opportunities for an exchange of ideas among the youth as well unite the youth of Africa
First a mind shift is need. I believe that if something of value is to happen, someone, somewhere has to give or sacrifice. Many people are in a hurry to accomplish something bigger than volunteerism. If the African Union can find a bunch of people who are blind to their needs and want to leave a lasting impact like Mother Theresa, it will take off like paper tissue ashes. When the Union casts or shares it vision those who want to run with it, will initiate it
By supply them given theme course on Sustainable Development
The AU needs to develop a strategy to mobilise more young people by making it more diverse.
Create a network of dialogue and discussion for young Africans
By organizing a Network system of Volunteering
There must be proper communication of what people are going to do and what skills are going to be gained so youth can be motivated to volunteer since the skills to be gained can be used in other areas of their lives and be able to sustain themselves.
Encourage more participation. Employ more young people in the organisation. Organise round table discussions on policies concerning the continent and engaging young adults participation. Encourage freedom of speech and more young people in the body politics of the continent
Through partnerships with like-minded youth organisations * by recognising the efforts of youth involved in volunteerism and social change
Indeed, AU must make a compulsory policy on all national governments to integrate youth development programs, partnership with youth and youth organizations.
I personally had a conversation with Dr Raymond Agossou concerning this issue . To develop a more coordinated youth volunteerism in the African union two things has to be done. 1. Creating Adequate awareness about volunteerism in the society in general and to the youth in Particular. even if there is enough financial resources , making the youth to participate in voluntary work is the main challenge. so educating the youth about volunteerism has to take the priorities.2. 2. After securing the involvement of the youth , getting financial resources is one of the bottleneck , getting the resource is also the big challenge. Therefore making partnership with different organization to support volunteerism is the sound mechanism .
It should first consult with local agencies undertaking there efforts like COTFONE (www.cotfone.org) and find out its strategies and to facilitate Youth Led Organization to spearhead that task but not channelling the support to the government which to date failed to realize the need for volunteerism for our community development.
Through summit and conference
By publishing it on their website because there are lots of nigerian who are ready to do volunteer jobs
No information
Identify priority areas and link with youth groups
By supporting youth friendly programs by offering business management trainings to the youth having a good network of youths within the country with government assistance in placements
By trying out youth exchanges within various African countries and then youth can have a feel of how the rest of Africa really is because it is definitely not the same everywhere. This exchange should have skilled participants and involved organizations that have a deep connections with communities that are in need of volunteers. Am saddened by the fact that white people have to pay to come volunteer in Africa and nothing meaningful comes out of it.
It will be a good thing to create an African volunteerism program where youth can get in villages and undeveloped areas in there countries and other countries to participate in development projects initiated by youth and NGOs.
Forming networks and funding some of the activities developed by organisations
Besides the African Youth Charter, a Voluntary Charter must be written and ratified by all the nations of African Union, this to promote the volunteerism in Africa. Or the clauses of Volunteerism must be defined by the AU
If some of their voluntary activities are held/supported by some other volunteers
By providing project that are youth related and encouraging the youth to participate through youth led organizations.
By training, by encouraging those that are doing it voluntarily on their own
The African Union must have organize a volunteer programs involving youth organizations for activities related to development in each country. The program must be coordinated in each country by a coordinator to guide field activities in each country. This coordination of youth must be placed in each country to allow this one to properly conduct and manage field activities. This structure will be used to support the national youth council in each country. This is a support structure that depends on the AU and who should provide assistance to the organization and structure youth in each country.
Concerning this issue I personally had plenty of conversations with Dr Raymond Agossu. who work in African Union specially focusing on the youth. Africa is Blessed with both natural and human resources but they under utilized . 1.In my point of View the first thing to do is to create adequate awareness about VOLUNTEERISM in the society in general.. After creating or developing a good culture of voluntary work / service then facilitating a means for people to be involved in voluntary work is the second job. 2. Indeed Voluntary work by it self need a budget or resources. when we say voluntary work it doesn't mean that the volunteers will work by incurring a cost from their pocket unless the nature of the volunteer work is to donate some money . so raising a fund by creating some partnership is the second means to have a coordinated youth volunteerism in Africa. as Dr Raymond Agossou told me the only challenge they face to work with youth Volunteers is LAKE of ADEQUATE budget or resource.
volunteerism help youth to growth skills and experiences youth work with all theirs skills and use force. youth have power and knowledge so is better to use youth in volunteerism
We need to coordinate to mama africa from university or secondary school level. For me I will be coordinated if I can find independent youth organization acting for humanity. So do that for people like me,if any. Volunteerism should be given in the school curricula from child hood. hope we willbe on board some time ahead before his coming.
Through cultural exchange programs and engagement in trans boundary activities within regional blocs. for example I have developed a concept paper on East African Peace Caravan to focus on environmental conservation and peace but I need support to work it out
Through motivation
Proper information dissemination, many youths are willing to volunteer but they are not aware
There is need to come with a standardized and near universal volunteer policy where a number of things are agreed on such as incentives.
Provision of funds for community programs
Use of representatives and social networks
It should be accessible, sometime we struggling to get place where we can volunteer
Promotion of inter country volunteers exchange programme. Increasing funds to promote youth volunteers. Start youth volunteers cghapters in every country
Right policies with their correspondent support must be institutionalized to realise such a dream. It should also focus on learning from experiences of other nations where such activities are working for replication .Mere policy mighty not work.
It will help empower the youth and give them more awareness on issues disturbing them
By creating more youth groups in different parts of the country, funding projects to be carried out by these youths and giving them little incentives to encourage them in their work
In my candid opinion, I strongly believe that a lot of young people that are and has been involved in voluntary work and are making or have made greater impacts do lack some professional academic qualifications. There are several reasons for that according to research. However, the AU needs to look at volunteering opportunities that go alongside professional education being acquired in the process. Provisions must also be made for some financial empowerment either to facilitate their work with their organizations or others.
Unity among the member countries
More projects that could have voluntary work should be started. Food and accommodation might need to be provided so some sort of funding for more of this is needed.
Come up with projects that need volunteers and are not charged to join, this will give the youth a sense of belonging, hats all they need and in a way they are gaining practical experience to tackle worldly issues in a more practical manner
Create awareness for youth and voluntary passes
It must have incentives that will attract more young people to engage in volunteer work. If you look at the European volunteers when they come to Africa they don't sleep on an empty stomach, they are given honoraria. Where necessary (not always) a component of incentives help / encourage the youth to commit their time in voluntary work.
Making such opportunities known by the youth.
The establishment and empowerment of national youth councils across the continent...
By first encouraging cross community interaction before cross-boarder then Africa as whole. This will enable the Africans to appreciate what they have and also realise that they r one and same.
Youth development unit
By develop of youth projects, programs, networks, workshops and trainings
A global online network of African youth volunteers should be created, were volunteers discuss the needs of their countries and experiences needed in order to develop certain fields, with information about places that need volunteers. Also volunteer exchanges could be very useful in this regard, in order to learn from successful experiences. Volunteers could, through the network, engage in researches and studies about the needs of different regions and countries, providing applicable ideas and solutions.
Sensitised the youths. Because I think volunteerism is high level of Patriotism.
Communication and implication of urban and rural youth
Let the ones that we have function well first the we talk about the establishment of new ones.
Through INTERNET & TIC or web site-Over long distance volunteer services. I have been a young volunteer in the United Nations Volunteers services and Have helped my association ASASS-BURUNDI to develop academic training program for youth and all in Burundi. This is an amazing service achieved via internet and volunteering service.
By causing countries that have not yet ratified the Youth Charter to do so much so that if applicable in all nations and followed strictly
Instituting a volunteer teaching corps to bring skilled educators to the rural communities while providing valuable experience to these educators
more networking and training sessions
Conferences, Seminars, Training courses ...
It can be developed very seriously because now it begins for more movements of the youth as they are ready to defend with their rights among others. It depends how far the African Union work with the Global Youth organizations.
I think the African Union could more effectively support or encourage the creation of national voluntary programs. cheaper and it would allow many young people to work. it would in my view, to recruit young volunteer people in their industries. primarily in the field of health and education and after, for supporting young entrepreneurs then sending them to the first two years one or two people support necessary to take off their business. that help to reduce the rate of unemployment and promote local development.
Initially youth should be aware about African youth charter, AU by itself should be accessible for youth Give un reserved supports for youth work with strong youth organizations assign volunteers to youth organizations
Providing training regarding the importance of voluntarism Taking initiative in establishing role model clubs Supporting fund to strengthening the clubs
By creating inter-states youth volunteer programme across Africa.
Making youths understand its all about your passion and not the money
By giving us the youth in my country the access to voluntary job which off course I am very interested in doing
Making known information about youth volunteerism and their opportunities.
People have many reasons for doing volunteer work in Africa. Many want to help others and some are looking for ways to be involved or to make the world a better place. Desires for activism, community building, and self-exploration can also be fulfilled through volunteering. Connect with the African community and be a part of the various cultures, activities, issues, etc. that you may never experience otherwise. Perhaps you have a cause you feel strongly about: put your beliefs into action by volunteering your time and efforts toward that cause. Some people volunteer formally through a profit, non-profit, or charity organization, while others volunteer informally by helping a sick neighbour or tutoring a friend. People who do volunteer work in Africa get first hand information about the problems facing Africa like poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease, unemployment and environmental degradation. This has been caused by illiteracy, ignorance, high population growth rate, declined rate of manufacturing, excessive exportation of raw materials, unfair international trade, primitive and un-mechanized methods of agriculture, corruption, political instabilities and unjust world economic order. The first hand information of previous volunteers in Africa has contributed immensely to the recent cancellation of Africa's foreign debts of multi-billions of US Dollars by the G-8 rich countries.
Voluntarism should be given a great emphasis in AU since it has an important impact on the development of the nations through youth involvement.
AU can support and promote a youth voluntarism through implementing a nation wide 'youth summer voluntary program' scheme on Higher institutions. This is critical for both AU and the youth in the program. Au will access a pool of potential knowledge and leaders and the youth will be benefited from the pre-experience they get before they graduated from colleges
Reducing the impression that it's for a get-away plan from being unemployed. The programmes should be given a facelift that would make participants proud.
A forum can be made with members from each countries, rallies and campaigns cam be carried out in those countries enlightening the youths on the importance of their involvement in youth designed projects. one on one discussions can be done by members in schools to their peers.
Invest in youth-led programs to build the capacity of young people.
In my country is not fluent.
The best way to train and introduce youth volunteering in Second cycle schools as part of the curriculum
By inculcating the spirit of volunteerism as well as giving intensives to the volunteers they need to survive
Firstly AU should recognise the youth as main actors to bring the change in the continent and then AU has to also inclusive in terms of making the you organizations participate in its efforts. Currently AU engages an organization called pan African youth association whose existence and representation is mysterious.
Work with organizations like us: www.jeunessevertecameroun.org www.ajvsurf.net www.yesforevs.eu
The AU should involve youths in decision making at the top level.
Well it needs to give a chance for the African youth to attend the international youth conferences to get connection to the other youth around the world and to get fresh ideas so they can return to the continent and implement those ideas
By organizing the training and financial supports
Through awareness and sensitization programs Through training
Assist in planning research training
Channel youth programmes through established organisations and ensure they are monitored.
The African Union should first of all try to have a volunteer body in all countries so that the idea of volunteerism could be spread through out because sincerely volunteerism is very strange in Africa and most young people are not willing to volunteer. if we can have country coordinating volunteer body from the African Union I believe we can have a sustainable youth volunteer programmes.
By introduction of compulsory volunteering programs in it's member countries.
By providing them with Office, Office equipment and give them a very big IGA to make it sustain and run its programs simply.
Public Awareness, most youths are not even aware that they can volunteer.
Just be like America.
Volunteering work should be advertised as a way of accumulating experience. When I completed my first degree ,I went to volunteer in a private company for no pay just to get the skills and experience. The AU should not try to do this alone but partner with private sector.
In this age, the youth spend a lot of time online. I think, the African Union can create a community of African Youth online to do discussions, exchange ideas and help each other all over the continent by giving testimonials on what voluntary work has done for their nation.
Through sharing information and dissemination programme.
AU should developed a well articulated chatter or treaty and make all member country to sign the chatter or treaty
Create opportunity for youths to participate on different issues
Through ne. and by being nationalistic
African Union ? what is that ?
Youths organization who use volunteers should be supported and strengthen network of youths volunteer should be establish youths volunteerism should be encourage through mass mobilization, sensitization and intensive capacity building youths exchange should be encourage also
Through using the media such as the internet in connection with social youth groups and develop funding for youth to be able to participate in youth programs
By having exchange visit to countries which are doing well in Volunteerism.
promoting awareness of the youth in Africa, Designing Africa to Africa Volunteerism.
More youth should be empowered and told the goodness of volunteerism
Make them aware of the importance of volunteering and what will be the future outcomes foe them and their country.
Through sustainable work plan
Set up independent unit coordinating volunteerism Establish database areas demanding voluntary works and potential volunteers Establish linkage systems ( such us online/ electronic linkages)
Campaigns must be seen in all the media everyday encouraging the youth to participate in voluntary work. Those who have volunteered to do some charity work must have air play in the electronic media i.e. television to lure others to do the same. The youth must be informed that a life is not important unless if it impacts positively on others. We are on earth as we were given this life and the land free by the Creator so why cant we give back by means of voluntary work.
There is much to be done. youth has to be given equal opportunities.
If it start from grass root level and can be strengthen to union
To get more help form them like to do an exchange youth volunteerism around the countries members of African Union
The African Union should involve the Youth in the Churches as these are already established groups and they make up a majority in Africa.
It should be: • Transparent • Accountability • Cost effective • With clear and realistic criteria • Fairly participate all youth in various sub continent • Requires promotion • Should participate rural youth also • Should be labour intensive • Should be development oriented and strives for higher level results
By giving special recognitions and certificate of service to participants for which those certificates values them for some advantages in future and by getting all member countries to pass a mandatory rule on it.
The AU needs to better report youth volunteerism projects and develop tool kits to promote youth volunteerism.
By facilitating voters so that they can afford their immediate needs like transport and lunch during their time of service.
Through different networking events with youth from all around the world (to share experiences and knowledge and start/expand cooperation)
By promoting it through sensitisation campaigns and rallies. Also by introducing groups and clubs that promotes it
THEY should make use of technology in every share of their communication.
By making provisions for some supports and grants
Through participatory programmes where the youths are sensitize on what to be done
By creating awareness on the impact and the importance of volunteer work. Letting people understand and appreciate the value of self-help. Voluntary work has always been existence in Africa. It has been always referred to as communal labour.
Have a specific volunteerism policy in the countries.
Information sharing, networking , research and advocacy work should be of more focus
The AU should first work to support the country practically recognize and develop system to value volunteer works . secondly I suggest the AU can test its plan through local associations already practicing it.
Best experiences from different countries can be shared among member countries, capacity building activities can be done. etc
Bringing Youth leaders together. Allow African regions to visit various places offering their skills and talents. Set African Union Volunteerism section to run projects in areas of Agriculture, Education, construction etc
Integrated youth organization and Government
The focus must be on countries that need immediate assistance in terms of relief and food aid. The AU must not allow foreigners to come and take more voluntary jobs when young Africans are available.
By sensitising and encouraging them
Volunteerism is very important because you learn a lot and you can you that to be employed somewhere but (Volunteerism in Africa is very difficult because of high levels of poverty and ignorance.
The African Union need to have at least few youth volunteers to be involves in their all activities if possible or in few activities that will help them in development of any country.
Volunteers should be recruited from existing VYO s and effective training of prospective volunteers
Have a standardised system in place that is open and transparent.
Its my opinion that more needs to be done in educating young people on the importance of volunteerism. It is a culture that is not widely developed in Africa
By pump in more funds for youth development activities
AU should establish a youth volunteer body, fund and use it to work with youth like that of UN.
Too far
This can be a national policy of each country or a call for youth organization to register directly with the Africa Union. some countries may create youth led volunteer but make it to be dormant. I believe this volunteer groups should be register under the African Union, it will be more realistic and all their project should be determine and coordinator by the African Union.
By introducing more projects in various countries which will enable youths take part and to also support the youths physically, psychologically, financially etc
Special program geared toward motivating youth to take up volunteering job should be put in place
Encourage internship
By involving Africans owned NGO´S in the implementation processes.
Sometime ago we came up with a youth volunteer program called the Pan African Youth Service (PAYS), we contacted some people who told us they represent the AU Youth Program but they never contacted us. Our Idea is to create PAYS in all the 5 sub regions of Africa. The idea was to make African youths useful to Africa instead of dying in the desert on the way to Europe. While in Europe and North Africa I also noticed that many African youths has never visited any country apart from their own country. The idea was also to get African youths know other countries in Africa too. Under one of my other organisation Coalition of Supporters Union of Africa (COSUA) www.cosua2010.com, which also has an AU Mandate we are trying to promote PAYS to ensure that African youths can volunteer to develop Africa.
Need first of all to train volunteer and to give them a good tool for it. A kind of head coordination, in order to have common vision of Volunteerism
Through empowering youths groups in various nations and tasking them to develop a volunteering scheme or project connected to internships through university students and high school students. To high school students is the concept of giving rise to the tradition of volunteerism and how beneficial and important it is to the community. In actual fact volunteerism makes all people in the community participate in community development.
Creating a good network of youth led organizations in Africa, and promoting local initiatives by youth through coordination with already developed organization through government support.
establishment of youth networks at all levels
Have a good advocacy strategy
by awareness............... taking it to the rural areas.
By creating and supporting well developed structures of youth volunteers in the region consultations with relevant youth groups and youth Networks
- come up civil organizations that promotes "volunteerism" - support youth grass root local CBOs to promote volunteerism
the volunteer base is main important part of every country development and also African union so in my opinion youth volunteerism is part of African development
Young people are in need of money and very poor. Pure volunteerism is hard as they need some basic staff yet our organizations do not have that stipend for such
The government should encourage volunteerism
I believe that the African Union could set up a similar system to the European Volunteer System for African youth as the European one enjoys success.
Formation of coalitions, advocacy and campaigns
Creating volunteer data base and giving acknowledgment for all representative.
By encouraging Youth to actively participate in government developmental projects or programmes hence Youth will get ownership
To incite young people to be interested and militate in non-profit associations or organization and volunteerism - initiate to THE official level activities where young people will have to give some of their free time and their competence to help - to legalize THE civic service
By youth awareness raising on basic Human right principles
Having a pan africa cordination system of volunteers and a curricular of volunteer Training
















Q38. What do you see as your primary obligations and responsibilities as a youth?
My obligation as a youth is to work for my country and make sure that my country realize my rights.
I want to create a channel in all youth to have lot of dialogues on vitalities of culture. Culture is our identity. I want one day to stop racism to youth through culture. I want the history to be told in young people raw as it is. Current I am busy researching about a history of about 18 centuries, my wish is to get a full support in all corners because I believe once I do this one perfectly more youth will interested. The history that I am collecting and compiling from the elders won't only me that is going to benefit because before me I have considered all folks and me. My interest is to get the youth in one place forming a better tomorrow through culture. I want the youth to understand the diversity of all cultures. Most important thing to form a dialogue with other continents and talk about many youth issues and or matters.
Is to empower our young people to believe in themselves and know that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF WE BELIEVE
Uplifting of my nation
Making my voice heard, bringing teenagers to the right part,...
Doing the best I can to promote good governance & human rights for human kind. in that manner, I will have the opportunity to impart the knowledge I got through educational trainings & life.
To know their rights, understand their role, actively insist on their participation. Tolerate, and support each other. Exemplify what they aim to achieve through establishing their own networks that are built on the values and ethics they aim to achieve in their countries.
Maintaining law and order
To use my time well in productive work . to be a role model and initiate change.
The world needs some thing from me, so I have to give it out
Taking care of my surroundings and the environment Contributing to the development of my community and country as a whole I have the right to make a decision Fighting injustices To say no drug abuse.
To get other youth informed of their rights and abilities and how to channel it to actualising sustatainable development. to encourage the girl child education because they train the kids and you cannot give what you dont have.
First to take full responsibility for themselves and their actions. Then align actions with a clear goal
Working hard
Awareness to other youths with youth challenges, and also one important subject is leadership
N/A. I am here to serve as a mentor, facilitator, process group leader.
*Decision making *to be responsive to all the things around you *being thrifty *religious (not only spiritually, but physically - be constructive) *leading *being exemplary *hard-working and courageous
To participate fully in the democratic process in this country.
To make sure that my follow youths are well educated and are aware of all the youth programs meant for their benefits
To educate themselves on their National affairs and international as well as to participate in their nation building as much as possible. They should also take of their health and be helpful to those younger.
My obligation has been to impart true humanity in those younger than me although sometime those older than me were also affected. Using methods and ways my people are used to and speaking the language they speak. Many times people look for new ways when they have not understood nor practised the existing ones.
Try hard for Sustainable Development in my country
To be responsible, active and caring citizens who are able to contribute positively to society.
Young people need to join the network
I am happy because I am plying my part to help my fellow young people of Africa I am proud because I have assisted many young people to develop
To take part and contribute in social, political, economical environmental development in ones country and the world at large. take part in welfare issues of oneself and other people. Attain required education, skills and training which can be a key tool in taking part in decision making in ones society.
Help contribute my quota to nation building and working hard to make my country a better place for the next generation
* to help society develop through voluntary initiatives * to support government in building a peaceful environment * to be involved and included in all policy formulation and implementation
I am obligated to firstly develop myself, contribute to local and national development.
As a youth my Primary obligations and responsibilities are those listed in the African youth charter, the charter has clearly mentioned. Nothing less nothing more.
•?Train and socialise in order to learn different skills; •?Be patriotic and loyal to Uganda and promote her well-being; •?Contribute to the social economic development at all levels; •?Create and promote respect for humanity, sustain peaceful coexistence, national unity and stability; •?Take steps to protect the environment; •?Engage in supporting and protecting the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society; •?Promote democracy and the rule of law; •?Create gainful employment; •?Take advantage of available education and training opportunities; •?Develop positive attitude towards work; •?Avoid careless sexual practices.
Improving good governance in my country
I want to empower the youths in my enviroment
Hard work, help my community, and participate in development agenda of the country
Increase participation and representation of the youth in the national forum.
To help other youths who may not be in possession of information of their rights and obligations to know their status to behave in a manner accepted by the community and government and not to allow myself to be used by political leaders
Being a youth to me means having opportunities available to me, having options to choose what I want to do. It means being groomed to be a responsible person for my community. As a youth it is my responsibility to ensure that am aware and conscious of my actions and be responsible for them.
Citizenship to Participate to the development of my country and my continent
Youth activists
My primary obligations and responsibility as a youth is - to contribute knowledge , experience and expertise to the community -to actively participate in youth development programs
To first of all respect the low of the country, To save the country in purpose of going forwards and not backwards
I have an obligation to make my country what I want and I have the responsibility to promote my culture and embrace the spirit of unity and reject tribalism.
To be positive, to believe, to impact lives.
As African youth, many primary obligations and responsibilities are recognized to meet the African Youth Charter and promote it to every level of African youth. youth have a strong responsibility and important obligations towards its destination. Young Africans must awaken by actively participating in the daily papers and participatory management of its intended and in the decision making of major issues that concerned him. Young people should enjoy all the benefits and opportunities that come back positive are intended to build. Youth are responsible for the world of tomorrow, it is virtually important for him to be informed of the possibilities and necessities of life issues for its future.
I have a very short answer for this question. I don't exactly recall the number of the Article in the AYC that lists down the duties and responsibilities of the youth in Africa. I firmly believe that those obligation and responsibilities will also apply to me. so what I am saying is that my primary obligations and responsibilities are those which listed in AYC.2
develop my country and world. protected environment, peace and prosperity
Base my life on knowledge and reason eager for change taking care of myself contribute in community as long as opportunities are there.
To motivate youths into public service through volunteerism and Character competence
To abide with the constitution
self development
Drawing more youths to be aware of their rights, duties and obligations within the context of our country and advocate for community dialogues and other platforms where youth have an active voice and also interact with adults in a more engaging and consultative not in a confronting way that will create their marginalization as a rebellious and not focused group.
To maintain peace and work hard towards life improvement and development
To get involved in building the capacity of the youths for development
To be educated , to help others , to uplift the economy
Advocating and promoting youth rights. not to be used by politician to help them achieve their selfish interest. Fighting for our youth rights. helping fellow youth to achieve economic success through entrepreneurship skills training. Helping youth to make informed choices for a better future.
Is to release my deepest desire and peruse them holistically and making sure it affects my national life positively.
Help develop their potentials
Contributing as much as I can to the development of first my immediate community and then my country generally.
There are three things that I hold as a philosophy and they are as follows: - The Fear of God, believing that there is a God and He must be feared - Respect leadership by operating within the law and not out / against the rule of the law - Live a selfless live, live for others. With these three as my philosophy, I see myself as being equally responsible as my leaders and posterity will one day recall what ever I am doing now either against or in the interest of humanity.
-To work hard and help others especially the illiterate ones . -Contribute to national building and advocacy . -Create awareness and educate fellow youth on issues like climate change
To be actively involved in issues affecting society and to be proactive and a participant not a spectator and critic.
Voluntary national service, dedication to one's chosen occupation and above all youth activism...
Bring peace and security and stability to my country
Obligation To realize that change rely on the youth To be ready to learn and act To take active role in issues that affect us Responsibilities To be able to abstain from sex, alcohol and drug abuse To prevent conflicts and refuse to be bribed by failed politicians who want to waste the youth's valuable time and strengths
Getting higher education. Living responsibly. Improving the status of my community if given a chance.
Voluntary national service, dedication to one's chosen occupation and above all youth activism...
To meet my basic needs -food, housing, dressing and make contribution to economy by working for an income.
To make peace and united
Take part to the personal and national sustainable development
To share my experience with other youth, try to learn more and apply what I learn on my country.
Stay focus and achieve my dreams. Then see into it that I help others reason in a way that will not take them off track.
Learn to have skills and participated in the development of my country
Leadership and taking on the responsibilty awaiting me . The upcoming generatio await my leadership.
Willing-Commitment-Courage and dedication and volunteerism.
Contribute to Nation Building
Partake fully in citizenship duties including voting, decision making and governance. Engage in peer-to-peer education to promote youth development in areas such as literacy, use of information and communication technology,
Work hard and make awareness sessions
Africa responsibility that is my continent (my Country is Africa), I have to work for it to develop it.
To be expanded with the organizations who stands to defend the rights of the youth in order all the people getting a good understandable of the overall human rights and its rules and obligations.
being young, my first obligation is to develop my knowledge in order to give myself every chance to succeed in the future. I feel compelled to develop civic values ??and inculcate positive values ??in my area
- My primary obligation and responsibility as a youth is to first: protect myself and my partner from catching HIV and then not spreading it. - Spearhead and encourage fellow youth in charity work ...that's the work of volunteerism. - Encourage youth to s
Took part in countries development process and inform and aware to my fellow youth
Having the necessary education and skills, serving the people and the country. If necessary, to die to my own country.
what I see as my primary obligations and responsibilities as a youth is to help in the promotion of peace, participate in activities that add value to society and to serve my country when required to do so.
To influence a change among the youths as we understand our needs more than the older one who makes decision for us
To set a better example for others to follow and to care for others in my own capacity as youth
Responsible living. Taking care of my health and overall well being because I have a future ahead of me.
1. Value of time It is the responsibility of youths to identify the value of time . Because every moment of youth is very costly . Youth should be punctual for doing every work. 2. Stick to high ideals Our saints have fixed good ideals for human being. It is the responsibility of youth that he has to stick all high ideals . 3. Discipline It is responsibility of youth to maintain discipline because youth have passion . They misuse their passion by creating indiscipline. With indiscipline we can not make our country great . So , youth must understand the importance of discipline. 4. Tolerance I often saw that youths are so hurry to get result of his work . It is the responsibility of youth to do every work with tolerance . They should wait and they should present as a example of patience for others . They should learn tolerance from shri Ram Chandra when his father order him to go to forest for 14 years . He accepted this order patiently and wait 14 years for returning back to home . His responsibility is also an example for all youths . 5. Think before action Youths have stopped thinking . But he should know that this is main responsibility to think before action . With doing this youths can make thoughtful society . They can create original thinking . Thinking is differ from cramming . Thinking develop the mind of society but cramming ceases to be capable of original thinking. 6. Defend the freedom of country We are the citizens of free India . We got this freedom 62 years back . Countless freedom fighters struggled for achieving it . They sacrificed themselves so that we may hold our head high in respectful manner . It is the responsibility of youths of India to defend this freedom at every cost .
to contribute to the level of my capacity to the development of the country
As a young my priorities are working on my personal development, career building and family building after all Family is the nucleus of every thing in life.
Putting in my best in whatever I do.
Empower the youths, let them know about their rights, duties of the governments to them and their duties to ensure they push for enforcements of those rights. tell them of how much powers they wield as youths and their abilities to influence and sway the government of the day into making decisions that affect them.
My primary obligations and responsibility as a young person is to remain committed to the work I am doing by making my voice heard and ensuring that the voices of other youths are heard even if it is through videos and pictures. Also, to be an example as a young leader by giving back to those young people who are upcoming so that they can continue the work when I am no longer a youth. To vote during elections and encourage my peers to vote as well. To live my life the best way I can and never to forget home no matter how successful I become.
You must make a part of your time in volunteering activities or programs.
The primary obligation as a youth is to serve his community where He/She lives to promote national development.
To use my energy to transform my community I don't like what I see around
To demand our right and take initiative without waiting for others to tell us what we ought do.
Be responsible and pro active
Access to education and job opportunities and participating in decision making
Well first I have to educate myself in order to serve my community back home like teaching them what is necessary to their daily life.
To develop my country and Africa in general
To put in my best to develop my country Nigeria
Focus in a field.......... become a pioneer.......... develop the country in that particular field
Grasp more knowledge so that I can help my country develop and be innovative.
To empower other young people and advocate for more friendly and acceptable youth policies.
Building my community and country for a better tomorrow.
We see good and health life and helping developing our country as the primary obligation and responsibility of the youths.
Be a major impact maker in improving the economy of my country.
As a young man, I have to put on attitude of learning and assisting my country in the governance area. I can do so by helping my self to engage in work that will impact positively my peers and nation at large. I can do it now and better if I am giving the opportunity.
I am unfortunately not youth anymore
Awareness, development and building a sustainable environmental for not only this generation but future generations.
creating job opportunity and vocational skill training.
As a youth I am responsible for my country development so my obligation is I have to learn focus on my education and ready to accept the responsibility from my country
Be a good citizen , follow the simple rules and regulation
Work for the sake of the country. Move from consumerism and selfishness to the concept of society led actions.
To encourage other youths, be honest and handwork be a role model to other youths work to bring other youths out of poverty and assist them to live a worthy life
Create a room for development in your country and also sensitize colleagues who lack the understanding.
Make sure that youth take part in any developmental issues. To have a voice in decision making,
Just we have started it by promoting the awareness of the youth. There must be also a legal or policy frame work, guidelines, etc for better contributions of the youth as volunteers. There should be national service program for youth high school, college or university graduates or in the break of the year.
Set an example to other young people on the dangers of Harmful practices, drug and alcohol abuse.
Playing a role actively in Politics and helping youth who have lack of education.
I have to participate in youth focused issues voluntarily & up date my self with d/f aspects of development.
I am no more youth but considering myself as youth my role could be Actively participating in social and political activities at local and global scale
To ensure that we stand firm to preserve Africa by fighting foreign forces that hinder and destroy our African identity.
to work with my fellow youth especially those living in rural areas that has no access to internet, materials and youth interaction.
* To respect the countries law * to respect the community rights * To support my country
to be involve of any development of my country and be part of this development
To alleviate poverty in at least one homestead and encourage each of my friends to do so. Then the chain reaction can change villages without depending on the government which has so far continued to fail us.
• Participate in democratic processes such as election • Can teach and train the community about politics and democracy • Initiate non violence resistance and revolution against bad governments • Participate in the planning, implementation ,monitoring and evaluation of national development plans • Initiate states and citizens for change
It is to protect this country and its people against oppressions and advocate for sustainable development..
Active youth citizenship realized through volunteerism.
Being informed
nation building and personal growth
As an educated and privileged youth, I should educate the uneducated, give in charity and help others in every possible way, like visiting hospitals and prisons.
walk by the rules of the country and play my part in my career and the development of my country
Be education, meet up with the needs of my community
It really a difficult question to answer.
Volunteer and hep others to learn and living up to their dreams.
As an advocacy group, we fight in the area reducing poverty among youth and empowering them to become self- reliance in contributing to the MDG'S by 2015
Defeating poverty, and HIV/AIDS.
Touching lives. Just developing at least 10 youth per year. Helping others to realize their dreams. Helping determined youth reach their goals. Taking students from school to adult life with dignity and respect
Motivation Communication
To defend my Country. To fight for what I belive in.
to work hard in order to sensitise and moralise my young friends
Be educated and be responsible towards developing our nations
I show volunteering as my primary obligation and commitment as my responsibility. I always promise to fulfil my obligation as a youth volunteer as the saying goes on " Preach what you do " so I will do what I say . It's my dream or obligation to see Africa as the most Greener Environment within the world if we embark on Tree planting and mitigating flash flood, As we know that can reduce climate change let start it from grassroots level to the higher level.
Commitment to the progress and development of my community and loyalty to my country
To learn, respect yourself and others and enjoy life.
Participation in national development policies and poverty reduction strategies.
Taking a part in development activities
To contribute to community development and peace.
Respectable and responsible lifestyle with education & caring for family through decent income earned
I think as a youth I am compile to play a greater role on the political, economical, social and cultural development of my country and assume the responsibility to make sure these objectives are met. I should fully contribute to the nation building process of my country by lobbying for projects to ameliorate the living standard of a common man or the poor of the poorest. As youth it is my responsibility to be more proactive in combating the world challenges causing serious repercussion in the political, economical and social domains. It is my obligation to be a monitor of development that will determine my future and the future my children.
To create a beta world and future 4 the cumin generation and the entire human race
1. participate in national development in what ever way they can
One a data bank id established.
Fight for my natural rights.
I am no longer a youth, but what I have seen is that most African youths want to get rich quick or travel to Europe. This mentality will not develop Africa.
We need a continent where youth participate in edification of civic and participative democracy within denied of any form of corruption and inequality
To train and awareness creation to all youths to discover their identity and purposes of their lives. To be able to stand for moral conduct and be work for others for humanity. To do everything as the duty and not take a path where advantage lies. To be have self sacrifice in all spheres of life.
As an asset in my community, I look at creating a positive change in my local community. And calling on other youth to engage in any development work.
Plan various youth programmes and special youth activities. work as programmes officer
Make the society a better place for all.
To take of my family and people around me. to contribute immensely to the development of this country, Nigeria by being a good citizen.
As a young person I am obliged to be a good citizen by observing and respecting the rule of laws of the country, and exercising my rights responsibly My responsibility is to speak for the voiceless youth that I represent and actively participating in development
to struggle how to survive the Somali youth and to save many life of youth who are now under the fire and than second to other African countries
To building capacity and empower other young people in their areas to understand environmental, social and economical issues and further understand their roles in elections and government
My obligation and responsibility as youth is to maintain law and orders
To live as a decent human being contributing where, and when I can to the development, not just of youth in my country, but to the world at large.
Promotion and defence of Democracy and civility in the governance of the country and interpersonal relationship with fellow citizens. Promotion of the principle of gender equality. To be a good ambassador of my country where ever I find myself. To be actively involve in the promotion of national unity and national development. Conservation and promotion of the environment against pollution and degradation. Promotion of self_help, self respectability, cooperation and community development. Promotion of values of tolerance and responsible conduct.
Obligation - fully poarticipate in the development of the country -education
Take intiative and show leadership in all issues
Do GOOD FOR you and your country - keep promise - be GOOD model - follow and respect country policy - try to be voluntry worker
Help THE other young people to discover their potentialities FOR their self-fulfillment and their personal development. - Sustainable Development in africa - be ecologic FOR environmental protection
Respect, obedience and assistance with THE adults and old people - help THE other young be to imply in Sustainable Development process of our country - to share with THE others My knowledge and to carry out activities together in order to improve THE conditions of live of our communities
Develop Youth and Youth related activities
Lead By example - advocate FOR unity and Development - advocate FOR Sustainable Development - PROMOTE equality - respect FOR culture and diversity - creativity and innovation




















Q40. What can be done to improve the legal system in your country?
Botswana Transparency and no corruption
Burkina Faso Srengthening judicial independence
Burundi Involve youth in good governance and ICTs for development
Burundi My country needs strong sensitisation from government, another to separate our national youth council from political interest because actually it's our main problem, to interest youth in leadership.
Burundi From the head of state to fight impunity and need of respect of speech and promise done.
Cameroon Fight bribery and corruption. The only way is that each Arm of Government should be given his full powers. Meaning the Judiciary should not be influence by the executive and legislative.
Cameroon Apply criminal procedure code and the UN Convention on human rights and freedoms
Cameroon Provide induction programmes for imprisoned youth that are based on reformation, social rehabilitation and re-integration into family life; Make provisions for the continued education and skills development of imprisoned young people as part of the restorative justice process.
Cameroon Work for justice and end corruption.
Cameroon More committed men and women should be put in place to work in the legal system
Cameroon Make people to know their rights
Cameroon By motivation in the involvement of good activities for the good of the society
Cameroon Is by organizing seminars with government officials on capacity building on human rights and corruption, encouraging the government institutions to respect the state laws and to rightly implement them. Civil society organization should also advocate to government policies which are dormant and those poorly executed.
Cameroon Advocacy to the MP political willing
Chad Make youths more sensible.
Comoros To give the justice there independent not do be control by the government
CÔTE D'IVOIRE Firstly reduce the corruption and incite people to observe the normal procedures by activities of sensitizing. Apply law and justice normally without discrimination. To punish the corrupted ones. Reinforce the young people and the students skills about good governance.
DRC The reform of the judicial system of the Republic of Congo (DRC) is required to complete the establishment of the rule of law. This reform should involve consideration of several factors, including consolidation by the judiciary and improving working conditions for judicial personnel. This is justified by the fact that the DRC would move from a situation of conflict to peace and democracy to dictatorship, there is a deep need to reform all institutions symbolizing the abuses of the past such as the system judicial, military, police or security service to restore public trust towards these institutions. The reform should advocate that a strong and independent judiciary to benefit society as a whole and plays a key role in supporting the rule of law.
Egypt A legal system will only be fair when those that uphold the law are NOT corrupt. Governance and accountability structures need to be established/reinforced and monitored.
Egypt To be more independent
Egypt More binding rules
Eritrea Not sure.
Ethiopia The law (both its principles & practice should treat every one impartially.
Ethiopia Improving good governance and democracy
Ethiopia Involve all focal persons during putting new policies example disability policy needs to participate. to control private sectors gov needs to evaluate.
Ethiopia Professionally I am in the law stream and I know exactly where the progress of the Ethiopian legal system stake. I personally feel that this question is a little bit sensitive so I only would like to suggest the core points. 1. The minister of justice has to be restructured; it is creating the big mess. 2. Judges and prosecutors and lawyers should take regular capacity building training. 3. The judiciary should be independent, no interference. 4. The recruitment of judges and prosecutors shouldn't be based on the political view. 5. Feasible legal research has to be conducted, there is legal research institute in Ethiopia, and however it doesn't help the fragile legal system of my country. 6. Fighting corruption, nepotism and illicit legal procedure. 7. Most importantly screening out those incompetent officials from the Minister of justice and replacing them with the competent one.
Ethiopia Problem of implementation
Ethiopia Capacitate THE judicial system -Aware THE community about THE rights that it has
Ethiopia It is really a wonderful question because I am in the law stream and I can suggest or propose a sound opinion on how to improve the legal system of my country. The question is actually not a simple one that can be answered with in 15 or 30 minutes ,however I will try to suggest my personal opinion on things to be done to improve the Legal system of Ethiopia. 1. The law curriculum has to be changed completely, it is a problematic. 2. The judicial system has to be independent, no interference from the government. 3. The recruitment system of judges and prosecutors should not be based on their political opinion or view. 4. Those in the law profession including ,judges prosecutors and lawyers should improve their capacity through regular training. 5. Visible and deep research has to be conducted on the legal system that will help to identify the weak side of the legal system. in fact there is a legal research institute however the legal system is still in a fragile manner 6.Most importantly the ministry of justice has to be restructured in a new way , I personally believe that this minister office is not working for the improvement of the legal system in my country. I have logical reason for my statement let us see those prosecutors and judges who are recruited by this minister office ,they are mostly from the private university college who are not competent enough to join the government universities to study law, their knowledge of legal concept is very questionable. The fragile education system allow the private colleges to award students with a grade and certificate that they don't deserve and they get easy cases to join the legal system through the ministry of justice, this office doesn't believe on the real academic excellence of students rather it focus on certificate and Grade that really doesn't evaluate ones capacity of legal knowledge. Those Actors in the legal system directly or indirectly reflects the weakness or the strength of the system. to Answering this question might need a full time dedication
Ethiopia The problem is not with the legal system. the problem is on the action. you can't win it for long as long as the generation is given chance to think on human basis. it is all vicious circle which we freely accepting from our old people.
Ethiopia Avoid political bias and stopped grouping people in what they do.
Ethiopia Avoiding government intervention in the legal system because in some cases there is political intervention
Ethiopia Corruption should be avoided and right persons should be employed
Ethiopia The judiciary must be free of any intimidation by the government and need to buy the trust of the people.
Ethiopia Revise polices about youths
Ethiopia Improve the capacity of institutions and judges, police force, and others that deals with legal issue. awareness of Societies should be promoted.
Ethiopia Create awareness about the existed laws & address issues that are not yet addressed
Ethiopia Ensure the independency of Judiciary
Ethiopia * the system shall be neutral. shall not be controlled by the government
Ethiopia • It should be free from the executive political influence • Ensure the rule of law • Build the capacity of judiciaries • Constitutional amendments • Ensure transparency and accountability
Ethiopia Assign educated judges, give sufficient rights and obligations lessons to the community, encourage traditional and religious mediation,
Ethiopia Capacity building
Ethiopia Capacity building for legal institutions
Ethiopia Awareness level of the whole population should be improved
Gambia The Legal system is quite in order but they Government need to employ more citizens in the legal system than paying foreign nationals lot of money and giving them other provisions, than to citizens.
Germany Strict separation of Power in the arm of governance..
Ghana Free will for the legal system to work without interference from Government
Ghana Structures and institutional reform be given the necessary back up.
Ghana Court computerization, better remuneration and working conditions for judges
Ghana There is to develop a simplified version of the common known laws of every country to be made readily available to every citizens.
Ghana By giving every person or persons before the law court equal access to attorney to defend their cases irrespective of their financial situation.
Ghana Empowering the courts with the basic facilities. computerised the court documentation and processing. Empower the police and above all, have believe in the legal system.
Ghana I think at the regional level there should be some policing system. For example in West Africa there is a lot of abuse of human rights especially at the borders with an AU Regional Policy System working with ECOWAS and other sub regional bodies this could help a great deal.
Ghana Transparency Exposing bad lawyers and corrupt judges
Kenya Eradicate corruption in the judicial system and two communities (the rich and the poor) fare distribution of resources
kenya An overhaul of the current judicial system, luckily for us the new constitution has mechanisms in place for that and its work in progress.
Kenya Reforming the judiciary in line with the provisions in the new constitution.
Kenya Fire all the judges and magistrates and re-establish the judiciary system
Kenya Proper training to reduce corruption reduce bureaucracy in the process remove government interference in the system
Kenya Proper judicial reforms that will be effective
Kenya The judicial system should be changed and some powers from the president should be withdrawn and given to judiciary.
Kenya Overhaul of the judiciary system
Kenya Judicial rehab
Kenya Creation of more transparent and independent institutions. Reducing the cost of legal services so that they are available to a greater portion of the population.
Kenya Raising the awareness of rights with the citizens, through education and mobilization
Kenya Establishment of independent legal institutions. Establishment of more of these institutions. Getting rid of the manual processes in our courts and automating them to serve clients better.
Kenya overhauling the judiciary
Kenya Policemen should be paid more & their living standards improved then their integrity can increase.
Kenya The process is underway to increase the independence of the judiciary which will ensure that all citizens are held responsible for their actions.
Liberia By increasing the salary of those who work at the legal system.
Liberia Training more persons, high incentives and setting up a good monitoring systems could be best ways to exhibit fairness in our legal system.
Liberia Need to reform every sector of the legal system and bring in new strategy/ies to make the rule of law effective.
Malawi People should have access to free legal advise government should not take part in controlling the legal system as we have seen in my country where the minister s been given power to close any media which is not complying with the law and the amendment of the law concerning getting injunction at court.
Malawi Malawi must enact a new youth policy and laws that are youth friendly. Laws that clearly state government obligations and responsibilities on issues that affect the youth.
Malawi Government or Political parties not to interfere in judicial or legal system. - people from all ethinic groups, minority and tribes should be given equal opportunity FOR judicial redress.
Malawi It can be improved if there can be a separate group not related to government who could look at welfare of the legal.
Malawi Don't know
Malawi Train more so that the system should work accordingly.
Malawi To monitor it first and then discuss how and fill out the gaps
Malawi No knowledge I just see some outcomes to be fair and average
Malawi Train more people and employ them in legal sectors
Malawi Train more Paralegals and all them to represent the poor in courts.
Malawi By promoting accessibility of legal assistance to the poor
Mali New system
Morocco Remove CORRUPTION.
Namibia To step up the table whereby they dictate their penalties. These need to be revisited.
Namibia The legislatives to be more independent
Namibia Most cases that left me with questions were mainly due to lack of witnesses and sometimes light sentencing for cases involving loss of human lives. The nation has such an influence and many times as we speak up during the trial period beautiful things happen.
Nigeria Eradication of corruption
Nigeria Aborting bribery and corruption
Nigeria When justice is delverd without fear, favour or prejudices
Nigeria Empower them financially and incoperate good lawyer
Nigeria Good governance and stoping corruption
Nigeria If there is going to be power of freedom indeed, if citizen's right is going to be fully recognized and respect appropriately
Nigeria Independent Judiciary
Nigeria Every citizen should be duly informed and updated on there basic human right
Nigeria Insist on implementing the available laws concerning youth
Nigeria Actually implementing laws and following them strictly not giving a face to them.
Nigeria There should be a formidable youth organisation
Nigeria Having good leadership
Nigeria Appointment of judicial officers based on merit. Empowerment and enhancement of the welfare of judicial officers.
Nigeria Making judgements fair
Nigeria Allowing the system to be totally independent.
Nigeria First of all, the senior advocates should be as of merit and not by lobbying or any other political means. secondly, the judiciary is by appointment and I don't think it is fair enough judges are public officers and officers of the law as well as so should be allowed to work and administer justice without fear of favour. government or no government. sometimes there is reluctance to pass judgement against government owned institute even where they derogate from their duties and are in the wrong.
Nigeria It is well! The truth is the system needs to be restructured.
Nigeria Build the capacity of the Judiciary
Nigeria Fair Hearing
Nigeria Educating and Enlightening citizens on their basic rights and how to go about claiming it when abused.
Nigeria Judicial should be self independent
Nigeria Independent judiciary
Nigeria Elimination of corruption in judiciary and speedy dispensation of justice
Nigeria Make it gender friendly and ensure adherence to the system no matter your status.
Nigeria Lay down rules
Nigeria Good policy.
Nigeria Having more access to justice and free legal services
Nigeria The criminal and penal codes should be implemented all over the country, and there should be no discrimination between the rich and the poor, they should both serve the same punishment for the same crime.
Nigeria Put honest people at the hem of affairs
Rwanda Work with parliament and Ministry of justice
Rwanda Public communication
Saudi Arabia and United States of America Elect more conscious, compassionate, clear thinking judges, and other legal oriented decision and lawmakers
Senegal Engage and involve young people in politics
Senegal Give to the system all the rights to do it job
Sierra Leone There is a need for a more independent legal system.
Sierra Leone To allow the independent of the judiciary and helping young promising lawyers
Sierra Leone To try and expedite the system of passing verdict and change those archaic laws and fines that we are still using. to also put stringent measures in place for those that embezzle public funds and perpetrators of sexual gender based violence.
Sierra Leone Politicians should reframe from corruptions which leads to the backwardness of every country in Africa
Sierra Leone To revisiting laws enacted and the judiciary system be pro active and fair play in judging cases


Capacity building THE judiciary personnels in THE country
Somalia To create more awareness and good governance
Somalia To establish independent legal committee who is controlling with the system of improving the legal, and to train all sectors of the legal in the government system and to implement the international obligations and to follow that.
Somalia Well it needs to teach them and give them more workshops about how the legal system works in this modern era
Somalia Through public participant and stake holder through workshop and training.
Somalia In order to get a good government and good leadership that is the only way to improve.
South Africa To get everyone know about human rights. To allow everyone to contribute to context against our laws.
South Africa Employ more people and pay them good salaries so that they don't become corrupt.
South Africa Awareness on the procedures of courts etc.
South Africa A fair trial to everybody regardless of status
South Africa More stronger watch dogs and public influence.
South Africa Victims of crimes should enjoy as many (or more) rights than prisoners.
Sudan Accept all policies, and ease certain procedures
Sudan Free parliament federal system separate executive system from judgment system civilian government and the soldiers to camps only democracy
Swaziland Capacity building
Tanzania 1. To improve legal education
Tanzania Participation-All the citizens regardless gender and age should be involved in decision making with reference to legal system in my country.
Tanzania Have improved life of people. have transparent and accountable personal eradication of corruption
Tanzania Fighting corruption and promoting transparency.
Tanzania Education and involvement of those who full understand the concepts of law and how important it is, why do we need law. In fact to have legal education in all spheres of community life.
The Gambia Funding the judiciary system
The Gambia Good democracy and freedom of right
The Gambia 1. More training for local legal practitioners 2. Indigenisation of the judiciary
Togo To improve the legal system, I think that the government must fight the anticorruption
Tunisia Be monitored by international institutions.
Uganda It is only known by English reading people there no mechanism for local people to under their government laws in there local languages.
Uganda Sensitizing the community about their rights
Uganda Promotion of youth involvement in the decision making laws adressing the issues affecting young people
Uganda Make the political space so fair and conducive, then the legal system shall improve tremendously. as long as the legal system fears the executive of the country, there will be no fairness
Uganda Make the lawyers available for the people most times they cannot afford to pay a lawyer
Uganda The people need to speak without fear. Not as individuals but as a whole.
Uganda Set up a judicial system that is independent from the government since the government is playing a big role.
Uganda Avail facilities
Uganda By eliminating corruption in the legal system, and promoting the rule of law without any influence from political power (those in the political offices).
Uganda Stop corruption - transparent, accountability and responsible leaders - strong By-laws against those who abuse offices
Zambia By letting parliament choose the Chief Justices & High Court Judges; and not be appointed by the President. Increasing salaries for the law enforcement wings so that they are not prone to bribes. Dismissing/jailing the officers found wanting so as to deter others from doing the same.
Zambia By sensitizing on Transparency, Transparency should be put in place
Zambia Close monitoring and exchange of ideas among countries.
Zambia Reduce corrupt practices and to also fairly judge the people in high political offices
Zimbabwe Cases should be dealt with within reasonable time frames as justice delayed is justice denied. Moreover, the judges should be chosen on merit and not handpicked so that judgements are not given on political grounds or other prejudicial biases
Zimbabwe Politics should be removed from court cases.
Zimbabwe We must come up with a legal action that is in line with our beliefs as Africans. Some of these procedures that are followed today were designed years back during the days of the white settlers. We must identify the difference in every African country and come up with a system that matches that difference. Cultural beliefs to be precise.
Zimbabwe I think its fine considering that I m a law abiding citizen. It will be nice even to make it tight to avoid foreign policies promoting inhuman practices. Africans have their way of doing things and living, so are western people. Our difference makes life worthy living
Zimbabwe Avoid corruption Institutional reform













Q42. What is the greatest obstacle to youth-led sustainable development in your country?
Botswana Lack of enough assistance from the government and private sector
Burkina Faso The biggest obstacle is the lack of means. youth poverty makes them impotent in the face of many challenges
Burundi 1) Shortage of Fund to support youth development projects 2) Knowledge and skills for effective participation 3) Poor skills in network development 4) Lack of awareness and youth forum and seminar /Conferences
Burundi Specific strong youth programs which can help youth to eradicate poverty and help to make strong leaders.
Burundi Updated skills
Cameroon Political will of the leaders today to help support us go forward.
Cameroon Poor educational backgrounds, lack of finances to carry out projects
Cameroon Adults don't trust young people The old don't want to give younger people an opportunity and stay in power longer than they are expected to.
Cameroon Youth knowledge on their cultural and natural resources. - LEADERSHIP conflicts
Cameroon Support from government is difficult to get
Cameroon The lack of sensitization which could make youths more aware of their responsibilities.
Cameroon Unemployment and lack of encouragement in other hand lack of sponsors
Cameroon Difficulties to have funds to execute sustainable live serving projects.
Cameroon The youth themselves
Chad No support in all plan
Comoros To find people who have experience and to get subvention
CÔTE D'IVOIRE The governmental structures don't support young initiatives and actions about sustainable development. For them young people are not idle, not enough responsible and are interested only by political situation.
DRC The fight against pollution, poor sanitation, biodiversity and climate change are subjects of sensitization and mobilization by youth on sustainable development in DRC. Explain environmental issues and sustainable development to children and youth is not always easy, because you have to have yourself the foundation necessary but it should also be sufficiently plastic to avoid losing a child or young Congolese.
DRC No handing money Lack of total expression
Egypt They are NOT involved. They are only superficially participating.
Egypt Laws
Egypt Allocation of resources. Youth don't have access to sufficient resources such as funds.
Egypt government rules
Eritrea Not sure.
Ethiopia Lack of awareness.
Ethiopia Lack of finance
Ethiopia Lack of awareness, poverty and corruption
Ethiopia The greatest obstacles to youth -led sustainable development in my country are '' 1. Poor Education System 2. Inadequate policy frame work and strategies. 3. Poor implementation mechanism of policies strategies and planed that focused on youth.
Ethiopia I do not know in detail
Ethiopia -governmental support -encourage Youth participation in Development -provide THE Youth with opportunity and access to LEADERSHIP -promote gender equality
Ethiopia In my personal view the greatest obstacle is poor strategies and policies on the sustainable development program designed by the government with out the full participation and consultation of the youth on the decision making process. Most importantly the education system by itself is being an obstacle, I have a sound justification to say this, the education policy of my country is mainly focused on the coverage or the enrolment rate. so those youth who received poor education will not be fruitful on any youth led sustainable development since it is not possible or profitable to go forward with people who are not equipped with necessary tool- that is education.
Ethiopia The greatest problem is the youth are not speaking the same language. Youth is speaking on humanity, on reason, on political affiliation, on its economic solution and culture. So we need to have youth speaking same language which is well researched, demand based, with rights based approach not calculated to govern rather educated to take the lead.
Ethiopia The policy by itself! impose what the government think, microenterprise,
Ethiopia From the government side, there is no enough space to involve the youth in critical issues of the country. And in the youth side, there is no enough sense of ownership of motherland.
Ethiopia lack of finance
Ethiopia Financial capacity of many youth -led sustainable development programs by GOs and NSA's are often challenged
Ethiopia financial constraint
Ethiopia government support and financial problems
Ethiopia -Lack of skill, experience and technical assistance.... -Mistrust of stakeholders....... -Lack of clarity in objective, mission , vision of the youth-led organizations ...... -Lack of adequate/enough funding....
Ethiopia Sustainability of the program it self.
Ethiopia Informed participation
Ethiopia * the system
Ethiopia • Lack of financial and other capacity • Lack acceptance • Fear of the gov’t towards youth focused initiatives • Lack of democracy
Ethiopia Training and skill, attitude
Ethiopia Capacity limitation
Ethiopia Finance
Ethiopia Shortage of fund fund raising
Ethiopia Opportunities and abilities
Fiji Focus on issues crippling the nation rather than self centred ideas & short term benefits oriented ...
Gambia Skills and competence
Germany Government Policies. No encouragement or no support.
Ghana Finances
Ghana There is not financial support to most planned project. Frequent change of government policies and programmes also affect initiatives embarked upon.
Ghana Inadequate funding
Ghana Access to information and improve the youth knowledge on sustainable development.
Ghana 1. High level of illiteracy and semi-literacy in the youth groups 1. Lack of self belief on the part of the youth 2. Lack of complete trust in the ability of the youth to deliver by the elderly
Ghana The involvement of party politics in Youth activities.
Ghana Lack of Government Support and Green Initiatives,
Ghana Do not have the facts to comment on
Ireland Lack of political will and resources.
Kenya The youth are not recognised as serious people and not able to lead. a concept which is wrong. on the other hand , youth have to prove that we can deliver
Kenya Most youth are in a transition and they have not taken time to appreciate the little efforts that they are making for themselves. They have always tended to look at the Government and donors as the solution to their programs. Ownership of the ideas brought form outside is still a challenge to sustainable development as the youth always look at the programs as meant not to build them but those people bringing these programs to them. If ownership were to be embraced and youth brought in as equal partners in most initiative from the point of conception of the ideas then they would see themselves as part of the solution and in so doing own the ideas from the onset
Kenya Lack of commitment by the youth themselves.
Kenya Political representation and participation
Kenya lack of skills by the youth
Kenya Actual education in sustainable development for youth in the formal education sector for them to know what sustainable development actually is. Availability of funds to carry out such development for the youth.
Kenya Lack of support from the government.
Kenya Weak entrepreneurship skills.
Kenya Lack of cooperation from older generation
Kenya Ignorance among the youth themselves. Lack of commitment from those in power to involve the youth in national affairs that affect them. Inadequate programs that address the needs of the youth.
Kenya Resource allocation
Kenya Ignorance by the youth themselves. The youth do not know their rights and obligations both to themselves and their country. Lack of willingness by those in power to integrate the youth in decision making.
Kenya finances. Registration Frustration by authorities like the local authority
Kenya Lack of funds and support.
Kenya Lack of awareness. Young people need to be educated more on the importance of factoring in sustainable development in the work they do
Liberia The obstacle is that most of the government official are not taking into consideration the rights of youth and children.
Liberia The lack of financial support, willingness of policy makers to adhere to young people as well as national government own failure to introduce youth impactful programs.
Liberia Lack of Government National Youth Policy though just ratified AYC.
Malawi Financial constraints HIV/AIDS Poverty Technology early marriages among girl youth inadequate education
Malawi Lack of the spirit of self reliance and critical thinking
Malawi - Lack of funding. (Government not willing to initiate or fund sustainable development programmes). - Interference from the government on NGOs.. - Policy not clear or irregular to regulate sustainable development programmes. - Youth are not taken serious
Malawi Some Gvt institutions demand more things to youths who want to start their business especially from donations
Malawi Youth involvement at all levels.
Malawi Resources is the main obstacle that lead to low youth led sustainable development
Malawi Lack of knowledge and skills among young people. lack of support and programs that are effective for youth to interact and get involved
Malawi Organizations always start with no or little incomes. To have a good sustainable future of the organization will mean have well educated young people who most of the time they may not take risks to be employed in a low income organization or they do not take volunteerism
Malawi Poor funding of youth led projects
Malawi Lack of financial and material support.
Malawi Not involving the youth, there is a saying that says anything for the youth without the youth is against the youth
Mali Study
Morocco Lack of material and quality in education.
Namibia Volunteerism
Namibia I would say corruption and self enrichment. Especially if foreign assistance is involved and comes in the form of cash, it disappears
Niger The opportunity to find fund to realise their mission
Nigeria Funding
Nigeria Lack of take-off grant and sponsorship
Nigeria Finance and enabling environment to showcase their abilities.
Nigeria The Government don't give their best to it and finance them
Nigeria Insufficient facilities
Nigeria Policy and programs should be forwarded to government and shall be monitored.
Nigeria Bad governance
Nigeria Youth are not properly prepared for the challenge
Nigeria Finances
Nigeria Funding to get more youths involved and to reach youths in communities.
Nigeria Lack of government support
Nigeria Lack of suport from government and representation.
Nigeria Management and organisation.
Nigeria The belief that youths are not co-ordinated enough
Nigeria Funding and lack of technical know-how.
Nigeria The youths in our country lack governmental support which is important to be able to reach out to more people on a wider scale
Nigeria Funding! Also, the fact that over 90% of youth led programs are funded by international organizations and other donors.
Nigeria Lack of funds
Nigeria Financial support
Nigeria Lack Funding and Government commitment to youth led programmes.
Nigeria Funding inadequate resources and training
Nigeria Political godfatherism
Nigeria Access to funding for our projects remain a major problem
Nigeria Bad governance.
Nigeria Funding and lake of awareness.
Nigeria Government policy, lack of fund and adequate infrastructure facilities
Nigeria Government support
Nigeria Finance and government support
Nigerian Funds
Pakistan Lack of more educated and motivated youth.
Philippines Anti- drug program
Rwanda Miss jobs, and miss entrepreneurship skills
Rwanda They haven't the financial capacity.
Saudi Arabia and United States of America Challenges in adequate financial resources to mobilize, travel to attend conferences/meetings, coordinating efforts, collaborating and worry over who is going to get the credit.
Senegal Through financial support and state
Senegal Confidence in youth
Sierra Leone In most cases it is said to be funds, however, we have come to a conclusion that it has a lot to do with lack managerial / entrepreneurship skills.
Sierra Leone lack of funding to cater for them and insufficient volunteer
Sierra Leone the issue of resource and the will to volunteer has been a great challenge. people are not really ready to work with young people, they are just trying to use the name of serving youth for their own gains. the youth also lack the necessary capacity to initiate and carry on independently.
Sierra Leone Funding, lack of adequate skills to perform.
Sierra Leone Youth are not given the change to contribute to the socio- economic development in building the nation
Somalia High illiteracy level
Somalia Lack of strong government and peace and security
Somalia The first obstacle in my country through the youth is unfinished fighting between the weak government and the organized Islamists in the town.
Somalia Lack of support from the government
Somalia Coastal and marine sustainable and utilization of resource for better use for future generation,
Somalia First ongoing war, second opposition groups who are not allowed to make more action, peace and security are also main part
South Africa Availability of jobs. Youth delinquency. Lack of knowledge Drugs HIV/AIDS
South Africa Finances , resources and empowerment
South Africa It is not recognised as a sector that exist and needs great support. The only support is provide to those who start business and youth-led sustainable development initiatives have to compete with other initiatives that are run by people over 10 years of experience.
South Africa Employment
South Africa Skills and public trust in the capability of the youth.
South Africa There is not enough youth participation, and incorporation at local, provincial and national levels in our government.
Sudan development of education
Sudan corruption
Swaziland There is lack of trust on young people. Most young people struggle to get their organisations moving. the lack of support is a key tool that has resulted to more troubles
Tanzania 1. Fund to run some project 2. Acceptability of elders in our project implementation 3. accessibility
Tanzania Unemployment is the greatest obstacle
Tanzania Poor source of income, unemployment, lack of entrepreneurial skills and lack of income generating activities as well as undeveloped country infrastructures.
Tanzania Lack of support because of lacking skills needed.
Tanzania To discover their purposes in every activity they are in (personal concept and Identity of the self), involvement in political activities which lead into policy formulation, unemployment, entrepreneurial skills and self motivation.
The Gambia Funding
The Gambia What I know is that youths are making lot of work to maintain sustainable development of our country in terms of Education, Capacity Building of Youths, Training of Community base, Urban and Rural development and lot more just to name few.
The Gambia The greatest challenges are: 1. Non recognition of youth efforts in national development 2. Lack of fund to support youth-led projects and youth innovation 3. Non inclusion of youth in decision making 4. Low of training and education of young people in various fields
Togo Simply, I can say the political system doesn't allow the young to reach their full potential.
Tunisia Funds. Awareness.
Uganda Lack of government political will.
Uganda Illiteracy and lack of enough funds
Uganda Bad governance poor education system
Uganda The type of education they get; the political environment thats not all that peacefull; equal opportunties for all tribes and regions
Uganda The youth always give up because they are not fully supported by the government
Uganda Corruption and greed.
Uganda Financial problems
Uganda Political influence and limited support
Uganda Lack of information capacity building, and funding opportunities, lack of motivating goodwill from those in government.
Uganda Poverty - unemployment - natural disasters - very big gap between THE rich and THE poor - unequal distribution of resources
Zambia Funds
Zambia The youth lack the guidance necessary for their lives especially given their tender age, Owing to lack of proper guidance and counselling, some of the youth are engaged in drug abuse, alcohol, crime, prostitution and teenage pregnancies. In most cases, the youth indulge in these illegal practices due to lack of recreational facilities and the disintegration of the family as a nucleus of socio-economic development. Most youths lack life skills, training and experience to enable them obtain formal employment and/or finance to engage in self-employment activities. Is it felt the youth have been socially, economically, and even politically alienated from national development.
Zambia Unavailability of funds and support from partners.
Zambia Lack of training, knowlege and sponsorship. Poor administration and governance.
Zimbabwe Window dressing of some youths who are placed in positions of authority just to secure the interests of other adult political leaders. Youths as our window of hope should be active at levels of life, participate in the formulation design and implementation of development projects.
Zimbabwe Political instability and restrictions.
Zimbabwe Lack of funding. SANCTIONS.
Zimbabwe Youth are invisible and they only became visible during elections. Youth are like pots that never feed on what it cooks, or are like a door mate. Youth are not yet free. Yes Africa got its political independence, very few youth and youth org 0,00001% are economically free. We have MDGs to be achieved, the people on the ground ie Youth led organization can't get support. In short Youth and youth led organizations are under sanctions. They are socio and economic slaves from Cape to Cairo. Youth are frustrated, after spending those years to school, you still cant feed your mother, your sister, yourself. I wish one day, I will tell these so called Organizations advocating for youth empowerment and development.
Zimbabwe Most youths are not interested in developing the country they are mostly migrating to other develop countries