Advocacy Initiative for Development Association-Burkina Faso (AIDA-BF)  

Registered Address
PBP: 330 Bobo-Dioulasso, OUENZINVILLE Secteur N°15 - BURKINA FASO

Contact Details
Name: Aubin Oscar Zoetyande
email: and
tel: +22671719283

The Advocacy Initiative for Development Association-Burkina Faso (AIDA-BF) as the nationalAdvocacy Initiative for Development Association-Burkina Faso (AIDA-BF) chapter of the AID NGO based in Sierra Leone, is a non-profit making a non religious and a non political organization that seeks to advocate for the rights of humanity and render services for the holistic development of the Burkinese people citizens and the communities they are living in. Our main targets are Women, Children, Disable persons, People living with HIV and AIDS, Orphans and Marginalized persons, Young people and Prisoners living in penitentiary centers. By dedicating our work to these most important groups, we seek to empower them with the necessary knowledge and resources to help improve their daily lives on the one hand. On the other one, we are working side by side with the Burkinese’s Government and other national and international agencies on poverty reduction and development issues to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs in Burkina Faso by 2015.

The mission of AIDA-BF is to help establish a peaceful and sustainable society. That’s why Illiteracy, Human Rights and MDGs Issues are central to our core values and mission statement.

At AIDA-BF, we have a vision of a world in which people live in a peaceful way with one another and in harmony with the nature surrounding them. This is made possible through people capacity building in various areas, the respect of Institutions, Human Rights, justice and global partnership.

Main Objective
Being a member of AID International, AIDA-BF pursues the following objectives:
• To enable people from Burkina Faso and elsewhere come together in upholding the truth and help them establish active and meaningful relationships with their fellow men;

• To organize and promote programs, activities, services and projects that gear towards promoting tolerance, nonviolence, peace and development;

• To implement MDGs related issues projects;

• To help children, youth, women and adults without basic or no education at all, acquire academic and vocational and practical skills to make them self reliant and responsible;

• To complement the efforts of the Government of Burkina Faso, NGOs and other Agencies in producing mature, disciplined and responsible citizens;

• To promote the ICTs, the English Language and Sports.

EIn order to achieve our goals, we are implementing the following programs at AIDA-BF among others:

Through this program we carry out French and English Languages, ICTAdvocacy Initiative for Development Association-Burkina Faso (AIDA-BF)s, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Development, Human Rights, Citizenship, vocational and Lobbying training sessions. As for the targeted groups it includes youth and women organizations, young learners from vocational centers, illiterate adults and prisoners living in penitentiary centers.

This program allows us to conduct a series of sensitization and advocacy campaigns pertaining to global issues.
Language Exchange and Volunteer Exchange Programs
The Language Exchange Program aims to promote the English Language knowledge in Burkina Faso since it is a French speaking country. In this respect this program links students and professionals in Burkina Faso with students and professionals from Anglophone countries. It includes on site activities as well.
As far as the Volunteer Exchange Program is concerned, as the name implies we receive international volunteers to help support our actions right here in Burkina Faso. In the meantime, our volunteers are prepared to take part to international volunteering programs.