International Training and Development Centre - ITDC ASAL Youth Development Association  

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Half London, Ahmed Dhagah District, Hargeisa, SOMALILAND
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Name: Huda Haroon
email: and
tel: +25224488199 and +25224467395

The foundation of ASSAL Somaliland had been organized by a group of high skilled intellectuals who have various Huda Haroonprofessions among them are; women, business groups, community development and environmental conservation professionals, after having considered and taking note of the following circumstances/situations: The Negative impact of the civil war on economy, livelihood, Education, Health, the situation of IDPs, the poor water and environmental degradation in Somaliland.

Humanitarian and long-term livelihood options through minimizing the negative impacts of the vulnerability context, strengthening capital assets, human resources development, and addressing constraints of the environment al degradations mainly desertification, pollution, drought and floods.

Main Objectives
1. Support, design and implement humanitarian activities including the support of
The support of IDPs . And the host communities.

2. To improve strengthen livelihood incomes to most vulnerable People by introducing job creation activities (including livestock, farming, water improvement)

3. Improve the building capacity of youth and vocational training.

4. Human right advocacy.

1. Elder training on migrant human rights.

2. Micro credit finance project.

3. Distribute NFI for IDPs.

4. Training in leadership.