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5 Dr. Ahmad Amine, Heliopolis, Cairo, EGYPT

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Name: Mady Ibrahim KANTE P.O.Box: 2798 Code: 11511 Attaba Cairo, Egypt
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The African continent enjoys natural and human resources in addition to civilization that qualify it to be ahead all the world's continents. However, reality reflects that it suffers from the spread of poverty, ignorance and diseases and all of them are harms that hinder the process of progress and flourishing. Hence, it was necessary for its countries to activate the existent agreements among them in all fields in order to accomplish the sustained development through a real integration among those countries. Here, the role of the African civil association emerges as one of the mechanisms contributing in accomplishing that target. more

We, as young researchers and students in the African Affairs, wish to contribute as much as we can to serve the continent we live in, hoping that the African continent has better tomorrow in which it could depend upon itself.

Working on studying all aspects related to the development and integration among the African countries as well as preparing studies and researches in order to adjust ways to support the African integration environment.

Main ObjectivesAfrica Youth Association
1- Developing the African awareness as well as introducing Africa and its wealth and aspects of cooperation among the African countries and the challenges that encounters the integration among African countries.

2- Preparing cadres of African youth who are able to build a better tomorrow for the continent.

3- Sponsoring the African students in Egypt.

4- Communicating with governmental and academic organizations as well as the establishments of the civil society and various media in order to activate the principle of African – African cooperation on both the official and public levels.

5- Supporting and facilitating the African cooperation through establishing economic scientific and cultural databases.

1- Holding seminars and cultural and scientific lectures.

2- Training courses in various fields as how to prepare feasibilityAfrica Youth Association studies, being acquainted to the modern methods of management and human development, maintaining and preparing computer programs by specialists, teaching Arabic language for non – Arabic speakers as well as teaching foreign languages, holding training courses in order to be acquainted to the African countries and cultures, educating businessmen and representatives of the Egyptian companies in African countries.
3- Issuing periodical magazines and newsletters.

4- Organizing educational and scientific trips.

5- Organizing the exchange of delegates and visits with African peoples in order to strengthen the mutual relationships.

6- Organizing cultural and scientific meetings and conferences.

7- Organizing and holding fairs for commodities, services and investment opportunities.

8- Coordinating the cooperation protocols with the research and academic entities and ministers, governmental authorities, private sector and the local and international developmental programs.

9- Undertaking economic projects in order to increase the financial resources of the association.

10- Establishing websites and cultural and scientific libraries in order to serve the African international cooperation. Opening classes in order to improve students in various educational phases with small fees.

12- Establishing a social club for the member of the association.

13- Establishing private institutes, colleges and schools.