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34 Goderich Street- Freetown- SIERRA LEONE

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tel:+23276460457 and +23233229878

African Youth Coalition Against Hunger - Sierra Leone is a youth led advocacy and development and human rights organization that seek to facilitate and work with youths and their communities to fight efficiently against the causes and consequences of hunger through advocacy, training, awareness raising and public education and partnership
An Africa free from hunger and injustice where people can enjoy better living conditions.

Main ObjectivesThe official launching of Economic Justice Network Sierra Leone
· It is an organization created for young people, with International vocation, autonomous, and with no lucrative goal.

· AYCAH aims at mobilizing young people at national, regional and international level, creating a passion in favour of the hunger relief issue and collaborating with actors of civil societies and governmental structures.

· AYCAH is an indivisible structure. It intends to bring closer all the young people, to create fraternal bonds and to improve the moral situation of it members.

· To sensitise, raise awareness, reinforce the capacities of young people, and to offer them a framework of expression and exchanges on the stakes having a direct or indirect impact on their well-being.

Trade Justice Campaign on the Economic Partnership Agreement Between the EU and ACP countries, Environmental Campaign and Climate Change, Right to Food Campaign.

The official launching of the Economic Justice Network Sierra Leone report

Economic Justice and Debt Sustainability Workshop Nov 2011 report

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