Badbaado and Development of Education Organization (BADE) Badbaado and Development of Education Organization (BADE)


Registered Address
26 June district, Opposite to Somaliland Red Crescent Society, Hargeisa, Somaliland map

Contact Details
name: Abdifatah Hussein Beledi
tel: +25224417457 and +252792238000

BADE exist the responsibilities and strategies towards the development of human rights, education, health, peace building, gender and gender development, educational skill trainings and the observance of economic, social and cultural rights and socio-economic welfare of the community dimensions as whole and vulnerable and marginalized people in particular.
BADE strives to see a future where human rights are widely respected, sustainable peace and young population of Somaliland has access to free education, health facilities and matters affecting their lives is fully addressed.

Main Objectives
i. To promote education facilities, vocational skill training, community mobilization in IDPs areas in Hargeisa and other provincial towns and districts throughout Somaliland regions

ii. Empowering and increasing employment opportunities of youth in Somaliland by provision marketable skills

iii. To empower the youth in Democracy, Human Rights education and Good Governance by organizing advocacy forums to disseminate information on youth and protection of human rights instruments

iv. To Promote, protect and advocate for human rights particularly the rights of the disabilities, vulnerable sectors of the society through lobbying and advocacy.

v. To encourage collective work promoting peace building, solidarity in order to create culture of peace building and train youth be strong peace builders by equipping them with the conflict resolution skills and establish sports for peace tournaments and athletics in conflict areas.

vi. To provide humanitarian support in case of emergencies such as drought, floods, epidemics and other disastrous events

vii. To raise community awareness campaigns against HIV/AIDS, hygiene and sanitation and teaching preventive measures

1 Integration of Education and Development School (IED School) 2008 – present Hargeisa BADE/ school parents/ community

2 Child Protection and Emergency Education Coordination 2010-2011 Hargeisa SC/SOYDA

3 Awareness raising of sanitation and hygiene campaign 2011 Hargeisa districts BADE/ community contribution

4 promotion vocational skills for female above age of school 2011 Hargeisa BADE/ community contribution

5 Arts and design training to 25 the deaf youth 2010 Hargeisa SC/ANDP

6 Arts and design training to 20 the deaf youth 2009 Hargeisa SC/ANDP

7 20 Parent(women) sign language training 2009 Hargeisa BADE organization

8 Increase Access of Education to Hearing Impairment Children, Teachers, Their Parents and Vocational Skills project 2008-2009 Hargeisa Abilis Foundation

9 30 women for literacy class 2009-2010 Hargeisa BADE/ community

10 Opened vocational training/skills center 2009 Hargeisa BADE/community

11 Awareness raising of sanitation and hygiene 2009 Hargeisa BADE/ community contribution

12 Assessment of discrimination against the disability and community beliefs 2008 Hargeisa BADE Organization

13 Establish school for the deaf children in Hargeisa 2008 Hargeisa BADE/ deaf parent’s contribution

14 Survey of Disability especially deaf and dam 2008 Hargeisa BADE Organization

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