Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development  

Registered Address
PO BOX 110001 Solwezi OR 120137 Kasempa, ZAMBIA

Contact Details
Name: Alex Bwaluka
tel: +260976737377

The mission of our organisation is to take the challenges of poverty eradication by strengthening the youths and orphans with the ability to work together for development through income generating activities and make orphans to be self – productive. We are providing sustainable development through voluntary working by our members in training the youths, women and orphans in life skills in Solwezi and Kasempa districts of Zambia.

Our vision is to see that we reduce the number of vulnerability among the youths, orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). We would love see that those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS cop – up with their life by enhancing our active listening skills to ensure that those grieving have their thought made lighter. CCCYD believe that today determines the future of our nation thus its focus is to non –discriminatively engage the youth and children in healthy and productive practices for a better future.

Main Objectives
The main aim of the organization is to empower youth, orphans and vulnerable children with practical skills and provide support to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development

. To promote agriculture and train youths to run small scale farming.

. To promote health care services in the community and conduct HIV/AIDS programs.

. To reduce urban drift.

. To collaborate/networking with other NGOs and share experiences on the future course of action of youths to combat unemployment and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

. To provide support to vulnerable children, TB patients and PLWHA.

. To encourage youths to live actively and strongly through sports/recreation programs.

. To train youths and orphans in life skills such as carpentry, tailoring, knitting, computer programs and any other income generating activities etc.

. To provide early child hood education and illiteracy adult education .

Since the formulation of the organisation, we run the following programs on voluntary basis.

- HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

- Orphans support – provision of school requirements (Books and Pencils, Food) at different schools and compounds.

- Vocational skills: currently, we are training orphans and vulnerable children in carpentry and joinery, tailoring cutting and design, knitting and basic computer skills.

- Provision of clothes (sweaters to orphaned children in the community).

- Provision of literacy materials to children and other community members.

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