Christian Community Youth Program Christian Community Youth Program

Registered Address
Chidzanja road 2km from petroda/ total filling stations, P.O Box 745, Lilongwe, MALAWI

Contact Details
Name: Mayeso Kumasala - Executive Director
Office tel: +2651724110 Mob: +265884151788 or 999366573 or 999767049

Christian Community Youth ProgramThe Christian Community Youth Programme (CCYP) is a faith based not for profit inter-denominational youth organization established in 2005 with the aim of mobilizing resources for the implementation and facilitating of the inte- grated community development projects (ICDPs) at grassroots level. CCYP works with different churches when deliver its pro- grammes. CCYP targets economically disadvan- taged youth and children in Malawi. Recently, CCYP operates in Lilongwe district of central region and Blantyre district of southern region of Malawi as the first targeted impact areas.

Holistically, help young people in both physical and spiritual as a way of following the footprints of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To comply with the government plans of improving the living standards of the people with first priority on youths in the country and t
o reduce HIV/Aids among the youth.

Main Objective
The sourced funds will used to achieve the following objectives as priorities: Christian Community Youth Program

To promote the creation of self-employment among the youth and there partici- pation in development projects in Malawi.

Promoting child education and protection among economically disadvantaged children.

Promotion of community health activities.

Promoting of sustainable agriculture food security.

Gender mainstreaming and human rights.

ActivitiesChristian Community Youth Program
The programme has made a number of achieve- ments since its establishment in 2005. Some of the notable achievements are:

In 2006 CCYP mobilized funds for the orphans and other vulnerable chil- dren (ovcs) of Buluzi village tradi- tion authority Kalumba in Li- longwe district.

CCYP established 55 anti-AIDS youth clubs in Lilongwe with an aim of encouraging young people to discuss HIV/aids issues, and provided youth friendly resources.

Providing guidance and counseling.

CCYP is implementing HIV awareness campaigns in tradition authority Kalumba of Lilongwe district. This is done in collaboration with district assembly of Lilongwe district.

CCYP was the first youth organization worked together with Partners in Hope in post test activities through drama and songs.