Children and Youth Development Organization (CYODO Tanzania) Children and Youth Development Organization (CYODO Tanzania)

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Registered Address
P.O.Box 449, Mtwara, Tanzania
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Contact Details
Name: Godlove Miho
email: and
tel: +255223333787 and +255755489425

CYODO Tanzania is a Non Profit Non Governmental Organization originated and founded in 2007 by Mr. Godlove Miho from the small group of young people who made a Football Club ADEM CHIPUKIZIM FC found their training at ADEM Institute Bagamoyo. This Club performed well in Street Football competitions at Bagamoyo District. In December 2007 the Club changed into Youth Development Organization YODO, the Organization aimed at assisting young player of the Club. In January 2008, the Organization changed to Children and Youth Development Organization (CYODO). The major aim of this Organization is to promote welfare of the youth since their childhood. The Organization works under the spirit of volunteering by staff members. Members work in the major working areas for the sense of helping children and youth. The organization works in three regions; Pwani where it originated; Mtwara and Lindi. more

Children and youth care by capacity buildings, respect their rights, worth, protecting and sustain environment to be fit for them.

To see Tanzanian society care for youth since their childhood by giving proper parenting and supervision.

Main Objective
To promote Development and welfare of the youth since their childhood

Specific Objectives:
. To push forward developmental changes in education, health through campaigns against AIDS and its effects at Lindi, Mtwara and Pwani regions and the nations in general.

. To fight against poor parenthood on children and protection on their basic rights.Children and Youth Development Organization (CYODO Tanzania)

. To help children living with vulnerable situation (MVCs).

. To enable children and their parents/guardians to understand child’s rights as well as human rights.

. To fight against all types and forms of discrimination on children.

. To help youth to be able protect themselves from STIs and AIDS

. To provide counseling to youth on the importance of self employment, upgrading in education and avoid unnecessary causes that might lead them to school dropout.

. To educate youth on life skills and avoid pregnancies in teen ages and drug abuse.

. To build capacity to children and youth to access opportunities for decision making.

. To develop and promote various sports talents for children

a. Building capacity for young people about developmental issues like Millenium development Goals, Human Rights issues, further education and discourage undesirable behaviour and think about future life.
b. To mobilize society to protect children’ Rights and adopt proper parenting to children and youth
c. To enable parents to overcome communication barriers and promoting parent child discussions about sexuality and sexual risk reduction
d. To make marginalized and vulnerable children feel involved, valued and happy as other children
e. Supporting the war against HIV/AIDSChildren and Youth Development Organization (CYODO Tanzania)

a. Engaging young people to participate in environmental protection through arts, short stories, poem, songs, essay competition and environmental cleaning.
b. Mobilizing community members to understand the concept of environmental degradation and engage in protection.

a. Promoting skills that children’s have
c. To make young people be able to discourage undesirable behaviour and engage in playing
d. Building young people sense of competition thorough participating in various national and international sports tournaments.
e. Prepare them for future employment in sports