Donga Mantung Youths Network for Peace (DOMAYONEP) Donga Mantung Youths Network for Peace (DOMAYONEP)  

Registered Address
PO Box 81, Nkambe, CAMEROON

Contact Details
Name: Ndi Eugene Ndi
email: and
tel: +23774518645 and +23794032964

DOMAYONEP is a youth association that seeks to encourage exchange by creating an avenue to highlight and showcase the vast talents and contributions of young Cameroonians to nation building preach the message of peace, human rights, HIV/AIDs, and the UN MDGs.

DOMAYONEP’s vision is to make Cameroon a safer country where youths (leaders of tomorrow) know their civic duties and give due respect to constituted authorities.

Main Objectives
The main objective of DOMAYONEP is to instill the spirit of PEACE and PATRIOTISM in youths of Cameroon, Africa and the world at large.

. Advocacy, the network seeks to address the economic, financial, political, professional, social and cultural issues that affect young Cameroonian today.

. Build a network of young Cameroonian professionals in and out of the country.

. Create an avenue to highlight and showcase the vast talents and contributions of young Cameroonians to nation building.

. Foster a Traveler’s Philanthropy in Cameroon, an initiative that enables professionals lend their expertise while visiting Cameroon.

. Gain the sponsorship of international corporations, organizations and governments in support of the network.

. Initiate community development efforts where Cameroonian professionals in the Diaspora embark on various missions to lend their professional expertise and help develop communities in Cameroon.

. Motivate young Cameroonians to join the mission of rebuilding Cameroon with their expertise and resources.

. Organize seminars, symposia and workshops to enhance the professional, economic and social development of young Cameroonians.

Some participants pose for photo with Fon of Kungi village

DOMAYONEP has succeeded in carrying out a sensitization campaign on youths and their civic responsibilities with focus on participating in elections. This was in May 2011 ahead of the official launching of the Network at the Millennium Star Hotel in Nkambe, Donga Mantung Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

During the campaign, bike riders in Nkambe Sub division unanimously agree not to effectively take part in the October 9 presidential elections that took place in Cameroon and other elections that will follow. Together with youths of the other Subdivisions that make up Donga Mantung division division who were represented by the Divisional Bureau of the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC) shared the same opinion not be involved in pre-electoral manipulations nor post electoral violence.


In the sensitization campaign hall