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Registered Address
BP1515 Université de Lomé, TOGO

Contact Details
President: BAKATE Takaléma tel: 90303840/99023701 email: Bakate20@gmail.com
Secretary: BIDADJOU Palakimwé tel: 91510889 email:
Treasurer: EGLEY Komi Eli tel: 91229243
1st Organizer: BAMBA Abdourahaman tel: 92170352
Responsible for Female and External Affairs: APETI Abla tel: 92735115 email:
Vice Treasurer: BAHANIA Dambtal tel: 91861902
2nd Organizer: SAN Abran Aurore Diane tel: 91135218 email:

General email: ulenglishclub@gmail.com

The English Club Université de Lomé is an association of students working together to promote the linguistic competence, cultural diversity and gender equality. In order to help all the members at once, we have many groups in the Club. For example we have The Musical group, the Poetry group, the dance group, the media commision and the sketch group.

To give the opportunity to every student to express his/herself through various creative activities that we use to organize.

To contribute to the integration and globalization policy extolled by African Countries as well as gender and women empowerment strategies.

Main Objectives
• Develop our communicative competence

• Promote female leadership and gender equality

• Develop students' potentials and talents

Activities for 2013
1 VIP 2013 ( Valentine Invisible Poet 2013) The English Club is organizing a poetry competition on Saturday 16

2 5th edition of LADY SHOW. In the vein of the International Women’s Day celebration, the English Club Université de Lomé is organizing its 5th edition of Lady Show that aims at promoting female activeness and leadership in all the domains. Many activities are in store: Story writing, poetry and painting competition, football match end so on.

3 ENGLISH WEEK 2013: From March 12, 2013 to March 16, 2013 on the University. This week is to show to all the students on the campus the important of the English language. Conferences, trainings, competitions, exhibitions football match and so many other activities are awaiting you.

4 After Legon in 2011 and Cape Coast in 2012, this year the plain of the English Club is landing at KUMASI. A trip to Kumasi is organized from March 25, 2013 to April 1, 2013. This is an opportunity that the Club is giving to its members and sympathizers to have one week stay in an English speaking country discover the cultural and social wealth of this region of Ghana, make new friend and lean. Many things are in Program: Visits, conferences, Cultural shows, debates and so on. Participation fees: 50000fcfa everything included. You can start giving your money now, contact us on (00228) 90303840, 91956104, 91229243, 91861902.

Don’t miss it or you will regret.

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