Badbaado and Development of Education Organization (BADE) Environment Young Corporation


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Av caracas # 35-15, Bogota, COLUMBIA map

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name: Ricardo Alejandro Fonseca Ovalle
email: and
tel: +573114740947

MissionEnvironment Young Corporation
We are dedicated to generating and implementing sustainability strategies that enhance the quality of life of communities through working with young people, promoting social equity and economic viability, through protection, conservation, improvement and sustainable use of natural resources and environment, made by an interdisciplinary group of professionals providing services directed to Integrated Environmental Management and engaged with life and its environment.


By 2020 the Environmental Corporation Youth will be recognized for the positive impact to benefit the environment and society, nationally and internationally, has developed through its policies and achievements. It will also be recognized as an environmental organization that interacts with the current reality and the social partners, to contribute to improving the qualityof life for present and future humanity.

Main Objectives
The main purpose of the entity is managing the design, development, implementation, evaluation, control and monitoring of studies, plans, programs, activities and projects aimed at the protection, conservation , improvement and sustainable use of natural resources and environment at the local, regional, national and international levels, with a holisticinterdisciplinary approach, which would give consistent solutions to environmental problems in order to ensure the quality of life different populations of planet earth.

ActivitiesEnvironment Young Corporation
Currently the principal work is the road to RIO+20 in Colombia. Environmental Communication will be given in the areas of
- Cleaner Production
- Water Resource Management Integra
- Food Sovereignty
- Solid Waste Management Integral
- Ecotourism
- Research, Development And Innovation
- Environmental Awareness Education And Culture
- Community Involvement
- Environmental Consultancy And Auditing
- Business Development Environment
- Land Management
- Wildlife Protection

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