International Training and Development Centre - ITDC Faynuus Youth Voluntary Organization(FAYVO)  

Registered Address
Siinay village, Ahmed Dhagah district, Hargeisa SOMALILAND

Contact Details
Name: Khadar Hassan ABDI - Program Officer
tel: +25224112610

FAYVO is a voluntary, developmental, humanitarian and non-partisan organization dedicated to improve the living standard of the community and the reconstruction of the country, the organization committed to the advocacy, development, capacity building, mobilization and empowerment of the Vulnerable Children, youth, Women and the community as a whole. In addition, FAYVO plays a vital role in the economic and social development and democratization in Somaliland, FAYVO’s thematic areas of intervention include non-formal Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, eradication of FGM, promotion and protection of human rights, sports, culture, Water hygiene and Sanitation, Agriculture, Energy and biomass technology development and environmental education. More

FAYVO is one of the rarely indigenous youth-led advocacy and developmental and humanitarian organization that works and seeks to improve the life standards of the youth and women and their communities through Education, poverty reduction, public health, causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS, STI and HTP, Human right protection, Advocacy, training and capacity building, Awareness raising and public education, Hygiene and sanitation promotion, Agriculture and energy development and also environmental education programs.

A democratic, peaceful and sustainable development in Somaliland, that uplift basic human freedoms and rights and all the youth and women and their communities empowered socially and economically and enabling live with free from illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, STI and Harmful Traditional Practice, Hunger, inequality and Discrimination, Violence, and Environmental sustainability, where every person can enjoy better living conditions and development.

Main Objectives
1. to improve the livelihoods of the of the youth and women and their communities through mobilization and empowerment programs

2. to facilitate, sensitize, raise awareness and networking of all community groups and other stakeholders and enable them to communicate, cooperate, share idea and experience

3. to increase youth and women enrolment in the Education and development programs

4. to facilitate and striving to uplift the status of the youth and women and accord them the opportunities and participation of all development programs

5. to facilitate and work to mainstream gender in all social perspectives

6. to reduce cultural barriers and other socio-economic challenges against youth and women development

7. to improve reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and STI disease prevention.

8. to promote Human Right protection and development of democracy through advocating of the rights of youth and women to access all basic rights and freedoms and inclusion of the developmental programs

9. to engage youth and women in attempting to their basic personal and social needs and rights and promoting their contribution to fostering cultural of peace struggle in realizing that all community groups are happy, health, skilled and successful in every sectors and levels generate and disseminate solid evidence of violence prevention and human right protection engage youth and women and their community in peace building, negotiation and conflict resolution system

13. promoting youth and women participation in sporting activities and sport tournament including football and traditional tournament

14. to increase and promote awareness on Hygiene and sanitation and also water hygiene and sanitation and water resources management

15.To build capacity of the farmers and enable them to increase their productivity and good agriculture practices and better cropping system

16.To improve energy development through procuring energy saving devices, energy efficient stoves, solar power and energy generation and supplies

17.To reduce deforestation and land degradation and indoor air pollution

18.To Prevent of loss of biodiversity, soil and ecosystem

19.Conservation and enhancement of the environmental quality

FAYVO has provided Educational and Skills training courses to children, youth and women to enhance their capacity and knowledge, thus,

Adult women and working girl were provided literacy and numeracy courses
• 80 students were awarded for their completion and good results in literacy and numeracy exams
• 50 youth and women were trained in different technical and vocational skills
• 40 primary school teacher were trained in different teaching skills and work plan
• One non formal and vocational training were established and functioning now
• 2 primary schools were provided with test books
• 10 orphans and poor children were supported and provided them orientation.
• 60 Vocational Training teachers were also trained in different technical and teaching skills and provided with necessary educational tool

• 65 small farmers were trained and empowered, in order to increase productivity of their land and good agriculture practice related to use of land, water and cultivation, and to adopt appropriate land use measure, invest in appropriate recommended technologies and knowledge
• 20 small farmers were support in different deeds and crops
• 5000 seedlings were planted in different public places
• 1000 KG of different cross and seedlings were distributed for poor farmers
• 6 farmers were rehabilitated

3.1. Anti-Aids clubs were established in the school

• 35 radio programs were transmitted on HIV/AIDS prevention and HTP education to the all villages of Hargeisa, Burco and Borama
• 15 community based HIV/AIDS education programs launched at market places and school and MCH
• 20 people with living with HIV/AIDS were supported and provided them for nonfood items
• 10 HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children were mobilized
• 8 community sensitization workshops on HIV/AIDS prevention and control were launched
• 90 peer educators were trained to handle the activities of HIV/AIDS prevention and control in school and villages
• 40 youth and clubs leaders were trained and youth management
• 20 commercial sex workers were trained in peer education
• 18 community conservation facilitators on HIV/AIDS were trained
• 10 target health personnel were trained in health services
• 5 awareness raising campaigns on HIV/AIDS, STI and malaria were conducted
• 7 public discussion forums on the danger of HIV/AIDS were launched in schools

• 2 youth empowerment projects were launched that has youth recreational center, sports material and business planning skills and so on
• 2 sub-offices and Educational centers of FAYVO were opened in two regions(Hargeisa and Baligubadle)
• 18 grass root level associations were formed and trained in Leadership and organizational development skills
• 10 members of FAYVO were organized and trained in leaderships and organizational development skills
• 15 community mobilization workshops were conducted
• 8 persons from community groups, SNHRC and Health workers were trained in different technical and Health caring skills

• 6 environmental awareness raising forums were conducted in six regions of the country
• 4 sensitization workshops on environmental protection were conducted
• 2 mini trade fair for improved cooking stoves(ICS) were held in Hargeisa and Borama cities
• 3 Hygiene and Sanitation campaigns were conducted in the most polluted areas in Hargeisa
• 100 adult women and girls were trained on proper disposal of wastes
• 18 environmental education programmers were conducted in public and private schools
• 3000 students and teachers were oriented on environmental education
• 80 teachers were trained in environmental education activities
• 3 community mobilization campaigns on environmental conservation were launched and 70 local stove producers were trained in stove production and marketing skills

On the advocacy and public relation, the organization has good working relationship with line ministries (ministry of youth, ministry of Education, ministry of environment, ministry of family and social affairs, DEEGAAN Environmental Network (local environmental and energy development network in Somaliland),, ADRA, CARITAS and SAWDA ALLA AMIN, CARE INTERNATION, SONYO (Somaliland national youth organizations umbrella) and many other local humanitarian organizations