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On this page you can access many resources including help with projects, grants, sholarships
Help with projects
This guide takes you through, step-by-step, exactly how you can plan, run and complete a successful project in your community. We want you to use this toolkit to take action – in whatever form that might be.The following summaries have been taken from the 'Actiontoolkit' produced at the 2005 World Youth Congress, with kind permission of Peace Child International. Full copy available here. Click on each objective below for the full text version.
1 Preparation
You know you want to do something and you have an idea in your head about what that might be. Before you do anything else, you need to develop three things to turn that idea into a reality:
Identify a need
Make a plan
Writing a proposal
2 Take action
You have done your research, identified the needs and planned a project to tackle that need. Now it is time for the fun part - time to take action! Just keep a few things in mind to keep your project on track. The main skill you need to learn to become a successful leader of your project is “project management.” No matter what career you choose to pursue in later life, project management will always be an invaluable skill to possess. The main components of project management are:

Sourcing the resources
Legal issues
People management
Time and goal management
Financial management
3 Follow up and reporting
Your project is coming to a close, but it is not quite time to relax! Follow-up is vital to achieving success in the field of YLD. And whilst you will traditionally write your evaluation at the end of your project, it is extremely important for each project manager to think about the evaluation and reporting part of the project at every stage
Evaluation and general reports
Media reports

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Help with a WEBSITE

If you would like a NAYD webpage then please send the following information to help@nayd.org:

Name of organisation;
Registered Address;
Contact details - Name, email(s), (a NAYD email can be offered if required), telephone(s);
Main Objectives;
Examples of work carried (no more than half a page of A4);
One or two photos;
Links to social media (facebook etc)

Example- http://www.nayd.org/mpp.htm

Useful Links

Youth networks
African Youth Initiative on Climate Change
Peace Child International
Global Youth Network
International Education and Resource Network
United Games of Nations
United Youth Committee of the World
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World Student Community for Sustainable Development

Mobile Toolkit
Fundraising tools for youths
Media resources

African Youth Volunteer Project
Youth Employment Network
Youth Action Net
ICT awareness workshops
Youth at the United Nations
One World

Comic relief
Irish aid
Bill and melinda gates foundation
DFID Africa

African development foundation

Educational Scholarships/Resources
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Visual Arts Scholarship
Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship
Green Home Improvement Scholarship
Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship
The Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund National President’s Scholarship
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Scholarships
Association of Commonwealth Universities
Advance Africa Forum
Africa Educational Trust
International Scholarship Resources
Open University

Gavi Alliance to immunise Children
Global fund to fight AIDS, TB,Malaria

More Useful Links

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Resources to check out

sports development

UNICEF Voices of Youth

Advice on climate change - email climateinfo@nayd.org

Advice on HIV/AIDS - email (English) AIDSinfo@nayd.org

Require help/advice with your project? Want to start a new project? Send an email with your name, mobile, country and request to help@nayd.org.and we'll do what we can to help.

Cyberschoolbus See examples of successful youth-led projects, add your voice, and monitor the MDGs on an interactive map.
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Special Needs - As the mother of a special needs child – my son, James, has autism – I understand the unique challenges that parents, families and educators of these exceptional children face daily. Many days run smoothly, but let’s face it – some days are more of a struggle than others. In honor of school being back in full swing, which always presents many changes to our children’s routines, I decided to create a list of some of the articles I’ve come across in the past few months that shed light on many of the ways we can support our special needs kids. I’m passing these resources on to you in the hopes that you’ll share them with your audience, too. I believe they’ll make a great addition to your site
Beneficial Activities for Kids with Special Needs
Home Safety for Kids!
23 Ways to Communicate with a Non-Verbal Child
Routines and Children with Disabilities
Anxiety and Autism
Adapting the Childcare Environment for Children with Special Needs

Disability Remodeling for the Home
Financial Assistance for Accessibility Home Repairs and Modifications
A Guide for Disabled Homebuyers

As a parent who has spent many hours seeking the wisdom these resources provide, I thank you in advance for making them available to your audience! I hope this is helpful! If you don’t want me to reach out to you again in the future, please send me an email reply and let me know (though I really hope this won’t be the case). Thank you! In health,
Patricia Sarmiento Putting the Public Back in Public Health


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