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Avenue de la Mission 57 (Enclos Saint Michel), Po Box 6742, Bujumbura, BURUNDI

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Name: Dieudonné BIZUMUREMYI
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ITDC is a non-profit organization, created May 15, 2005 and approved by the Ministry of the Interior according to the Ministerial Order N0 530/1072 of 10 August 2005. The association was created in response to the sociopolitical and economic situation that hit Burundi since 1993. The ITDC has the status authenticated by the notary service of Bujumbura by the act of M/619/2005 No. 6 June 2005 and is composed of 15 active members and three management bodies: the General Assembly, an Executive Committee, and an auditor. More English French ICASA 2011 and plans for 2012

MissionInternational Training and Development Centre - ITDC
International Training and Development Center (ITDC) is proposing to provide training for the rehabilitation of professional and technical skills of the community that are necessary for self-sustainability. In addition, the ITDC is intended to provide practical advice and monitoring to ensure the individual organizing and managing groups of people involved in the conceptualization and implementation of development programs at the local level and to encourage of change in the search for peace by the values of human rights. We also propose a system of training in the use of ICT. Thus, these formations in information technology and communication will create added value both to our organization and for the beneficiaries of ITDC programs. Our training will focus in this case organizations and interest groups that will be introduced on the use of computers and related technologies.

International Training and Development Center (ITDC) is focused on a long-term vision based on improving the education system in Burundi. We believe that education is the key to sustainable development. With the development of education that any nation can solve many problems related to the basic needs of communities, such as food, primary health care and housing, and moral values.
We hope that in the next 15 years, we will have achieved a number of projects in the education sector, food security, health, housing, prevention and peaceful conflict resolution, good governance and the fight against corruption, economic mismanagement and the capacity of communities to cope with the adverse effects of poverty and a decade of civil war.

Main ObjectivesInternational Training and Development Centre - ITDC
• Participate in the fight against corruption, economic mismanagement, violence against women and the peaceful conflicts resolution and combat drug use and crime.

• Contribute to improving the education system through training, capacity building and interactive participation of beneficiaries, especially youth and peasant groups.

• Facilitate the management of development programs in agriculture, primary health care, housing, prevention to environmental protection and strengthening community capacity.

• Promote and guide vulnerable groups in income-generating micro-projects and business oriented.

• Promote the use of modern information and communication.

ActivitiesITDC-anti corruption campaign
1. Food aid to 120 disabled families of Buterere Commune in 2009

2. Training sessions of capacity building of aver than 120 grassroots organizations in Eastern Burundi in tree nine commune of tree provencies: (Muruta, Matongo et kabarore ) of Kayanza province , (Butaganzwa, Kinyinya et Gisuru) of Ruyigi province and (Gisaga , Cendajuru et Mishiha ) of Cankuzo province in 2010 for facilitating economic integration of returnee refugee, demobilized soldiers for food security

3. We have also organized campaigns of sensitization of anti-corruption challenges and human right issue like violence against women, and AIDS diseases in 2011 to 120 youth boy and girls between 18 to 25 years old

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