'Do your little bit of good where you are; itís those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.' Desmond Tutu


Do you want a website? Send the below information to help@nayd.org

Name of organisation; Registered Address; Contact details - Name, email(s), (a NAYD email can be offered if required), telephone(s); Introduction; Mission; Vision; Main Objectives; Examples of work carried (no more than half a page of A4); One or two photos; Logo; Links to social media (facebook etc)

Example - Africa Youth Coalition Against Hunger (Sierra Leone)

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Algeria Algerian flag

Arab thought foundation
Free General Student's Union web
Université - mentouri

Angola Angola flag


Benin Benin flag

Agriculture For Young (A4Y) map
Etudiants Sans Frontieres International facebook web map

Groupe d'Action pour le Progress et la Paix (GAPP Bénin)

Botswana Benin flag

Behaviour Change Project map
Botswana Climate Change Network map
Bwjobs4graduates (Botswana Jobs for Graduates) map facebook

Youth alliance for leadership and Development in Africa map

Burkina Faso Burkina Faso flag

Advocacy Initiative for Development Association-Burkina Faso (AIDA-BF) web map
I.V.A.E.S.D map
Ministere de l'Action Sociales map
Reseau des Jeunes pour le Developpement Durable map
Youth Challenge web map

Burundi Burundi flag


> Works to help children, poor youths, women and various vulnerable including older.
>Young members conduct field research to understand the current state of affairs in Burundi and identify the most pressing needs and then create programs to address these needs.
> Advocates for better live and approaches for the future sustainability live hoods, particularly in the marginalized areas, which are basically viewed as a possible means of creation of opportunities for young people participation, create youth employment and generate income for charity programs as well as the ownership of assets and social inclusion to reduce the vulnerability of the rural poor and all urban people live in unacceptable condition of poverty, public health diseases and social plagues (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Malnutrition, reproductive health and family planning problems)
> Believes that improved youth leadership and increased youth participation in program planning, needs assessment, in decision making and in implementation of programs will translate into a better family, a better community for all.
> Advocates to run awareness and increase basic community healthcare and affordable information and accessible medical services
> Strengthens the capacity of human Resource and train member of the communities and promote ICT.
Contact Jean-Claude Kamwenubusa


Gathering more than 20000 volunteers throughout he country, Burundi Red Cross Society sensitize the youth since their very early schooling age upto university on humanitarian values, the respect of human dignity and the dissemination of the International Humanitarian Law. Slowelyrecovering from more than a decade of civil wa, Burundi Red Cross depends greatly on volunteeers activities for the physical reconstruction of the country but also for several other types of activities achieved by volunteers to the neediest population.Apart from assistance to the most vulnerable in the community, young voluneers of the Red Cross organize also fundraising activities such as theatre shows, decorative art among other activities. Contact HARINGANJI Olivier

Action Solidaire pour le Developpement Communautai map
ASASS-Burundi (details above)
Association Burundaise des Etudiants en Médecine map
Association of Young for solidarity and integral development map
Association pour la promotion de la fille burundaise map
BAC Burundi map
Burundi Education Project
Burundi Red Cross Society (details above)
Burundi VCP map
East African Business Week
Forum for Conscience and Development (FOCODE) map
Initiative pour l'environement et developpement map
International Training and Development Center (ITDC) map web gallery
Première Vice, Présidence de la République
Rotary Club Ingoma map
United Youth Community (UYC) map
Water and Youth International Movement map
Youth Association for the Integral Development Solidarity
Youth Partnership For Development BURUNDI map
Youth Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Yowli Burundi map

Cameroon Cameroon flag

 AHURTOD - Defending Human RightsAssociation of Human Rights and Torture Defendersmap

As part of its good governance projects we continue to encourage women and youths to register for elections and to take a stand against electoral fraud and corruption. Future seminars are planned in the town of Tiko and at the University of Buea.

We are working to improve educational and vocational opportunities for inmates at the Central Prison, Buea, where illiteracy is a problem and many detained persons are under the age of 25.
Tanyi Pascaline Oben

Association for Creative Teaching for rural Youths and Women in Development - ACTWID KONGADZEMACTWID - Association for Creative Teaching for rural Youths and Women in Development map

We organize and train youths on Sexual and Reproductive Health. We do a lot of work on Care and Support to orphans and vulnerable street children and also the rural youths living with HIV/AIDS/TB in our town and villages. We organize peace marches on every 1st December which is World AIDS Day and on every 24th March which is World TB Day to create awareness on prevention and care of both disease. We train trainers who are youth’s leaders from our village groups on how to live free and share love with other youth and community members.

We have a group medicinal garden where we grow a good variety of medicinal plants with ARTEMESIA herb which is the herb that treats Malaria . Other herbs for boosting the Immune System too in our garden are Echinacea, Stinging Nettle for coughs we grow Plantain 1 and 2, Red mint Clover, Dandelion. Other herbs are Camomile, yarrow, fennel, garlic, Rosemary, comfrey and carrot. We also do small scale animal rearing to balance nutrition.

National president - Wendi Losha Bernadette. ACTWID KONGADZEM NGO Head office Po Box 16 BAMENDA NWP Cameroon.

Association for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection (ASDEP-Cameroon) map webASSOCIATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION (ASDEP-Cameroon)  logo

ASDEP is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization created of collective ideas. It is apolitical institution, void of cultural and racial inclinations and strives for the improvement of rural communities, registered in 2005 with aims to promote and implement sustainable development practices, policies and strategies in Cameroon through dissemination of information, training, education, research, advocacy and campaigning.Our Mission is to strive for the improvement of our rural communities through education, research, and community engagement.

Benevolent Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Socially Underprivileged - BAPESU twitter gallery map

BAPESU logoOur goals are the protection of the environment through information campaigns, sensitisation, tree planting and seedlings for farmer etc; reduce feminisation of poverty; rehabilitation of destitute children and women empowerment; combating HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; promoting community development (participatory approach); nursery of trees and seedlings for farmers; peace building.

In 2006 BAPESU successfully executed a project christened “HIV/AIDS Youth Awareness Campaign. The project had as target group the young people of the Bambui Rural Community in Cameroon. The objective of the program was to help fight HIV/AIDS among youths in Bambui via awareness. The program witnessed the active participation of 30 Youth volunteers that gave insightful contributions towards the realisation of the program. The entire program ran for two weeks (27th March through to the 7th of April 2006). This program was achieved with the benign support from Alert Fund for Youth Activities and MEBONU Foundation.

Christian C Tabifor

Campus for Peace and Dialogue (CAPED) InternationalCAPED

CAPED International is a campus-oriented think tank with headquarters in Yaoundé-Cameroon. It was founded in 2004 in the backdrop of simmering tension on many Cameroon university centres that finally degenerated into violent uprisings in 2005. It engages in training, research and advocacy as means to bring about positive change on campuses. Its specific objectives, among others, include: institutionalise peace volunteering among students; promote dialogue and other alternatives to acts of violence in resolving conflict and offer citizenship and peace education. In order to address a wider populace, the CAPED International carries its activities to all institutions of learning, from primary schools, colleges to the universities. The principal message it drives across is that there exist other alternatives to the use of force and violence.
CAPED has also partnered with many sisters organisations in Cameroon to co-organise other activities such as workshops and the commemoration of International Day of Peace that comes up every September 21st of each year. One of the strengths of this organisation is the up-to-date library it has erected which has a wide collection of documents in areas as varied a peace & conflict, gender, human rights, History, international relations, democracy and good governance.
DOMAYONEP map web gallery

DOMAYONEP logoJulius Nyerere once said “No matter the number of sky scrappers and industries in a nation, the absence of peace will raze them to floor level”. We, the youths of Donga Mantung Division, North West Region of Cameroon being aware of our responsibility to our nation and strongly determined to contribute toward her social, economic, educational, technological, and especially political development, do hereby on this day, Wednesday, February 9, 2009, establish this document as the Charter and constitution of the Donga Mantung Youths Network For Peace. The main objective of Donga Mantung Youths Network For Peace abbreviated DOMAYONEP is to instill the notion of peace, patriotism, and civic responsibility among Donga Mantung Youths in the country and the Diaspora. We are thus a non-denominational, non-governmental, and apolitical association registered under the laws of association of the nation.

GICAR - CAM map galleryGICAR logo

Comme beaucoup d’autres jeunes dans le monde, nous faisons de notre mieux pour prévenir l’abus des drogues. Nous avons quelques idées et solutions issues de notre propre expérience et ceci montre que la jeunesse peut résoudre une bonne partie de ces difficultés avec succès. Contact Serge Bengono Azele

 The International Centre for Conflict and Human Rights Analysis (ICCHRA)

ICCHRA is managed by a dynamic team of enthusiastic, earnest and deeply convicted youths. We believe that nothing great can be achieved without enthusiaCAPED logosm. Projects to date include involvement as an action partner in Promoting Women and Youths Participation in the Democratization process with the Pan-African Institute for Development in a way that will build their capacity to make informed choices, aspire to governance positions, and effectively support the government in its various development commitments; leading commemorative activities in Bamenda to observe the UN International Day of Peace, September 2006 which included an Inter-religious prayer service for peace and a musical concert and candle lights procession; university conflict mediation from November 2006 when the University of Buea (UB) was plunged into a students’ strike. Mr. Chi Primus is currently a pioneer member/initiator of the national water and youth committee in Cameroon.

Life and Water Development Group - Cameroon (LWDGC) facebook web gallery


LWDGC is an organization which aims at promoting the welfare of the underprivileged in our communities. Our activities include: Organizing Community/Rural Sustainable Development schemes for poverty alleviation: Promoting Education/Capacity Building for our communities:
Provide Primary Health Care and HIV/AIDS programs: Clean water for All; Promote Women and Children's programs:
Audio – Visual Training (Video editing, film/documentary shooting, directing etc…): Promote volunteering in our communities.

MAYA INITIATIVES - Fighting Poverty in remote regions! tig facebook map gallery
Maya Initiatives is a two years old project that created by Pochi Tamba of Cameroon and Alexa gainsburry of Britain. We had met during a World Youth Conference in Scotland and thought we could contribute our bit to development by putting our efforts together. Initially, we were interested in the plight of orphans affected by extreme poverty. In remote regions of Africa, many poor orphans increasingly fall prey to social ills due to the poverty they live in. We put together MI to support these children in any way possible. Today, we have expanded our objectives to include any children affected by severe poverty. In that light, we work with orphanages to provide needs for their children and have succeeded to keep two very brilliant orphans from dropping out of school.

PROSDOMA (Promotion of Sustainable Development in Donga-Mantung) map galleryVisit of Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Cameroon ( Ngole Ngole Elvis) and members of his Ministry

PROSDOMA was created against the backdrop of the dire need for our local population to know how to sustainably manage the forest and non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs). Thus the association has as mission objectives, bringing to low income population diversified support in the managing of natural resources like, soil, forest and wildlife and to fight against illegal exploitation of the forest and NIFPs.

In 2009, PROSDOMA succeeded in the fight against illegal exploitation of forest with some illegal exploiters caught and brought before the law. It also succeeded in sensitising the population of Ako and Misaje subdivisions on the sustainable management of forest and Non-Timber Forest Products. Given that the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) talks on eliminating extreme poverty and environmental sustainability amongst others, PROSDOMA is determined to work towards environmental protection in 2010. This will be done through campaigns and seminars. The aim of these campaigns and seminars will be to create awareness on the dangers of environmental degradation. In all these activities, the fight against sexually transmissible infections and the HIV/AIDS pandemic will not be left out. - Ngenge Emmanuel Ngeh More on PROSDOMA

ROHI FOUNDATIONPresident of ROHI Foundation map

Rohi Foundation is a faith based organisation that reaches the underprevileged by ministering to their holistic needs in the following ways: social evangelism; training in life skills; orphan rehabilitation; out-reach in remote areas and villages; training in IT; bible education; provide pscho-social support to children. Contact: Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifum, P.O.Box 1060, Bamenda, 237 Cameroon
Save Your Future Association (SYFA) mapSave Your Future Associationweb gallery
SYFA is non-profit organisation that works with African children, youths and low-income farmers in rural communities to promote organic farming techniques and protect the local environment. It was founded in 2001 by Farmer Tantoh and is located in Nkambe Central Sub Division.

• To sensitize the rural community on sustainable agricultural techniques such as tropical organic farming, through field training of low-income farmers.
• To encourage organic lawn creation and indoor flower gardening with children and youths in the rural community.
• To protect spring water catchments through planting agro forestry trees and educating the rural communities on watershed management issues.
• To create active environmental clubs in primary schools, secondary schools, churches, prisons, and in the villages.
• To promote formal education of the rural children.

Dieudonne (Farmer) Tantoh Nforba, Stanley Yengong Nforba


Student Global Aids Campaign (SGAC) mapStudent Global Aids Campaign gallery

SGAC is committed to bringing an end to HIV and AIDS around the world through education, informed advocacy, media work, and direct action.With 42 million people living with HIV and AIDS around the world, an additional 15,000 becoming infected every day, and 8,200 people dying every day, we need effective and science-based prevention programs and inexpensive, life-saving AIDS medications.
SGAC participates in national campaigns and actions as well as develop and carryout their own projects. The work of SGAC chapters includes
• Educating students about the global AIDS crisis and their role in fighting it by holding teach-ins, film screenings, lectures, etc. on campus
• Lobbying, writing letters, and making phone calls to the President and members of Congress about global AIDS
• Utilizing media and direct action by holding rallies and press events to galvanize public opinion in the fight against AIDS
• Raising money for and partner with organizations fighting AIDS in the U.S. or abroad
Sustainable Run For Development (SURUDEV) mapSURUDEV logoweb gallery

SURUDEV Cameroon, founded in 2008, is a not-for profit organization based in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. Our mission is to empower and stimulate youth involvement in environmental protecting activities and foster the teaching of environmental sciences in our schools. Since creation, we have been working with school environmental clubs, where we have got youths within the school milieu involved in orchard development and planting of other environmental friendly tree species as well as creating school nurseries and organising symposiums for schools as regards sustainable deveopment and the monster climate change

The Africa Education Initiative (NEF) The African Education Initiativegallery

The mission of the Foundation is to further the advancement of science and engineering in Africa. The Foundation hopes to achieve its mission by providing educational materials and essential tools necessary to advance educational institutions.

Through its education assistance program, the Foundation strives to promote academic research in institutions. It supports scholars pursuing a vast The Africa Education Initiativespectrum of professions. Funding also assists students at critical stages of their education.

The Foundation assists professors and students with contacting institutions or colleagues in other countries. Students in need of internships are assisted with making the necessary contacts. In addition, professors seeking information about institutions abroad offering research opportunities are also aided.

NEF believes in global education and therefore communicates and exchanges information with other international education Foundations. More info.

Young Farmers Development Group (YOFADEG) map gallery

YOFADEG is a non profit making common initiative group with goals to encourage agricultural activities amongst youths, fight poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS and other STIs (including early pregnancies and abortion), to educate and be educated. Activities of YOFADEG are amongst others; carrying out sensitisation campaigns in schools, markets, hotels, hair dressing saloons and studios on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and other social ills, working on their farm where they have palms, cocoa and maize. As of now YOFADEG has been working in partnership with the Cameroon Ministry of Agriculture and Public Health, the African synergy against AIDS and sufferings, the Institute for Research Socio-economic Development and Communication (IRESCO) and the Amongst Youth magazine. Contact Emmanuel Ngenghe Ngeh

ACTWID KONGADZEM (details above)
AHURTOD (details above)
AKosa Hope Home Foundation
Amwe Foundation(AM FOUND) map
ASDEP-Cameroon (details above)
Association culturelle mission de récreation
Association des jeunes du fin gouron omnisports map
Association for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection map
Association Job Espoir Akwa map
Bambili Agric. Schools Ex-Students Association map
Bamenda police cooperative credit union
BAPESU (details above)
Better World Cameroon web map gallery
Cameroon Association of Human Right Protectors-CAHRIP map
Cameroon Debate Association map
Cameroon Islamic Development Foundation map
Campus for Peace and Dialogue International (CAPED) (details above)
Child Aid Development Foundation International map
Commonwealth club University of Douala map
Community Children Organisation (COCO) web
Community Youth For Peace Foundation map
Conseil des Volontaires en Population et dévelopement map
DOMAYONEP (details above)
Dunamis Youth movement map
Ebamut Youths Cultural and Development Association
Eveil Africain
Fondation Conseil Jeune map
FPHURS-HARD Cameroon map
Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS) web map
GICAR-CAM (details above) gallery
Global Compassion map
Grassroots Initiative - CAMEROON map
Helps International (HINT) map
Hope For The Needy Association (Hofna) Cameroon map
Hope for Vulnerables and Orphans (HOVO) map
Hope Outreach Foundation map
Horizon Jeune map
Human IS Right map
Human Rights Focus on Gender Centre map
ICCHRA (details above)
Initiatives for Development and Community Empowerment map
International Mission Pharmaceutical Industry map
IVISSION International map
Jeunesse Alternatives
Job Shop Cameroon map
Josiaslive Association
Kids4Peace Cameroon map
Knowledge for Children map
Korup Rainforest Conservation Society (KRCS) map
Life & Water Development Group (details above)
Light Africa
Maya Initiatives (details above)
Media Practitioner
Millenium Outreach Medical Assistance (MOMA) map
Moving the Planet-Plant the Planet gallery
National Association of Theatre (NATT)
Navti Foundation NGO map
Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All
Njioh Financial Literacy Center map
Non for Now
North West Cultural Heritage Revival Chamber
ONG-Fondation pour la promotion et la défense des droits de l'Homme
People Empowering People (PEP) map
Prevention of Alcohol Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDs map
PROSDOMA (details above)
Rhema Institute map
Richie Communications Buea map
ROHI Foundation (details above)
Rural Development Centre (RUDEC Cameroon) web map
Rural Development Foundation (RUDEFO) map
Save Your Future Association (SYFA) (details above)
SEVENGE EH(Help the poor)
SGAC and NEF (details above)
St Francis School of Health Sciences map
SURUDEV Cameroon (details above)
Sustainable Approach to Promote Youths Development map
Tangayung & co. Law Firm Blaiso

The Africa Education Initiative (NEF)
(details above)
Think Youth Independent Association
Trees for Development map
University of Buea health/AIDS prevention club
University of Jyväskylä Finland
Vital Actions for Sustainable Development (AVD) map
Virtuous Women International map
W& Y movement
Wimbum Youths for Development map
Worldview Mission International map
Young Farmers Development Group (details above)
Young Widows Empowerment Association map
Youth Alert map
Youth Assembly for Environmental Justice map
Youth Business Cameroon map
Youth Challenge map
Youth Employment Service map
Youth Empowerment Forum map
Youth for Equality map facebook
Youths Action Network for Sustainable Development map
Youths Against Aids (YAGA) map gallery
Youths Against Hunger map

Cape Verde Cape Verde flag

Cape Verde Youth Federation map

Central African Republic Central African Republic flag

Fondation les Enfants d'Abord map
Le nouvel Espace pour le Partenariat au Developpement du Centrafrique map web gallery
Societe d'action pour le developpement social et communautaire en afrique map

Chad Chad flag

Youth Association for Solidarity and Development map

Comoros Chad flag


Congo Congo flag

Association Pour l'Environnement et Développement de la Jeunesse (APEDJ) map
Les Amis Des Enfants Association map
Life-Link CONGO

DRC DRC flag

Association des Volontaires du Developpement Durable en RDCongo map web
Caravane D'Animation Culturelle pour le Developpement map
Club Radio France International Bukavu DR Congo map
Fille & fils Danger map
Initiative Locale pour le Developpement Integré map
Jeunes Volontaires de Grands Lacs pour l'Environnement map
Kinderhulp Mondiaal map
Ligue des Jeunes des Grands Lacs map
Mutuelle Jeunesse Active map

Djibouti Djibouti flag

Djibouti Nature map
Djiboutian youth organisation map

Egypt Egypt flag
WESC logo (WESC) map

WESC is a non-profit, field-based immersion learning environment. Visitors from all over the world gain hands-on experience in Egypt's ecological, agricultural, and industrial environments. They also learn how sustainable development can be achieved in the Arab World through the application of scientific principles and environmentally friendly practices. The entire curriculum is integrated with international and Egyptian standards for science education from Kindergarten through Adult learners. The Wadi Environmental Science Centre brings learning to life by making learning relevant again more

Africa Youth Association - Scientific & Culturalmap gallery web
African Youth for Peace and development in Egypt
Arab European Center for youth and development
Bib Alex
Citizens for Development
CSD - Council of Services and Development
Dien Ebrahim
Dreamers of Tomorrow
Egyptian federation for scouts and girl guides
El-samra foundation for Environment and Sustainable Development. (EESD)
General Union of African Students Unions in Egypt
Global Voices Online
International Development Law Organziation (IDLO)
Ministry of investment
Model United Nation: Awareness Program
Power No Borders
Sustainable Development Association
Tawasol Organization map
Voluntary Youth Service Initiative (VYSI) map
Welad Misr
map web twitter facebook
Y-PEER Egypt Network map

Ethiopia Ethiopia flag
AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation). map

We are a health development organization. We work in six African Countries -Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia.Our mission is 'Better Health for the People of Africa'. Meseret Desta, Tedla Mulatu

Act Youth and Women Leadership Organiztion (AYWLO) map
Addis Ababa University Peace Clu
b web gallery map
African Medical and Research Foundation (details above)
Afro Flag Youth Vision map
Amhara Region Youth Association map
Emmanuel Development Association map
Ethiopian young lawyer association (EYLA) map
Human Right Council-Ethiopia map
Light Ethiopia map
Ministry of Environment and Forest map
Rainforest Alliance
Save Your Generation Ethiopia map
Shega Fest for GREATNESS map
Talent Youth Association map
The Green Club map
Vision in Action OSDA map

Gambia Gambia flag
Gambia Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing map web

Our desperate need for communication, natural interaction, and access to information about our society; linked to the need to take collective action on our own behalf to bring about attitudinal changes and to build a new society that guarantees equal opportunities for all its members regardless of their functional disabilities, led us to unite voluntarily and form The Gambia Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - GADHOH

GADHOH is a registered charitable Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and has a memorandum of understanding with the NGO Affairs Agency. It was established by a small group of deaf people with the assistance of other organizations, including Saint John’s School for the Deaf, and some parents of deaf children. Originally formed in 1992 the organization became a member of the World Federation of the deaf in 1994.

The establishment of an administrative centre, in rented accommodation, in June 1999 was sponsored by organizations for deaf people from Sweden. This enabled GADHOH to become an employer and to be more effective with its staff team.

Global Unification - The Gambia web map facebookGlobal Unification The Gambiagallery

We believe that the word ®Poverty® should be removed from our dictionary and that there should no longer be poor countries or poor people on our planet.We believe that the differences between us, which make life interesting, and that we should cherish these differences, not ignore them.When it comes down to it, is the people of the world who have to change our world, and we can only start with ourselves.Our Priority Program: To achieve our objectives, we have divided our work into five priority programs called domains. These are:

1. Information Communication Technology
2. Youth Affairs
3. Women Affairs (with reference to HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence and FGM)
4. Advocacy, Lobby and Campaigns (With reference to Environment, Climate Change, Africa Unity, Democracy and Good Governance)
5. Children Affairs

Contact us at Suite 106, Plaza Office centre, 151 Mosque Rd, PMB 772. Serekunda, The Gambia: Contact Ebrima S. Dem email gambia@globalunification.com

Youth Alliance The Gambia map facebook

Youth Alliance is a collection of youths of all field of study working together to help improve the quality of life throughout the country and its surrounding . The group's vision is dynamic, pragmatic, and functional one which avails to the visionary concept and strategies in bringing youths together in involving in nation building and to be productive. It also unveils and offers a hand of fellowship and partnership, to the indigenous gambian communities of various fields and neibouring countries . Youth Alliance was incorporated as a charitable organisation in 31st June 2009 , in Banjul The Gambia , with a network of young people of all works of life with a passion to make an impact in their communities. The concept of the Youth Alliance is borne out of humanitarian obligation and sacrifice, to support the very underpriviledged childrenand their parents countrywide. Contact Albert Joe S. Bongay Nyima Sillah, Ahmed Aderibigbe Salami, Musa Mendy

The Agricultural Voice map
Better Africa Youth Initiative map
Children for Children Organization
Chiro Jambanjelly
Coastal Care Gambia Chapter map
Future Farmers Of The Gambia map
Gambia Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (details above)
Global Unification-The Gambia (details above)
Mohammed Lamarana Barry children's trust facebook map
Phoenix Project The Gambia map
Save The Youths Action Group map
Sutukoba Development Association- SuDA map
Youth Alliance The Gambia (details above)
Youth Consortium for Progress map
Youth Development Association
Youth Parliament map

Ghana Ghana flag

Abibimman Foundation map
Action for community Development(AFCODEV)
African Youth Union,Ghana Chapter map
Ako Foundation map
Alliance for Development map
Asutifi Graduates and Students Union Secretariat map
Bayifar Ventures map
CAGD map
Christian Leadership Ministry
Community and Family Aid Foundation map web gallery
Curious minds map
Dolly Foundation
ECYG for Sustainabilty and Peace Ghana map
Edikanfo Progressive Foundation
Enchi Youth Parliament
Equinox Intercom Limited
LinkedIn web map
Faith Association For Rehabilitation Of Street Children and orphans ( FARSO) map
Green Earth Organization
Green Ghanaian map
Help the African Child Foundation(HAC) map
Hope Faith Foundation map
International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA)
Impact Projects Africa map
International Children Games Ghana
Love Kids Orphanage Home
Net Org for Youth Empowerment & Development (NOYED-Ghana) map
Network of Ahafo Youth Associations map
New Ghana Youth Development Association
PAAJAF Foundation map
Strategic Empowerment Network - Ghana map
The Africa Mentor Network Inc map
Tongu Youth Agenda for Development map
Village Investment and Projects ( VIP ) -GHANA
Visionary Youth Ghana
West Africa Civil Society Institute
World Volunteers Ghana
Youth Advocates Ghana map
Youth Development Alliance map
Young People We Care (YPWC)
Young Youth for Community Change
Youth Alliance for Development and Advocacy map
Youth for Democracy
Youth Involvement Foundation
Youth Network for Human Rights and Democracy
Youth Realities Network (YOUR-NET) map
Youths of the Golden Age International (YoGA Intl) map

Guinea Guinea flag MANO RIVER YOUTH PARLIAMENTMano River Youth Parliamentmap


The Mano River Union Youth parliament is a network of young peace builders, HIV/AIDS campaigners, Human Rights Activists, working to promote peace,Human Rights, stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, Leadership training, youth empowerment and all sorts of social and economic discrimination against young people in the four Mano River Union Countries (Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast). S. Urias Goll - Program Officer

Alliance Guinea map
Ong Carbone Guinée map
Youth Association for Agricultural Developpement map

Ivory Coast Ivory Coast flag

African Child Forever map
Awoundjo Movement map
Center for Education and Development map
International Conference for Nonviolence and Democracy map
Pour l'Amour de l'Enfance
United Nations Associations
Universal Peace Federation-CI map
YES Cote D'Ivoire Network

Kenya Kenya flag

Brothers Self Help Group facebook map

Our aim is to promote sustainable economic development through provision of basic life necessities, in compacting Hiv/aids and exploiting naturally occurring resources.

1. Training on water melon production, marketing and value addition.
2. Income generating activities such as cycle spare parts, poultry-production in both eggs and meat.
3. Amaranths production and processing
4. Livestock keeping.
5.Training in behavior change communication.6.supporting for people living with HIV/aids, orphans and widows.

 FOCUS (Families’ orphans and children under stress) web mapFOCUS Workshop

FOCUS is a youth C.B.O formed as a response to the HIV/AIDS situation in Ruiru division Thika district as a whole. We have a membership of 30 youth members drawn from Thika district. FOCUS logo

Founded in the year 2002 FOCUS uses multi dimensional channels of communication to promote socio-economic development. FOCUS also uses Theatre to advocate for awareness, behavior change and advocacy, primarily among the youth and the community through the ripple effect and the simple and sustainable community day care centers to care for OVCs and encourage community parenting. Read more

Intervarsity Peer Counselors Association (IVPCA) mapIVPCC logogallery

Intervarsity Peer Counsellors Association is a non-profit making, apolitical, non-sectarian interfaith Association of Peer Counsellors and Educators from both Public and Private Kenyan Universities. The Association derives its membership from registered associations and clubs from individual universities that offer counselling and peer education services. Such clubs and associations are referred as chapters. Currently, IVPCA has registered 23 universities and campuses and has been able to incorporate all chapters in its activities.

The Model International Telecommunications Union Youth Organization (MODEL I.T.U) web map

MODEL I.T.U has been formed as a youth based ICT empowerment initiative aimed at assimilating the ideals and principles of the mainstream International Telecommunication Union ( Website ) with special reference to the Special Initiative Unit.T It focuses on creation of ICT Awareness, promotion of basic ICT skills, application and usage of ICT for peace, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and development, research and dissemination of information on internet safety hence young peoples’ personal, community, national and regional development.It is expected that through ICT, the world’s challenges like sporadic violence, negative ethnicity and racism, unemployment and informational gap can be adequately addressed as a means of attaining both sustainable peace and development.This approach is believed to be a successful model of sustainable development that allow information sharing , youth participation ,while also promoting their integration into the socio-economic development, capacity-building and technological advancement in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals and the Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Youth Common Market map

This organization networks young people around the world on, fighting poverty diseases such as AIDS and environmental care.Youth Common Market
-We encourage young people to participate in both local and international trade. Our member’s benefits from each other through controlled fair trade. Members can buy products from different regions of their country at a fair sale through the common market or from other countries within the agreed trade blocks.
HEALTH - We empower young people on the way to live a healthy life
ie Physical; Social; Interectial; Mental. We also encourage all young people to eat well, do exercises, and stay safe from diseases such as HIV/AIDS, being instrumental in the society, and living peacefully with everyone and positive thinking
With the global warming, we are encouraging all young people to participate in saving our planet. We need to create a peaceful and safe place for generations to come.
We ask all youths to do everything possible from all part of the world to save and conserve the environment.

Achor Ministries
African Centurion Initiative
African Youths Association of NGOS(AYANGO) map
African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) map
Akiba Uhaki Foundation
A Million Faces-Renaissance map
Asilia Africa map
Association of Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (AYPEs) map
Beyond The Bridge Vision map
Boresha life empowerment group map
Brothers Self Help Group (details above) map
Caring Mothers
Catapult Youth Group
Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability map
Change Mind Change Future Organization map
Christian Sports Contact (CHRISC)
Christian Youth Enterprise Service
Chura Digital Youth & Environmental Initiative map
Citizen For Destiny
Citron Wood Foundation (CWF)
Clean Sweep map
Cura Digital Youth Empowerment Initiative.C.B.O
Digital United map
ECPAT International
Ecumenical Centre for Justice and Peace
Education sector
Evams Communication
Family Health Options Kenya
(details above)
Garissa Youth Environment Movement map
Generation 3 youth group- juja
Ghetto Film Trust
Githurai Youth for Sustainable Development
Great London Scout (GLSE)
Health Care
His Hands Our Hands Ministries
I Choose Life Africa
International Centre for Care treatment program
Intervarsity Peer's Councillor's Association
(details above)
Kawangware Vision Centre
Kenya Association for Maternal & Neonatal Health map
Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling
Kenya Model United Nations
Kenya Scouts Association map
Kenya Youth Policy Network
Kenyatta TA University Environmental Club
Kiambutha Youth Group
Kiawaithanji Huruma self help group
Kibera Community Youth Programme map
Kibogi Youth Group(Kangema)
Kiini Sustainable Initiative (KISI)
Kings View Media Services
Kishoka Youth Organisation map
K-REP Bank
Krewnzi Theater Production map

KUESA CLUB(Karatina University ENTREPRENEURs Student Association)
KutanaAfrica facebook

Kwacha Afrika map
Lari Tecmars Pet
Lorengelup Community Development Initiative map
Majengo Furniture Maker Youth Group
Makerere Nyanza Students Association
Makueni County Youth Organization map
Mathira Trust Youth for Safe Life Organisation
Media explorations
Mentor Plus Kenya
MODEL-I.TU (details above)
Moi University School of Medicine
Motivational Power Project map
Mount Kenya Academy
Mt Kenya focus on hiv/aids empowerment program
Mt Kenya focus youth for Human Rights International
Mt Kenya youth against hiv/aids
Mt Kenya Youth Resource Initiative
Mt.Kenya focus on HIV/AIDS and drug abuse
Mukuyuni Village Community and Development Forum
Mulot central youth organization
Nairobi youth group
New Dawn Centre for Youth Empowerment and Development map
Ngwenzeni Development Association
Noomayianat Community Development Organization
NYS map
One Hera campaign map
Onyx Research consultant map
Oshwal Acadamy Nairobi
Public Intiative for Empowerment & Development map
Pwani Education Welfare Association
Queens Resource Centre
Red Cross
Riel map
Smile Gain Fellowship International
Strategic Management Options
Tana County Youth Association map
Tasly Africa
Tharaka Youth Soccer
The Swayz Group
Town Council of Karuri map
Trees for Clean Energy Network map
TRIPOND media group
Turine Commercial College
Umoja Ni Nguvu self help group
Umoja Pamoja Youth Group
UNEP- Kenya
United Nations Volunteers
University of Nairobi
Uzima Wa Taifa
Vijana Umoja Pamoja Foundation map
Village Hopecore International map
Vision G-Pange Youth Group map
Wasanii Arts Group
West End Training and Counselling centre
World hope changers Ministries
World Youth Alliance Africa map
Yamgambo Arts
Young Men's Christian Association
Youth 4 Change
Young Achievers Network map
Youth Against AIDS map
Youth Alive! Kenya
Youth Common Market
(details above)
Youth Empowerment Strategic Scheme
Youth Federation for World Peace Kenya
Youth for Environmental Sustainability Network (YESNET)
Youth Intercommunity Network

Lesotho Liberia flag
Blue Cross Youth map

Core Activities:- Awareness creation for youth attending school. Recreational Activities.• Educational tours and exchange visits. Provide counseling to the OVC who are at Orphanage villages. Blue Cross is currently working with Maseru East Orphanage village.

Activities in Lesotho:- Create awareness: through public gatherings and campaigns to sensitize communities on issues of alcohol and drugs. Youth Empowerment: empower the youth with life skills. Support and Referrals: Offer psychosocial support to kids with addiction problems and refer the addicts to a treatment centre.

Pledge25 mapPledge25 logo

The objectives are:
a. To encourage voluntary blood donation.
b. To promote healthy lifestyle among youth.
c. To advocate for sustainable youth development projects.
d. To promote environmental improvement and conservation.

Kick4Life facebook twitter youtube web map

Kick4Life is a non-profit organisation that uses the power of sport to deliver HIV prevention, life-skills and testing activities for youth in LesoKick4Life Lesothotho. Kick4Life has operated throughout Lesotho since 2007, developing an award-winning range of programs that have reached more than 25,000 young people with high-quality health education, life-skills development and testing. Kick4Life aims to harness the skills and passion of youth in Lesotho to engage participants in a transformational process that will improve their health and wellbeing, and that of their communities, as well as developing the skills and behaviours required to pursue long-term education and employment opportunities. more
Youth for Christ Lesotho map

We are passionate about working with young people. Our aim is to help them develop into responsible citizens who will provide godly leadership. Youth for Christ Lesotho is an inter-denominational; multi-racial and non-profit Christian youth organization which was registered in 1999 with registration number 99/41. Our organization is governed by an able local board, which meets at least once every quarter. We are committed to the holistic (spiritual/mental/social/physical) development of Basotho youth mainly in Peri urban and rural Lesotho.

Liberia Liberia flag Country Page
The African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and neglect (ANPPCAN) Liberia Chapter map
Founded in 2001, it is the national chapter of ANPPCAN, a pan-African child rights organization founded in 1986 in Enugu Nigeria , with the head office in Nairobi , Kenya . It is legally registered in Liberia as a national Non-Governmental and Non-profit Organization. Our mission is to enhance child rights protection through building capacities of the local communities, professional groups and governments to protect their own children.To actualize this mission, ANPPCAN Liberia carries out activities aimed at achieving the following objectives: -

> To promote education as a basic right of children.
> To convene and participate in national, regional (continental) and international forums dealing with promotion of the rights of children.
> To enhance awareness on child rights and child protection in Liberia
> To pro>ote safe drinking water and sanitation in schools and communities
> To combat the worst forms of child labour
> Share best practices emerging from successful programs implemented by sister ANPPCAN Chapters in Africa
> Advocate for non-discrimination of children based on gender and disability.
> To combat HIV/AIDS through promoting preventive measures and mobilize community support of children orphaned through death of parents related to the syndrome.
> Mobilize communities to child protection through supporting creation of child protection teams and training on community organizing, child rights.
> Enhance child participation in decision making that affect them
> Advocate for enabling policy environment for implementation of child protection programs.
> To promote the rights of women against Gender Based Violence
Khoueiri Building, Broad and Johnson Streets, P. O. Box 6794, Monrovia, Liberia More on ANPPCAN
Youth Campaigners International map
> Human Capacity Building & Development
> Human Rights and the Rule of Law
> Democracy and Government Accountability
> Election Monitoring
> Youth Corner
> Advocacy and Networking
> Research and Publications

99 steps forward youth Organisation map
African Child Peace Initiative map
Camp for Peace Liberia Inc. map
Civil Youth Initiatives map
Cohesive Youth Network map
Community Youth Network Program (CYNP) map
Compost map
Conservation International-Liberia map
Diaspora youth for peace and stability
Foundation for Youth Tranquility map
Friends of the Poor (FOP)
Liberia National Students Union map
Life Transformation and Sustainable Initiative (LITSI) map
Madagascar Youth Development Association
Mano River Union Youth Parliament
National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE)
OAYouth map
Quaker Peace Network West Africa map
Student World Assembly
The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) (details above)
The War Affected Youth Ministries map
Women Alert map
Young Ambassadors for Peace-Liberia (YAP) map
Youth Action for Peace and Human Rights Liberia map
Youth Campaigners International (details above)
Youth Crime Watch of Liberia
Youth Network for Reform map
Youth in Stand Humanity and Developmental Action map
Youth Striving to Promote Education(YOUSTRIPE)

Libya Madagascar flag
Madagascar Madagascar flag


Conseil Régional de la Jeunesse de Vakinankaratra facebook
HIV AIDS Alliance Internationale
Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines map
Mouvement d'action des jeunes map
Young Actives for Sustainable Development Madagascar map

Malawi Malawi flag

 YONECO (Youth Net and Counselling) map gallery

YONECO has taken a holistic approach in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The local organization has a number of activities that promote prevention, mitigation and empowerment of affected and vulnerable groups. YONECO Children’s Band

Organizational objectives:
To promote positive youth, women and child development through counselling, life skills, leadership and entrepreneurship development;
To safeguard, promote and protect human rights with particular reference to the rights of youth, women and children;
To conduct civic education on HIV/AIDS, human rights, gender, democracy, and good governance among the general population;
To enhance youth, women and children participation in democratization process and socio – economic development of the nation;
To provide social and economic support services for abused and victimized women and children at community level;
To provide care and support to those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS including people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans. Read more about YONECO

Chanco Active Youth for Development (CAYODE) map

We are geared towards developing our country through the empowering of youth in various respective fields that are very crucial to their own development and the development of the world. We do tackle issues to do with the problems being faced by the youth and we advocate towards improving the environment.

Frank Mkumba, Lisungu Emmah Liwawa, Atupe Lembewe, Gift Siyani

Christian Community Youth Programme web mapCCYP logo

The Christian Community Youth Programme (CCYP) is a faith based interdenominational youth organization established in 2005 with the aim of mobilizing resources for the implementation and facilitating of the integrated community development projects (ICDPs) at grassroots level by targeting economically disadvantaged youth and children in Malawi. Our activities include: > Resources mobilization for the social economic empowerment. > Establishment of youth clubs, guidance and counseling > Conducting community awareness on health issues, child protection and education. > Evangelism activities more

Development Resource and Action Mentorship web map

DREAM works in Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu District of Malawi with three thematic focuses on Youth development, Child Development and HIV/AIDS. DREAM exists with a mission of facilitating and implementing sustainable youth and children programs in order to improve the social economical status and lives of young people, children and the community at large.

Braxton Banda

Green Campus Initiative map

We are a youth organisation from the University of Malawi aiming at addressing issues of climate change at grassroots level. We involve the youth in various communities in sustainable development projects like curbing deforestation with alternative energy sources. Our main aim remains at fufilling our capacity as we create awareness and sensitization on issues related to the environment and climate change.

Heather Nonhlanhla Maseko

Students in Action Students in Actiongallery map
Students In Action (SIA) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation aiming at ensuring meaningful youth participation in developmental activities. SIA strives to ensure that the youth provide a meaningful impact in their communities. According to the results of 2008 national population census, the youth in Malawi make a good proportion of the overall population. However, despite being in large numbers, they are sidelined in developmental activities. SIA believes that nations (Malawi in particular) can attain intended development only if the youth can effectively participate in developmental activities. SIA has observed that a lot of youths are being misused in politics. Most politicians take the youth as weapons for fighting those people with opposing ideas. We, therefore, intend to redefine the roles of the youth in Malawi politics. We would like the youth to be taken as development partners. More on SIA

Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP) mapYouth for Development and Productivity (YODEP)

Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP) is a non-profit making community based youth organization committed to address aggressive socio-economic worsening conditions encountered by orphaned children, youth, aged people and people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The categories mentioned herein are usually confronted by social, economic, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Human rights and poverty worsening conditions that lead them to stigmatization hence reducing their effective participation in the implementation of community activities and living the lives they desire. To reverse the situation, Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP) is helping to coordinate and promote community development initiatives in the field of HIV/AIDS, youth development, vulnerable children’s education deriving from the local community, nutrition support, human rights, democracy and good governance, Information education and communication. YODEP foster network and collaboration with individuals and organizations with similar aims and objectives.

Cactus onlus map
Centre for Girls and Interaction map
Centre for Youth and Development map
Center for Youth Inclusion organisation (CYI.org) map
Chancellor College Active Youths for Development (details above)
Child Rights Information & Documentation Centre map
Chinansi Foundation map
Christian Community Youth Programme (details above)
Community Initiative for Social Empowerment map
Counselling of the Adolescent and Youth Organiszation map
Development Resource and Action mentorship (details above)
Farmers Forum for Trade & Social Justice
Girls with a Vision map
Global Hope Mobilization map
Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Green Campus Initiative (details above)
Initiative for Social Justice (ISJ) map
Initiative for Sustainable Community Development
Kavuzi Camp Trust map
Leeds University
Mziwika Marginalised Youth Centre map
Mount Mulanje Conservation Trust
Namwera AIDS Coordinating Committee map
Nkhotakota Youth Organisation map
Northern Youth Networking organization map
Phalombe Youth Arms Organisation map
Seventeen Active Youth Organisation map
St Johns HIV/Aids Support Organisation map
Students in Action (details above)
Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative map
YONECO (Youth Net and Counselling) (details above)
Youth Actions in Development Activities (YADA) map
Youth Ambassadors map
Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP) (details above)
Youth Net and Advocacy map
Youth Watch Society (YOWSO)

Mali Mali flag

Asrad-MALI map web gallery

Mauritania Morocco flag

JVE Mauritanie/ AMPESF map

Mauritius Morocco flag

Halley Movement map
Internet Child Safety Foundation map

Morocco Morocco flag

Amal association for culture and development
AS.U.E.E.J NGO map
Forum des jeunes marocains pour le 3eme millenaire map
Imdad map
Moroccan Association for Youth against HIV map
Secteur Jeunesse CCBW
Tomorrow Association for Human Rights map

Mozambique Namibia flag   Namibia Namibia flag

National Youth Council map
Youth 2 Youth

Niger Nigeriflag
Le Réseau National des Associations de Jeunesse (RENAJS) map gallery

De lutte contre les VIH/SIDA et la promotion de la Santé Sexuelle et Reproductive des Adolescents et Jeunes au Niger (RENAJS/Niger) fut créé en juin 2007. Il a RENAJS logopour but de mettre en place un Cadre de Concertation permanent d’Echange d’expériences, de partenariat dynamique et de synergie d’action entre associations de jeunesse; d’où partiront des stratégies novatrices et efficientes visant la promotion de comportements pour une sexualité à moindre risque en matière des IST/VIH/sida et SSRAJ. more Cél. +22791100814/+22797353539/+22794256362. Skype: aminatoudh

RENAJS - details above

Nigeria Nigeria flag
Al-Fattah Youth Development Academy map
The Academy is a community based organization formed to help young people shape their future through programs and resources that inspire and challenge.
1. Provide empowerment, leadership development in young people through a series of youth-oriented youth soccer initiatives.
2. Contribute to growth and development of soccer.
3. Contribute to building social cohesions in communities.
(a) IT via computer training
(b) Health programme, such as HIV/AIDS awareness campaign
(c) Youth leadership programme
(d) Football development
location - Idofin Plaza, Ilogbo Road, Iyana-Ilogbo – Ota, off Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway Road; Iyana-Ilogbo, Owode-Ota, Ogun State
Association of Women Living With HIV & AIDS in Nigeria (ASWHAN) map web

Charles Joseph - member of ASWHAN and Lagos state focal person Nayd NigeriaASWHAN is an umbrella body of support groups of Women Living With HIV & AIDS in Nigeria with over 88 support groups registered under it across Nigeria. Our aim is to improve the health and welfare of women living with HIV and AIDS and their children; and to promote a healthy and risk free life for all.
• To sustain a common front to enable WLHA make informed decisions about their general well being through the provision of appropriate information, income generating activities and prevention of mother to child transmission.
• To create appropriate climate for policies and laws necessary for meeting the peculiar needs of women, children and families living With HIV and AIDS.
• To advocate for the mobilization of resources for impact mitigation and vulnerability reduction for women living with HIV and AIDS.
• To advocate for greater involvement of WLHA in the conceptualization, planning and implementation of impact mitigation and intervention programmes on health and developmental issues.
• To reduce incidences of stigma and discrimination amongst WLHA and maintain gender balance.
• Formation of women support groups and mobilization of Women Living With HIV and AIDS in order to widen the organizational base and strength of ASWHAN’s ability to function as a network. ASWHAN, 4 Jaba Close, Opposite Minister’s Gate, Area 11, Garki, Abuja
Interntional Centre For Accelerated Development (ICAD) mapKevin Nnadigallery

Is a voluntary non governmental and not for profit organization started in 2003 at Kebbi state by a group of corps members who after embarking on the ‘rural rugged’ program, had the conviction to address the felt needs of women, youths and children in urban slums and the rural areas of Nigeria.
The organization has been working in four departments –
• Reproductive Health,
• Human rights
• Information Communication Technology (ICT4 rural development)
• Gender development .ICAD, Haga Plaza, Gada Biyu, PO Box 10496, Jos

Academique Tutorials map
Action Against Ignorance & Illiteracy map
Action Group on Adolescent Health map
Adolescent Aid International Foundation map
Advocates for Human Rights & Sustainable Development map gallery
African Citizen's Empowerment Foundation (ACEF) map
Africa Education Initiative(NEF) map
Africa Youth Empowerment In Agriculture And Industrial Development map
Africa Youth Growth Foundation map
African Resourceful Leaders Foundation map
Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
Ala Foundation map
Alfattah Youth Development Academy (details above)
All Nigerian United Nations Students and Youths map
Ardent Visionaries map
Arise Nigeria Youths map
Association of Women Living with HIV and AIDS in Nigeria (ASWHAN)
(details above)
Awareness for Society Focus (ASOF) map
Bee Enterprises Ltd map
BEE International map
Bekesy Youth Foundation map
Bells University of Technology
Blood Drive Initiative
BNSA map
Bowei Network Enterprise
Centre for Democratic Governance map
Centre for Poverty Redress-Jos
Centre for Society Reconditioning and Development
Centre for Water and Environment Development map
Centre For Youth And Communal Empowerment Initiative map
Change Catalyst Initiative map
Child Abuse Prevention Initiative (CAPI) map
Children Fund for Education and Scholarship Trust map
Chinedu Emcheta Foundation map
Citadel of Hope Initiative map
Coalition for Climate Change Nigeria
Community Development and Youth Initiatives (CDYI) map
Community Youth Advancement Initiative
Cracked Boxs Design map
Dare 2 Dream Youth Initiative map
Delphi Initiative Group
Development Partnership International map
DiabetiCare International Foundation map
Dynamic Youth Development Organisation map
Education as a Vaccine Against AIDS map
FACIS map gallery
Federal Medical Centre map
Federal Ministry of Information & Communications map
Federation of African Medical Student Association (FAMSA) map
FSH Empowerment Foundation map
FUTO map
GEEN-LIFE International map
Global Action Youth-led Rural Development Network
Global-Hepatitis Prevention Initiative map web gallery
Global Productions International
Global youth coalition on HIV|AIDS map
Good Leadership Initiative Foundation
Health Africa Initiative Nigeria map
Health Info Dissemination Amongst Comunities-HIDAC map
Health Link Organization map
Healthy Alternate Youths and Teens (HAYT) map
Ifoba International map
IEEI Africa (Inspire, Encourage, Empower, Impact.)
Inspiro Communications and Media
Institute of Human Virology of Nigeria map
Integrity Development Organisation map
International Centre For Accelerated Development (ICAD) (details above)
International Centre for Youth Development on ICT map
International Initiative For Youths Inspiration,Growth And Development
International Youth Council, Anambra State Chapter map
International Youth Leadership stakeholders Forum map
International Youth Organisation For Sustainable And Innovative Development map
iscore international map
Jessy Samuel Worldwide map
Journalist Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria
Junior Achievement Nigeria map
Kaka Girls Child Foundation map
Kano State Radio Corporation
KJB map
Laboratory scientist
Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology, Osogbo
Life Impact Foundation International- LIFI map
LightUp map
Like-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development map
Make Impact Group
Management Sciences for Health map
Manyl Resources
Maxie's Concepts Jets Club Rivers State
Mgbala Agwa Youth Forum web
Mindswill Leadership Centre For Reformation & Dev map
National Association of AFIKPO Undergraduates
National Association Of Physics
National Evangelical Mission Youth Fellowship map
National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP)
New Vision map
Niger Delta Deliberators
Nigeria Model United Nations Society, Ibadan University map
Nigeria Model United Nations Society, Igbinedion University map
Ofure Centre for Peace and Development map
Onuesoke Foundation
Our Environment Our future Africa map
Peace Education Centre
Peculiar People Foundation
Project-ICON map
Prolife Initiative map
Prudent Minders map
Reformed Agege Youth map
Rubie Jeff Concepts map
Saint's Dream Youth Empowerment Foundation map
Save A Life Today (SALT) Project map
School of Virtue map
SD-YEF centre map
SmokeFree Foundation map
Solutech Consulting
Southern State Youth Forum of Nigeria (SOSYOF) map
Speak Africa map web
Student World Assembly
Taiwo Adewole and Associates twitter
TCNN Bukuru
Timison Youths
map web gallery
The Green Light Youth Movement map
The Green Project map
Treasured Life Builders
Trees on Earth Development Foundation map
UNILAG 103.1 FM map
United We Stand Anambra map
University of Ibadan
Vision Bearers Youth Organization map
Vision for Sanity map
Voice of Africa Youth
Water and Youth International Movement map
West African Youth Network map
Who De Child Is map
Widows-orphans-oppressed & the fatherless(Woofhope)
Wisdom Speaks Development Initiative map
With hiv and aids map
Women and Girl-child Empowerment Initiative map
Women Care Foundation map
Women United for Economic Empowerment (WUEE) map
Women's Initiaiative for Self-Actualisation map
World Merit Nigeria
Young For Health Foundation map
Youngster Solidarity Forum Nigeria (YOFSOR)
Youth Action for Change
Youth Advocate for Change map
Youth Dignity International map
Youth Economic Support Initiative map
Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative map
Youth Fellowship map
Youth Friendly Center
Youth Initiative Movement for Change map
Youth Initiative for Sustainable Development map
Youth In Transit Organisation
Youth movement among PLWHIV
Youth Outreach Mission map
Youth Transformation Initiative map
Youth Vision Alliance Network (YVAN) map
Youth Volunteers Network map
Youth Wash Network Africa map
Youth, Adolescent, Reflection & Action Centre
Youths Entreprenureship Forum (YEF) map
Youths for Change Christian Movement map
Youths for Impact
Youths Making Change map

Rwanda Rwanda flag
 CHABHA web map
We work to improve the lives of vulnerable children who are affected by HIV/AIDS by providing support during the dependent years of childhood and youth, thus enabling them to become independent young adults. CHABHA[501 (c) 3] raises awareness about the plight of children affected by HIV/AIDS and raises funds for grassroots projects that work with the children.These projects are led by young people who saw children in need and who had themselves experienced the problems of orphanhood and early family responsibility.

Rwandan Youth Organizations’ Network (RYON) facebook web

RYON was established in June 2009 and gathers three youth associations striving to improve the living conditions of Rwandan rural population on a volunteering basis. Those associations are: MEDSAR (Medical Students ĎAssociation of Rwanda): aiming at health issues and human rights promotion in rural areas, MMHA (Medical Studentsí Mental Health Association) aims at improvement of mental health in Rwandan people and AEJTR (Association des Enfants et Jeunes Travailleurs de RISIZI) : this association is made of university students and secondary students who work with street children and try to help them to join their families as well as doing advocacy for them.

 Rwanda Village Concept Project web map gallery

Rwanda Village Concept Project is a non political, nongovernmental, non profit making and voluntaryGiving the christmas gift to orphans supported by RVCP, development Organisation aiming at improving the health and the living standards in underprivileged communities at village level as well as student capacity building.

It was initiated in 2000 by medical students at National University of Rwanda in collaboration with the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA). The field work started in 2002.Now it has the main activities in Southern Province, and many Activities in Huye District and Huye Sector.
RVCP follows the guidelines of the Village Concept Project Document, created in co-operation between IFMSA and WHO in Geneva, 1998 and revised in 2003. More

Hippolyte Bwiza Muhire; Samuel Niyomugabo; Jean Claude Mwitende; Hovaire Nsabimana; Havugimana Cassien; Appolinaire Manirafasha; Eliphaze Tuyisenge; Augustin Hakizimana; Rugwirorusa Eugene; Mukunzi Domiunique Savio

Association pour la conservation de la nature au Rwanda (ACNR)
Biotech Researchers Cooperative
Family Planning Education Project
Fight Against Malnutrition and Conflicts Managment
Generation Connect/Rwanda chapter
Healthy People Rwanda
Human Rights and Conflict Management Group
JCI Rwanda
map map LinkedIn
Junior Chamber International Rwanda
Medical Students'Association of Rwanda(MEDSAR)
RAPP (Rwandans Allied for Peace and Progress)
Rwanda Organization of Agribusiness Promotion (ROAP) map web
Rwanda Village Concept Project (details above)
Rwandan Youth Development And Voluntary Organization map
Rwanda Youth Organisation Network (RYON) (details above)
Steps Youth Foundation map
United Nations Association Of Rwanda
Voice of Community Organization
World Youth Alliance Butare Chapter
Youth Ambassadors Rwanda map
YPARD Rwanda Chapter

Senegal Senegal flag

AIESEC Sénégal map web
Comité Jeunes Médiaterre de la Francophonie facebook
Réseau Jeunesse Population et Développement (Resopopdev) map

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone flag Action for Social Rights (AfSoR)Action for Social Rightsmap gallery

Action For Social Rights is an indigenous non-governmental human rights organization that advocates for the protection and promotion of social rights. AfSoR came into being through the reformation of Youth Movement For Peace And Peoples’ Rights on the 16th June 2007. AfSoR is managed by young volunteers with organizational and programmatic experience . It is legally registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs with registration number 289

Mission: To advocates for the protection and promotion of social rights through effective coordination with like minded organizations in Sierra Leone and Abroad
Vision: We envisage that with adequate protection and promotion of social rights, economic and political stability will be realize

Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie

Africa Youth for Peace and Development  map web

Africa Youth for Peace and Development organization was formed 1995 and was finally registered in the year 20Africa Youth for Peace and Development00 under the ministry of youth and sport in Sierra Leone, as a voluntary, youth development organization that aims at organizing, empowering and creating opportunities for youths and Youths groups that are in difficult circumstances.

The organization has been working in the areas on Peace, HIV-aids, Homeless youths, War child, Health and Sanitation, youth development and total involvement of youths in the change of the society, That is by creating youth workshop training, seminars and conferences on how to bring everlasting peace and sustainable development for the minorities, the nation and the world as a whole.

Abdul Ramann Tarawally; Nat Abraham Bangura

Youth Action InternationalLogo of Youth Action Internationalmap

Youth Action International is an American-based organization that was established to develop and implement programs that help alleviate the suffering of children affected by war or living in difficult circumstances and to empower them to reach their full potential. It is comprised of a growing network of young people using grassroots techniques to support the vision of war-affected communities as they strive to support their children. YAI’s programs are strategically developed to break cycles of violence and poverty.

Youth Action International is also in the advanced stage of establishing an internationally recognized center for women empowerment in Freetown. This program will provide micro credit and more scholarships for the children and young women living in the slums areas. The organization has earmarked close to 1 billion Leone’s to implement the project, which will provide specialized and high quality training opportunities for women.

Yeanoh Konteh

The Youth Empowerment for Development Movement (YEDEM)  map web
The Youth Empowerment for Development Movement (YEDEM) International is a not-for-profit youth NGO and focuses as its target beneficiaries Children and Youths with special emphasis on the girl child, ex-combatants, unskilled, unemployed and disadvantaged youths.The Youth Empowerment for Development Movement (YEDEM)YEDEM International, among other things seeks to aid young people of the world to undertake projects, which would enable them obtain skills necessary for their livelihood and enhance their participation in the socio-economic, environmental and cultural development of their communities in particular, and the world in general.The Organization is under no obligation to any political, religious or cultural organization / institution.
MISSION:The Organization's mission is to promote youth empowerment in all aspects of its entirety, as well as gender equity, women and children's rights, with a view to mobilizing and developing the skills and talents of young people in order for them to be able to meaningfully contribute to the development of their communities, countries and the entire world.MOTTO: Transformation
Sylvanus S. Murray

A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity
Action For Social Right (AfSoR) (details above)
Action Group for Education[AGE]
Afcom S.L. Limited
Africa Youth Coalition Against Hunger Sierra Leone (AYCAH-SL) map web gallery
Africa Youth For Peace and Development (AYPAD) (details above)
African Youths Development- Njala University
Artist United 4 Children & Youth Development
AW.I.S.H Sierra Leone
Campaign for Human Rights and Development SL map
Centre for Research, Training and Programme Development
Childhood Poverty Alleviation Discipline - Sierra Leone (CIPAD-SL) map
Children's Welfare and Community Development Prog
map web
Freetown Lakers Basketball Club
GreenNet Sierra Leone(GNSL)
iEARN Sierra Leone Chapter
Kenema District Youth Coalition
National Youth for Democracy Sierra Leone
Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Alliance Against Hunger
The CHCEETAH Generation map
Ti for Justice
Unique Social Club
Western area DJs union
We Yone Child Foundation map
YEDEM International
Youth Action For Self Development map
Youth Action International (details above)
Youth Alliance for Peace and Development
Youth Arise
Youth Awareness
Youth Campaigners International map
Youth Development Network Sierra Leone
map facebook

Youth Empowerment for Development Movement (details above)
Youth Partnership for Peace and Development

Somalia Somalia flag PACT SomaliaPACT logo map

PACT Somalia aims to tackle the humanitarian crisis including droughts and disaster prevention and also develops community basic social services needs and creates employment opportunities and income generation projects for the Youth, Women, IDPs and poor rural community to reduce the level of poverty and contribute National Development Goals. It also provides training, Researches and Capacity Buildings to Local Authorities and Civil Society in supporting Good Governance with in the Local Authorities and Community initiatives and advocacy protection for all human being to create Positive environment and develop society, Politically, Economically through out the nation more

Somali People Displacement and Development Organisation (SOPDDO) gallerySOPDDO logo map

The right to education has been universally recognized since the universal declaration of human right and has since been entered in various international conversions, national constitution and development plans. However while the vast majority of countries have signed up to, and ratified internationally, Somalia is far from integrating these rights in effective national constitution or provided the legislative and administration framework. Lack of right to education hits the poorest hardest especially the girl and child. SOPDDO has come up to fill the gaps by injecting fresh energy into the community through mobilizations and capacity building, making the elimination of gender inequality in education a top priority. more

Somali Youth Development 4 Future web mapSYDF logo

We are a non-governmental youth organization free from political, religious and ethnic division. SYD4F was born out at the group of youth that organized a forum to discuss most pressing concerns over the development of youths in Addis Ababa.The findings of the discussed issues included the dire need to improve the co-ordination of the various youth groups. Thus SYD4F has been formed to not only co-ordinate but to develop connections between the youth groups. This organization is solely responsible for upbringing the youth for the future by supporting them educationally, in welfare, health and in leadership development more

Youth Development Association (YODA) mapYODA logo

YODA was established in 2008 in Mogadishu by group of Somali youth. After we have been touched by the scale of the discrimination and violence against women, youth and children especially youth and the impunity with which it continues to be committed remains the central obstacle of the human development in Somalia. The organization promotes peace, education, conflict prevention and etc.more

African Forum for Development Assistance (AFDA) map
Arladi Youth Development Organization map
ARYI Somalia map
map web
Ayow Youth Development Organization (AYODO) map
Banadir Youth Organization (BAYO) map
Banadiri Development Organization
Bay Supreme Youth Council map
Benadir Youth Council map
Community Rehabilitation and development Organization (CORDO) map
Kanava Youth Centre
LNGO map
Mabula Peace and Development Organisation map
PACT Somalia (details above)
Peace Action Society Organization for Somalia (PASOS) gallery profile memorandum of understanding
PSS map
Puntland Human Rights Association map
Rural Education and Agriculture Development Organisation map
SIFO - Somali Integrated Fishing Org. map
Somali Development Vision (SDV) map
Somali People Displacement and Development Organisation (SOPDDO) (details above)
map gallery
Somali Youth Development 4 Future (details above)
Somali Youth Development Foundation (SYDF) map
Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN) map gallery
Somali Youth League gallery
Somali Youth Organization for Development and Reforming (SOYODER) web
Somali Youth Rights in Action map
Youth Advocacy and Development Organization map
Youth Development Association(YODA) (details above)
Youth employments solution(YESO) map
Youth of the Agro-Marine Development Association map
Youth Relief and Development Agency (YOREDA) map

Action Youth In Development (AYID) map

AYID logoAYID is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-political, non-profit making development youth organization seeking to solve all dangerous violence against , street children ,youth , and minority groups through health , economy, education, justice and empowerment of other human rights, promotion peace and reconciliation that are currently continuing in the country.AYID wants to see a free society esp. children, youth, and minority groups from disease, poverty, ignorance and injustice and promote the peace, justice and wellbeing of the society in general. More

Badbaado and Development of Education (BADE) mapBADE logoweb gallery

Badbaado and development of education (BADE) is voluntary, humanitarian, nongovernmental, nonprofit making, nonpolitical, non partisan NGO founded on February 16, 2011, registered in the Ministry of National Planning and Coordination. BADE works with marginalized society groups to the responsibilities and strategies towards the human rights, education, health, peace building, gender and gender development, educational skill trainings and the observance of economic, social and cultural rights and socio-economic welfare of the community dimensions as whole and vulnerable and marginalized people in particular.More

FAYNUUS Youth Voluntary Organisation (FAYVO) mapweb

Areas of Operation: -Current Activities: - Adult women and working girls Education project with CARITAS, Environmental Education and awareness with Deegaan network and CLHE, promoting Culture and sports of women and youth with Sonyo umbrella and DRC, capacity building project of farmers and Agriculture organizations to increase productivity and natural resources management with ADO More

Hargeisa Youth Voluntary Organization (HAYVO) map gallery

HAYVO logoHAYVO was founded on 11th march 2005 by group of youth activists, who came together to improve and upgrade the Somaliland/Somalia/Somalia community in Hargeisa city.Specific objectives are to raise awareness, understanding and knowledge on HIV/AID and other STD’s to the Somaliland/Somalia/Somalia people in general: To provide a basic education, vocational education and trainings for the disadvantage adolescents (orphanages) and youth in order to make them literate and empowered:To eliminate gender inequalities in primary and secondary education by achieving equality in education, with ensuring girl’s full and equal access to basic education of good quality:To improve the environmental condition for nomads and rural people: To make a campaigns of tree plantation and collection of plastics. More

Relief and Development Association (RADA) map

RADA logoRADA is a Non-profit and Non-political Association founded by Somaliland/Somalia professionals who have many years of experience in working with NGO’s in Somaliland/Somalia Regions. Our goals are to empower youth/Women & children through providing skill training, income generation and advocacy: Train and motivate both urban and rural communities To raise environment awareness and reforestation programs through the region:To educate the people’s life skills and human rights issues and health education through increasing level of literacy and numeracy of remote areas: To increase level of awareness in basic right issue and HIV/AIDS: To train communities on low cost methods of erosion control and water harvesting techniques with emphasis on locally available materials through practical construction of structures in the field and holding seminars and workshops of environmental protection, such as Construction of stone lines, rock dams , gabion ridges and check dams. More

Somaliland/Somalia Culture and Sports Association (SOCSA) map gallery

SOCSA logoSOCSA is a non-profit, non-governmental and a voluntary humanitarian organization which operates in Somaliland/Somalia regions and established in 2000. The organization was set up to address the social and economic problems facing children, youth and women. SOCSA works to support young girls, children, women and refugee people who have low income by offering free educate, income generation, micro-credit support, empowering through skills, trainings, protection human rights and health care. Additionally the organization provides sports services for young girl as to build young girls mentally and physically. The organization also gives both young girls and boys for folklore dance trainings. More

Somaliland/Somalia Youth Community Association (SOYCA) map gallery web

SOYCA logoSOYCA is non profit, non partisan, non political organization. It was established in 2007 by group of youth intellectual members composed of young educators and intellectuals of mix gender with different age and background information in Hargeisa town. SOYCA is dedicated to mobilizing young woman and men, to actively take part in the democratization process of the country. SOYCA exists, and has programs in all s ix regions of Somaliland/Somalia. SOYCA has strong human resources who have participated in the implementation of different projects working with youth and has strong collaboration with youth clubs and students in the universities. More Report

Somaliland/Somalia Youth Forum map web

SYF logoSomaliland/Somalia Youth Forum (SYF) is a non profit, non partisan and humanitarian forum for all young people in Somaliland/Somalia. It exists to promote democratic principles based on full participation, respect to fundamental human freedoms, dignity and improved quality of life for the youth in the country. Enabling the youth to participate in the decision making is considered to be imperative because the future of the country would depend on today’s youth. Indeed, SYF strongly believes that any nation that does not value its youth by equipping them to take their vital role in the society will be left behind by other nations. More

Somaliland/Somalia Youth Society (SYS) map

SYS is a local youth, non governmental non- profit making non partisan and non-political voluntary organization that operates in six regions of Somaliland/Somalia in SYS logoparticular eastern regions of Somaliland/Somalia. SYS-Burao was established in July 2001 by a group of youth from Togdheer region to address the social and economical problems facing the youth. SYS is one of the national and Burao IDP working groups, since 2005 SYS has been closely working with the internally displaced persons live in the a different settlements in Togdheer region closely with the IDPs in Burao, also SYS has good relation with the different IDPs committees, the Ministry of Resettlement and Reconstruction, Burao local municipality and other IDPs stakeholders. SYS has qualified and experienced human resource as well as large premises to help storing and distribution of the Non food items for the IDPs in Burao. Further details here or by email to sysburco@hotmail.com or maxamed103@hotmail.com

Togdheer Youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO) map web gallery

TOGYOVO logoTogdheer youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO) is a local none governmental Youth organization that was founded on 9th April 1997 in Burao town by a group of youth volunteers in order to re-organize the life after war, the main purpose behind the foundation of the organization were as follows:- Improve the rights of vulnerable & war victim people including youth, women & children & IDPS in Togdheer region and throughout Somaliland/Somalia, in areas of education, hygiene & sanitation, human rights protection & capacity building programs: Enhance community awareness level on peace & stability improvements:Support the people to help themselves. With fortunately, in cooperation & collaboration with local community, governmental agencies & international communities, TOGYOVO has successfully implemented many valuable programs for its needy people that has brought and made the organization enjoying honorable reputation & dignity among its people. More

Veterinary, Agriculture and Development Committee (VADCO) map web gallery

VADCO is a youth, voluntary, purely humanitarian, non-profit making organisation. We exist to create income generation sources for Somaliland/Somalia rural people, women and youth to participate in efforts to improve the environment and to strengthening the skills and information of the people with regard to HIV/AIDS, STI's, gender and sexuality, substance abuse and skills for life. VADCO has a proven track record with International and UN agencies working in Somaliland/Somalia and with those residing in the Diaspora. More

Action Youth In Development (AYID) (details above)
Asal Youth Development Association map profile web
Badbaado and Development of Education (BADE)
(details above)
FAYNUUS Youth Voluntary Organisation (FAYVO) (details above)
Hargeisa Youth Voluntary Organization (HAYVO) (details above)
Horn Action map
Relief and Development Association (RADA) (details above)
Sanday Youth Organisation map
SOCSA (details above)
Somaliland/Somalia Energy for Sustainable Development Org map
Somaliland/Somalia Skills Training Association map
Somaliland/Somalia Youth Community Organisation (SOYCA) (details above)
Somaliland/Somalia Youth Forum (details above)
Somaliland/Somalia Youth Society (SYS) (details above)
Somaliland/Somalia Socialwork Association (SOSA) map
SRCO map
Student's Development Association - SDA map
Togdheer Youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO) (details above)
Veterinary, Agriculture and Development committee (details above)
World Vision International

South Africa South Africa flag Child Care South Africa - protecting a childs dignity map web

Child Care South AfricaChild Care South Africa seeks to enhance the capacity of families and community structures in traditional councils in South Africa to provide quality care to children, access relevant government services, protect the dignity of children and develop the self-esteem, talents and skills of children and youth. We currently have 3 programs:-

Child Advocacy Program: Advocate for children’s rights;
Shomies in action: We recruit and train over 900 Peer educators in rural High schools to reach out to other young people;
OVC Support: Psychosocial support for orphans and their families.

tel: +27822646837 email: lwazi@childcaresa.org.za Child Care South Africa  logo

Accoustics Events South Africa map
African Entrepreneurs Skills Development map
Child Care South Africa (details above)
Chrysoberyl Leadership Development map
Colour My World Youth Development map
Congress Of South African Civil Society Organization map
CSIR map
GUGU Dlamini Foundation map
HakiElimu web map
Helping the youth in South Africa map facebook
Khensani Tribe Youth Production
Kwenzekile Community Development Centre map
Ogaden Youth & Student Union (O.Y.S.U) In South Africa map
Organisation for Youth Advancement (OYA) map
Organisation of African Youth map
Peace Child International map
Phago Youth Empowerment Organisation
Site B Youth Development Association map
South Africa Education & Environment Project map
Vus'africa trust fund map
World Aid Support Organisation map
World Student Community for Sustainable Development

South Sudan Sudan flag

Werkok Youth Development

Sudan Sudan flag

Hawa Organization map
SRCS map
Youth for Children Organization map
Y-PEER network , NAYA network , GYCA map

Swaziland Sudan flag

Christian Youth Network map

Tanzania Tanzania flag
Tanzania Youth Environmental Network (TAYEN)  map
Tanzania Youth Environmental Network (TAYEN) is a registered non-governmental organization established in September 2007 at University of Dar es Salaam. TAYEN was established by three students who were studying at University of Dar es Salaam and worked in various students Associations in campus. TAYEN is non-profit youth led organization that connects children and youth in Tanzania to participate in environmental conservation activities in Tanzania. TAYEN conducts environmental education programs in primary and secondary schools as well as in colleges and universities We are interested in raising awareness among Children and Youths on environmental problems that are facing our country and the globe. Our aim is to get as many children and youths participate actively in environmental conservation activities in primary and secondary schools as well as in colleges and Universities.
Rutta Evodius; Mutalemwa Rutizibwa, Austiano Bernard Yobele, Happiness Charles Ngassa, Austiano Bernard, Eliabu Ernest

AIESEC international student organization map
Camco Clean Energy map
Canadian Cooperation Office TZ
Children and Youth Development Organization
(CYODO Tanzania) web map gallery
Children's Health & Environment Caretakers (CHEC) map
Community Biodiversity Conservation Films
Faraja Orhans Ministry Rescue
Fishers Union Organisation - ( FUO ) map
Forum for Legal Assistance(FOLEA) map
German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) /Tanzania Youth Environmental Network (TAYEN)
HEC 2000 TZ
Hope Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship map
Kivulini Women's Rights Organization map
Medical Association of Tanzania map
Mikunguni Youth Development Organisation map
Mpakan Group map
Society Empowerment Group
SOS Children's village Dar es Salaam
Student - College of African Wildlife MGT MWEKA
Students Initiatives
Tandale Youth Development Centre (TYDC)
Tanzania Environmental Friendly Association
Tanzania Revenue Authority
Tanzania Traditional Energy and Development Organisation map
Tanzania Youth Development and Concerns (TYDC) map
Tanzania Youth Environment Network(TAYEN) (details above)
Tanzania Youth Vision Association
The Small Things Nkoaranga Orphanage map
The Students Green Journey Climate Change Initiatives map
UN Club Dodoma High School
University of Dar es salaam
Vikindu Teachers` Training College
Vision for Youth
Youth of United Nations Association(YUNA)

Togo Togo flag
JEUNES-DEVELOPPEMENT (Young Development) web

We are a non-profit NGO which aims to bring young people to get involved in sustainable development . We inform young people abJEUNES-DEVELOPPEMENTout the serious environmental problems without forgetting the realities of life of misery, situations of violence and war crisis that is facing mankind today, with the objective to get them to work for a wellness.

Achievements include Water Education; Environment Courses in schools; Campaigns for the protection of rivers in villages;Campaigns on AIDS in schools; Peace Education in schools; Camp site 2006; Peace Conference, 21-22 September 2006 in Lome; International Day of volunteerism with the Togolaise Television; (TVT) and the Radio Lome, on 05 December 2006; Organization of the Conference on the Law of Women, in partnership with Prefectural Direction of Social Affairs Services
Gulf, 07 - 08 March 2007; campaign on the importance of renewable energy in protection of the environment, April 23, 2007 in Lome; Radio conferences on environments More info Tonton Yawo Abotsi

Association Cercle Des Volontaires Pour le Develop map
Cercle Des Volontaires Pour Le Developpement-TOGO map
Challenges International
Challenges:Youth Action for sustainable development
English Club Université de Lomé (ECUL) web map gallery
JVE Italie
web map
Terre Nouvelle
Young Developement/ Jeunes Développement (details above)

Tunisia Tunisia flag

AKF map
Arab Foundation for Development and Citizenship
Bureau Regional des Droits de l'enfant tat map
CUAB map
Scout Organization map
Tunsian Youth Hostels and Tourism Association map
Youth Without Borders Association - Tunisia map Address: 42 Rue Chedly kallela, 2nd floor, 1002, Tunis; Tunisia; Phone &Fax: (+216) 71890877 E-mail: jsf.tunisia@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jsf.tunisie Contact : Mr. Ahmed ALLOUCH

Uganda Uganda flag AIDS Information Centre (AIC) - UGANDAAIC Logo map gallery

AIDS INFORMATION CENTRE (AIC) - Uganda is a reputable lead Organization in provision of quality HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) Services and information on HIV and AIDS in Uganda, it has 8 branches through the country and works with more than 41 MoH health centres countrywide. AIC Soroti Branch, like other branches has a Youth Wing/Youth corner, which offers Integrated HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) and Sexual Reproductive Health services for youth and adolescents.The youth corner/youth wing is a section department in AIC committed in and promotes provision of youth friendly services for youth and young adolescents age 13 to 24 years i.e. HCT and SRH at no cost, HIV and STI information, syphilis screening and management, family planning, referral, recreational activities and peer –to- peer services.

Tom Akileng - Soroti Branch, Tibuhwa  Justine - Kampala Branch

Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE) map gallery

COTOFONE logoCommunity Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE) is an indigenous non-governmental, non-profit making, non-denominational, charitable organization based in Uganda. It has the mandate to plan and implement developmental strategies designed to improve the standards of living of the marginalized population in the community of Masaka and the neighboring areas, especially to empower orphans and vulnerable children with skills and resources to lead healthy, self-reliant lives and to become agents of change in their communities.

Motherhood Childcare Project map

Our organization is a non -profit making organ, located at little way primary School, Kawempe-Maganjo parish, Nabweru sub-county Wakiso District Uganda East Africa.
The organ has a registered number of 450 vulnerable children, including those infected with HIV/Aids, orphans, disabled & others.We cater for these children through community outreach. Our mission is to provide maximum comfort, discipline welfare, child rights, and improve on the livelihood of vulnerable children. And our vision is to advocate, and promote the lives of vulnerable children, through provision of social services, care & support.We have a set of objectives which include;
- Support children infected with HIV/Aids in health, clothing, beddings & scholastic materials; to bring up our children in a god fearing and humble manner; co-ordinate scholarships for them at all levels; rural illiteracy transformation; providing shelter for the homeless & disadvantaged children; promote mutual co-operation amongst them & international relationships; promote the girl child education; setting up projects for widows; training children in recreational activities i.e. sports & drama etc; lLobbying for development projects for these children in all fields.

Alice Norah Zahura

Uganda Youth Skills Training ProjectUganda Youth Skills Training Project LOGO

Uganda Youth Skills Training Project is an organization committed to contributing to the improvement of young people's lives through school and community based education in response to sustainable skills using the following programs: 1.Vocational; 2.Care and support to vulnerable young people; 3.Environmental conservation and management 4. HIV/AIDS awareness. web LinkedIn facebook TIG map

African Integrated Initiatives for Community Development map
African Youth Decade Alliance (AYDA) map
African Youth Development Link map
AIDS Information Centre - Kampala Branch
AIDS Information Centre - Soroti Branch (details above)
Airtel Communications
Alliance to Wipe Out Aids (AWA)
Allied Youth Initiative - Uganda map
A World at School
AYEN map
Conflict Resolution by Youth
COTFONE (details above)
ECPAT Uganda map
Ekika Community Development Initiative map
Hearty Souls Uganda
Help the Crying Voices (HCV)
Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) map
Mission for Youth Rights map web gallery
Mission Uganda map web gallery
Motherhood Childcare Project (details above)
National Social Security Fund
Oiyp Action Partner from Northern Uganda
Pen Side Of Tim map
Real Agency for Community Development(RACD)
Rights of Young Foundation map web gallery
Students for Global Democracy Uganda
The Pan African Youth Development Society map
Uganda Youth Skills Training Project (details above)
Union networks Uganda map
United for Development in Africa map
Women And Children' Empowerment Network in Africa (WACENA) map
Youth for charity missions international map
Youth Outreach Uganda map

Zambia Zambia flag
We Got Skillz, Earth Charter Youth for Social Empowerment and Development-Zambia and New Hope Waves-Zambia (Heart In Action Ent.) Partnership map

We have a holistic approval in youth involvement in areas such as Poverty eradication, Conflict Resolutions, HIV/AIDS Awareness and Education,We Got Skillz logo Climate Change and Talents and Skills Development. Our activities are targeting young people from walks of life; we are working with schools and communities of youths. We have created an environment for youths to interact, dialogue and communicate via our online multimedia under We Got Skillz and Heart in Action Ent and we organize some educational events and social and environmental issues. Web then go to the blog on Zambia link. Here and here for the Earth Charter Youth Initiative or you can learn more from here. Learn more about New Hope Waves-Zambia on Project Africa Live here. We are in a collective vision for our multimedia screen for youths for Africa basically Zambian youths and Tanzania. We are using technology to bring change among young people around the world through Heart in Action Ent. We are looking forward to do more for the youths of Africa and worldwide.

Auldridge Chibbwallu

Afya Mzuri map
Buumbalambo Foundation for the Children map
Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development map web gallery
Creative Sport
map web
Maria Mother Of Charity Relief Home International map
Mukinge Youth Development Foundation map
Skills Development Centre map
Social Volunteer Association of Zambia map
True Christian Youth Outreach of Zambia map
We Got Skillz;Earth Charter for Social Empowerment;New Hope Waves-Zambia (details above)
World Food Programme map
Youth Vision Zambia (YVZ) facebook map
Zambia Youth Workers Association map

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe flag

Afrika Speaks map
Build a Better Youth (BABY) Zimbabwe map
Christian Youth Volunteers Association map
Contradictions Arts For Development Trust (CADET) map
Development Reality Institute map
Ignite The Youth map
Leadership Institute for Transformation and Social Change map
Midlands AIDS Service Organisation (MASO) map

Midlands Youth on Agro Project Association (MIDYAPA)
web map gallery
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) map
National Movement Of Catholic Students map
Renewal Trust map
Rotaract UZ map
Spark Read Trust Zimbabwe map
Students Solidarity Trust map
Tact Youth Association map
Youth Agrarian Society map
Zimbabwe Open Software Society map
Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights map
Zimbabwe-United States of America Alumni Association map
Zimbawe Youth Organisations Network (ZIYON) map

International members

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) - USA web map
Africa Development Consultancy - NETHERLANDS map
African Pronetwork Ltd UK
African Youth Development Action Project map
Agua y JUventud map
Albaqa Welfare Organization map
Aman Health Care Services - PAKISTAN map
American University of Afghanistan
Beyoglu Municipality map
Blaizing Circle
Bonanzah Community Development of Africa, USA map
Centre for Youth & Social Development(CYSD) map
Centro Intercultural Ideas de Colores map
Cordon Youth Society, Philippines
Cultural Association for the youth of Iraq map
Departament d'Estudis dels Medis Actuals (DEMÀ)
map YouTube facebook
Development Justice Diplomacy International (DJDI) map
Ecoclubes Santa Cruz map
Environment young corporation - COLUMBIA
map web
EURO-NET map web
European Youth Press- BELGIUM
EVA European Volunteering Association - ITALY map
FACA - UK map
Follow The Women- SYRIA map
Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA)
Galc map
Green Peace Lover Voluntary and Interest Environment Protection Group map
Huck-Fin Environmental Education map
Human Relief Organization- US
ilectofhimproductions.com map
Int.Movement of Catholic Students(IMCSAP) Malaysia map
Inspire Young Africa Network - USA map
ITC map
Literacy Africa- USA map
National Women in Media, India map
Natural Life Organisation- TURKEY
NIA Net in Action - ITALY
NSNS(Nava Samaja Nirmana Samstha) map
Orphyd Trust map
Presidential Management Fellows- US
Refugee Youth Volunteer Network (RYVN) map
Secteur Jeunesse CCBW- BELGIUM
SOGEP-Turkey map
T.R - TURKEY map
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University INDIA
The Youth Alliance for Leadership & Development in Africa map
Tokyo University- JAPAN
Umuda Gena Bakia Topluluau, Turkey map
UNA-Youth, UNIFEM, Amnesty, Oxfam, YMCA map
UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education map twitter
United Nations Mandated University for Peace map
University of Bradford Peace Studies Dept. map
VISION India map
World Assembly of Youth map
Worldview Mission map web
World Student Community for Sustainable Development map
YES Network - INDIA
YouNet - ITALY map
Young African Travelers Initiative, Germany
Youth A.R.T. (Youth Art Research and Training)-TURKEY
Youth for Change Afghanistan Organization (YCAO) - AFGHANISTAN
Youth 4 Change map
Youth Foundation of Bangladesh map
Youth Talk International map