Mission Uganda Mission Uganda  

Registered Address
PO BOX 27443 Kampala UGANDA

Contact Details
Name: Sempala Fred and Muhimbise Moses
sempalafred@yahoo.com and originalmose@yahoo.com
tel: +256773166249

Mission Uganda (MUG) is a Community Based Youth led Organization based in Kampala Uganda. MUG was established as a Youth Club in 2007 under Muvubuka Agunjuse Adolescents Reproductive Health Centre and German Foundation for World Population DSW and got registered as a Community Based Organization in March 2008 at Kampala City Council Lubaga Division Head Quarters with the Registration Number LUB 492.MUG deals with the plight of Young People’s Reproductive Health Concerns and offers an alternative to social exclusion for young people in the area to reduce on their vulnerability to all sorts of reproductive health rights violation. MUG is open to anyone between the ages of 10 and 30 years.

Mission is to raise the information level and awareness of HIV and AIDS among young people and to be a resource for advice, information, advocacy and expertise. Through collaborating with other organizations in Uganda and abroad.

To be one of the leading Civil Society Organizations in Uganda offering Youth Friendly Services.

Main Objectives
. To prevent and reduce on the stigma and possible negative social and or personal consequences of HIV/AIDS epidemic.

. To assist where possible with care and support for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

. To provide a safe, private and comfortable meeting place for young persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

. To reduce on the rate of teenage and un wanted pregnancies among young people.

. To disseminate adequate HIV related information to all education stake holders.

. Creating awareness about HIV / AIDS / STIs (sexually transmitted Infections) in the community in and out of school and the families in order to prevent HIV transmission through public awareness campaigns, poster exhibitions, street plays and rallies as well as many other outreach activities.

. To target behavioral change through providing IEC (information, education, communication) material on Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health.

. To observe, (discretely) if the human rights of youths are being violated, and take appropriate action to inform the concerned authority confidentially.

. Helping victims of domestic violence and other disadvantaged persons referred to us, and providing legal aid.

. To take up advocacy work on issues of social injustices, unfair policies and discriminatory law enforcement, in collaboration with like minded NGO groups, and lawyers.

. To enter into any arrangements with the Government of Uganda, local authorities, corporations, companies, Non-governmental organizations or any person that may seem conclusive or supplemental to Mission Uganda’s objectives.

a] Awareness raising and sensitization about HIV/AIDS in communities.
b] Sensitization about life saving skills to school and out of school youth.
c] Providing care, support and follow up to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
d] Integrating HIV/AIDS with water activities for income generation purposes
e] Referral and tracking of progress, side effects, type of medication being administered, and opportunistic infections arising, medical effects realized and witnessed by the changing of use of one type of ARVS to another, under the home based care component.

MUG/YC is involved in community development programmes aimed at helping young men and women to form Self Help Groups, increase female literacy, develop micro enterprise programmes, organize gender sensitization and income generation projects.
a] Skills provision for small scale income generating activities.
b] Provision of sewing machines to communities.
c] Provision of water for income generating purposes.
d] Micro projects under urban farming.
e] Turning garbage into wealth (i.e. selling banana pills, manure and charcoal made from organic residual.
f] Skills provision in poultry breeding.

a] Sensitizing communities about the balancing of sexes on committees and in work places[i.e.] a balance of positions for men, women, boys and girls.
b] Awareness raising about gender balancing at District, municipal, Sub-county, Parish and local councils.

a] Training of trainers amongst the youths with different varying purposes in communities.

c] Provision of hand washing facilities, installed near latrines in schools and communities.
d] Provision and construction of garbage pits.

a] Promotion of insect side treated mosquito nets [ITNs]

a] Monitoring and evaluation of Youth Reproductive Health programs at a community level
c] Training communities in different techniques of monitoring and evaluation.

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