Motivational Power Project  

Registered Address
Caxton House Opp GPO 2nd Floor Room 11, P.O. Box 41749-00100, Nairobi, KENYA

Contact Details
tel: +254 722 987 370, +254 723 794979

Our Organization, called the Motivational Power Project, exists to empower, motivate and equip High School students with adequate life-building skills in addition to creating HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse awareness as well as devising ways to mitigate them. In mitigating these vices, we look for constructive ideas and activities to divert the attention of such young students. We also aim to transform the young generation through a wholesome sustainable education empowerment program. Our team is composed of five executives and 20 members. We also have associated members whom we invite during our projects.


Empowering and equipping the young generation through advocating for all-round Education for Sustainable Development.

Achieving a wholesome sustainable, positive transformation of the youths in their everyday activities so that at the end we can have an optimistic, equipped and empowered generation.


List of schools visited
1. Elite Schools Nyahururu
2. Kiambu High School- Kiambu county
3. Makutano Secondary School- Kiambu county
4. Chomo Secondary School- Kiambu county
5. Kabiruini Girls Secondary School-Nyeri county (2)
6. Kangema Boys High School- Murang’a county
7. Gatunguru Boys Secondary School- Kiambu county
8. Kianderi Girls Secondary School- Murang’a county
9. Kamacharia Secondary School- Murang’a county

From the schools that we have visited, there seems to be a series of recurrent challenges and that is the reason as to why we have decided on a circuit of empowerment programmes around Murang’a County starting with Mathioya constituency. Later in the year or early next year, we will be holding empowerment workshops in the whole of Mathioya constituency seeking to reach out to all high schools in this constituency. The event will run for a whole week and we will be choosing a central school each day where several surrounding schools can easily gather. The activities that will be of focus in this event are:

• Drug Abuse awareness and mitigation, facilitated by trained professionals who will give in details the effects of drug and substance abuse. Our aim is to lower the level of drug abuse in Murang’a County by at least 8%

• HIV/AIDS awareness and mitigation, facilitated by trained personnel to give the implications of exposure to HIV and also the reason for abstinence from sex at young age. Our target is to reduce prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the county by 1%.

• Early pregnancies/marriages and the ways to avoid them. This is meant to empower young people to concentrate on their careers and building their lives first for future benefits. Trained personnel will tackle this problem. Our target is to drastically reduce cases of early marriages and unwanted pregnancies in high schools and hence reducing abortion cases in Murang’a County by at least 10%.

• Science, Technology and Innovation. Discovering hidden skills amongst the young scholars. We aim at creating positive attitude towards sciences and thereby enhancing future innovation by recognizing upcoming talents.

• Disability cases identification and empowerment. To motivate and inspire students and teachers with disabilities.

• Teachers training and empowerment. Capacity building for teachers on how to deal with various students including those with disabilities. We aim at equipping teachers with necessary skills for conflict resolutions and therefore reduce indiscipline cases in high schools and future.

• Motivational talks and building self-esteem. Image consultants will be involved. This is meant to raise the self-worth of the scholars. Creating holistic growth for the students.

• Skills and talent identification as well as development. Our aim is to identify hidden talents and encourage students to use them as a way to divert their attention from drugs and indiscipline.

• Patriotism and Country ownership geared towards achieving the Kenya Vision 2030. We aim at creating a spirit of Nation Building and making young people own their country hence ready to develop it.

• Sanitary Towels Donations for girls and Pants donation for all. Our aim is to create an environment for all the girls to attend classes during their monthly periods and also ensure that all students are equipped with necessary skills for Future Reproductive Health.

This programme will involve all the leaders of the county together with other relevant professionals so that it makes a long term impact. We will do an analysis of this project afterwards to ensure that we reach our targets as outlined in the proposal. Our team will therefore embark on strategic follow-up activities, after the event, to ensure consistency and sustainability of the concepts given to the students and teachers.