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Registered Address
P.O Box 36526 Kampala UGANDA

Contact Details
Name: Kasanvu Geoffrey (Chairperson) +256774285167; Nankanja Hajarah (Treasurer) +256
782724233; Kagwa Abel (General Affairs) +256779874462; Semanda Yusuf (Project Coordinator) +256392548758

Mission for Youth Rights (MYRights) was founded in December 1998 with a major obKaggwa Abel Director General Affairs giving opportunity to the youth to air put their views during the Face the citizen’s local debate.jective of promoting Youth Rights and in 2000 was registered with the National NGO Board as Non Governmental Organization to operate in the Districts of Kampala, Mukono, Mubende, Mpigi and Wakiso of Uganda. MYRights is non religious and non partisan, non-governmental organization whose membership is open to Individual Youth and Youth organizations.

To empower the Youth groups for opportunities in key growth sectors through Entrepreneurial skills training by implementing Youth oriented developmental programmes in Uganda.

To be a leading promoter of Youth Entrepreneurial ship and defend the rights of young people in Uganda.

Main Objectives

• To mobilize the youth for social- economic activities.

To promote Environment and Health programs.

To enhance awareness among Youth about Human Rights.

MYRights & Citizen Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda

In an effort to further the mission of Human Rights promotion through Democratic system of governance Mission for Youth Rights entered into partnership with the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) to observe the 2010-2011 General Elections in Uganda. MYRights was officially accepted to join CCEDU and in October 2010 organized Face the Citizens’ Local Debates to mobilize the youth for violence free elections in Uganda.

Members of CCEDU viewing the messages designed to spearhead the media campaign for 2010-2011 General Elections.MYRights & DEM Group
Mission for Youth Rights has explored the opportunity of furthering its mission through effective participation in decision making by entering into partnership with Dem Group a monitoring team of the 2010- 2011 General Elections. Nankanja Hajarah, a member of Mission for Youth Rights was officially accredited by Electoral Commission under Dem Group as a National Observer of 2010- 2011 General Elections in Uganda.

Out Reach Program- Praise Development Group
Mission for Youth Rights conducted a training session in Kireka Bwoyogerere. The membership to this community organization is youth in slum of Kireka. The group has strengthened its relationship with MYRights and MYRights has extended support in terms of knowledge and skills to the organization. The group has now got a management structure and MYRights in conjunction with Consult Info Services are monitoring the process

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