Pwani Youth Network

'Sports and Film for Sustainable Development'

Registered Address
Jomvu sub-county  in Mikindani Ward, P.0. Box 92443-80100 Mombasa KENYA

Contact Details
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tel: +254729747555; +254705079570

Pwani Youth Network was founded and registered as a non-profit Community Based Organization in Kenya in 2013. It was established with youth with Mombasa County. This foundations uses sport and Film as a strategy to reach the public with information. The foundation has its offices in Jomvu division and in Mikindani area next to Mikindani Health Center.

The project comprises of a dedicated team of young staff and a talented youth volunteers most good role models to other young people in the community. The organization mainly uses the power of sport and talent to educate the community and sensitize the community on many issues affecting them in circle of life.
Pwani youth network, is currently working closely with Arise Media in helping the youth learn basic film and photography skill The two organization are currently working in one office in Mikindani next to the chiefs office Mikindani.
The organization is currently working in all the counties in the coast region but mainly having project in Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi County respectively.
The network is working with more than 20 youth and women group in Coastal region to help elevate the normal life of the women, children and youth in these area.
We have a network of football teams that we work with and these are of the youth who are below the ages of 20 year and we use sport as a tool to reach them with information on health and reproductive health.
The organization is also working closely with young mother project and its currently having 5 chapter of young mother with Jomvu

  1. Kwa Ngombe
  2. Matoke Young Farmer that is from Owino Huru
  3. Ganahola Young Mothers
  4. Aldina Chapter

We are geared to promoting sports, talent and Film towards achieving development and in helping reduce issue affecting youth like drugs abuse and poverty.

To be the leading youth organization in all cycle of positive development in sports, talent and Film for sustainable community development

Main Objectives
1 Talent identification and promotion

2 Reproductive Health Information  and Training

3 Life skill development and vocational training

4 Environment promotion and sensitization

5 Peace Building and Drugs and substance abuse Campaign

6 Advocacy and Human Rights

Performing art and singing as a tool of passing information
Community Mobilization and sensitization through forum and dialogues during sports
School education and Mentorship to young people
Film Production
Advocacy meeting


Member’s contribution
Funds for IGA
County Government
Grants from Government of Kenya
Funds from Well wishers
Funds from Partners

Government of Kenya                                                NACC
KNHCR                                                                      WORLD VISION
HURIA                                                                       WOFAK
DSW                                                                           KANCO
FHOK                                                                         APHIAPLUS
Government Ministry                                                  NACADA                                         
Amani Pwani                                                              Kenya Pipeline company
INFORMACTION                                                     DANCE4LIFE
Youth Gender and Sports                                           UNICEF
Y PEER                                                                      Sauti ya Wanawake


  • Sita Kimya.This is a project that was started with the APHIAPLUS Mombasa and with support from Film aid Kenya facilitators got trained and are conducting video forums, community screening, school forums screening and mass screening in the evening. This project is using the powerful and award winning movie sita kimya to entertain and educate on the gender based violence among the women, Children and the general public. The project would be implemented within  6 slums in Mombasa,Bangladesh,kwa Ngombe Kwa matei and Owino Huru,Kwa Mwanzia and Kibarani.and an addition of the second qouter moving to three other sub counties Kisauni,Likoni and Nyali
  • MSANIIVIST a project that aims at elevating the normal life of the artist in Mombasa. This project that has been started with BE THE BRAND a consultancy firm and Pwani Youth Network a youth organization working on sport, art and Film.
  • W.A.S.H (Water Sanitation and hygiene) Sanitation is one of the Agenda of the post

 2015 agenda of the united nation. The issue of availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. The organization intends to partner with the county government department of Children and the Ministry of Health would be implemented in 6 schools in each sub county and mainly the school in under privileged areas

  • STOP TB NOW. This is an online Campaign by Pwani youth network through facebook.The online campaign on TB Awareness is intend for the general public from men, women and Youths this is a joint project between the DTLC  and Pwani Youth network
  • Civic Education; the project that was supported with IEBC during voter education week had community forum and school Campaign on voter education.Men, women, Youths and children in school. Together with IEBC office Jomvu we conducted forum in the 3 wards from Mikindani,jomvu kuu ward and Miritini
  • Together for mother and Children.-This project is funded with the European Union through DSW.This is a three year project aimed at improving the maternal health of mothers and children in slums of Bangladesh and its environment.
  • Sports for Sustainable Development project-This is one of the project that has included sports as a tool  reach the community with information in different issue affecting them and in lobbing for different change in policy to help the general public like helping the policy change on bcc to help reduce new HIV cases among adolescence
  • Peace and Justice for sustainable Development. This is a joint project done with Pwani Youth Network and the office of the local administration. The project that is geared towards peace promotion towards access to justice for the community. This project intends to promote peace and encourage brand Kenya and Uzalendo Kenya. The project is intending to produce the  Mkenya  band wrist band that intend to help promote peace and cohesion in the area
  • She can project, This is a project that is implement and targeting women and children in two informal settlement of Bangladesh and Owino huru.The project that uses community forums and school forum to reach at lest 60 people in each forum is tackling the Gender based violence issues is aim at help keep our cities clean and in line with the post 2015 agenda of the United Nation
  • Youths for Poverty Eradication This is a social economic project by the organization that has embarked on developing small business enterprise. On this the organization have set up business like Rabbit Farming, Chicken rearing and lastly Mitumba business
  • Lucram investment trust This is a micro Sacco investment project by the members of the organization. It’s a saving and loaning project were members can ask for loan and also save the little they have in the project
  • Mzalendo School Project. This is  a school project that is forming clubs in school with three objective .Education on Peace and nationalism[Ni sisi Movie Screening] Reproductive health Education[Shuga Screening]   and life skill

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