Rwanda Organization of Agribusiness Promotion (ROAP)  

Registered Address
Kigali-Gasabo District-RWANDA

Contact Details
name: MUTAMBA Angella - President of ROAP
tel: +250788530417

ROAP has the mission to promote Agribusiness and spread high qualitative knowledge, skills, training and community services for national competitiveness and sustainable development

ROAP has a vision of being a leading Agribusiness promotion organization in Rwanda which contributes to agri-food chain development so as to meet socio-economic needs of the society.

Main Objectives
1. To sensitize the farmers through trainings the adaption of market oriented agriculture.

2. To conduct agriculture market research and disseminate research results to beneficiaries

3. To mobilize and train farmers to make agricultural business planning

4. To train farmers to increase production in both quantity and quality, post harvest-handling and adding value to their produces.

5. To coach farmers the culture of record keeping for their daily agribusiness transactions

1. KOAGIMPA cooperative visit on 13th August 2011: ROAP committee members have visited KOAGIMPA (Koperative y’Abahinzi b’Igishanga cya Mpaza) located in Mukura sector of Huye District. This cooperative comprises of 600 members, it was founded in 2008 and accredited in 2009.

2. On 30th July 2011, ROAP members have done a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats) analysis after receiving a request of the department of Animal Production at NUR-Faculty of Agriculture.