Rights of Young Foundation Rights of Young Foundation (RYF)  

Registered Address
P.O.box 226, Nateete, Kampala, UGANDA

Contact Details
name: Jonathan Ssembajwe
rightsofyoungfoundation@yahoo.com and jonahssembajwe@yahoo.com
tel: +256779014270

Rights of Young Foundation (RYF) is a coalition of children and youths focused organizaRights of Young Foundation (RYF)tions and individuals working to promote the observance of children and young people’s rights in Uganda fully registered with clear records.

RYF draws its mandate from the UN Convention on the rights of the child which hinges on the four guiding principles that inform programming for children: Non Discrimination, Best interest of the Child, Right to survival, development and protection and the right to participation. R Y F is further guided by the African Charter on Rights and Welfare of children (ACRWC) to ensure contextual appropriateness in its endeavors.

We have the strongest team of children and youths peer supporters in Uganda and we are partners of local and international organization.

To promote children and youths rights and welfare.

To be the leading Organization in promoting children and youths rights and welfare in Uganda.

Main Objectives
• To support the observation of children and youths rights.

Rights of Young Foundation (RYF)• To offer counseling and guidance to youths.

• To provide basic needs to needy children.

• To solicit material and financial support for children and youths from both local and outside associations and Governments.

• To build the confidence of children, youths and community members through information, education, communication serviRights of Young Foundation (RYF)ces, lobbying and advocacy.

• To promote income generation activities for youths.


1. Raising awareness on children rights in Uganda through the media, visiting schools and communities.

2. Awareness campaign on commercial sex exploitation of children and young people and Make Internet safe for children campaign in Uganda.