Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV)


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PO BOX 356, Bamenda, CAMEROON

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Name: Kari jackson
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tel: +23775957685and +23797261985

To bring sustainable development to the population via the empowerment of youths, schools and school environment clubs, farmers and the population at large and fight climate change by initiating activities that make the population go green, empower youths to get income generation for themselves.

Our vision is to bring atlternative energy sources like the use of solar energy, generation of biogas and waste management and safe waste disposal to the population. Five Year Vision of Surudev can be viewed here

to disseminate information on sustainable natural resource management

• to empower students, pupils and students and farmers on climate change mitigation strategies

• to create school church and public nurseries and orchards

• to stimulate the planting of trees and modern farming techniques as well as introduce improved tree species

• to encourage sustainable rural and urban waste management

• promote the use of renewal energy for example bio fuel and biogas generation

• develop alternative energy sources for example installing solar energy, windmills and other environmentally sustainable energies

• develop knowledge out of youths that can be exploited to yield them income and become self employed

• Protect watersheds and bring to the population the need for the choice of tree planting.


New - May 2013 Newsletter

Read the latest activity of SURUDEV Cameroon against the Road to RIO+20rio+20 logo

SURUDEV CAMEROONSince creation, SURUDEV Cameroon has been able to carry on activities of youth and school club empowerment in agro forestry and certified them as agroforesters.Apart from only empowering school clubs on the issues of climate change in their various school clubs,SURUDEV CAMEROON has created a nursery full of indigenous trees that are either medicinal, water preserving or are coppiced for fuel wood. We have planted well over 2000 trees on school campuses and school farms, produced environmental documentaries that help pass on information on sustainable development and the need for mentalities to be changed. We therefore multiply these documentaries and share to individuals especially students which their school environmental club teachers use in interrogating them.

We therefore want to widen our scope by indulging in the creation of school orchards,protect four water catchments, develop alternative energy waste management this year..........We need most the expertise in this area. It is worth noting that our activities for they past years have earns us a best climate change campaigner of the year 2010 by the life time press awards. We shall as well paste many of Our projects in the pipe line on this medium as early as possible for support.

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