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Name: Mohamed Baroud
tel: +2522511371and +25224473748

Somaliland Youth Forum (SYF) is a non profit, non partisan and humanitarian forum for all young peopleMohamed Baroud in Somaliland. It exists to promote democratic principles based on full participation, respect to fundamental human freedoms, dignity and improved quality of life for the youth in the country. Enabling the youth to participate in the decision making is considered to be imperative because the future of the country would depend on today’s youth. Indeed, SYF strongly believes that any nation that does not value its youth by equipping them to take their vital role in the society will be left behind by other nations. More

We are committed to utilize education, training methods and advocacy for children, youth and women in decision making and social development.

We strive for a better youth that enjoy their rights, dignity and are able to participate in decision making and social development of their country.

Main Objectives
- Education and Gender

- Research and development

- Youth Empowerment/Vocational Training

- Health and Environment

- Child right and human trafficking

1. Promoting youth participation in social and political decision making.

2. Advocating for the improvement of the education system and access to secondary and university education.

3. Raising awareness about the spread of HIV/Aids among the youth.

4. Highlighting gender imbalance in the education system.

5. Promoting for the provision of recreational and leisure activities for the youth. 6. Promoting child rights

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