Children's Welfare and Community Development (CWADEP) Togdheer Youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO)  

Registered Address
Burao, Togdheer, SOMALILAND

Contact Details
name: Ms Ismahan Jama Mohamood - Chairperson
tel: +25224436826

Togdheer youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO) is a local none governmental YouTogdheer Youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO)th organization that was founded on 9th April 1997 in Burao town by a group of youth volunteers in order to re-organize the life after war, the main purpose behind the foundation of the organization were as follows:- Improve the rights of vulnerable & war victim people including youth, women & children & IDPS in Togdheer region and throughout Somaliland, in areas of education, hygiene & sanitation, human rights protection & capacity building programs: Enhance community awareness level on peace & stability improvements:Support the people to help themselves. With fortunately, in cooperation & collaboration with local community, governmental agencies & international communities, TOGYOVO has successfully implemented many valuable programs for its needy people that has brought and made the organization enjoying honorable reputation & dignity among its people. More

Enabling the most vulnerably and needy groups including women, youth at risk, orphanage children, disabled people and minority groups In Somaliland to enjoy their fundamental rights including education, economy stability, health services, living with good and safe environment, as well as freeing from any form of violence regardless their ethnicity, gender, physical status, economical status, and faith and ensure that all the people are equal in front of law.

TOGYOVO has a dream to see a well developed status of women, youth at risk, disabled people and minority groups freeing from poverty, ignorance, poor hygiene and sanitation, injustice and inequality and have enjoyed equal opportunities among the society by the year of 2011-2030.

Main Objectives
1. Improve the rights of people with disabilities, minority groups, women, orphanage children and youth at risky in areas of education, public health, human rights and economy status.

2. Decrease social inequality and justice among the society regarding gender, ethnicity bias and etc.

ActivitiesTogdheer Youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO)
1 Strengthening the rights of people with disabilities and minority groups. It is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and is carried out with district committees in Odweyne, war-imran and Dhoqoshey in both urban and rural sites.

2 The other human rights project is about human rights trafficking and migrant’s rights improvement, funded by Norwegian refugees council (NRC) and targeted specific locations in Togdheer region including Odweyne and Burao.

3 The organization also implement non formal education for adult women and poor children in Burao funded by Education Development Centre (EDC).