'"If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever." Kofi Annan
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NNADI Anthony Kevin an Economic strategist and development practitioner is based in Nigeria. He is the founder and Executive Director of the International Center for Accelerated Development (ICAD), an NGO working with women, children and youths in rural areas and urban slums through four thematic areas - Health, ICT for rural development, Human right and Environment (mitigating the effect of climate change). He is a pioneer member and the immediate past Country Coordinator - NAYD Nigeria. He is currently the Board Chair Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD).

Kevin has varied experience in Reproductive health/Peer Education and mentorship (UNICEF), advocacy and community mobilizing, strategic management and leadership. Has managed many grant projects including World Bank HIV/AIDS Fund, Global fund/CHAN TB project, FAHAMU, Tatical Tech Collective, HIVOS ICT grant.

He is the Director of Business and Logistics - African Views Foundation, Country Director Worldview Mission, and country activator
(Nigeria) - Earth Charter International.



Christian Tabifor is the Chief Editor of the INSPIRE magazine. He also runs an NGO called Benevolent Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Socially Underprivileged abbreviated “BAPESU”, a nongovernmental organisation created in 2005 with the objective to underpin social, cultural, economic development, biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. It is not-for-profit and apolitical which is based and operating in Cameroon. BAPESU depends on the support and generosity of members, individuals, volunteers and philanthropists in Africa and throughout the International Community. BAPESU operates with very limited resourcesand staff/volunteers. So we hugely rely on the support of volunteers and generous people. The organisation’s target population are Youths, Women & Children and Rural Communities. More information at http://www.bapesu.org/




James Gondwe is a Community Development student, a youth worker, human rights, environmental, climate justice activist from Malawi. He has a strong background in youth work; youth development project planning and Youth Capacity Building programmes; Community mobilization; Human Rights and advocacy; HIV and AIDS Behaviour Change; obtained from over five years of Involvement in development project activities.

He is the founder and Executive Director of Centre for Youth and Development, a non Profit Youth organization working in Malawi to stimulate youth’s interest to take action on issues affecting them. He has for several years worked in the Development field with strong focus on children and Youths in Government and Non Governmental Organizations. He works fulltime with EveryChild Malawi as Community Development, Advocacy and Communications Officer. He started working with Network of African Youths for Development towards COP17 held in Durban as Publicity Officer, responsible for producing NAYD communication and promotion materials. Ever since he has been blogging and developing NAYD promotion materials.




Judyannet is an African crusader and change maker who thinks that Africa is an equal participant in global affairs in all spheres and should be treated as such. She is a community activist who champions community development projects in her community and beyond. She seeks to develop impactful partnerships with organizations and individuals working in community development. She is passionate about Africa and wants to work particularly with the youth to move Africa from a developing to a developed continent. Judyannet is also a firm believer in social media and the power it has to bring people together under one agenda, as such she is the editor of INSPIRE, Network for African Youth in Development’s e-magazine.

Besides collecting and developing sustainable development related content for the e-magazine she also assists with administration of the group’s social networks and moderates discussions by young people interested in development.



Eric Mwangi is the Climate Change Blogger and Opinion Writer with the Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD), where I frequently write on climate change issues. I am also an Eco-Blogger with What's Your Impact (WYI), an environmental awareness group based in Canada whose main goal is to inform people around the world about global warming and what they can do about it as individuals. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Agribusiness Management of Egerton University and several Certificates in climate change including Climate Change - Climate Science from The University of Venice in Italy, Introductory Curriculum on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Conserving and Enhancing Forest Carbon Stocks (REDD+) from the Nature Conservancy in the US, Cities and Climate Change Leadership and Low Emissions Development both from the World Bank Institute, Climate Change from a Local Perspective: Assessing Alternative Climate Change Actions from Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Climate Change - Knowledge Management and Computer Learning Systems from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania. Presently, my main areas of expertise include capacity building, mentoring and training; research; strategy development and implementation; policy design, appraisal, impact assessment; governance and decision making; vulnerability and risk assessment; stakeholder engagement; communications and knowledge sharing; writing and editing for non-specialist audiences; identifying recommended knowledge resources, online content creation (blogging, tagging, writing for the web) and photo research.

The NAYD Climate Change blog serves as the premier climate change information hub for African youths interested and passionate in youth-led sustainable development in Africa. It serves to uplift youth understanding of climate change through promotion of climate change education, advocacy for policy influence and change targeting decision makers at local, national and regional levels; influencing global dimension of climate change issues and to share experiences as to how climate is affecting African youths as well as promoting active citizenship to help youth become community change agents towards safe guarding and restoration of the environment. Most importantly given the highly technical nature of most climate change content, the blog serves to bridge the gap between scientific awareness and public understanding.




Jean Paul Brice Affana is a Youth and Action Instructor trained by the Ministry of Youth Affairs of Cameroon. His fields of interest and strong experiences include social development, climate change, sustainable development, intercultural dialogue, peace-building, youth empowerment and development, and human rights. Jean Paul is the Coordinator of youth-led NGO Vital Actions for Sustainable Development (AVD) since 2008 and has served as the Focal Point of youth NGOs at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2011. He is also the National Coordinator of MasterPeace in Cameroon and work with the Youth Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat as the Coordinator of the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network. Jean Paul also serves as Head of Youth Programs of the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) an Austrian based organization. In addition he is actively involved with the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) and was appointed in 2013 as Co-convener of the Young Professionals Leadership Team of the Commission on Education and Communication at the International Union for the Conservation of the Nature (IUCN).



Tinashe Lindel Dirwai is an open minded hard driver, convergent thinker, volunteer, and peer motivator, social entrepreneur with knowledge of web and software design. He volunteers with NAYD by designing debate web posters and participating in online debates. Tinashe has a strong belief that Africa is the global giant awakening from its slumber.

Tinashe strongly believes in dialogue, diversity and cooperation as such the world being one global village real change can be brought upon through cooperation and tolerance. Dialogue amongst the African youths facilitates the synergetic effect that will give a heavy momentum to the wind of positive change. Tinashe is also an active member of the Power of the word/Ngatitaure/Asikhulume (www.poweroftheword.org) a non-profit organisation that aims at giving an ear to the oppressed voice of Zimbabwean women and it also reaches out to aiding the under privileged in society. The organisation brings in a fresh way of encouraging critical thinking amongst the youth for development in all aspects of life.

Tinashe is also a member of the Civic Concepts group that partners with many African organisations, the group’s objective being promoting global citizenship. Tinashe co-founded WebStudio Zimbabwe, a company harnesses internet and technological advancements to the benefit of local Zimbabweans. The Company has a division that effects change in society, this division embarks on projects that serve to empower and uplift the nation of Zimbabwe through active engagement in life skills development, entrepreneurship and leadership training. He is set to graduate in June 2014 with a Bachelors in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe and hopes to reach out and teach other African youths in embarking into agriculture which is Africa’s untapped goldmine.



Paul Shaw has been active with NAYD since it started in March 2007. Pochi Tamba, NAYD's founder, sowed the seeds then of 'holding hands' and 'together is better' - she recognised that it was only through co-operation and collaboration that African Youth could help solve the continent's and humanity's urgent problems. What we now have in NAYD are thousands of people sharing their community activities, ideas and opportunities for the betterment of the continent. NAYD's success has been its members’ belief that Africa has a sustainable future if we work together - NAYD simply provides the platform for that development. For this process to work there has to be a great degree of individual selflessness, for there is no immediate personal advantage. Our members’ vision of a sustainable, united Africa is more important to them than their individual gain.

Paul has worked in multi-cultural environments, managed large teams, often in harsh conditions, and familiar with meeting tight timescales to budget. His key skills include; practical common sense; honesty and integrity; energy and enthusiasm; an ability to listen, understand and communicate with different nationalities and cultures; an open mind; a lot of patience; a competence to find collaborative solutions in complex working environments. He has Chaired a Scottish Registered Charity (Waterforall Africa) and worked with Glasgow University to assess the water resource potential of the Mulanje Massif in Malawi. He is currently a trustee with The Small Things Nkoaranga Orphanage.

He believes communication is key in any business, not just in the sense of getting messages across but also with regard to knowledge sharing. Critical to effective communication is the development of trust. As a consultant you have to respect that trust. It is the most important part of business management. Without it the communication process will not be effective. An open, trusting environment encourages creativity and risk taking - an important part of the life long learning process.


Stephen Machua is a 23 years old Kenyan with wide experience in volunteerism and social media. He completed a Finance degree in April 2014. As the Co-Founder of Change Mind Change Future, a youth led NGO based in Kenya; he is able to directly empower young people socially and economically with the help of over 200 skilled volunteers and ambassadors in Zimbabwe and Nigeria.
He is currently serving in committees for various organizations namely; Volunteer Involving Organizations (VIO) Network, Masomo Africa, Environment Online (ENO) and Golden Rule (URI).

He initiated the African Youth Charter dialogues in Kenya as a monthly platform for knowledge sharing, skills harnessing and collaborations in the quest for practical solutions to Africa’s problems. The dialogues have been ongoing since November 2013.
In the past he served as a volunteer for the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) (2014), Rotaract Club President (2012/2013), Voluntary ambassador for Jamie Oliver Food Revolution (2012), organizing committee member for the first African Youth Charter Summit (2013), Organizing committee member for Umeclick Peace Campaign (2012/2013), University Student Leader (2011/2012) and Organizing committee member for the Rotary Family Health Day (2011).

His wish is to contribute immensely to development in Africa. He invests in youth and women leadership for sustainable development. He also believes that the tapping of talents at an early age will help realize a prosperous Africa. His life ambition is to become a world leading social entrepreneur and a lead advisor to Africa’s heads of states on youth matters. Video

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