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Youth for Change Afghanistan Organization (YCAO) is an Afghan Youth-Led non-profit, non-governmental organization, committed to develop mutual cooperation and understanding among different youth voluntary agencies, youth groups, clubs and individuals working in the field of youth welfare in Afghanistan. We strive to bring Afghanization and put Afghans in the driving seat of the international community’s development efforts.
YCAO has dedicated and experienced Afghan experts in areas of Peace Building & Conflict Resolution, Women & Human Rights, Volunteerism, Democracy and Governance Development that constitute the key areas of engagement for YCAO. The founders of YCAO are expert young people having long experiences with International Organizations, Government agencies and especially the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs. YCAO is a reliable partner for different organizations and currently implementing a youth development project of United Nations Population Fund UNFPA in Kabul. YCAO is also a major partner for Organization of Rural and Urban Development ORUD and The Liaison Office TLO in the fields of youth welfare in Afghanistan.

Our mission is to inspire today's youth to create a positive change within their communities; to build a global culture of Youth collaborating to make a difference; more importantly to channel the power harvested from the Youth collaborative service projects to eradicate poverty, increase access to education and resources, improve health care, communities’ development and peace

Stimulate the youth to rise up to the new challenges, keeping in view the existing circumstances in the country which has seen 25 years of conflict, and encourage them to be active and committed participants in the imperative and exciting task of reconstruction, peace-building and National Development.

Main ObjectivesYouth for Change Afghanistan Organization (YCAO)
To establish a national platform of female and male youth groups throughout the country, equipped with strong life skills, actively involved in the social, cultural, sporting and economic life of their communities, and linked to similar youth networks throughout the world to make a difference.

• Improve and extend community centered development services through Youth

• Enhance and demonstrate youth work in the society

• Promote effective women rights through civic education

• Promote peace building programs

• Organize network of civil society organizations working towards the development of youth work

• Organize national and international seminars, conferences, workshops, and trainings sessions

• Maintain national and international relation with organizations promoting young people in their programs and activities

ActivitiesYouth for Change Afghanistan Organization (YCAO)
• Youth Leadership and Outreach Skills
This project is funded by United Nations Population Fund UNFPA and being implemented by the YCAO. The deadline of the project is end of December 2011.

• Youth Contribution to Peace
This is a co-implemented Project with The Liaison Organization and funded by Canadian Cultural Agency in Kabul,

• Rule of Law Awareness Program
This project was funded by Organization for Rural and Urban Development. The project was sub-delegates by ORUD and funded by USAID

• Self Initiative Youth Project
This project is for Youth engagement in community level activities and decision making process. Also the project was focusing on youth involvement in local governance.

• Gender Awareness :
This Project co-implemented with Youth Empowerment Programs, funded by UN-Habitat Afghanistan Office

• Youth Engagement in Political Process
This Project was designed and implemented by Youth for Change Afghanistan Org and funded by Asian Youth Fund.

• Development of Volunteerism
This project was implemented by YCAO and funded by UN-V

The above projects are implemented and some of them being implemented in the late 2010 -2011 and continue up to now.